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Eve Angel as a Naughty Easter Bunny
Click the picture for a hot Easter XXX gallery!

Eve Angel as a Naughty Easter Bunny
Click the picture to see a sexy Easter Porn gallery!

Okay guys, it’s almost Easter! Time for more Easter Porn galleries including this Eve Angel. It’s also almost time for another day off! I can’t wait. Work sucks….

Anyway, no rushing…
A little while ago I mentioned feeling sudden hatred for my hair, and resolving to get a cut to fix it, and then waking up one morning not hating my hair anymore.

Despite my change in attitude, it still seemed prudent to schedule a cut anyway, so a few days later I finally picked up the phone and called up the salon. My current work schedule is not at all flexible, so that placed some pretty severe restrictions on when I could actually go in, and I relayed those constraints to the woman on the phone.

Once we got it all sorted out, my appointment was booked for April 25.

So much for getting a cut ahead of schedule.

And, of course, wouldn’t you know it, today? I hate my hair again.

The next six weeks are really going to test my patience, aren’t they?
Click here to see Eve Angel as a nasty sexy Easter Bunny
The Easter Porn movie is here

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Cute Shaved Redhead - Joymii XXX
Click the picture for a hot gallery of a Cute Shaved Redhead – Joymii XXX

Cute Shaved Redhead - Joymii XXX

Cute Shaved Redhead - Joymii XXX

Cute Shaved Redhead - Joymii XXX
Cute Shaved Redhead – Joymii XXX
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Okay guys, here’s a hot hardcore redhead gallery from Joymii. I’m pretty sure she’s a real redhead, despite not being able to check the carpets…. She sort of has some red ‘stubble’ and very pale skin. If I was a redhead, I think I’d keep some pubic hair… Hot either way.

Anyway, the new FWD….. When I got my first email account, I was a teenager.

This means that I used the account in what is likely a very typical teenaged girl way – it was new and exciting, and so I wanted to use it a lot, but the fact remained that I was a teenaged girl with not much of importance to say.

So I became a rather prolific forwarder of joke emails.

You know the ones. They’re basically chain letters, except I never liked the idea of actual chain letters, so the ones that came with instructions to forward to X number of people or suffer dire consequences typically stopped their trajectory in my inbox. Unless I thought that the joke that went along with it was really funny, in which case I would typically remove the chain-letter bit and then pass it on. I would also typically tidy the email up a little – remove the umpteen FWD: headings from the subject line, and remove the garbage text from the body of the message – all the message header information from previous senders, and any lame one-line bits (e.g., This is made me laugh so hard!!!)that people would inevitably add on for the benefit of their friends, who were always strangers to me. I would sometimes get other forwards that didn’t have any comedic value. Those I always deleted. I’d feel a little guilty about it – someone I knew had thought of me and sent me this message, and I was trashing it – but I’d delete them.

Eventually, though, I grew up, and stopped passing the funny things along entirely, and most of my friends also grew tired of them, because I stopped getting them. Except for one friend – an old childhood friend who lived in a different city and thus wasn’t really part of my regular social circle, but we still kept in touch. She ventured into the world of email rather later than I did, and so that forwarding bug hit her at a point when I was really over it, but I remember suddenly my inbox would get a huge burst of these things – like, nine of them at a time – but they were sporadic bursts, because she didn’t check her email that regularly. Or maybe the people sending them to her didn’t check their emails that regularly. She would also send everything that came her way – jokes, supposedly heart-warming stories, messages containing words of sage advice for improved health and personal safety, prayer circle things. Everything.

Again, after some time, she stopped forwarding those things. I thought she’d outgrown it, like I had.

A few years ago, she found Facebook, and friended me, and her account didn’t have much activity for a long time. And then she left her job to be a stay-at-home-mum, and her activity level increased – not a huge jump, but there were some pictures appearing, and occasional status updates.

And then, I guess about six months ago, the Sharing started.

I always take a look at them – out of morbid curiosity, I suppose – and they’re exactly the same sort of thing she used to forward in emails. Sometimes it’s a funny story. Sometimes it’s some warning about public safety, or health – they always trip my critical thinking alarm, so I look them up on Snopes, and they’ve all turned out to be works of fiction. (Well. One was listed as a ‘mixture’, but that’s because one aspect of the setup of the story is true. The story itself – along with the advice that was being emphasized – was false.) The part that makes me shake my head is the thread of comments left by her friends thanking her for sharing that information, usually accompanied by an expression of surprise.

At least this way, I don’t feel that tiny pang of guilt when I delete the message from my inbox.

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Okay. I need to learn how to do my makeup.
It’s become startlingly apparent that even nasty crackwhores can become both gorgeous pornstars or elegant Victoria Secret models. Given that I’d like to believe that I’m more attractive than a crackwhore, I should be able to look like a goddess with minimal effort… It’s just that minimal effort could be a giant roadblock. You know how lazy I can be.
But everybody wants to look like a goddess.

Anyway, browse the iframe below and you may be startled at both how normal some of these porn models look, and alternately, how bad some of their skin is from the crack addictions.
I stumbled on this post from reddit, so I apologize if another blog compiled it…

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Amateur Russian Lesbians - Cute lesbos party
Click the picture for a hot gallery of Amateur Russian Lesbians – Cute lesbos in an XXX party

Amateur Russian Lesbians - Cute lesbos party

Amateur Russian Lesbians - Cute lesbos party
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Okay guys, here’s another gallery I was just ‘testing out’. It’s from one of the many Russian amateur sites.. Basically my blog was messing up, so I needed a gallery from a website I know would work.
This was it.

Anyway, worth the effort…
A little while ago, someone showed me a picture, sourced from some now long forgotten source on the Internet, that illustrated an interesting way to prepare and serve raspberries – stuff a chocolate chip in the opening at the top.

I remember looking at the picture, and thinking, Man. Who wants to take the time to do all that fiddly stuffing?

Fast forward to tonight – I’m pulling together random components for dinner: homemade chicken fingers, oven-roasted kale chips, some leftover roasted sweet potato. And then I remember the containers of fresh raspberries that I picked up on sale, and reach for one, with the intent of washing them for eating straight up.

And then I thought…. Should I sugar the raspberries?

See, when I eat fresh strawberries, I like to cut them into quarters and then throw on some sugar. The sugar sticks to all the juicy cut surfaces, and it makes it extra wonderful. I’d never thought to apply the same process to raspberries though, and I had some doubts. Part of what made it work so well with strawberries was the juicy cut surfaces. There aren’t any with raspberries. I imagine a good deal of the sugar wouldn’t actually stick, and just end up in the bottom of the bowl.

But then I remembered the chocolate-chip-stuffed raspberry idea.

So I gave it a shot.

Yes, it’s a bit fiddly. Also, I don’t know where the person who captured that image I saw buys their raspberries, but mine were not particularly cooperative – they weren’t all perfectly uniform in size, with openings that neatly accommodated a single chocolate chip. Instead, I was able to stuff three or four chips into each raspberry.

I know. More chocolate per berry. Oh, what a shame.

The result? Pretty terrific, really. You have to chomp right down on the raspberry, so that as your teeth break apart the raspberry they also get into the chocolate, and then everything mingles together into something great.

Definitely something I’ll be repeating…. You can see samples here:

Or…. Click here for a hot XXX gallery of Amateur Russian Lesbians – Cute lesbos partying

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