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Sexy Tattooed Amateur - Revenge
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Sexy Tattooed Amateur - Revenge

Sexy Tattooed Amateur - Revenge
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Okay guys, this is a bit of a boring gallery – but it has a nice, geeky amateur girl taking nude pictures of her tattoo… That’s always fun… I definitely prefer true amateur porn to m/f pornstar sex. I’m sure you all know that.

Anyway, refusing to follow directions…
I’ve been doing at-home gel manicures for months now – since last summer… And I’ve been very happy with it.

But I’ve been at it long enough now that I’ve started to get creative with the procedure.

See, the removal process is pretty simple and straightforward – you buy these nail wraps, load up the pad part with nail polish remover, then wrap your fingertip up so that your nail is in contact with the polish remover. Do up all your nails, leave them for 20 minutes, then remove wraps to find that most of the gel polish has peeled off – some stubborn bits remain, but these are easily scraped off using a cuticle pusher. It’s not a complicated procedure, but it takes a bit of a while.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I was getting ready for bed, when I noticed one of my nails snag a bit on something – a towel or something – and I took a closer look and saw that the polish was lifting at the cuticle edge. This is nothing new – towards the tail end of the manicure’s longevity it starts to lift up from the cuticle edge. Usually, I try to separate that bit so that as much of the polish can be salvaged as possible. That particular night, though, I was thinking I’d redo my manicure the next day anyway, so I decided to try and see if I could get all of the polish off that one nail by carefully pulling on the gel layer so that it didn’t tear…

It worked. Brilliantly.

And then I started closely inspecting my other nails, and they were lifting too, and doing the same careful pulling manoeuvres resulted in bare nails in less than ten minutes.

Just the other night, I did the same thing again – noticed some lifting, and so I quickly removed all the polish, without the wraps, without the polish remover.

I may not need to buy a new bottle of polish remover soon after all.

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Sleepy blonde playings with her silky shaved pussy
Click the picture for a hot gallery of a Sleepy blonde playing with her silky shaved pussy

Sleepy blonde playings with her silky shaved pussy

Sleepy blonde playings with her silky shaved pussy

Sleepy blonde playings with her silky shaved pussy
Click the picture for a hot gallery from Met-Art of a sleepy blonde playing with her silky shaved pussy

Okay guys, this hot girl is Natalia from Met-Art. I’m betting she’s Russian with a strong Asian bloodline mixed in… She has very exotic features and a gorgeous, smooth looking body. I bet everything about her is silky. Met-art has some high quality models. Oh, and they now own ALSScan – I wonder how it will change…

Anyway, an ethical dilemma…
Sephora has a fabulous returns policy. If you don’t like something you’ve purchased, take it back. If you have the receipt, you can have a refund. If you don’t have a receipt, you can still have a refund, but for whatever the current price for the product is – that is, not necessarily the purchase price you paid, if the item has since gone on sale or something. If you’ve used some of the product, that’s okay – they’ll still take it back.

But this raises a bit of an ethical dilemma. At what point does one decide that they’ve used too much of the product and returning it really starts to go against the spirit of the awesome return policy? Clearly, if you’ve used all of it, you shouldn’t be able to return an empty container. And equally clearly, if you’ve only used a tiny bit, so the container is still essentially full, that’s totally fine to return.

But what to do about quantities that fall somewhere between those extremes?

I bought a bottle of new-to-me body wash, and I’ve been using it for the past month and a half or so, so there’s about a third of the bottle gone. I’ve at long last determined that I actually don’t like it – it seems to dry my skin out a bit.

So I want to return it.

But I’m not sure I’m ethically okay to return it. I mean, there’s nothing in the return policy as it’s formulated to prevent me from being able to return it, but I don’t want to unreasonably take advantage of it – when things like that happen too often, wonderful return policies get changed so that people can’t abuse them. I don’t want to contribute to that scenario.

So. Can I return my bottle?

Realistically, I could keep it and simply use it in the summer, when dryness isn’t as big of an issue.

Of course, the problem there is that I’m not particularly fond of the scent.

I keep going back and forth on whether I can return it or not.

Maybe tomorrow will bring me an answer….
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Okay guys, time for another amateur gallery. This one is of a hot young Asian with giant breasts!
I really need to learn to rename the files before I upload them… My current gallery uploader is broken, so I can’t add anymore of the nice, big porn images that I like :( I guess it’s just time to upload some amateur Asians….

Anyway, here we go again….
I’ve been in a strange cycle for quite some time now. I’m not too clear on when exactly it started – possibly when I read the Harry Potter series of novels back a few years ago. I think that was in the summer of 2010? I read the entire series in one big streak – just devoured the books. And then, once I was done, I sort of flailed about a bit, trying another book here and there, but nothing really captured my imagination, and eventually I just gave up on reading fiction for a little bit. As time went on, I’d read a little here and there, working my way slowly through a couple of novels, but they didn’t have the same grip on my attention.

Last year, I did the same thing, but with the Hunger Games trilogy. Blasted through all three books in relatively short order, and then, once I was done, was sort of left unsure of what to read next. I tried a couple of things here and there, but again, it seemed as though I couldn’t really sink my teeth into anything.

Just last week, on a strong recommendation, I gave the first short story in the Iron Druid Chronicles a try. Being a short story, I whipped through it fairly quickly.

And I promptly burned through the second short story.

And then plowed through the first novel in the series.

This wasn’t all in one sitting – I do have a job, after all, and other human needs like eating and sleeping and some basic hygiene. But I am back to reading voraciously.

And it feels good.

I’m just getting into the second novel in the series now. There are five out in total, with the sixth due out this summer, and there are some more short stories scattered around in between the novels as well, so I’ve got a decent queue built up for me here, and I’m rather looking forward to it all. I don’t always agree with Atticus’ decisions, but I’ve become rather fond of Oberon. He’s a good doggy.

Enjoy the Amateur Asian – and check out the Iron Druid Chronicles

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Okay guys, my blog is broken again… I updated it to the newest version and it broke everything… Needless to say, it was a little disappointing, discouraging, and soul crushing 😀 This darn server has been acting up a fair bit in the last month.

Anyway, today I’ve decided to post a few animated gifs that I find interesting plus a gallery of some naked Harvard students having a snowball fight! Just think, these students will be future lawyers, judges and high powered executives, but right now, they’re running around in the snow showing off their hairy private parts! (Seriously, the girls look like they shave their pussy and then let it grow back in for fun before shaving again…. That is not the way to stay comfortably groomed. Talk about itchy!

Chin Dildo Fucking

Chin Dildo Fucking

Ripped jeans show pussy

Ripped jeans show pussy

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Shaved Pussy Mexican girl
Click the picture for a hot gallery of a Shaved Pussy Mexican girl

Shaved Pussy Mexican girl

Shaved Pussy Mexican girl

Shaved Pussy Mexican girl
Shaved Pussy Mexican girl
Click the picture for a hot gallery of a Mexican girl with a shaved pussy!

Okay guys, here’s a gallery of a compact mexican girl.. I bet she’s part Mayan, and it’s not often you get to see Mayan pussy! She’s not really attractive, but she’s unique. This gallery comes from Hegre-Art.

Anyways, I watched Las Vegas while it was on the air. I enjoyed that show – it was fun. It actually contributed to my interest in spending some vacation time in Las Vegas. Sure, I knew that the Vegas life as presented on the show was far more glamorous than the average person’s average Vegas vacation – I wasn’t truly expecting to be whisked off to the Montecito, where I would be greeted by Sam Marquez. I realize that yes, the Montecito is fictional, as are all the people who are shown working there, and furthermore, I am not a whale. I am more of a timid, nervous gambler. I play penny slots.

That being said, that Facebook game I’ve been sort of playing in odd moments, the one that earns me loyalty points to spend in real Vegas? Since there’s no real money involved there – at least, not for me, it’s certainly possible to use real money to play, you can buy additional chips to play with – I’ve noticed that my play habits are different. Sure, I still look around for the CASH OUT button when I’m up, but beyond that, I’ve noticed I’ve gotten bolder with my betting.

Last week, I had a few good runs with a fair number of bonus games awarding me pretty substantial piles of chips. On Saturday, when I sat down to play a few rounds, I had about 250,000 chips. I remember looking at that number, and thinking to myself, If this were a penny slot, that would be $2500. I started spinning the reels, and things were going as they had been for the past few days – I’d win decently fairly frequently, so my overall chip balance didn’t really change too much.

Then, the wins stopped coming as often, and my balance dipped down to around 200,000. And I, for unknown reasons, chose that moment to get a bit bold, and increased my bet – I’d been playing 1700 chips per spin, and I increased it to 3400. A few spins, and my balance went back up to around 240,000. And I realized that if I had been playing a real penny slot, I’d be playing $34 per spin – way, way higher than any wager I’ve placed in real life.

Once I had that realization, my luck suddenly tanked, and before I knew it, I had 3,000 chips left – not enough for one last spin. I was forced to stop playing for a while – I need to rebuild my stash of chips to keep playing.

Now, I suppose I could reduce my wagers and play some more. But I don’t want to do that. It’s pretty thrilling to see such large numbers appear on the screen when you’ve spun a winning spin. Note the danger there – I’ve learned of the thrill of the big(ish – I’m still not placing maximum bets) win.

Compounding that danger? If I had been playing a real penny slot? I lost close to 250,000 chips – that would have been $2500. In the span of less than an hour. If that cash had been real, that would be pretty devastating. To my mind, that’s a lot of money.

I see, though, how easy it is to get caught up in the rush of gambling. And how easy it is to lose big time.

Man. I’m glad I learned with virtual chips.

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