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Anyways, so far… Pleased!
I sat down to try out my new nail goodies today.

Now, I realize that I got to skip the steps of shaping my nails as desired and using the buffing block to prepare the nail beds for the product. Beyond that, I followed all the directions in the kit – well, except the part where I was supposed to go through all steps with one hand first and then start over from the beginning with the second hand. Oops. Honest, I did read through the directions before starting anything, but that was back when the kit first came to be in my possession, which was, um, over a week ago.

So far, though, I am very pleased.

It took me forty minutes to go through all the application steps – the cleaning, applying the four layers of product, curing each layer, and then the final cleanup. I was very pleased to find that as soon as that final curing session was done, my nails were well and truly done – they weren’t sticky, and the layers of product didn’t shift around or wrinkle when touched. Most excellent. This means that doing the whole business will likely take a bit less than an hour, and I’ll be able to bop off to do something else as soon as I’m done – no hanging around doing nothing waiting for the polish to set enough so that I don’t ruin it when I absent-mindedly scratch at an itchy spot through my clothes.

In fact, I was so pleased that I had to rather quickly and firmly talk myself down from hopping in the car to go pick up some more supplies and a couple more colours.

I’m waiting a bit longer because the trial run is not yet done. Sure, I got through the application procedure without incident, and I’m happy with the result thus far, but also key is the longevity of the application. If this starts flaking and chipping tomorrow, then I’m afraid this is not something I can maintain without losing my mind. It’s got to last at least a week. Two weeks would really be ideal, but the product claims that it will last two weeks, and I’m thinking they may be being generous in the interest of advertising, so I’m trying not to get my hopes up too far.

One thing, though – the directions instructed me to ‘seal the nail edges’ with the various layers of product, and it’s not terribly clear to me what they mean by that. I did something that makes sense to me – I took care to brush the gel on a bit heavier right at the nail edge, and then smoothed it out with the brush so that it looked even, the point being to get the product spread right out to the tip of the nail. If, however, they meant that I was actually supposed to apply the product to the nail edge itself – that is, the edge that is perpendicular to the nail bed – then I did it wrong.

So far my nails haven’t been subjected to anything particularly distressing – I did wash up some kitchen detritus, but I did that this morning, before my at-home manicure. It will be interesting to see how they fare after a shower or two.

Right now, I’m pretty happy with this….
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Anyways, BARE!
My nail gels are gone.

Well. Mostly. There’s still a wee trace of the gel, since I can see semi-circular tracks from previous fills, marching up towards the tip of the nail at regular intervals.

She took the nails shorter than she ever has before – probably to help them resist breakage. After becoming so accustomed to the virtually indestructible gels, my natural nails seem so flimsy and weak. The sensation of their flexion under light pressure is foreign to me.

She also brushed on some strengthener stuff after using the drill to grind away the gels and filing the nails into shape, and finished it all off with a weird translucent slightly pink top coat that glows white under UV light – freaky. I’m planning on leaving this on overnight, then tomorrow morning I shall remove it all and give my new goodies a try.

We’ll see how things develop. I wonder if I’ll ever set foot in that nail salon again?

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Okay guys, here’s another TeenKasia gallery. Kasia is a hot girl with a bit of a European look to her. I thought she looked Polish and quickly googled her.

Yup. She’s Polish.

It’s sort of amazing how you can almost tell what country a person is from based solely on their appearance. Poland does produce some really hot porn models, however Prague and Budapest definitely have Poland beat. ALSScan, DDFGirls and 1by-day are great examples.

Anyways, the time has come!!
The nail gels come off tomorrow…

I’m actually excited about this – since it means I’ll be able to try out my new nail goodies.

I wonder if I’ll feel lighter? Renewed? Invigorated?

Or, maybe I’ll just be annoyed at how flimsy and fragile my non-gel-reinforced nails are…

Whatever it is, we’ll find out tomorrow.

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Okay guys, Joris mentioned Beti Hana in a comment from Yesterday’s post: “Cute Blonde gets buttfucked – Caroline“. I’ve seen a few videos of her, and always ranked her up there with London Keyes. A cute, American-Asian girl who’s ‘dabbling’ in porn. Nothing too extreme – just some standard hardcore.
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I think Beti Hana may be even sexier than London Keyes – but London’s tattoo’s are a bit of a turn off and I like Beti Hana’s tan.

Anyways, still no twist!!! It’s been over a month since my last haircut, and my hair is longer than it has been in rather a while.

I still don’t have licorice hair, though.

This is largely due to the fact that I’m still having my showers at night, which means blow drying my hair, which means it ends up mostly straight. It’s doing some interesting flippity-dos, but still no licorice-like twists forming.

It could also be that my hair is still not long enough to twist that way, and it could also be that my hair is not correctly cut into layers to allow for the twisting. After all, the last time I let it air dry after a morning shower, it didn’t twist, but instead sort of fluffed up.

Of course, that was at least four weeks ago, I think. It may well have been too short then.

I suppose the thing to do would be to try having a morning shower, letting it dry, and see what develops.

That won’t be happening tomorrow, though, because I just showered tonight.

I’ll get there. Eventually.

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Jayden Lee is hot. Johnny Sins is not. Johnny Sins is super creepy. He sort of reminds me of that ugly guy from ‘farthammer’.. If any of you remember it. I believe it was an early bangbros affiliate site! Eitherway, we’re not posting these galleries to look at the creepy guys. And since 99% of the males in porn are creepy, that’s a good thing!
Jayden Lee is sexy. Not as sexy as Asa Akira, who right now is one of my favourite Asian pornstars…. But still, it’s nice to have a little variety, and watching Jayden Lee pretend she’s a college Asian getting fucked is all good!

Anyways, So…..

I do not consider myself a make up or product junkie. I’m not constantly in and out of the stores, trying out the latest greatest new thingumwhatever. If I’m happy with what I’m using, I’ll stick with it. When I get unhappy, I start poking around online to see what other options are out there. Furthermore, it’s not as though I’ve got a potion or powder or salve for every little thing you can imagine. Yes, I wear make up, but I think I keep things pretty simple and straightforward – there are lots of steps that are considered within the realm of reasonable for daily wear that I flat out skip.

Still, I do use some stuff, and I get all of it through Sephora, so in the course of a year, I end up spending a fair bit over there. A while back, they introduced this new aspect to their loyalty program, called VIB, which stands for Very Important Beauty, which makes me do a mental eyeroll, but whatever, I’m not the person in their marketing department who picked the name. To qualify for VIB status, one must spend $350 with Sephora within a single calendar year. If you manage this feat, you get VIB status not only for the remainder of that calendar year, but also the following year. There’s no carry forward of surplus spending – it resets on January 1. VIB status is a good thing, too, because it gets you access to special discounts a few times – there’s a 10% discount you can use within a month of qualifying, there’s a 20% discount sale that happens in November, and there’s a 15% discount sale that happens in April or May.

Ahem. I have VIB status.

Since I stock up on, well, everything at the November sale, I don’t really worry too much about spending the qualifying amount. We’re talking about a year’s worth of products here! Usually I end up buying a few odds and ends throughout the year too – I try to wait for the sales, but sometimes life happens and I just can’t wait.

Like last week. I had received an email advertising a new at home gel nail kit. It cost $180 CAD, and came with everything you need to successfully apply and later remove three gel manicures – including the light to cure the gel. I looked at it, and thought about my now routine visits to get my nails handled, and wondered if this might be the way to transition to doing it on my own at home and save some money.

So I hopped on over to Sephora and bought myself a kit. I figured it’s a no-risk transaction – if I hate it, or it doesn’t work for me, I can return it, no questions asked, no problems. I really appreciate their spectacular return policy.

I haven’t tried it yet – got to wait until I get my current pro gels removed.

But once my purchase was complete, the girl handed over a pink card with a coupon for my VIB welcome 10% off – apparently, this purchase pushed me over the qualifying amount for VIB status for next year.

And, naturally, I have plans for that 10% – if the at home kit works out, I’ll be back to buy a couple more colours and some removal supply kits. The person in their marketing department who had the idea of having the shop girls model some of the polish colours certainly earned their pay, because I saw one that I had been iffy about looking at the display and was so smitten I nearly switched out the colour I’d chosen for it. I’ll be going back to get it if this all works out.

Hey, big spender
Dig this blender
Rainbow suspenders
Hey, big spender
We surrender!

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