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Okay guys, today brings another ‘ethnic milf’ gallery. I’m not sure how to describe her level of pubic shaving. She’s not fully shaved, but she does have a fair amount of rather ‘thick’, but short hair. Sort of like a marine’s buzzcut? Eitherway, I’m not sure why I posted her. I guess she was just easy.

Anyways, years ago, when I first started watching Chuck, there was a two episode story arc in which a girl – Lou – comes into the Buy More, completely panicked because her smartphone has plotzed out, which is a big deal because she runs a nearby deli and has her sandwich recipes stored on the no-longer-responsive device. Chuck finds her charming right from the get-go, and Morgan accuses him of ‘mind cheating’, but concedes that Lou is indeed very charming and attractive, saying that her hair is ‘like licorice’.

Now, at the the time, I thought that a very odd sort of thing to be said about someone’s hair, and it seemed a very unusual compliment, if it could be interpreted as a compliment at all. And while I generally don’t find Morgan very charming – amusing, certainly, but not charming – that line has apparently wormed its way into my brain, somewhere deep in there where it gets turned over this way and that as my mind tries to make sense of it. The ‘licorice’ quality of Lou’s hair comes from the way they styled it for those episodes – long, mostly straight dark hair, with a few loose and poorly defined curls twisting their way through. Sort of like stylized licorice twists.

But is having hair like licorice a desirable thing?

Late last night, as I was getting ready for bed, I was turning my head this way and that and looking in the mirror, sort of assessing my haircut. It’s grown out probably an inch or so since my last cut, and is looking rather shaggier than I would have expected it to at this point in time, and I was peering at my reflection, and looking at the big, wayward flips of the ends that I’m getting now that the hair is a bit longer, and that licorice compliment popped up unbidden in my head, and it was like a flashbulb of realization.

Yes. Having hair like licorice is a desirable thing. I want my hair to be like licorice.

So I’ve decided to grow my hair out over the summer. Which, by the way, is really brutal given my affinity for instant gratification. I’ll let it grow through March and April, and at the end of April I’ll get a cut, but not a re-bobbing. I’ll tell her my plan – well, I’ll probably leave out the whole licorice thing, but I’ll tell her I want it to grow longer for a bit, and ask her to clean up the ends and put in thinning layers as appropriate. I’ll wear that all summer, and then at the end of August, I’ll get re-bobbed again.

This should work out really well, because if I have any shot of getting my hair to form those lazy, loose twists, without the aid of a curling iron, it’s during the summer, when I shift my schedule around and shower in the morning and let my hair air dry, rather than showering at night and blasting with a hair dryer, which tends to straighten things out. Also, sleeping on it flattens it out too. So if I’m successful in the licorice twists, they probably won’t stick around once I’ve slept on them, but that’s okay, because longer hair means ponytails, and ponytails are always a valid option for hair in the summer. In fact, some days when I was bobbed I really wished my hair was long enough to ponytail. Then, once September hits and I shift back to nighttime showers, I go back to being bobbed, which works out really well on that schedule.

This all sounds really good to me, in theory.

Now if only I could somehow magically grow my hair a bit faster. I’m having some anxiety over whether it will have gotten long enough by the end of April for what I have in mind. Just what I need, another minor life detail to obsess over.
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Okay guys, Today brings a hot gallery from one of the original porn sites… It’s a Karups site, which always has a large selection of relatively unknown and soon-to-be-known girls stripping nude, having lesbian romps, playing with dildos, and having sex on camera! Some of the girls go on to become major pornstars, although I’m too tired to think of any right now. I can tell you that they’ve been around forever, and most of the girls are attractive… They even have a hair fetish section on their site

Did you watch the 84th Annual Academy Awards? Aka, the Oscars?

I’m not really a movie buff, so I’m not in the habit of counting down to this annual event, nor am I in the habit of really paying much attention to it. Some years, though, I either find myself in the company of folks who follow this stuff and have actual opinions, or I find myself in the company of people with a passing interest and cable TV.

The latter of those two scenarios played out for me last night, so I did see some of the broadcast. Since we weren’t having an Oscar party or anything – I hear tell people do that sort of thing – we didn’t actually get to the show until they were handing out the statuette for Best Editing.

But we watched the rest of it. We saw Angelina Jolie’s strange leg-exposing pose – humorously parroted later by Jim Rash (the Dean! Also, Not-Moby.) and you know, I’ve been seeing her name popping up in those supermarket tabloids I glance over while waiting in line at the grocery store, all stories about her frighteningly skeletal appearance, and how Brad Pitt is begging her to eat something, blah blah blah, and I never put much stock into those rags, because honestly, they’re not exactly the pinnacle of good journalism, but seeing her bare, skeletal arms on the screen, now I know what all the printed hubbub is about.

If you’re interested in the winners, IMDb has a quick and dirty listing of all the winners on their main page. I have no opinions really on the movies that won, because I haven’t seen all of the nominees, and it’s terribly difficult to judge the quality of something you haven’t seen.

I may go looking for the Best Picture nominee montage that Billy Crystal put together.

Someone in my crowd mentioned that Eddie Murphy had been slated to host, but then turned it down – is that true? Is there a (publicly available) story behind why he turned it down?

I suppose in the next little while I should expect to be inundated with images of stars in their formal attire from the red carpet. I’m okay with that, though.

Maybe I’m a little more into it than I thought….
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Okay guys, here’s a hot ‘fantasy’ gallery featuring an attractive blonde with a great body getting her pussy licked by an attractive doctor. It’s another site from Hegre-Art which features mostly nude ‘art’ pornography… You know, the really, really hot models posing naked oiled up with their legs spread – but usually no toys, no touching….
Every once in a while, Hegre offers something a little bit harder. He usually stops short of XXX insertion though.

Anyways, sometimes, you put a plan together, and then suddenly things shift, and you have to adapt.

Tonight, I was having friends over, and knew there were going to be four of us eating dinner together. I formulated a plan yesterday for what I would cook for dinner tonight, and what I would cook for dinner tomorrow as well, and grocery shopped accordingly. Except for the part where I forgot a couple of things for the dinner for tomorrow, but that can be remedied. Tomorrow.

Anyway, I had a planned dinnertime of 6:30 in mind, and so I started going through the process of preparing the meal I had planned around 4:30. I got everything cut and prepared and cooked and assembled into the final version, by 5:30, and then I figured I’d wait until it got to be 6 before I put the whole shebang in the oven for the final bake.

And then, the plan changed. A trip to Costco was needed, and the thing about Costco is they have these wonderful roasted whole chickens. So I tagged along on the trip to Costco, and two of these chickens were purchased, along with a tray of crudités and a big bag of russet potatoes. When I got back home, I moved the prepared casserole aside, and hauled out the deep fryer, and made some french fries to go with the chickens, which went into the oven to keep warm until the fries were ready. Naturally, this delayed dinner by a couple of hours – there was the time spent running to and from Costco, plus my prep time once I got back home.

The casserole will be eaten another night. Maybe tomorrow night, in which case I won’t have to make a run to the grocery store for one apple and a bulb of garlic? I’ll have to check to be sure that the ground chicken I bought for my original dinner plan tomorrow night will be okay waiting a bit. I think it’ll be fine.

I’m sure at some point in the relatively near future, I’ll be quite pleased that I have a fully prepared casserole in my fridge, just waiting to be warmed through.

But knowing that you prepared two dinners in one evening is sort of sucky….
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I’ve had the past week off from work, and it’s been glorious. I’ve been able to fully indulge my lazy self and have basically been a shut-in as of Saturday, not even bothering to get out of pyjamas.

Unfortunately, today I considered the available options for dinner tonight and was faced with a very eclectic meal, so I drew back my shoulders, got dressed, and boldly ventured out into the world. Just to go to the grocery store.

Generally speaking, I dislike shopping for groceries. It’s a necessary step in that whole chore of feeding myself that consists of meal planning, shopping, cooking, and then cleaning up, though, and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t fare well in either eliminating eating from my life or relying exclusively on takeout places for my meals, so I go through the motions. That being said, I am not one to meander my way through the grocery store at a leisurely pace. I do it more like a precision strike – I work my way through the store from one end to the other, grabbing the items I need along the way, then I check out and get out of there. Usually I go for one of the self-serve checkouts, as the line is usually minimal, and I get to play with the machine.

Today, however, I was the fourth person in line for the self-serve kiosks. I obediently got in line and proceeded to wait patiently for my turn.

Well. I would have been patiently waiting, except I noticed a woman at one of the kiosks, who had rather a lot of groceries, and who clearly didn’t know what she was doing. I found myself watching her, and feeling this horrible wave of mounting frustration as I did so.

For starters, she kept rooting around in her cart, as if she had a certain order in which she wanted her goods scanned before bagging them up again. Which would be fine if a person were efficient about it, but she was SO SLOW, and she seemed completely unconcerned about the growing lineup, because three more people stepped into the line after I did, and of course the woman directly behind me had a miserable phlegmy sounding cough.

Anyway. This woman at the kiosk would enter one item in, then she’d watch the screen carefully, place the item in the bagging area, then turn around and proceed to sift through the contents of her cart, looking for some particular thing. Some items she’d retrieve, look at, then place on the counter next to the scanning area. Others she’d just put back in the cart.

It was maddening.

Secondly, if the item didn’t have a UPC code, and didn’t have a produce code sticker on it, she was completely at a loss as to how to enter it. She tried pulling up the produce list, but was unsuccessful in locating her item. She ended up pressing the Help button to flag down a CSR.

Seriously? If you’re not sure how the checkout process works, don’t try to do it yourself – just line up at a regular till and have the cashier do it all for you.

By the time I got to a kiosk, that woman was still struggling through her purchases, though she now had a CSR right there to guide her through the process. At this point, I may have gotten a little competitive to sort of prove a point to myself. I didn’t have a huge amount, but I had filled my basket, so I decided to see if I could make it out of the store before Madam Ineffective. I’d like to think I wasn’t really rushing myself – I do try to be as quick and efficient as I can during checkout – but I was keeping an eye on Lady Dithersome in my peripheral vision.

And? In the end, I scanned up about $55 worth of groceries, bagged them, paid for them, and beat it out of the store – all while Ms. Pokeypants scanned the last two or three of her items and paid for them. She was – slowly – loading the bags back into her cart as I hustled away from my kiosk.

Back in the parking lot, purchases safely tucked away in my car, I breathed a sigh of relief, felt my blood pressure come down a couple of notches, gently chided myself for letting other people vex me so, pulled out of my spot and started to make my way down the lane towards the exit.

And was startled by a minivan that came shooting out from between two parked vehicles. She’d been trying to cut through gaps in the lanes of parked cars to cross the lot. I saw her lips form curse words after she’d slammed on her brakes when she’d noticed me. How dare I have the audacity to be in her way when she was clearly in a hurry?

I seethed on that for a bit as I proceeded to exit the lot and make my way back home.

Where I wish I could have just stayed….

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Older Latina with braces stick sex toy in pussy

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Okay guys, here are pictures of a hot, older Latina model stripping out of her bathing suit, and shoving a vibrator up her hot latina pussy! It’s from the same network that has Pamela Spice. They’re based in Latin American and have access to an unbelievable amount of hot, young Latina babes willing to pose nude on camera and play with themselves… Gigi Spice is another one of theirs.

Anyways, speaking of better with age…
Remember that Thai takeout that I was talking about yesterday? Not the stuff that I had in Vegas, but the locally-obtained eats? Remember how I was disappointed with it last night?

Well, apparently the stuff needs to spend a night in the fridge, and then things improve quite dramatically. I had the remaining leftovers as my dinner tonight, and it was sort of hard to believe that it was the same stuff. If I hadn’t been the one dishing it out and zapping it, I might have thought someone was trying to pull a fast one on me.

You know. That trick where someone replaces your mediocre food with something much tastier. Happens all the time.

In any event, now I’m left wondering if the trick to that particular Thai place – which was reasonably priced – is to order the food with no intention of eating it that same night, let it cool, and then stash it away in the fridge until the following night.

I’m not accustomed to the idea that food improves once it becomes leftovers and needs to be reheated. Sure, I’ve had foods that haven’t declined significantly after a night in the fridge. But getting better? Never heard of that one before.

Well. Okay. I’ve heard that slow cooked dishes, like chili or stew, do get better with some time in the fridge.

But Thai curry that came from a takeout joint? That’s new to me.

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