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For the past two years and a bit, I’ve been wearing gel overlays on my nails, and I’ve been very pleased with them – particularly since they seemed to make my nails completely invincible. I used to break off small bits of the corners just in my everyday clumsy knocking my hands about, and that stopped entirely once the gels went on.

This past Sunday, however, I discovered that the gels are not completely infallible. I was trying to wrestle a bottle of juice free from one of those sturdy plastic rings they use to create a handle between two bottles to make it easier to carry. To be useful, these things have to be tough enough to really hang on to those juice bottles – they’re not easy to pop off. So there I was, pushing with my thumbs against the top of the bottle while my fingers held on to the ring from the bottom side, and then suddenly there was a whoosh of movement as my force broke through the plastic’s resistance, and I heard a small snapping sound.

Snap? It hadn’t sounded like the sort of snap I’d expect from that thick, sturdy plastic. With a small flash of doom running through me, I glanced at my fingertips.

And saw that one of my nails looked rather ungroomed.

The gel overlay on the nail snapped – it had actually snapped about halfway down the nail, and broken away from the nail’s surface. When it broke, the tipmost 3 mm or so actually stayed firmly attached to the natural nail beneath, so the nail itself had also broken. I’m counting myself lucky that none of the nail that was still attached to my finger was involved in the break, but now that nail is all jagged and uneven and rough looking. Plus it’s still got some of the gel on top, with a defined ridge along where the gel broke.

I’m getting it fixed on Thursday. In the meantime, I’m trying to be extra careful with that finger, because the natural nail does have a crack in it, and I don’t want to snag that on anything. I’m hoping the nail tech can repair it without having to glue a plastic nail extension on – I really don’t want one.

I guess the lesson learned here is that even though they seem bionically enhanced, I still need to be wary of breaking my nails.
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Okay guys, here’s a *really* hot gallery starring a gorgeous blonde babe. I’m sure you can tell just from the preview pictures that it’s an X-Art gallery. Not too many pornsites have the same quality of models that X-Art manages to find. It would be interesting to hear how much they pay to obtain pretty exclusive porn!

Anyways, not just me!!
Today I had an appointment to get my tires rotated. The place I bought the tires from does the rotations for free, and it’s in the parking lot of a small, not terribly exciting mall, which works out fairly well since the rotation takes about an hour and a half to do, and the mall gives me a warmer, more pleasant place to wait for the work to be done – as opposed to the drafty little rubbery smelling waiting area in the tire place.

I got my most recent batch of tires installed about two years ago, I think, so this rotation drill is sort of old hat by now. I drop the car off, walk over to the mall, get myself a snack from the food court, then park myself on a bench to enjoy my snack and people watch until I get the call that the car is ready. There are some really nice well-cushioned couches in the mall, but I find these are usually occupied when I’m looking for a spot to sit. Instead, I look for a bench with an interesting vantage point. A while back, I discovered a bench outside of a little barber shop, and found myself a bit fascinated by the place – men simply wander in, no appointment necessary, and sit and wait their turn for a simple haircut. There are four chairs, but usually only one barber working, and in the few times I’ve been able to observe, he’s never been idle. I cannot wrap my mind around how he stays in business – I don’t understand how there’s so much foot traffic. Like I said, it’s not a terribly exciting mall, so there aren’t lots of people milling about actually shopping, and yet he has this parade of men coming through for cuts. So, while I wait for my car’s tire work to be done, I like to sit on that bench outside the barber shop, eating my snack and watching guys flow in and out of the barber’s chair, and just marvel at how it all seems to just work.

Today, as I was walking toward that bench with my snack, it occurred to me that maybe I was being weird about this. Maybe it’s sort of creepy to be sitting on a bench all by myself, munching on some goodie while watching a series of dudes get their hair cut one at a time. I worried about it a bit. My brain put together a scenario in which someone got sufficiently weirded out by my presence that they called mall security, and I would be escorted off the premises in some humiliating fashion.

And then I got to the bench, and saw a woman in her sixties or so sitting there, staring right at the dudes in the barber shop. (There were four sitting in the waiting area chairs, by the way.)

I sat down on the bench on the other side, facing the jewelry store across the corridor, which wasn’t nearly as interesting as the barber shop. The older woman stayed behind me, keeping her vigil on the shop, and then at some point, another older woman came and sat down beside her. They weren’t together. But they both watched the shop for a while. Then the first woman left, then the second woman left, and I pondered switching sides but decided that would really be weird, and then a younger man and woman came along and sat down there and proceeded to conduct something of a job interview for one of the shops. Then they left, and someone else came and sat facing the barber shop.

Apparently, that’s a really popular bench.

And then, with my snack gone and slight boredom beginning to creep in because the jewelry store really wasn’t interesting, I decided to get up and go try to get a few things for dinner tonight from the grocery store.

And then, as I was paying for my groceries, my phone rang – my car was ready. I had to walk past the bench to go back to the tire shop, and I noticed two things as I went by.

One, there were two men waiting for haircuts at the barber shop.

Two, an older gentleman was now occupying the bench, watching the barber shop.

Maybe watching men get their hair cut is becoming a thing??
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Anyways, illogical…

As someone who sees great value in rational, logical thought, it is quite distressing when I become aware of patterns of my own behaviour that are driven by illogical ideas.

My main bathroom is a room without windows. All throughout my childhood and adolescence, I lived in homes in which the main bathroom that I used had a window. Then, I moved out into my first apartment, and suddenly there was no window in the bathroom. This took some adjusting, but adjust I did. One necessary adjustment was getting into the habit of turning on the light as I enter the bathroom. Granted, there wasn’t much conscious thought associated with this – it’s totally natural to move to turn on a light when entering a darkened room, particularly when one is about to engage in an activity in which the ability to see would prove highly useful.

So I was sort of under the impression that I was just turning the light on so that I wouldn’t be trying to do stuff in the pitch dark of a windowless bathroom. Turns out, that motion of turning the light on in my bathroom got pretty firmly ingrained into me.

How can I tell? Because if I turn on the bathroom light, then go somewhere else for a bit – to fetch something, perhaps – when I come back, as I pass through the doorway, I reach for the light switch.

The light is already on, but I move as if to turn it on again.

I don’t accidentally turn it off, either. It’s an upward motion of my hand, so I just end up sort of touching the light switch again as I walk in. To an outside observer, it would look like a sort of OCD tic – the light is on, and I can see that it’s on, I’m not closing my eyes or anything, yet I try to turn the light on again as I enter.

It only applies to my own bathroom, though – I don’t turn lights on unnecessarily when visiting other people’s bathrooms, nor do I go looking for a light switch when entering a public restroom.

It’s a weird, illogical habit. Maybe I can break myself of it, now that I’m aware of it.

Or maybe this will now develop into a new, stranger illogical habit….
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Okay guys, here’s a gallery from someone trying to rip off the POV style of Amateur Allure. They’re using the same ring-lighting effect, the same oversaturated colours, and women who aren’t *quite* as attractive. That being said, I can’t always post Amateur Allure galleries.. Besides, competition should drive down prices and maybe up the quality!

Anyways… Fail!! I happened to walk by a poster on campus today, a rather unremarkable poster, but my eyes happened to glance over it as it entered my field of vision. I don’t even know what the poster was for, really – I think it may have been a movie rental service, but I don’t know which one, because my eyes latched onto the first detail they came across as they scanned the poster from the top left corner, and my attention was completely sucked in there. Not sufficiently sucked in to stop and look at the rest of the poster, but enough to keep me from even glancing at the rest of it.

The poster was arranged as a series of smaller images of movie title posters, with the title of the movie repeated below in a plain font. The movie in the top left corner – that first one I saw – was Frida. Again, this in and of itself was not terribly remarkable.

The text below the movie poster, however, read, Frieda.

Now, it’s entirely plausible that the person setting the type for the poster doesn’t realize that Frida Kahlo’s name is spelled without the e – after all, Frieda is the form of the verb that spell-checkers recognize as being correct, while Frida gets the little squiggly red line of incorrectness. If the people who made the poster have their spell-checker’s autocorrect feature turned on, it’s possible that the name was initially spelled correctly, but then the software did its thing and ‘fixed’ it.

The poster is still a pretty epic fail, though, because the name of the film, Frida, appears quite prominently in large letters across the upper third or so of the poster. Sure, the letters are somewhat stylized, but they’re still very clear and easy to read, and there is a distinct and conspicuous absence of the letter e there.

So the movie image says, Frida.

A few inches below that, the text reads, Frieda.

Clearly, no one did any editing or proofing of the poster before it went to print.

Part of me wants to go back with a thick red marker and draw circles around the spelling inconsistencies, along with confused interrobangs. That may reveal something less than flattering about my personality, though.
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Anyways, one of my work colleagues needed to vent a bit about her mother-in-law, so she was sharing some stories with me. She has told me previously that this woman is abysmally lazy, and, as a direct result, her home is a disaster zone. Today, she told me that her mother-in-law’s mother-in-law was an absolute stickler for the impeccable home, and was in the habit of routinely phoning in the evening to ask if the kitchen had yet been cleaned up after dinner. At one family gathering, the more senior woman happened to ask my colleague if she would clean up the kitchen after having company over for dinner even if the guests were still in the house. My colleague replied in the affirmative. The more senior woman then turned to my colleague’s mother-in-law and said triumphantly, See?!

I laughed appreciatively and nodded in all the right places, but honestly? I don’t clean up my kitchen every night. Most of my dishes go into the dishwasher, and the pots and pans I let accumulate until there’s enough to make it seem worthwhile to fill my sink with soapy water so that I can scrub them clean. To me, it seems wasteful to use all that water and detergent for just a pan or two. And using less water isn’t really an option, because you need a certain minimum amount to let the pan soak for a minute or two for easier cleaning, especially if you’ve got a pot to wash.

I wondered briefly what would happen to my colleague’s opinion of me if she knew about my own personal housekeeping habits?

Probably I should just keep that to myself.
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