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Okay guys, here’s another hot amateur allure gallery! There’s not too much to say about it, other than she’s hot. She’s dirty, and she swallows a load of cum at the end of the video.. Making $700 or so – enough to pay part of her rent for the month… Sexy to see her exploited like that :)

Anyways, I am a city girl.

My whole life, I have lived in cities – relatively large ones at that. Big enough to have multiple hospitals, myriad schools of different levels, and local options when it comes to post-secondary education. Of course, not all post-secondary options were of the same calibre, with the same target demographic – but the point is the options were still there. It’s not as though all post-secondary students will end up in the same place if they go local, or that they must go elsewhere for that education at all.

So, I’m used to cities. I’ve learned that very large cities do overwhelm me some, but it’s not the case that I pine away for large, uninterrupted acres of peaceful farmland, or big open dark night skies scattered with stars. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying I dislike those things. They sound nice. For visiting.

Truthfully, I’ve never spent lots of time in the great outdoors, and consequently, I’m not always super comfortable when I do venture out there. I’m accustomed to buildings, lights, climate control. I have yet to develop fine instincts about more rugged, rustic activities.

I don’t really perceive any of this as a major failing or problem, but there is one area in which I wish I had more experience with nature.

I wish I knew more about identifying plants and animals.

I’ll be out on an outdoor adventure somewhere, and some interesting animal or interesting plant will pop up, and I’ll want to know what it is, but my mind is simply blinking expectantly at me, waiting for some information sign to pop up nearby, like in a museum.

The reasonable solution appears to be to do a bit of research once I’m back in front of a computer again, but I’ve found this to be a bit problematic – looking at a picture and trying to compare it to a memory can be a bit of a risky game, and sometimes there are different things that look fairly similar. How to know which one I saw?

Yes, I realize it’s completely unreasonable to expect that the world be labelled as if the planet were a giant museum.

But it would be so helpful.

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Okay guys, here’s a hot Kiera King gallery.. She’s a pornstar who’s started her own pornsite… Basically, she has a couple of sets produced each week in which she’s fucking some guy, or having a bit of lesbian fun with her friends. I like her. She has a unique look. Today, she sticks a feather duster up her ass. Seriously. It’s a feather duster. In her bum.

Anyways, years ago, there was a video game that was released for the original Sony Playstation, called Blasto. I never played it myself, but I did have the opportunity to watch someone else play the game for a bit – not very far into it, but I saw some of it. I don’t remember much of the plot, but I do remember Phil Hartman provided the character’s vocal stylings, which I enjoyed as I watched.

One thing that I vividly remember is at one point in one of the earlier levels – I think – Blasto comes running along the platform and sees a terminal. It’s got a big red button on a console, with a sign that says, DO NOT TOUCH. My player was intrigued by this command, and so boldly stepped forward and pressed the button. Blasto was instantly vaporized into a pile of soot.

Today I happened to come across a gate that I needed to pass through, and the gate was locked, and in order to unlock the gate I needed to push a big red button.

As I reached for the button, I remembered Blasto, and actually hesitated for a moment.

At first, I thought this was a funny one-off sort of occurrence, triggered by the redness of the button. But, then I remembered other button pushing incidents, in which I pause for just a beat, a fraction of a second, before actually pressing the button. In fact, I have a sneaking suspicion that this is a pretty consistent thing in my behaviour. Approach button. Worry irrationally about undesired consequences of touching button. Get over it and press button.

I wonder if there will ever be a day when I won’t be abstractly thinking about possibly being zapped into oblivion by pressing a button to call an elevator.
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Okay guys, here’s the hot met-art model Simona A having hardcore action from their new site – sex-art! You know what I regret? Sex-art didn’t come into play while Mariko was still modeling for them. I think I’ve posted every Mariko gallery that is out there.
Eitherway, Simona A. has that sultry, sweaty ‘summer’ look as she gets her shaved pussy licked. It’s all good.

Anyways, we have the technology…..
I may not be an Apple fan more generally, but I do like my iPhone.

I’ve found it to be supremely convenient – the functionality of several devices all packaged neatly into one. I even like the size of it – I’ve seen a couple of iterations of the Samsung Galaxy, and that thing is huge. Perhaps my opinion might be different if I had larger hands, but I don’t, so it isn’t.

The native Maps app is one that I use whenever I need to go somewhere I haven’t been before – I look up the address of where I’m going, and orient myself with surrounding roads and figure out what the best way of getting there would be. Usually I let Google do the route figuring for me by instructing it to give me directions from wherever I am according to the GPS, but I still like to see the lay of the land, as it were, of my intended destination. At times I also like to play with the GPS feature a little bit – I’ll randomly open the app up and ask it to find me.

My point being that my phone has a nifty bit of magic inside of it that tells me that it knows where I am.

Why, then, does it ignore this information when searching for addresses? Yesterday, I needed to drive somewhere new, so I opened the app up, punched in the street address, and looked at the result. It looked weird. I had some vague familiarity with the area where I was headed, and the grid of streets that I was seeing didn’t correspond to what seemed right in my head. I puzzled over it for a bit, and then noticed something else on the map that was labelled High River. As in, High River, Alberta. Which is totally not where I wanted to go.

That’s not the first time that’s happened. A couple of weeks ago, I plugged in a street address for something else, and it showed me a location in Ottawa. Again, not where I wanted to go, in the same big, wrong-city sort of way.

The workaround is to specify which city you’re interested in when you enter the address for the search. But if the phone’s GPS knows where you are already, why can’t it figure that out? Why doesn’t it assume you’re looking for an address within the same city, and search beyond that city only if you tell it to? Why would it instead pick out a random address somewhere else that happens to have the same street names and numbers attached to it?

Maybe a developer needs to get on that….

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Sex on a helicopter pad
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Okay guys, this is another hot X-art gallery featuring a semi attractive model and a gorgeous landscape… The them of this porn gallery *is* kind of lame… Seriously. Dancing Yoga??? I like the sex, I like the environment.. I’d love to go wherever they are, and maybe take a seat and watch them fuck in front of the ocean. X-art has some gorgeous porn, and doing it up high on a helipad, with the gorgeous view stretched out below them is a neat touch!

Anyways, there are clues…
Today, I was running around doing some errands in the morning, and ended up having my lunch rather on the late side – around 2 PM or so.

After my lunch, I happened to walk past the bedroom, and catch a glimpse of the bed.

It looked comfy. So very comfy.

So I decided to have a little lie down.

Next thing I knew, it was dinnertime.

Generally speaking, I’m not a napper. I don’t like the idea of napping, I don’t find naps restful – they’re too short – so I don’t wake up well from them, and it’s pretty rare that I feel sleepy-tired during the day.

But I’ve said all this before. I blogged about an out-of-character nap a little under a month ago. The circumstances surrounding that nap were pretty similar, I think.

I wandered past the bedroom, saw the bed, thought it looked comfy, had a lie down, and regained consciousness much, much later.

Back then, I concluded that I must have needed a bit of extra rest. I suppose one could draw the same conclusion today.

You don’t suppose this means that I should be considering making adjustments to my current sleep schedule?
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Okay guys, here’s another hot X-art gallery featuring a big breasted teenager getting her Cuban pussy fucked. She has a young, smooth face with a nice, fit body, and natural large breasts with big nipples. If I had to bet, she’s a real girl with her boyfriend making some cash on the side starring in a few x-art porn movies. I don’t think I’ve seen her anywhere other than on X-art
Either way, she’s cute and she fits the ‘ethnic’ category, even if I do think she looks quite white.

Anyways, taunting Hortaion….
I didn’t wash my hair last night – it got washed at the salon, and washing the hair twice in one day seems excessive. Besides, none of the products Mr. Fancy Salon Guy had used had a particularly noxious smell to them, and the crunchiness of the spray wax lessened as the evening turned into night, so I decided to just go to bed.

When I woke up, I noticed as I was brushing my teeth that I had little clippings of hair on my shoulders. I looked around a little more, and saw them on the countertop as well. I went back to the bed and checked my pillow – it had a generous sprinkling of little hair clippings all over it. I took the pillow into the bathroom and dusted it off, letting the clippings fall to the floor. They’ll get vacuumed up later, though I suppose I could have busted out the vacuum and just vacuumed the pillow directly. Oh well.

I realized why I was shedding clippings. There were several sections that were combed straight up and then trimmed down, and this resulted in a cascade of clippings tumbling down on top of my head. These never really got shaken out during the cut, and then at the end when he sprayed me down with that spray wax, they got fixed into the ‘do, so that even though I walked around outside in some wind, the clippings were not dislodged. Only once the effects of the spray wax wore off did they start to come loose.

I had a shower tonight, washed my hair, and despite my ventures out into the world today that certainly resulted in me leaving a little trail of clippings behind me wherever I went, I still noticed clippings coming off onto my hands as I washed my hair. They should all be gone now, though.

At one point today, I was thinking about the little trail I was creating, and how much trace evidence I was leaving behind for the CSI team. Then I realized that what I was leaving probably wasn’t helpful in the least – tiny little clippings of hair with no roots attached. I seem to remember an episode – not sure which CSI franchise it was – in which they were frustrated that all the hair evidence collected at the scene lacked roots, and was therefore useless to them. All they could tell was the colour, and that it was human.

And there are lots of people on this planet with black hair, and a great many of them live in the same city as me.

So I guess I could have gone on a crime spree without worrying about the hair clippings being picked up as trace.

Unless TV lied to me. But it wouldn’t do that, would it??
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