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Teen with braces gets anal creampie

Teen with braces gets anal creampie
FIRST ANAL QUEST – the place where real teen hotties get their cherry assholes popped!
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Okay guys, here’s a hot gallery of a homely looking Russian teen getting her ass fucked and then creampied! It’s from one of those European sites that specializes in unknown Euro teens getting ass fucked. The girl isn’t that attractive, but she has braces, and she has a decent body… And she isn’t a pornslut 😀

Anyways… I still haven’t opened up my Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure game starter pack.

I’m very conflicted about this game. On the one hand, it looks like the sort of game that I would enjoy a lot, and it is possible to finish the game’s story line with the three characters bundled into the starter pack.

On the other hand. The game is set up to strongly encourage the purchase of additional characters. There are areas in the game that you can only reach if you have a character of the right element group with you. And, for reference, there are eight different element groups: the sort of typical earth, fire, water, wind, and stone, along with the less typical magic, tech, and undead. The game comes with Spyro (magic), Gill Grunt (water), and Trigger Happy (tech). That means that if I want to satisfy my desire to explore every nook and cranny of this game and, dare I dream of it, complete the game entirely, I will have to buy four new figures. Plus, I’ve read that the way the game is set up is that once your character is tired out – not sure if this is something that one can avoid with prudent gameplay (i.e., not dying) or if it’s on a timer of sorts – the character must rest, and cannot be used for continued gameplay for a period of time. If the player wishes to continue with the game, s/he must swap out the exhausted character for a new one – which means that you need to have some second string characters that you can call upon as needed.

I must admit, I’m not a fan of being strongarmed this way.

Adding to my unease about my relationship with this game is the apparent supply and demand situation surrounding those additional figures. A quick search of the local classifieds reveals that not very many of these are around, and the asking price is therefore rather high – they seem to start at around $20 CAD, and the higher rarity figures are going as high as $50 CAD. In store would be much cheaper – but it seems as though the stores are not able to keep up with demand.

All told, I’m not starting the game yet.

In fact, I may end up just returning it. I don’t have time to chase down the figures I want all over town, and I’m not willing to shell out more money than I paid for the game itself to add a single character to my roster.

We’ll see. The madness may die down, in which case I can get the ones I want and then play the game the way I want to play it. I’ll just have to be patient.

Good things come to those who wait…
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Celeb Cameltoes
Click the picture to see some hot cameltoes

Celeb Cameltoes

Celeb Cameltoes
Click the picture for some celebrity cameltoes!
Here’s another gallery
Here’s one more

Okay guys, I’m filling you up with links today… I’ve posted some cameltoe galleries (that are kind of lame, really… each gallery has 2 or 3 good pictures, and the rest are poor…).
I still enjoy a good cameltoe though. Especially when they’re spotted in the wild. It lets you know that the girl is a little bit kinky.

I’ve also started posting the higher resolution versions of my Christmas 2011 pictures – without the watermarking.
Do *NOT* distribute these! I’ll be upset if I find them all over the net! In fact, maybe I’ll just email the rest with secret watermarks so I know who posted them 😀

I’ll post the rest tomorrow! In the meantime, enjoy the camel toes! I’m off to bed!
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Cute brunette group sex - MFM Russian
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Cute brunette group sex - MFM Russian

Cute brunette group sex - MFM Russian
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Okay, here’s a hot Russian teen gallery featuring a brunette and 2 guys having sex. She’s not pornstar hot, but she’s definitely ‘girl next door’ hot, and seeing her fuck 2 guys is pretty hot! It’s from a Russian site called ‘Student Sex Parties’, and despite being ‘Russian’, it’s perfectly safe to join. They don’t scam you or steal your info 😀 They do have original content of slutty young Russian teens fucking and getting gangbanged….

Anyways, a little over a month ago, I wrapped up a really, really huge work project.

It was one of those things that at times takes over your life entirely – there were spurts in which I lived and breathed that project – and sort of hangs over your head, lurking in the background of your consciousness when you’re not actively working on it. This, of course, is an exhausting state of affairs, and I am glad to be out the other side now, with a positive completion to boot.

For several weeks now, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying having that big project off my to-do list, but I’m starting to get twitchy and anxious about the next hopefully-career-advancing project that I should take on. Don’t get me wrong – I am working, I haven’t been sitting at home watching Tangled on eternal repeat all day. But the job I have now isn’t really doing much for my career – I mean, it’s not hurting it by any stretch, and it’s actually good for my career in the sense that I’m accumulating relevant experience and all that. To really keep myself in the running for my chosen career path, though, I have to start up another big project. Not as large as the one that I just finished, but something similar.

And, well, I’m floundering a bit. I have some ideas about what should come next, but there are obstacles involving equipment and funding, as in I don’t really have either but need both to carry out the project I have in mind, and I’m unclear as to how to remedy that. So I’ve been plugging away, doing the job that I’m actually paid to do, while the back of my mind sort of churns away in panicky circles about the new project dilemma.

Sometime soon I’ll need to actually sit down and see if I can find any useful information about trying to work around or through these obstacles, because right now? It sort of feels like I did a few months ago with that huge project bearing down on me all the time….
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Shaved Blonde Slut rides large cock
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Shaved Blonde Slut rides large cock

Shaved Blonde Slut rides large cock
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Okay guys, here’s another hot porn gallery of a shaved blonde slut in the sun. I’m kind of jealous. It looks so warm there! Snow and cold is so soul sucking, and then you look at a gorgeous porn gallery like this one from Private, or maybe a Gigi Spice one, and all you can think about is warm sun heating up your skin…
I believe it’s also been proven that there’s a direct link between sun exposure and sexual desire.

Anyways, ouch…
Shortly after finishing my dinner tonight, I noticed a hangnail on my right middle finger.

It wasn’t a particularly painful hangnail, but it was snaggly enough to be annoying, and I looked at it, and though to myself, I can get rid of that sucker.

So I grappled with it for a little while, but found I was completely unable to get a sufficient grip on it using my left hand nails. Tweezers would have been the most logical step, but I was comfortably camped out in front of the TV, which is not where my tweezers live. I briefly debated getting up, then lazily decided against it, telling myself I’d just get them later when I was up anyway.

That hangnail though. It was still vexing me.

So I went at it with my teeth.

Perhaps not surprisingly, this was not a wise move on my part.

I got a grip on it, but I didn’t pull right, and something tore, and it bled a little. After that, I picked myself up and went and got the stupid tweezers and took care of it properly, but now I have a slightly bloodied cuticle, and there is probably a raw little hole wherever the small tear is.

Normally, this wouldn’t bother me, except that tomorrow I’m going to get my nails done, and part of the process is swabbing my fingertips with an alcohol solution, which is going to make that small injury sting like the willickers.

You’d think that by this point in my life I’d have learned not to lazy out and do things properly. It always comes back to get me.

I guess the laziness is strong in this one.
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Black girl with afro fucked
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Black girl with afro fucked

Black girl with afro fucked
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Okay guys, here are XXX pictures featuring 2 black girls, a white cock and a gloryhole. Oh, and a giant afro. It’s from the blacksonblondes network of sites (you get memberships to all of their sites by joining any one of them… zebragirls, Spring Thomas, etc). It’s not the hottest gallery, but I found the afro refreshing!

Anyways, when I was six or seven years old, some classroom circumstance that I no longer remember resulted in me getting to try a bit of freeze-dried ice cream. It may have been part of a lesson about how life in space is not like life on Earth, but I really don’t remember terribly clearly – the novelty of the ice cream has completely overshadowed everything else in that memory sequence. I remember being completely mystified – I’d been told that this little foil packet contained ice cream, but it wasn’t cold, and the stuff inside wasn’t all melty or anything either. Instead, there was a little lightweight brick inside, that sort of felt a bit like that hard styrofoam, the stuff that has no give to it, and snaps apart really easily. I remember being skeptical about it – it looked nothing like any food item I’d ever had, but the authority figure in the room insisted that it was ice cream, and I was not in the habit of really questioning authority. So I took a teensy, tentative bite, and was completely blown away. It didn’t feel like ice cream – it wasn’t cold – but it was still smooth somehow, despite being dry, and the taste was right. I gobbled my piece right up.

That evening, as I was telling my parents about this magical food item I’d experienced, I asked them to buy some the next time they were grocery shopping – I figured it’d make a great snack to take to school, since it wouldn’t melt. I was told that you couldn’t just buy freeze-dried ice cream at the store, the astronauts must have gotten it from somewhere special that my parents didn’t know about. Unfortunately, I didn’t know any astronauts that I could have asked and then relayed the information back to my parents, and freeze-dried food was pushed into the back of my brain, stored as one of those pies-in-the-sky impossible dream type notions.

With this in mind, you can perhaps imagine my excitement when I saw packages of chocolate coated freeze-dried strawberries at Costco.

Now, being a right proper adult, I was not reduced to squealing and hopping about in the aisle. Instead, I very quietly and demurely selected a packet and added it to my cart. Furthermore, I did not tear into it as soon as I got into the car, or even as soon as I got home. I didn’t open it up until tonight.

I have had one. Actually, I’ve had three.

They’re good. Really good. I like these a lot.

Must. Buy. More.

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