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Amateur Russian Slut Orgy

Amateur Russian Slut Orgy
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Okay guys, here’s one of the “Russian Teen Orgy” XXX galleries. I *believe* I posted another part of it a couple of months ago.. Probably around Christmas time. Some of these Russian teens are actually quite attractive in North American standards, (however others are stereotypically Russian). It’s from a hot Student Sex Party site..

Anyways, forgotten corners of the memory….
At one point yesterday, I was doing something, and trying to do it sort of quickly, and a bit of music popped into my head, unbidden.

The piece? The Flight of the Bumblebee, by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov.

I first heard this piece way back when I was elementary school, in our music class – our teacher would do these sessions in which we would learn about a specific composer, and we would listen to a relevant piece of music in the process. This piece was one of them. It keeps popping up here and there, too – whenever someone wants to emphasize the speed or frenetic quality with which some activity is being done, they often choose to set it against this piece.

Anyway. I was chugging along, with this tune rolling through my head, and as I got to the final bars, an accompanying visual began to emerge in my mind – very vaguely, it was an old memory that was trying to resurface. I was remembering something small and cute and animated, toddling along with the final bars, finally collapsing with an Oof! of exertion.

This vague ghost of an image intrigued me. What was it? I focused on it more intently, trying to fill in the details and remember more precisely what exactly it was.

Something small, cute, and animated. A little bird? If so, what kind of bird? More thought. No. An animal didn’t seem quite right – but it was on the right track.

I thought more about the toddling bit. The little whatever moved from left to right – across the screen! I was thinking about something I’d seen on TV! Or a movie. Bee Movie? No, that didn’t seem right either. I was pretty sure the little cute thing toddling across the screen hadn’t been an actual bee.

No, it was…pudgier?

More thinking followed, but more memories were nudged out. There was running involved. The little pudgy cute thing was definitely running throughout most of the piece. Hence the collapse from fatigue at the end. Maybe there was a race involved? A race of endurance and speed, perhaps?

And then I got it. It was this:

Yup. An ad for bathroom tissue. Hiding up there in my memory.

Sort of makes me wonder what else is roaming around in there?
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Skinny platinum blonde rides big cock

Skinny platinum blonde rides big cock
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Okay guys. Here’s another amateur allure gallery. Hot as usual. Nothing else really needs to be said about it 😀 Her name is Maia Davis, she’s skinny, platinum blonde, has a fully shaved pussy and gets fucked on film.

Anyways, my hair has been snipped and groomed and tamed back from the precipice of shagginess.

Honestly, it’s not that different, since I deliberately asked her not to take too much off the bottom, since I want to be able to ponytail it over the summer. She cleaned up the bangs – that’s the most visually noticeable thing – and she also took some of the weight out of the front. Despite my suspicion that she hadn’t really done much, there was still a substantial amount of clipped hair on the floor, which went a long way towards making me feel as though something had been accomplished through the whole effort.

That being said, I learned of something that may throw off my envisioned plan for getting rebobbed at the end of August – my stylist is pregnant again, and she’s due in early September, which means I really shouldn’t count on getting a haircut in late August.

So, I have a few months to decide what I’m going to do, but it boils down to this:

Option A: be loyal and get my hair cut whenever that is possible.

Option B: go rogue and find a new stylist.

On the Option A side, I really like my stylist. On the Option B side, she lives pretty far away – it takes me a good 40 minutes of driving to get to her place, and that’s only one direction, so getting a cut involves an hour and twenty minutes of transportation.

More than likely I’ll run with Option A.

After all, at this point, she knows me and my hair. There’s value there.
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Shaved brunette with dildo from SexArt
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Shaved brunette with dildo from SexArt

Shaved brunette with dildo from SexArt
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Okay guys, here’s another hot SexArt gallery featuring a gorgeous brunette named Luiza A. I was going to post something else, but then I decided that the new Met-Art site SexArt deserved a little more attention…. Unfortunately, X-art kind of beat them to the punch. I wonder if there’s any bad blood there 😀
Eitherway, I found this brunette looking incredibly sexy and attractive…

Anyways… Whee! Tomorrow! Tomorrow is it! I get my haircut tomorrow!

Frankly, I’m a bit surprised I’m as excited as I am – it’s not as though I plan to have a massive change in the way it looks. I’m not looking to lose a lot of length, just some weight, and get things generally cleaned up. Not a big deal, honestly.

Actually, scratch that – I’m not surprised at all. I love haircuts. If I weren’t so cheap budget-conscious I’d be getting them way more often.

Also happy-making in my life? McDonald’s Dollar Drink Days are back! $1 plus tax for their super ginormo size. Woot!

It’s a good time to be me, I tell ya.
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New Met-Art XXX site!
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New Met-Art XXX site!

New Met-Art XXX site!
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Okay guys. Met-art finally came out with a hardcore version of it’s site called ‘sexart’. Basically, it stars MetArt models having sex. Yes, you read that right. Met-art models having sex!!!! If only our favourite Mariko would be one of those few… Still, if anyone joins, let me know how it turns out.. If they have a lot of content, etc. Usually a site of Met-Art’s caliber will collect a lot of content before starting another site… There could be lots of gorgeous MetArt models getting their slim bodies fucked!
This gallery has a nice blowjob with a very cute teen called Subil. Unfortunately, there’s no real insertion in the preview. You don’t get to see her take a cock in her pussy. In the member’s area of sexart, you do.

Anyways, after a hiatus last week due to one of my fellow rockers being out of town on vacation, tonight we were back on for our now-usual virtual jam session. And, as has become usual, I played the guitar portions.

Now, though, I always play on expert. It helps that I’ve realized that no-fail mode is active when we play, so no matter how badly I mangle a section, the music goes on. (In case you’re wondering how I didn’t know that before, I typically play without no-fail mode, but these online play sessions are set up by one of the other members of the group, so he sets the rules for play.) Generally now, I can actually hold my own, and I get thrown for a loop considerably less often, which is pretty thrilling.

I’m interpreting this to mean that I’m actually improving.

Sure, improvement in one’s ability to play a video game that has little to no impact on my actual life may not seem like it’s worth a whole lot, but you know, I’ll take what I can get. I’m developing a skill set, thank you very much.

Now if only I could turn this into a not-laughable line for my CV…..

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Hairspray bottle in pussy
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Hairspray bottle in pussy

Hairspray bottle in pussy
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Okay guys, here’s a hot ALSScan gallery. It stars the sexy redhead Aubrey Belle and has pictures of her stuffing a shampoo bottle up her pussy. Technically, after careful analysis, it’s a shower gel bottle that she’s stretching her pussy with. Hairspray, shampoo, showergel – they’re all the same thing. Large, cylindrical household objects that are useful for stretching shaved teen pussies.
Aubrey has neat hair. It would be gorgeous in a sunlit photography session. ALSScan has some hot, kinky photoshoots, but they don’t know how to light their models!

Anyways, I don’t get haircuts very often, so when I do schedule one for myself, it feels like an event.

My last cut was in early January – like January 3 or something – so it’s grown out a fair bit since then, now hitting my shoulders and flipping around at the ends as a result. I think it’s held up fairly well – while it is considerably shaggier now, I don’t find it hideous, and generally it doesn’t annoy me, though my bangs do like to poke me in the eyes at the most inopportune moments. I’ll turn my head to check for oncoming traffic before stepping out into the crosswalk, and bing! Hair in the eye.

Mere days from now, though, that will all change. I’ll go, and get it all tidied up, and life will be that much better for it.

The days of licorice hair are nearly here!

Maybe. If it works out.
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