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Halloween Deepthroating
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Halloween Deepthroating

Halloween Deepthroating
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Okay guys, here’s a hot movie, and pictures, of teen pornstar Jessie Andrews deepthroating in a (lame) Halloween costume! I guess I’m feeling a bit kinky tonight, cause I actually don’t mind seeing her makeup run from her enthusiastic blowjob! Normally I don’t really like seeing ‘gagging’ in porn…
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Anyways, welcome to crazy town…
Population: Me, apparently.

I’ve noticed recently that my sock drawer is full. Really full. Stupid full. Normally this would be great, except that I know that I have relatively few pairs of socks that I am actually happy wearing, and I have to do laundry pretty regularly to make sure I have clean socks, so the sock drawer really shouldn’t be that full. So I finally investigated.

And found about a dozen pairs of socks that I haven’t worn in at least four years, because they all have holes in the bottoms.

A normal person would have thrown those holey socks out promptly. But what do I do? I keep them in there, and just add new socks on top, so that the drawer eventually hits its bursting point, yet there are relatively few pairs of serviceable socks in there.

I recognize that this is dumb, so I started hauling out all the holey socks and setting them aside to throw them away. After all, they’re of no use to anyone as socks, so they may as well be taken somewhere to decompose, right?

Except. I can’t bring myself to actually put them in the trash. They may no longer be good as socks, but there are still stretches of perfectly good fabric there. What if I need a rag for something? What if I want to stuff something small somewhere for a bit of extra padding or cushioning?

So now I have a small pile of holey socks on the floor of the spare room.

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Halloween Teen with Devil Horns XXX
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Halloween Teen with Devil Horns XXX

Halloween Teen with Devil Horns XXX
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Okay guys, here’s another Halloween gallery. This one is from a Russian teen XXX site that has some okay quality images. The best thing about it however, are the amateur teen girls.. Yeah, the backgrounds are a little bit outdated, and maybe their teeth aren’t really in the best condition – but it’s still hot! I have a few Halloween galleries from the Russian site to post over the next few days….

Anyways, that’s not how it works!
I watched Bee Movie tonight.

Yes, I know the movie was released in 2007, and yes, it actually was one that I thought I’d be interested in seeing right from the get-go. I just, um, never actually got around to seeing it, and then it kind of slipped off my personal movie radar, and I forgot about it. It happens.

So tonight I got to sit down and watch it, and it was a cute animated movie, and I enjoyed it. There were some really good lines and bits, though the overall storyline itself wasn’t fantastic. I wish, however, that the way they did the ending had been a bit more, er, scientifically accurate. No, I’m not just being picky about something that I happen to know more than the average person about. See, at the beginning of the movie, the main bee sort of sneaks out of the hive to go explore the outside world a bit – he’s not completely AWOL, he decides to tag along with some of the bees who routinely go out to fetch the nectar used to make honey. As they’re doing their thing, one of the pros explains to the main bee that not only do they need to collect nectar, they also must pollinate the flowers. Which is true. Near the end of the movie, however, the topic of pollination comes up again, but this time the bees are doing it to try and save the dying, wilting plants. This is the part that I wish hadn’t been in the film, because it is just. False. Indeed, we are treated to a montage of flowers coming back to life as they are sprinkled with pollen. I’m no botanist, but I did take biology courses in school, and no one ever said that pollen was a magical life-giving powder.

Which sort of makes me wonder where the writers got the idea, and how all the producers and assorted movie-making personnel let that through. It makes me rather sad to think, of all those educated, intelligent people involved in making a movie – no one stopped and said, Hey, wait a minute. This isn’t right. Should we really be putting this in the movie?

Of course, one could argue that we’re talking about a movie involving talking bees, so how factually accurate should I expect this thing to be? And I certainly don’t object to the talking bees – the movie would have been much different, and rather dull, if the bees couldn’t talk. It’s a movie, a work of fiction. Usually, I can deal with alternate realities in movies – I never worry about the mutant abilities presented in the X-Men movies, for example. I think the reason I object to the amazing power of pollination presented in Bee Movie is because other than the insects talking, the world as presented in the movie is just like ours. Then, much later, pollination is suddenly presented the way it is, and it just seems as though no one had a clue as to how it all works and couldn’t be bothered to look into it, so they just made it up. It’s the misrepresentation that bothers me. Fiction is okay, but to take something that actually exists and change it to suit your story-telling needs? Hmmmmm.

This is probably starting to come across as grumpy and nitpicky, so I should probably just let it go and move on. It’s still a fun movie. The end did not find me sitting there, blinking and feeling vaguely like I’d been robbed or violated in some way. I liked it well enough. I’m just not sure I would ever recommend it to someone else.
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Vampire Porn for Halloween - XXX
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Vampire Porn for Halloween - XXX

Vampire Porn for Halloween - XXX
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Okay guys, here’s a hot vampire porn gallery. No, it’s not ‘Twilight’ porn… It’s Dracula porn! Bela Lugosi style! None of those ultra feminine, crying vampires….
They are hot Dracula sex pictures and videos based off a parody movie Hustler produces. It’s vampire porn.

Hustler seems to love the parodies now days… I’m curious if anybody actually buys parodies for the storyline.

Either way, no real post from me tonight. It’s Friday, and I just logged on to clear out some of my surplus Halloween porn galleries! Go to if you just want to click through porn.

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Halloween Devil XXX
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Halloween Devil XXX

Halloween Devil XXX
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Okay guys, here’s a hot anal sex Halloween gallery. In terms of Halloween costumes, her devil horns are pretty weak. But, it still counts, and it’s from Private, so it’s still hot and super nasty featuring dirty European pornstars. I still love

Anyways.. Modern conveniences…
For many years now, I’ve been buying dress pants that are pocketless. It wasn’t a sort of conscious, anti-pocket movement on my part – I just buy pants that appeal to me, and for a while, most just didn’t have pockets. Come to think of it, some of my casual pants don’t have pockets either.

I’ve never been the sort of person who stashes lots of stuff in her pockets. As a youngster, I didn’t have pockets to stash things in, they just didn’t put those sorts of extras in the kiddie clothes my mother liked to buy for me, so the concept of putting your belongings into a clothes pocket was not presented in those early formative years. Even as a teenager, when I was wearing jeans all the time and very committed to having shiny lip balm with me wherever I went, I still didn’t get much use out of my pants pockets – my lip balm would get all warm and melty if I put it in my pants pocket, so it was much better off in a jacket pocket, or one of the compartments of my schoolbag. So I hardly noticed as my wardrobe shifted away from pockets.

This year, though, I bought some new dress pants on a sale at the beginning of summer – four pairs of dress pants, actually – and all of them have pockets. It wasn’t something that figured into my selection process, and when the pants arrived and I tried them on, I realized that something was new and different, but figured they’d be largely ignored, much as they are with my existing collection of casual pants, the majority of which are pocketed.

I’ve noticed, though, that something has happened – I’m using the pockets now. Not to hold stuff, but when standing around talking to people, I find myself slipping my hands in and out of the pockets – an idle sort of gesture, something to do with the hands. I know I tend to cross and uncross my arms, or join up my hands behind my back, or wrap one arm across my front, or put my hands on my hips, or loop my thumbs through belt loops, if I have them. I also tend to talk with my hands a fair bit, so there’s usually some movement going on when I’m participating in a conversation. But now the winds of change are blowing – when the hands are in the pockets, they can’t be flailing about in gesturing. Or, well, I really hope they’re not.

I’m not sure it says something positive about me that it’s taken me this long to appreciate the convenience of a well-placed pocket.

In other news – I didn’t make it to the rec centre today. Work had to take priority. Next week. I’ll be there.
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Nude Babe dressed like Court Jester - Harley Quinn
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Nude Babe dressed like Court Jester - Harley Quinn
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Okay guys, continuing my halloween porn galleries is this hot one of Carlotta Champagne – a playboy-esque babe dressed like a Court Jester for Halloween! Now, I’m betting that if she went out dressed like that, she’d be pretty popular at the clubs! I sort of wonder if we’ll see many Jester’s/Harley Quinn’s this Halloween, or if batman was too long ago?

Anyways, I fell off the wagon….
I didn’t go for my exercise session last Thursday – I ended up unable to schedule an appointment for Friday, and had to do it Thursday instead.

I didn’t go for my exercise session yesterday – I had to take my car in for an oil change.

At this moment, I’m not entirely convinced that I will have the required spiritual fortitude to get myself down to the rec centre for hamster wheeling tomorrow. I’m not feeling it. Plus, I’ve got a fairly significant stack of work coming my way tomorrow – it would behoove me to get moving on that.

But then again, if I don’t go tomorrow, that may kill all of my good intentions, and I may never get down there again.

I’ll pack up my stuff and take it in with me. We shall see what we shall see.

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