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X-art Foursome
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X-art Foursome

X-art Foursome
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Okay guys, this wasn’t meant to be a bait and switch post. When I collected the foursome XXX pictures from X-art, it featured the girls you see on my page. It wasn’t a gallery of Faye Reagan and a blonde. I think that X-art must have pulled the original movie and redirected everything to the Faye Reagan episode… Which I know I’ve posted before.

Anyways, it’s unheard of… After checking out of the hotel yesterday, I found myself with some time before I needed to head to the airport to catch my flight home, so I decided to just while my time away at a slot machine.

I know. Playing the slot machines is like tossing your money to the breeze – they have the worst odds of all games. That being said, I think of it more in terms of entertainment value – I understand that casinos earn revenue by winning more games than the players, and as such it is never my expectation that I will leave a casino with more money than I walked in with. So I toodle around the floor a bit, eyeing the different machines until one strikes my fancy, usually one that offers up fun animations, bonus games, and low wagers.

So there I was, touring the floor, not getting terribly excited by anything I saw. And then I saw a machine that had a penguin on the screen, doing a little boogie on an ice ledge above the reels. I can’t even remember the name of the game anymore – Treasure something, had nothing to do with penguins whatsoever. I thought the penguin was cute, though, so I decided to give it a whirl, and slid a $20 in. I selected the lowest possible wager that would also allow for bonus features – forty cents per spin – and hit the button to start the game.

Right off the bat, the screen lighting changed a little, and a penguin came zipping down an ice ramp on the left hand side, and the words How High Can He Go? appeared on the screen. The penguin’s image appeared on the screen above the actual game screen, and numbers ticked by indicating his height – no unit of measure given, but whatever. He got 169 units high, and the game paid me 169 credits for it. I hadn’t noticed the reels spin yet at this point, so I’m not sure what prompted that small win. Pleased in any event, I pressed the button for more.

I spent the next twenty minutes or so at that game, and to be honest, I wonder if the thing wasn’t calibrated correctly or something. I didn’t have much luck with the reels, really, but the thing kept coming up with these random bonuses. I’d spin the reels, get a big fat nothing in terms of pay lines, but then a couple of penguins would come screeching along that ice ridge at the top of the screen, sending up a spray of ice, and when that had cleared, the game would inform me that I’d won credits – anywhere from 150 to 480, I believe I saw. The penguins also popped up randomly to award pay line win multipliers, and they’d come along and mess with the reels to give me more wild tiles.

They did this a lot. They were fun to watch too – the one who was mostly camped out above the reels would do this funny little boogie every time the game paid out, even if it only paid out 5 credits.

When my time was up and I had to walk away, I was able to print a game voucher for $30.

So I was highly entertained for twenty minutes, and I walked away with $10 more than what I sat down with.

I wonder what the outcome of that story would be if I had had more time to play.

In any event, next time I’m in a casino – I’m looking for those penguins. The penguins made me very happy.
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Five person orgy with an old man
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Five person orgy with an old man

Five person orgy with an old man
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Okay guys, here’s another hot gallery by This one features an orgy including 2 porn stars and an old man. It’s…. Odd. But Private is always hot 😀

Anyways… Lessons..
I always learn so much when I’m out and about.

1. Just because you do not speak whatever language everyone around you seems to be speaking, this does not give you license to natter away full volume while people around you are trying to enjoy a show.

2. There is some truly lethal footwear being sold. Tonight I saw a pair of sky-high stiletto pumps that were bedecked with rather robust looking golden spikes. Like little mace clubs for the feet. I took great care as I passed the wearer that my feet remained far from hers – which was a bit of a trick, since she was moving erratically as she was focused on her smartphone.

3. A hotel room balcony is not a protective bubble of invisibility. My hotel room offers a view of another hotel, a very nice looking one. I’ll be at the window, enjoying the view, then notice guests of the other hotel out on their balconies enjoying their view. Then I’ll notice that they’re naked. It’s not that warm out there. And yet, there they are. Sometimes, they’re just standing there, looking. Other times, they’re doing exercises or sunbathing. One guy stood there with his legs in a wide stance while he read a book.

4. Traffic signals are not just for cars – they’re for pedestrians too. If the orange hand is telling you not to walk, there’s a reason – because cars are going to be moving toward you.

5. Having discovered the joy of electronically controlled curtains, I think I need some. In every window.

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Ultra Sexy Asian DP - Christmas porn
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Okay guys, here’s a hot Christmas Porn gallery of Sharon Lee, a French Asian pornstar, getting double penetrated. It’s a hot holiday-themed porn gallery from explicit-art, a French website (with an English translation) that has kinky, semi-amateur porn girls getting very naughty. A lot of anal, dp’s and fisting…. The occasional golden shower as well. It’s a hot French XXX site, and there are a few scorchingly hot galleries of Sharon Lee on it.

Anyways, first off – My Christmas pictures will be another day or two. It’s still the ‘wrong time of the month’, if you catch my drift. This is actually a blessing – it makes it easier for me to take and process the pictures when I’m not stuck in the Aria in Vegas! (Along with about a million other Asians apparently!). They will be posted by the 29th at the latest. Guaranteed.

Secondly, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thirdly. I may have walked 500 miles…
Well, not really.

Today saw me tagging along on a bit of a walking tour with my travel companions – two of them are here in Vegas for effectively the first time, so those of us who have been here within the past two years are doing our level best to show them just how much fun this stretch of roadway offers.

After having a very late lunch at P.F. Chang’s in Planet Hollywood, we set off with the Venetian in mind as our goal. We meandered down the strip, taking a few minutes to traipse through the Flamingo as we passed it, and once we got to the Venetian we did a pretty thorough walkthrough of the Grand Canal Shops, and also toured the casino and looked at the hotel lobby. Then, we crossed the street, poked through Treasure Island, rode the tram to the Mirage, looked around there briefly, then marched back up to our hotel.

I just Googlemapped our trajectory. Had we been walking in a straight line from our starting point to the Venetian and back again, we would have covered a distance of 4.2 km.

Given that we most definitely did not travel in a straight line, this means that we probably walked a total distance of around 9 km (Um. ~6 miles). That there is me guessing that our circuitous paths likely doubled the straight line distance – though that estimate might be on the conservative side. I should get a pedometer. I’ve got an app on my phone that will track distance travelled, but I’m pretty sure it would need to use data, and I keep my data roaming abilities turned off. Have you seen how much Canadian cell service providers want to charge for data roaming? Forget that noise.

Put today’s distance together with the minimum of 5 km walked yesterday in our touring, and I’d say I don’t need to worry about an absence of physical activity on this trip. Probably I’m on the move more than I normally would be in a regular workday at home.

Tomorrow? Caesar’s Palace and the Forum Shops, followed by a drive out to Fremont Street in the evening. Yes, more walking. Burn those calories.

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Hot Bree Olson Christmas Porn
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Hot Bree Olson Christmas Porn
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Okay guys, here’s a hot gallery of sexy cutie Bree Olson (famous as Charlie Sheen’s pornstar ex) giving us a dirty Christmas present. XXX pictures of her spreading her shaved pussy and sticking a finger up her tight ass. Obviously she’s a dirty little slut that Charlie would have been extremely happy to have…. She takes big black cock up her ass, and brings home lesbians orgies for Charlie to watch. In our case, she provides a sexy Christmas present 😀

Anyways, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is out in theatres.

Someone in my social circle has expressed interest in going to see it, which means it’s pretty likely that I will be going to see this movie.

So I thought that perhaps I ought to read the book first.

Sure, I saw most of the Harry Potter movies before reading the books – all but the last two, based on the seventh book. I’m not one of those people who generally feels that one should really read the book before seeing the movie adaptation, nor am I one of those people who thinks that one should always see the movie before reading the book. I’m more of a take it as it comes person. If I happen to get my hands on the book first, great. If I happen to be plunked down in front of the movie first, great. I guess you could say I’m pretty easy-going.

(I hear that laughter out there. You hush up. I am too easy-going.)

I’m honestly not terribly sure why the urge to read the book before going to see the movie struck me this time around, but strike it did, and so I’ve spent some time over the past two or three days getting into the story – not huge amounts of time, I’ve yet to reach the 100 page mark, but I’m nearly there.

So far I’m enjoying the story, and I believe I will continue with the series to work my way through the trilogy in relatively short order – the way things are getting set up, I’m anticipating a well-spun tale.

I do have one complaint, though. There’s a lot of Swedish name-dropping going on in the narrative. And I do mean a lot. I’m finding it troubling because I have absolutely no concept of who any of these people are. It’s happening with place names too, but I’m able to just sort of use them to sort of geographically frame the events. The people names, though, contribute nothing to my grasp of the storyline. And that upsets me a bit, because I’m getting the sense that the author really expects me to know who these people are, and that this knowledge is needed to fully understand the narrative. And since he’s doing it, that tells me that he thinks it’s pretty reasonable to expect everyone to know who all these Swedish McSwederson types are. Which leads to me feeling a bit stupid when no bells of recognition clang in my head upon seeing these names.

Perhaps this is egotistical of me, but I don’t like it when reading something makes me feel stupid.

The narrative is a good one, though, so I’ll keep reading.

Will I finish before I find my bum in a theatre seat?

Not sure yet. It’s a big book….

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Nicole Graves - Big Breasted Blonde Christmas Porn
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Nicole Graves - Big Breasted Blonde Christmas Porn
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Okay guys, how would you like to unwrap Nicole Graves on Christmas morning? She’s a hot blonde slut with big breasts who does hardcore on her site. Nicole also has a different ‘brunette’ look, but I prefer the blonde. She has a lot of sex toy galleries, a few lesbian galleries, and some kinky blowjobs and straight sex. She really has a great site put together with a wide variety of porn for your enjoyment.

Anyways, a guessing game for those of you who haven’t been reading my updates for a few days….
I know that no one likes to use their brains much at this time of year – something about recognizing the rolling over of the annual clock seems to make us all want to have a bit of a break. University students are all in relief mode after having finished their final exams, younger students are looking forward to a too-brief period of no classes or homework, adults are wanting to have some time for themselves after having busted their humps putting together holiday festivities for family and friends. Really, everyone’s a little burnt around the edges – particularly those who have family social circle members they don’t particularly like thrust upon them at this time of year in the name of family togetherness. I’m lucky – I like and get along reasonably well with all my family members who are close enough to be put at a dinner table with me at such auspicious occasions as holidays. I know that not everyone shares my good fortune in this regard. I also know that not everyone shares my bad fortune when parked in front of a slot machine, too.

Which brings me to my super-easy holiday brain teaser.

It’s so easy, there’s no prize.

Can you guess where I am?

I’m not in Canada.

I’m not somewhere particularly warm – I didn’t bring a swimsuit.

The Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, canals of Venice, Colosseum, and a great pyramid are nearby.

So are the Statue of Liberty, a regularly active volcano, and a pirate ship.

The circus is always in town.

Okay. If you haven’t got it sorted by now, you really haven’t been paying attention… I love it here!!
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