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Anyway, missing out…
Every once in a while, I’ll hear an ad on the radio or see a billboard advertising a promotion being run by some coffee chain or fast food chain involving free coffee, or ridiculously cheap coffee, for a limited time.

Usually these things pop up when something has changed in the coffee offerings at that establishment – new beans, or new latte flavours, or something of the like. I hear about these special offers, these deals, and I mentally shrug to myself while thinking, Whatever, I don’t drink coffee.

I never acquired a taste for coffee. To be perfectly fair, I’m not sure I’ve ever really tried it. Never been tempted. I like the smell of coffee brewing, but once it’s been poured into a cup or mug, the smell changes, and, to me, becomes much less appealing. I’ve also had the misfortune of being subjected to other people’s coffee breath, and it’s not something that I want to inflict upon others.

So I don’t drink coffee. So whenever these offers appear, I don’t partake.

I’ve never minded before. But I just saw an ad online, promoting some new latte flavour or something, and I felt a little twinge. Suddenly, it seems rather unfair. Sure, I don’t drink coffee, but I drink other things. Why can’t I have a deal too? Would it be so bad to offer a hot chocolate deal or pop deal concurrently with the coffee promo?

Some may be tempted to point out here that McDonald’s does do a pretty nice pop deal during the summer – Dollar Drink Days – and I do partake. I don’t think that evens it out though. Sure, I can get cheap pop in the summer months, which is awesome – but coffee drinkers get a deal then too. Everyone benefits from Dollar Drink Days, but only the coffee drinkers get their special deals at random intervals throughout the rest of the year. Unfair, I tell you.

Maybe I just need to give myself a little treat tomorrow.
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Anyway, have you looked at a calendar lately?

November is in its last legs, and December is just around the corner.

As of this moment, there are precisely three more days that involve me waking up at stupid-o’clock in the morning to get to work.

This fills me with probably more glee than it should.

Adding to that glee is the fact that I will definitely not have to get up at stupid-o’clock next semester, as there is zero chance of me needing to be in that early.

I almost want to do a little Snoopy dance in celebration.

But it would be premature for me to do that Snoopy dance now – I still have three more early days to get myself through.

Let’s do this.

And then, let the dancing commence.
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Anyway, as I was finding homes for all my new goodies obtained in this year’s VIB sale at Sephora, I noticed that my usual product storage area is a bit, um, tight.

This seemed odd and not possible. After all, I am using the products I buy each year. It’s not as if I buy them and then hoard them. So how could I be running out of storage space?

Looking at my rather cluttered dresser top today, the answer hit me like a ton of bricks. Yes, I do use up the products I buy – but that yes comes with a qualifier, in the shape of most of the time. There are things that I buy that for a variety of reasons I do not completely use up. Sometimes I stop using the product because I’m finding it to be not as effective as I’d like, or because I’ve started having an adverse reaction to it. This happens with products like moisturizers or cleansers. Other times I arrive at the conclusion that I simply don’t like the product anymore – usually this happens with cosmetics, and it comes in the form of I don’t want that colour/texture/finish on my face anymore.

Now, Sephora has a very generous return policy, and I appreciate that, because I have used it in the past – there was that bottle of curl-enhancing mist that I returned about a month after buying it because it seemed to be irritating the skin on my neck, and there was that lipstick that was defective and changed colour quite dramatically after I’d been using it for about two months. Normally I’d have to eat the cost of those barely used products, but with Sephora I was able to return them without any hassle, which was awesome. That being said, if I’ve simply had a change of heart about some cosmetic a few months after purchasing it, or if I’ve used up half or more of the product contained in the container, I don’t feel right about returning it. That seems like overstepping the spirit of that nice return policy, and if too many people do that, the policy may change. I don’t want that, so I try to be reasonable in my returns.

That being said, if I’ve bought something, it feels wasteful to throw it away without having used it all, so I hang on to it in case I have a change of heart again, or in case some time away from the product allows my skin to tolerate it again. So I have an apparently growing collection of partially used containers, mostly of moisturizers, that are cluttering up my space.

The reason my dresser top spurred this realization is because sitting there is this bottle of lotion that I bought back in 2005, maybe 2006. I’ve used pretty much all of it, there’s probably about 15% left. I haven’t touched it since 2007 at the latest. Sitting next to that bottle is a stack of two jars of body cream, both purchased in 2008, I think, and neither one has been touched since 2009. In fact, some months ago I opened up those jars to take a peek inside, and while the creams both looked fine, some of the oils in them had gone off, so they didn’t smell right anymore – sort of stale, maybe a tiny bit rancid. The dresser top is also littered with a variety of tubes and bottles of hair product that I’ve used over the years, all emptied to varying degrees. There’s some curl enhancing cream product, a curl enhancing mousse, two bottles of different smoothing balms, and a bottle of shine enhancing spray, all of which haven’t seen any action in over a year.

I’ve kept them all because it seems like a waste to throw them away instead of using them up, but who am I kidding? The waste has already happened. These things have been around so long that most of them are actually not usable anymore. They’re just taking up space.

Space that I apparently need for my new stuff.

Maybe sometime in the next couple of weeks I’ll manage to make myself round up the old unusables and toss them in the trash.

It’ll be hard. My instinct to hang on to them is strong.

Which is really how I got into this whole critical-mass situation in the first place.

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Anywaw, I’ve broken nails before. I’ve done it rather a lot. It’s annoying – it ruins the shape of your nail, and until you can get to an emery board to smooth it out, it leaves a rough, snaggy, jagged edge behind. A nuisance, for sure, but not something that will make or break my day.

It seems, though, that people expect a broken nail to be a big deal. I’ve seen girls smack a hand on some object, and then whirl about in a jig of pain. When asked about the injury, the reply comes back, I broke a nail. They are then treated to much sympathetic cooing.

Like I said, I’ve broken nails plenty of times. Never has this caused me any physical pain. Maybe I’ve been lucky – the nail has never broken down into the part where it’s still attached to your finger, and there’s never been any bloodshed involved. Maybe the girls I’ve seen freak out over broken nails were actually cradling wildly gory injuries.

I broke a nail today. I was reaching for the knob to adjust the focus on one of those old-fashioned overhead transparency projectors, and I wasn’t really watching where I was reaching, and somehow my finger slipped in between the part of the knob that you grip and the shaft that it’s attached to, and though it wasn’t a particularly hard hit or anything, the force of it was just right to break the nail. I did not perform a wild dance of painful hysteria. I didn’t even stop in what I was doing in any significant way. I did look at my nail, and verify that it was indeed broken, and then from that point on I was simply careful not to handle my hair with that hand, and be mindful of the proximity of that hand to fabric and other potentially snaggy things. Once I got home from work, I removed my nail polish and then filed the living daylights out of the nail. The break wasn’t as deep as I had initially thought, so I was able to get rid of all the damaged nail.

Time for a new manicure.
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Anyway, I have to be careful.

My skin tends to the drier end of the spectrum. To keep it happy, I make use of a variety of creams, salves, and lotions whenever I feel the need. Still, sometimes things go the way that they do, and I end up drier than usual.

This happened last week. It was a paper-shuffling-heavy week. Do you know this about paper? It dries your skin right out. Sucks the moisture out in a startlingly efficient fashion. I’ve known this for a while, but I keep conveniently forgetting just how quickly handling paper can leave you with rather chapped hands.

Now, at the beginning of the week, I attended a meeting, and felt like it was drier than usual in the building. Somehow, that didn’t prompt me into action, and I failed to slather a layer of something soothing on my hands. The next few days saw me shuffling papers rather a lot, and still failing to reach for the jar of super duper cream that I keep on my desk. You see, I am prepared, it’s just a matter of getting me to take advantage of that preparedness.

So the week dragged on, and the building stayed dry, and I kept handling paper, and my hands got progressively worse. I watched them drying out, but kept forgetting to do something about it – I’d always notice just as I was about to eat my lunch, and being the paragon of elegance that I am, I typically eat with my hands, and felt that moisturizing right before eating would be a poor choice. Then, once I was done eating, I’d forget, and go on my way. Shuffling more paper around.

On Friday, my skin hit breaking point. Literally. As I was preparing dinner at home that evening, I noticed a sudden sharp twinge on one of my fingers. Like the sting of a paper cut. It was on the side of my finger, though – a place where I don’t typically run the edges of paper. I stopped in the midst of my dinner preparations and took a look at the tender spot.

The skin had gotten so dry there that it had cracked. A small, angry-looking red line had appeared.

Injury spurred me into action, and over the weekend I was much more diligent in making sure my hands were taken care of, moisture-wise. Today, the crack is pretty much healed up.

Have I learned a valuable lesson?

Maybe. It’s a bit too early to tell.

Just wait till my next paper-handling heavy week. That should be the week after next.

If I develop more cracks, then we’ll know my learning curve in this area is hopelessly flat.
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