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Lupe - Angel Halloween Porn
Click here to see a Halloween porn gallery of Lupe Fuentes

Okay guys, here’s a semi-nude gallery of Latina Lupe Fuentes dressed as a Naughty Angel for Halloween! Lupe used to star as a ultra-young looking teen on a few hardcore sites before she moved to new management, got monster implants on her tiny frame, and went for more of a ‘glamour’ look before being arrested… Unfortunately, she hasn’t done too much new in the past few years. I don’t even know if she’s still in jail :(

Anyway, remember Tamagotchi?

They were these little keychain toys that were wildly popular in the late 90s. The whole premise of the things was that you had this little virtual pet that you needed to take care of through its life cycle. There were commands that allowed you to feed the pet, bathe it and clean up after it, play with it, treat it with medicine when it got sick, and put it to sleep. It doesn’t seem like something that should be fun, but turns out it was. I had a Tamagotchi toy. I carried it around with me for a period of time, taking advantage of otherwise idle intervals to check in on it and provide the necessary care. After a period of time, though, I removed the batteries and put it away – and every once in a while, I wonder where my Tamagotchi ever got to. I may try to see about locating it again.

Or, you know, not. Because I just downloaded a new app onto my iPhone – Hatchi. I got a tip that it was available for free, so I decided to check it out.

Earlier today, I had a few minutes to fill, so I pulled out the phone, fired up the app, and hatched my first little pet blob – a female, so I named her Hatchiko. So far I have read her enough books to fill her smartness meter, bounced a ball with her enough to fill her activeness meter, fed her to capacity twice, bathed her twice, put her down for two naps, and accidentally given her medicine once – I thought the medicine icon would pull up a menu the way the activity and food icons did, but it was just a simple button, like the bathing and sleeping icons. She didn’t seem to mind the unnecessary shot – her happiness meter didn’t dip or anything – so maybe we can call it a vaccination.

The game even makes the same sorts of beeping noises that my old Tamagotchi made.

It’s like I’ve warped into the past!

That being said, it remains to be seen how long this nostalgia-driven infatuation lasts. Could be a while. Or, you know, I could be done tomorrow. It’s hard to tell.
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A crappy preview movie is here. (I actually think I copied the wrong link, cause this just goes to the tour…….. Sorry!)

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Funky Halloween Porn from Private
Click the picture to see funky Halloween porn pictures from Private

Funky Halloween Porn from Private

Funky Halloween Porn from Private
Click the picture to see an XXX Halloween gallery featuring a donkey tail.

Okay guys, here’s a hot gallery from Private. It features a shaved blonde babe with a Christina Piercing getting a tail butt plug stuck up her ass, and then getting fucked and cummed on. I’m not sure if it’s really a ‘Halloween’ porn gallery, or just sexy hardcore costume pictures from the movie Pirate 108.

Anyway, last week, I called up the new-to-me salon to try and book another cut with Mr. Fancy Salon Guy. Knowing he’s a busy guy, I figured that if I was calling for an appointment four weeks in advance, I should be able to get the slot that I want.

A perky associate answered the phone, I indicated that I would like to book an appointment with Mr. Fancy Salon Guy, she asked me what day I had in mind, and I told her I was hoping to come in on Tuesday, November 13, as I happen to have that day off.

She told me that Mr. Fancy Salon Guy does not work on Tuesdays.

I was sort of stunned in place for a second there. It had never occurred to me that Mr. Fancy Salon Guy might be so fancy that he doesn’t actually put in a full week. I sort of figured that he’d need to in order to actually have time to see his clients – I was warned by the friend who recommended him that he tends to book up early. I had assumed that this was because he had a lot of clients, not because he worked limited hours.

I asked if he had any appointments for the Friday morning of that week – I don’t have to be at work till 2, so a morning appointment could work.

She told me that he doesn’t see clients before noon.

That took the wind out of my sails again. If I’ve got to be at work for 2 PM, then scheduling a cut for noon was probably a pretty risky move.

Once I had recovered sufficiently, I asked what his work schedule is.

She told me he sees clients on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, from noon until 8 PM.

Which basically means that his schedule completely doesn’t work for me – I’m either at work, or occupied with other life-related errands during those hours.

So it looks like I’m going to be letting my hair grow and grow and grow until December, when my work schedule becomes a bit more flexible.

At least now I have a handy excuse as to why I didn’t reappear within the prescribed six weeks of my last cut.
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Princess Leia blowjob porn
Click the picture to see a Princess Leia costume fuck and blowjob!

Princess Leia blowjob porn

Princess Leia blowjob porn
Click the picture to see a Princess Leia Cosplay blowjob!
The Princess Leia Blowjob movie is here

Okay guys, here’s another hot Halloween porn gallery. This time, from Amateur-Allure starring a sexy brunette dressed as Princess Leia! I’m not sure what the ‘average age’ of you guys are, but I remember watching a ‘Friends’ episode (The One With The Princess Leia Fantasy) in which Ross and Rachel discussed their fantasies… And Ross wanted to have sex with Princess Leia. A little googling surprised me.. Apparently it’s a bit of a fetish!
Eitherway, this XXX Halloween gallery from Amateur Allure has the hot brunette dressed in a white robe, with a light saber, and her hair in Leia buns. Plus she gives a great blowjob, gets fucked, and then swallows cum. I bet Leia never did that!

Anyway, I know someone whose parents own some vineyard and orchard property out in the Okanagan Valley. Consequently, she will drive all the way out there to visit during the summer, and return with loads of surplus fresh fruit that she happily distributes among members of her social circle. I am one of those fortunate people, so I get some lovely free fruit from her. Last year, I was able to enjoy some BC cherries. This year, I was able to score some apples, pears, and plums.

As I was gleefully pulling pears, my produce benefactors drew my attention to some compact-looking bunches of small grapes, some green, some a purple so dark they almost appeared black. The green, I was told, were chardonnay grapes, while the purple were merlot grapes.

Now, I know enough to know that wine comes from grapes, and different wines come from different grapes, and chardonnay and merlot are indeed wine grapes. I’d never heard of anyone eating them fresh before, though. So, I asked – Are they for eating, or for other purposes? I was thinking that perhaps my hosts had confused me with someone who is very handy in the kitchen, and might now how to turn otherwise inedible fruit into fabulous jams or preserves of some sort.

I was assured that no, these could be eaten, and were in fact quite tasty, and I was encouraged to take some to try. So I did. I selected a tiny bunch of nice-looking chardonnay grapes, and another small bunch of the merlot grapes – though the merlot bunch ended up being twice as large as the chardonnay.

I said my thank yous, packed my haul into my car, headed home and carefully stashed it all in the fridge.

This was a little over a week ago. Today, I finally washed up the grapes to give them a try. I washed all the chardonnay, and about a third of the merlot.

Turns out, these grapes are darn tasty fresh. They’ve got seeds, which is a bit of a nuisance, and the skins are a bit sour, as grape skins tend to be, but the flavour of the flesh more than makes up for those annoyances.

Which leads me to wonder why anyone would have thought it would be a good idea to take large quantities of this really nice stuff, mash it up, and stuff it in a keg to sit until it ferments?

I suppose the answer essentially boils down to something like, To get the precious alcohol.

Being someone for whom alcohol has limited utility, though, I think I’d rather take the grapes.

I wonder if it would be rude of me to flat-out ask for more of these grapes next year?
The Princess Leia Blowjob movie is here
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Russian Asian Halloween Porn gallery 2
Click the picture to see dirty Asian Halloween porn!

Russian Asian Halloween Porn gallery 2

Russian Asian Halloween Porn gallery 2
Click the picture to see an Asian Lesbian Halloween porn gallery!
The shaved naked Asian Halloween porn movie is here

Okay guys, here’s a hot gallery of a sexy Asian teen lesbian playing with her blonde Scandinavian teen friend! It has rather low production value, and I’m pretty sure it was shot in Soviet Russia where the talent comes cheap – but both girls look to be having a lot of fun playing with their shaved pussies while dressed up for Halloween!
I’m going to have to find some better Halloween porn. Sometimes I wish I had a lot of money and could start my own porn production company (which, obviously with all of the free porn found on the Internet today, could only be done for my own ‘art’). I’d shoot ultra glamorous, intricately detailed costume porn – maybe a mix between Private and X-art…. With costumes! (And no superheroes).

Anyway, like, whatever!
Many, many years ago, I saw the movie Clueless.

Have you seen this movie? One of my uncles had the misfortune of watching it with me one afternoon – my mother’s family had gathered at another uncle’s house, and I happened to stumble upon this movie being broadcast on TV, so I plunked down on the floor in front of the couch to watch, and my uncle was sitting on the couch, and he just never got up to go do something else. My mother has three brothers, and this one is the one who likes opera and classical music and fine art. The storyline in Clueless revolves around the trials and tribulations of life as a privileged teenager with wealthy parents. Not exactly something I would expect my uncle – really, any of my uncles – to be particularly interested in. Indeed, when the end credits started rolling, my uncle exclaimed, Sheesh, a whole movie about nothing!

Being an adolescent girl, I enjoyed it, and every once in a while, I find myself remembering one of the scenes and thinking a bit fondly of it.

Recently, I found myself thinking of the bathroom scene – there’s a line of teenage girls, one occupying every space in front of the sinks in a public washroom, and they’re all touching up their makeup and hair, and a cell phone starts ringing, and every single girl goes for her handbag to see if it’s her cell. There’s a staggered chorus of Hello?s, and then one girl says to the others with an apologetic smile, It’s mine. Or some line to that effect. My remembery not so good.

The scene was meant to be funny because all those teenage girls had cell phones – and that was simply ludicrous. What teenager needs a cell phone? These were clearly very privileged girls with very wealthy, doting parents.

Fast forward to today, and what do we see? Everyone has a cell phone. Actually, seems like everyone has a smartphone these days – everyday, I see student after student wandering along with their eyes fixed on their two hands held in front of them, holding the smartphone in that posture you use when texting, with the fingers bent towards centre to support the device and the thumbs free to whip around the keyboard on top. Sure, university-age kids are a bit older than the characters portrayed in Clueless, but not by much. And they all have smartphones.

Sort of makes me wonder what we can expect the standard toys to be in another fifteen years or so.
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Halloween Porn - Goth Girl Fucks Pumpkin

Click here to see the free hot gallery of Bella Vendetta fucking a pumpkin

Okay guys, it’s almost Halloween, so it’s time for my Halloween porn posts to start! This is a hot gallery of goth girl Bella Vendetta fucking a pumpkin. I guess she must like pain, although personally, after seeing all the fruit flies come out of bananas, I’d be very, very hesitant to shove any fruit or vegetable up my pussy. Especially when there are such nice, realistic toys available almost anonymously over the internet! Still, Bella fits the Halloween theme! :)

Anyways, throwing caution to the wind….
Last week was the annual on-campus flu clinic – the opportunity for students and staff to line up and get a free flu immunization shot. The opportunity to develop better herd immunity, and reduce the chances of loads of us being beset by plague over the winter.

Three years ago, I lost a week of my life to the flu. Probably H1N1. The next year, I went and got my flu shot. No flu. The year after that, I got my flu shot. No flu, but I did end up catching a beastly little cold over the Christmas break.

This year?

I didn’t get it. I am unvaccinated.

I had actually intended to get it, but a combination of procrastination and epic failure in organizational skills meant that I never managed to get myself down to where the flu clinic was set up. So I missed my chance.

Well. I missed my most convenient chance. In all honesty, it’s not hard to get yourself a flu shot – a nearby pharmacy has signs up indicating they’ve got vaccine on hand, and I know of a flu clinic that has set up shop in a mall not too far away from my home. Neither place charges for the shot, either. I could totally swing by one of those places one day in my travels and get myself vaccinated.

I think I’ve decided I’m not going to, though.

I think I’m going to try a season running on the power of my own immune system, with the support of some careful self-care hygiene practices. I’ve got a couple of bottles of hand sanitizer on my desk at work – good stuff, the 60% alcohol kind – and I’m firmly in the habit of swabbing my hands every time I come into the office, before I start using the computer. I’m pretty consistent in taking my vitamin D supplements on a daily basis too. Those two things combined should give my immune system a pretty good fighting chance against any invading virus, right?

After all, getting the flu shot is in no way a guarantee that you’ll be flu-free for the season. If they guessed wrong in figuring which strain would be the one to worry about, then you’ve got nothing in your corner when you’ve got to face the actual flu virus.

I’m sufficiently curious to give this season a go without the shot.

Let’s hope we don’t find me regretting that decision as I lay stricken in bed, pondering whether I have the will to go on….

Enjoy the Bella Vendetta Halloween pumpkin porn gallery here!

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