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Pussy Sucking and Giant Strapon Dildo
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Pussy Sucking and Giant Strapon Dildo

Pussy Sucking and Giant Strapon Dildo
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Okay guys, here’s another hot gallery from ALSScan. It features two moderately attractive nude models having a bit of anal fun with a giant strapon dildo. One of the erotic teens is a decent looking blonde who reminds me a lot of Kaley Cuoco, and the other is a nasty looking redhead. They suck each other’s pussy, and shove a large strapon dildo up the Kaley Cuoco doppelganger’s ass.

Anyways, okay, fine. I admit it.

I started Catching Fire last night.

I haven’t yet had a chance to pick it up again today – got busy with everyday life stuff, not even real work, which makes me feel vaguely guilty – but I may read a little more tonight before I drift off to sleep.

Is it weird that the other night I dreamt that I had been taken away to a city full of tall, unfamiliar glassy skyscrapers, and that people were out to get me so I was trying to keep moving and keep hidden amongst the darkened buildings? No obvious elements of The Hunger Games, but there was a familiar-feeling theme there.

You know. The being hunted theme.

I don’t remember enough of last night’s dream to be able to say whether it built on the same theme.

I wonder what tonight will bring?

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Futuristic Nude Shaved Asian with Giant Breasts
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Futuristic Nude Shaved Asian with Giant Breasts

Futuristic Nude Shaved Asian with Giant Breasts
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Okay guys, here’s a neat gallery of an asian babe with absurdly large breasts showing off her shaved pussy in a punkrock, post apocalyptic world.
It’s neat. Artistic. Even if she has grossly large breasts. It’s futuristic fantasy.

Anyways, sucked in….
Last night, before going to bed, I started reading The Hunger Games. I read the first sixty pages or so – the setup for the storyline, with the main character’s background, and the events that transpire on reaping day.

I stopped and put the book down. I was enjoying it well enough, but sleep beckoned.

Today, I picked it up again.

And proceeded to read the remaining two hundred or so pages.

As soon as Katniss and Peeta are whisked onto the train to go to the Capitol, I had to keep going. I had to follow their adventure – well, primarily Katniss’ adventure – without pause. Seriously, dinner was an hour later than I meant for it to be because I couldn’t put the book down, except I had to about twenty or so pages from the end, because tonight was my weekly Rock Band playdate night, and as it was I was half an hour late to that because I was eating so late. Whoops.

I did finish the book, though.

It’s funny. The opening of the story didn’t strike me as anything special, and then suddenly things are off and running and I couldn’t put it down. I haven’t been that engrossed in a story in a long while.

It was kind of nice.

That being said, I’m not sure I should jump into the second book just yet. From where the first one ended, I have an idea of where the second one will go, and I think it’s going to run in a direction that won’t be as good of a read. I probably will read it fairly soon, hoping that the storyline will go a different way, but we’ll see.
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Young blonde teen fingers ass
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Young blonde teen fingers ass

Young blonde teen fingers ass
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Okay guys, here’s a hot TeenKasia gallery.. She’s been around for a while and is very, very popular. She’s young, slim, and has a terrific body and playful attitude. Her debut gallery on my blog is one of her fingering her ass… She has a few sets of her fucking big dildos which I’ll post soon. Pretty much everything is masturbation though.. No lesbian or hardcore…

Anyways, asplode!!!

I’m not sure how it happened.

Like many out there, I have a few email accounts that I use somewhat regularly. There are a couple of Gmail ones, and there’s the one I have through work. I’m generally pretty good at keeping on top of those three, and almost all of my correspondence is routed through one of them. Work-related stuff goes to the work email, or one of the Gmail accounts that I use for work-related stuff that can’t go through my normal work account for whatever reason – like that week when IT decided I didn’t need the account anymore and locked me out. Other stuff goes to the other Gmail account – personal correspondence, online shopping alerts, stuff like that.

I participated in a couple of online coupon deal purchases about a month ago, and since then, that one email account has just become this neverending pit of unread emails. I get at least two emails from these sites every single day, and while I’m not running for the credit card to partake, I find I’m still loathe to simply delete them because, hey, in a few days I may find a need for that item, in which case I’d like the deal, please.

I’ll have to do something about the situation fairly soon, though, because opening up that email account and seeing that I have approximately eleventy jillion unread emails is getting to be sort of discouraging. I know they’re completely unimportant, but seeing them pile up like that has the effect of giving me the impression that I am failing at life in some way.

I considered unsubscribing from those deal sites’ email list, but, see, if I did that, then I wouldn’t get the notifications of the deals. What if one comes up that I really want, and I miss it?

Yep. Might need some help with that….
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Shaved Thai Pussy getting Fucked
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Shaved Thai Pussy getting Fucked

Shaved Thai Pussy getting Fucked
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Okay guys, this girl could be moderately attractive without the hooker blush. Although. She probably is a Thai hooker, so maybe the blush is appropriate. It’s from a website that has been around for many, many years. Always dedicated to Thai women, although for the first few years of it’s existence, they dabbled in any Asian women.. Japanese women, Chinese women, etc. Personally, I preferred it back then… Most (not all) of the women they use now do look a lot like street walkers.

Anyways, the grooming hour….
Typically, I have my shower at night most of the year, but switch to morning showers in the summer.

Showering in the morning in the warmer months means I can skip the step of drying my hair, which means less fuss, which I’m always in favour of, and also has the added benefit of letting me wear my hair curlier.

For those keeping track of such things, I have yet to successfully have licorice hair so far. I’m not sure if it’s because the cut isn’t quite right, so it’s too heavy to curl happily on its own, or if it isn’t quite long enough, or if it’s because I haven’t been doing a darn thing to encourage the curls to form.

Or maybe it’s because I’ve been taking a lot of my showers at night. To be honest, I think I prefer nighttime showers. The morning shower really seems to eat up a lot of time – which is a big part of why I don’t do it while I’m contractually obligated to be somewhere else in the morning – and there’s also a bit of a moisturizer issue. Like a good girl, I carefully smooth on moisturizer after each shower. I do towel myself off fully first – I know some sources advocate doing it while the skin is still damp, to more effectively ‘seal in moisture’, but that seems to have high potential to turn into a big slimy mess, so I don’t do it that way. Still, the skin has a bit of stickiness to it after moisturizing, and this can make pulling your clothes on a bit more challenging than it needs to be. Pyjamas are much more forgiving than close-fitting pants or jeans in this regard.

Nighttime showers also mean that my hair in the morning can be a bit of a lottery. If it’s long enough, then gravity will actually work in my favour, and everything’s fine. Until it hits that point, though, if I sleep with a bit of it smushed up strangely on the pillow, I can wake up with some very bizarre bed head, and making that bed head go away is a bit of a trick.

So there are pros and cons to both strategies.

I think I may be putting way too much thought into this…. Cookie time!
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Curvy Latina with big ass
Click the picture to see an XXX gallery of Ruth Medina, a curvy latina with a big ass!

Curvy Latina with big ass

Curvy Latina with big ass
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Okay guys, here’s a hot gallery of Ruth Medina. I think when I was collecting the galleries, I had a thing for Latinas. The gallery is nothing special, Ruth Medina is attractive though.

Anyways, procrastinating again….
Today I received confirmation of a new work deadline. I have about a month to get my act together.

Naturally, with news of a work deadline comes the paralyzing dread of unworthiness, so even though I could have given myself a leg-up today and started work, I totally didn’t. I spent a ridiculous amount of time browsing through the archives of Piled Higher and Deeper. I’m enjoying them, but I think they might be killing my soul a bit.


I should still be totally in the clear if I wait until next week to get moving, right?

So I’ll just commit to enjoying what’s left of this week.

Work will commence next week.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I believe I hear some cookies calling my name.

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