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Cute Drunk teen peeing
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Cute Drunk teen peeing

Cute Drunk teen peeing
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Okay guys, here’s a hot watersports gallery featuring Teen Kasia! Now, normally I’m not a fan of ‘pee fun’, but I do like drunken antics and public nudity. This gallery has both. Blonde teen Kasia goes out into a field, a little bit drunk and tipsy, and hikes up her short school girl skirt.
She shows off her shaved pussy and then pees in a field. Or at least, in the original gallery I saw, she did.
Seriously, I need to start posting these when I collect them so the guys can’t change the content… Eitherway, Kasia is cute, dirty, drunk, and has a nice pussy. Enjoy.

Anyways, according to the calendar, September is nearly over and done.

Despite the fact that I’ve been on this planet for quite some time now, and I’m aware of how time passes – in that, it never stops, and it always seems to blow by faster than you realize – I still get that awful little jolt when the time comes to flip over to a new month, and a larger one still when the time comes to flip over to a new year.

Fortunately for my adrenal glands, the end of the week doesn’t have the same effect. Unless I’m staring down a deadline, that is.

One of my co-workers – the girl whose desk is next to mine – she has this running thing where she’ll ask me if it’s December yet. (Our work contracts end in December, and then we’ll both sign another round of contracts to start up again in January.) I looked at the calendar today and realized that when she does this next week, we’ll actually be a whole month closer to December.

Which reminds me. Mr. Fancy Salon Guy wanted me to return to see him again for a trim and check-up of sorts on my hair in “at most, six weeks”. Given that my last cut was on August 22, I have a feeling that my six weeks are up. Normally, I’d just leave it alone – after all, I’m in the habit of going for months between haircuts. I think my hair still looks good. I can tell it’s grown out some, but it seems to me to have kept its shape. I’d be inclined to just let it grow some more, maybe wait until November for the next cut.

Except. Part of me is worried about making a good impression here. That seems a bit irrational, but there it is.

Of course, knowing me, I’ll probably dither about thinking about it until November anyway…. You know how slow I can be 😀
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Russian Gangbang with blonde
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Russian Gangbang with blonde

Russian Gangbang with blonde
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Okay, I’m very confused. When I collected this gallery, I typed ‘blonde’ instead of brunette. I must have been very tired. I would not consider her blonde in the slightest… She’s a trampy Russian brunette getting gangbanged by very Russian looking males.

Anyways, dilemma…

I got a text message from the girl who’s been cutting my hair for the past three or four years a couple of days ago. It was a message she was sending out to all her clients, letting us know that she had had her second girl at the beginning of August and was now slowly starting to get back to work.

What the message didn’t say explicitly was that from this point on, we can feel free to contact her to arrange for our regular hair care.

I’d actually been hoping to not get this text. Don’t get me wrong – I like her, she does a great job, and doesn’t charge an unreasonable amount of money. It’s just that, I’ve gotten a haircut from someone else while she’s been on maternity leave, and he seemed better, and sure he charges quite a bit more than she does, but his shop is only about five minutes away from my place. She cuts out of her house, which is a 45 minute drive from where I live…. In each direction.

Driving for a total of an hour and a half to get a haircut puts a bit of a damper on the event.

I had really been hoping the universe would cut me a break on this one. I was thinking that since she cuts out of her home, now she’s got an infant and a toddler at home with her, maybe they would keep her too busy for her to keep working, and then I could continue with Mr. Fancy Salon Guy for a period of time. Apparently, that is not to be.

I haven’t responded to that text yet, and I probably should soon. I would say I have to make a decision about what I’m going to do, but that would really be a lie, because I’ve honestly already decided what I’d like to do here.

I just have to figure out how to break the news to her.
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Brazilian Blowjob - POV
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Brazilian Blowjob - POV

Brazilian Blowjob - POV
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Okay guys, here’s a hot, ethnic porn gallery featuring a Brazilian model – Summer Slate. It’s funny, when I hear ‘Brazilian’, I always think dark haired, tanned skin, and brown eyes… sort of like that Colombian actress on Modern Family, Sofía Vergara.
However, just like Sofia Vergara is actually blonde, Brazilian XXX actress Summer Slate from Amateur Allure presents herself that way as well. I think Summer Slate’s blondeness might be fake though.

Anyways, get ripped..

I bought some new dress pants this past May, at which point I was sort of not needing dress pants much since I wasn’t working over the summer, so when they arrived I washed them and hung them in the closet, where they waited to be pressed into service in the fall.

Fall did indeed arrive, and I have been wearing those dress pants – and I must say, they fit much better than my old ones, which is good, since my old ones were sort of at a point of not fitting that well anymore.

There is one problematic thing about these new pants, though. Since I never wore them before fall arrived and I needed them for work, I never noticed this before – the pockets are all sewn shut. They have front slit pockets, not jeans style, but just those spots in the side seam where the seam opens up into a pocket – that opening is mostly seamed shut on these pants.

I’m actually a bit confused as to why the pocket opening is shut like this. The pocket exists, there’s a pouch of fabric inside the pants that makes up the pocket, so it’s not as though they’re trying to prevent people from getting fooled by a decorative non-functioning pocket. The seaming was also done after the fact – it’s not a design feature, and the reason I say this is because the seams don’t match up on both sides of the pants. One is positioned a touch higher than the other – I can easily slide my thumb through the gap left at the bottom of the pocket on one side, but it’s much snugger on the other because the closing seam starts lower.

I’d like to get those seams out, so I can use my pockets – I’m not in the habit of actually putting objects in my pockets, but I do tend to hook my thumbs in there when walking or talking, and I keep getting foiled by the seams, and that ends up throwing off my groove. To do that, I need a seam ripper – I shudder at the thought of trying to do it with scissors, that just seems like asking for a chance to ruin my new pants.

Many years ago, I had my own seam ripper – I took a sewing class at school, and it was on the list of supplies we were to obtain. I’m pretty sure it’s lost. I’ll have to find myself a new one.

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Lesbian asslicking
Click the picture to see Lora Croft and Zsuzanna partake in some lesbian asslicking!

Lesbian asslicking

Lesbian asslicking
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Okay guys, here’s a hot gallery of two sexy lesbians playing with big toys and rimming each other.. Rimming’s not my thing, but a little bit of lesbian action is always fun to watch! This is definitely more of a ‘professional’ porn gallery starring two European lesbians, Lora Croft and Zsuzanna, doing some really nasty things to each other..

Anyways… Trying new things…
Someone I know is a big fan of ginger beer.

Not ginger ale – not that she dislikes that – but ginger beer. Ginger beer is kickier than ginger ale – has a stronger ginger hit. Unfortunately, not all ginger beers are the same, and she tells me she’s had some excellent ones, and some disappointing ones.

So when I saw some while grocery shopping a couple of weeks ago, I picked up a bottle for her to try. She tried it and declared it excellent, and the price was really reasonable – about a dollar a single-serving bottle – so the next time I was at that same grocery store, I bought six bottles to have on hand.

I’ve tried ginger beer a handful of times in the past. I remember the first time. I thought my tongue was going to dissolve right away into nothingness. I did not openly weep, but my eyes did water up a bit, and I thought, Gack, too strong!

Since then, I’ve had opportunity to sample a bit here and there, and as my tastebuds developed an appreciation for stronger, bolder flavours, by degrees I found I was growing to like ginger beer. The fragrance no longer burns mildly, but intrigues. The way the ginger emphasizes the tingle of the carbonation against the tongue is no longer irritating, but beguiling.

I’m still not sure I’d want to drink an entire serving’s worth in one sitting.

But today when I passed by the ginger beer at the grocery store and saw a special price for the purchase of a dozen single-serving bottles – down to 75 cents per bottle – what did I do?

I bought a dozen.
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Two sexy blonde teens double team a guy - XXX
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Two sexy blonde teens double team a guy - XXX

Two sexy blonde teens double team a guy - XXX
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Okay guys, Lilly Banks and Zoey Monroe are taking part in a blowjob competition… They’re both cute blondes, and they both get a large amount of semen ejaculated onto their faces. It’s a hot enough gallery!

Anyways, when inanimate objects throw a tantrum…

Last year, when I decided to start making use of the Rec Centre facilities, I needed to purchase my own lock to use to secure my things in a locker in the change room. No big deal, I picked up a sort of standard, inexpensive combination lock.

Right from the get-go, it was, ah, temperamental. The very first time I tried to open it, I diligently twirled the dial and entered the combination given in the package, and it remained firmly shut. A second attempt yielded the same result. The third time was the charm.

I used it throughout last year, and that stubbornness never went away. Most days required multiple attempts to get the lock to open – anywhere from two to five, I think. A bit annoying, but nothing devastating. Once I was off campus for the summer, the lock was stowed away at home, in a drawer full of odds and ends, and I pretty well ignored it for several months.

Last week, I pulled the lock out of its hibernation and put it back to use – but something was different. Unfortunately, the difference was not an improvement. The first time I used it, I needed far, far more than ten attempts to open the lock. The second time, I think I managed to get it open in three or four.

And then today happened.

I returned to the locker to retrieve my belongings, twirled the dial to enter in the combination, and the lock remained shut fast. I tried again. And again. And again.

You know how they say that the definition of insanity is to do the same action over and over again and expect that the outcome will be different? Yep, I was thinking about that as I entered that combination over. And over. And over.

Ten minutes and who-knows-how-many tries later found me still separated from my regular clothes by a solid metal locker door, held firmly and securely by my blasted lock. At this point, I was way beyond frustrated, and vaguely worried that I might be raising suspicions that I was actually trying to break into the locker – each successive failed attempt to enter increased my self-consciousness, which led to me doing that thing where you glance furtively over your shoulders as you go about your business, which makes you look like the guiltiest person on the planet.

I looked at the clock. I didn’t have time to stay there and keep on trying until the lock granted me access. Besides, something about the way the dial moved felt different today – it was always sort of sticky in spots, but today the motion felt much smoother. At first I had thought that was a positive development, but it was abundantly clear that that was a lie. It occurred to me that something in the lock’s mechanisms might have been faulty all along, and it had finally failed.

Mechanical failure or not, I decided I’d had enough. Something had to be done, and if the lock wasn’t cooperating, then I’d have to force it. I went to the Rec Centre’s main desk and asked the employee if they had a bolt cutter.

She followed me into the locker room, with the bolt cutter, asking me for a description of the contents of the locker so that she could verify that it was actually my stuff that she was releasing to me, and snipped the offending lock. I got my stuff back – she was satisfied that it was well and truly mine – and she tossed the lock, so now I’m back to not having one again.

Guess I’d better go shopping….
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