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Macy - Gorgeous shaved pussy brunette
Click the picture to see a hot met-art gallery featuring Macy!

Macy - Gorgeous shaved pussy brunette

Macy - Gorgeous shaved pussy brunette
Click the picture to see a gorgeous gallery of Macy from Met-art!

Okay guys, today’s gallery has Macy from met-art showing her you fully shaved pussy! She’s an attractive, young brunette… As always, met-art models are quite top notch…

Anyways, to be like Snoopy…
Sometimes, I really think it’d be great to be Snoopy.

(I know that’s a Wikipedia link, rather than a link to the official Peanuts website. That’s because the page on the official website for Snoopy is lame. Much more information on the Wikipedia page, though there is a ‘citation needed’ warning.)

Though Snoopy is not your typical dog, he is nonetheless a simple creature who is able to find happiness in small things. He is fully at peace simply lying on top of the roof of his doghouse, with a full tummy of course, simply basking in the warm sunshine and dozing peacefully. His imagination fills his time so that he is never bored. He exudes pure joy and happiness when dancing – head back, big puppy grin, feet shuffling madly.

His happiness doesn’t come just from the fact that he is well-cared for. In Snoopy, Come Home, we see Snoopy (and Woodstock) strike out on their own, and they travel for a few days without the luxury of having a human care for them, and still Snoopy remains his good-natured self. Being happy and fulfilled just seems to be an essential part of his nature.

I know I’m pretty easy-going. But have I attained Snoopy levels of fulfillment?

Maybe that is the true path to enlightenment that so many people are searching for?

Click here to see the full Macy A. bald pussy brunette gallery from Met-Art!

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Hottest threesome gallery I

Hottest threesome gallery I
Click here to see the hottest threesome gallery I’ve seen starring Anita Dark!

Okay guys, here’s a hot Anita Dark MMF threesome. I’ve actually posted it before, but I thought that her ass was so hot that I’d post it again! It’s from a great site focused on DP’s and always starring European porn actresses. The shot of her ass walking towards the two guys is one of my favourite shots ever…

Anyways, I can have whatever I’d like!
At least, that’s the attitude I’ve been sauntering around with lately.

Fresh off the buzz that comes with buying some new clothes – there will be a bigger rush once the garments actually arrive, which should be happening on Friday – I opened my email today and saw that 15% off coupon that I had been thinking ahead to a while back when pondering the notion of buying a new lipstick.

I had successfully shoved the urge to buy that new lipstick down into the dark recesses of myself, keeping it suppressed with that firm promise that I would wait until the discount arrived. Sometimes, those promises I make to myself aren’t strong enough – I end up all fidgety and atwitch as I wait, and the I want turns all weird and obsessive, and sometimes I end up just falling apart and buying the whatever it is at full price anyway. This time, though, it worked really well, and I’ve been functioning just fine, not even really thinking about it much, and I realized that just on Monday and thought that perhaps I’d experienced some sort of personal growth or something.

But then the email came, and a little screech started up at the base of my brain, and it said, Yyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyynewstuff!

And I’m going to Sephora tomorrow.

The spendiness doesn’t stop there. There are a few other trinkets and things that have come to my attention that I’m seriously considering parting with some of my hard-earned cash in order to procure.

You’d think I’d won a lottery or something.

I haven’t. I don’t even play, which presents a pretty insurmountable obstacle to winning.

Now, if you’ll excuse me. I’ve got some treats coming my way.
Click here to see the hot Anita Dark threesome gallery!

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Just some French XXX
Click the picture for a gallery featuring an upside down 69!

Just some French XXX

Just some French XXX
Click the picture to see a hot French XXX gallery from Explicite-art!

Okay guys, here’s another hot porn gallery from Paris! It’s an explicite-art XXX gallery featuring a hot couple having sex. They try an upside down 69, which, speaking from experience, can really hurt your back if you start to fall forward! Explicite-art has some really hot porn, some really kinky porn, and some really nasty porn. It’s a great site..

Anyways, brace yourselves – it’s another Mass Effect 3 post.

A few days ago – maybe even a week ago – my friend travelled to the Far Rim, where he met up with the Quarians, and from there he ventured out to the Perseus Veil, where most of the Quarian Migrant Fleet was engaged in full-out war with the Geth.

Now, as I watched the cinematic sequences unfold, I recognized the voices of Tali and Admiral Raan from ME 2 – same voice artists – and I was introduced to a couple of new admirals, Admiral Han and Admiral Xen. And I listened to the bunch of them speak, and I thought, How odd. The Quarians all have different accents. Tali sounds Russian. Raan sounds Iranian. Han and Xen both sounded British to my ears.

This variability stands in stark contrast to all the other alien races you encounter in the game. The Turians all have the same accent. The Asari all have the same accent. The Salarians all have the same accent. The Batarians all have the same accent. Why are the Quarians so weird? I pointed this quirk of the Quarian race out to the player, and he was amused.

Upon further reflection, though, I realized that it’s not strange at all. I mean, if you were to collect a sample of humans from all over the planet – say, one to represent each continent – you wouldn’t have a handful of people who all spoke with the same accent. You wouldn’t even have a group of people who all spoke the same language. Even if you restricted your selection to the various English speaking populations of our planet, they still wouldn’t all sound the same.

So really, there’s nothing unrealistic about the portrayal of Quarians. It’s the Turians, the Asari, the Salarians – literally everyone else – who are strangely homogeneous.

And also?

Spoiler alert.

First it was Mordin. Then Thane.

Now Legion.


I don’t know how much more of this I can take… Although, I sort of feel sorry for my friend. He’s not allowed to play it unless I’m over watching… And that’s not too frequently!
Click here to see the sexy French porn gallery from Explicite-art!

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Petite shaved brunette with toy
Click the picture to see a sexy gallery of a petite brunette with small breasts and a shaved pussy!

Petite shaved brunette with toy

Petite shaved brunette with toy
Click the picture to see a sexy teen with a tight, tanned body and a sex toy!

Okay guys, here’s a hot tanned teen gallery featuring the stunning model Lexi Diamond. Now, I could have sworn that the sex toy pictures were accessible when I first looked at this. It’s not the case now, and it’s really unfortunate. Lexi Diamond is pretty cute!

Anyways, ever since I decided that I was going to grow my hair out for a bit, I’ve become a tad overly-conscious of my hair.

I keep checking it out in reflective surfaces – glass doors, windows, cars, anything really – and I’ve also caught myself eyeballing my shadow as it tracks along the pavement at my feet. It must make me look so vain – there she goes, the one who can’t stop staring at her own hair.

It totally isn’t vanity, though – I don’t even notice what the hair actually looks like, most of the time. What I’m doing is trying to determine if I can see any progress in its growth. Now that I want it to grow, I’m checking to see if I can detect any noticeable change in length. And I’m not talking about noticeable change since my last cut at the beginning of January – that sort of goes without saying, I would think. No, I’m talking about noticeable change since, say, last week.

I know. It’s completely unreasonable. It’s like sitting on a patch of lawn trying to watch the grass grow. No one is going to see anything in the few moments they’re actively looking.

And yet I can’t stop.

It doesn’t help matters that the other night, after I washed my hair and had combed it out, I was gratified to see that it’s now long enough that some of those loose curls I’m ultimately after are starting to form. The shorter bits are still flipping more than curling, but there were a few locks that seemed to be behaving exactly the way I want them to. I scrunched my hair a bit, and smiled at this development, and then I blasted the curl away with the blow dryer, and then completely demolished anything remotely resembling a wave with my flatiron.

What? I’m not ready for licorice hair yet….
Click here to see a flat chested, tanned model named Lexi Diamond!

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Sunny Leone - Indian babe in a Sari
Click the picture to see a hot gallery of Sunny Leone in a Sari!

Sunny Leone - Indian babe in a Sari

Sunny Leone - Indian babe in a Sari
Click the picture to see a hot Canadian/Sikh model posing nude in a Sari!

Okay guys, here’s a hot gallery of the gorgeous Sunny Leone. Again, I’m not sure why I collected it. She’s cute, and it’s an interesting gallery.. But man is it soft. When Sunny Leone has lesbian and hardcore to post, why wouldn’t I just post those? Sometimes, I don’t understand myself 😀

Anyways, a wise person will recognize an opportunity as it presents itself and act accordingly in a way to maximize the benefit that can be obtained from said opportunity.

I’m not sure if I’m wise or not – I’ve been dithering about ordering some new pants for a few days now. My usual online clothing source, Victoria’s Secret, is having a small sale – 20% off selected pants and denim. Given my relatively recent rediscovery of the joys of denim, I’m pretty interested in adding another couple of pairs to my collection. I’m also pretty interested in some new dress pants for work, because over the past few months it’s become increasingly clear that some of my existing pants really don’t fit me that well anymore. I’m pretty sure they used to fit me better, but something has changed while they’ve been in my possession – either the pants have been transformed by washing, or I am the one who has changed. Either way, doing up the pants now includes a bit of fiddly ritual to ensure that the things stay on properly, and while I’m used to it, and in the grand scheme of things it’s not that bad, really, I should probably be looking into getting some better fitting pants.

So the denims will set me back about $56 each, and I’m thinking of two or three pairs of dress pants, which should run about $40 each, with the discount applied. Plus taxes and shipping costs, but apparently there’s another code for $30 off orders of $150 or more, so maybe this is a decent deal after all?

I’ve got a few days before the sale ends to make my decision. The iron ain’t hot, but it is warm – might be worth striking anyway…
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