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Tremendous Lesbians - Gigi and Hayden
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Tremendous Lesbians - Gigi and Hayden

Tremendous Lesbians - Gigi and Hayden
Click the picture for a hot gallery of two absolutely gorgeous lesbians from X-art

Okay guys, here’s a hot lesbian teen gallery from X-art. It features two 18 year old lesbian with sort of a ‘vegan’ look to them.. Seriously, I don’t know why I think they look vegan, but they do. I think it’s the strange hair on the auburn haired teen…. And maybe the colour choice and lighting of the lesbian porn scene… Maybe it’s the perfect pale pussy the lighter skinned girl has? Eitherway, it’s a hot lesbian teen porn gallery.

Anyways, decision made!!!!
Over the weekend, I texted my stylist to schedule a haircut. When I first texted her back in August, she had asked me if I could wait, since she was in the middle of moving, and in an interim apartment that lacked the space she needed to work. Being the easygoing person I am, I said sure, and obediently waited until a week had gone past the date she had told me to would be the earliest possible day she could manage it – I figured with unpacking, she’d benefit from a bit of breathing room to get properly settled, and I didn’t want to pressure her. You do not want to offend or annoy your stylist. Revenge for them is just way too easy.

So we texted back and forth for a spell, and settled on an appointment early next week. In the few days that have passed since then, I’ve been dithering about what exactly I’m going to ask her to do to my hair. I had initially figured on just going in to get my cute bob redone. Then, thoughts of letting my hair grow a bit started trickling in, and I started playing with the idea of just having her tidy up the ends – which have gotten rather shaggy since my last cut in early May – and then doing some thinning and layering so I could let it get longer without having it make me nuts.

This led to full-blown indecision. Sure, I liked having long hair, I didn’t find it terribly annoying to keep up, but it was a bit more work than shorter hair, and I found I never really did anything with it – never played with braids or curling it, not savvy enough with product to go for interesting texture or sculpting or any of that fancy stuff. I would flatiron it after blowdrying, then either leave it hanging straight, or scoop it all up into a ponytail. That’s it. The shorter do has a much more defined shape to it – even after it’s grown out into shagginess – and it’s also quicker to maintain, what with there being so much less of it. It dries way faster. I don’t need to use gobs and gobs of shampoo and conditioner, and I bet I spend less time rinsing those products out too. I wondered, though, if it was time for a little change, time to let my hair grow again.

Tonight, I was looking through some pictures from my travels this summer. In the shots that included me, my hair was not freshly cut, but a couple of months out of the cut. Still, definitely shorter and tidier than what it is now. And I looked at those pictures, and thought, Wow, I really like that cut. It’s pretty cute, if I do say so myself.

Sold. I’ll be getting re-bobbed next week…. Not a vegan cut though.

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Sexy Brunette XXX - Bailey
Click the picture for an XXX Cumfiesta gallery of Bailey

Sexy Brunette XXX - Bailey

Sexy Brunette XXX - Bailey
Click the picture for a teen brunette XXX gallery of Bailey

Okay guys, yesterday I posted a hot brunette teen having anal sex. Today I post a mediocre brunette in her early 20’s having regular sex. I apologize. She is not as hot.

Still, porn is porn, and she’s slim and not ugly. I’m sure that most of you would let your “little head” make the decision for you, and you wouldn’t turn her down! It’s from Cumfiesta, a Florida site that recruits a *lot* of new girls into the porn industry. Chances are, if you see a model on Cumfiesta, it’s one of the first times she’s appeared nude on the web!

Anyways, unparalleled geekery!
A goodie for me arrived today.

It’s a simple goodie – four gel ink pens. Not just any gel ink pens, though. These are special. These ones were ordered all the way from Japan based on Jim’s recommendation, and the ink is a lovely burgundy colour. The tip is fabulously fine, too – a 0.38 mm line.

I held them in my hand for a brief moment, let the joy of possessing such fine writing instruments flow through me, wrote a single word with one on an envelope that happened to be nearby – an envelope that happens to contain my utilities bill, I should probably open that up and deal with it – and then I stashed the pens away in a drawer. For the curious, the single word was Yay!

Having these pens makes me wish I were back in my copious note-taking undergraduate student days. So much of my work is done electronically now, I hardly ever have a need to put pen to paper.

And yet I’m hoarding these like a crazy person.

I suppose there is some work-related writing that I could use these for, but that would blast through the ink way too quickly for my liking. That and my workplace provides free pens for me to use. It’s hard to fight free.

What I really need to do is figure a way to get work to pay for these fancy special pens.
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Sexy Brunette Teen - 18 year old XXX anal
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Sexy Brunette Teen - 18 year old XXX anal
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Okay guys, here’s a really hot 18 year old teen with crazy eyes having anal sex and getting her face cummed on! For being such a cutie, she sure gets dirty! There’s some ass gaping and ass to mouth.
Now, I should let it be known that I don’t really approve of a2m (ass to mouth). It’s just gross…. That being said, I don’t mind seeing it in porn, as long as they don’t focus on it.
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Anyways… An experiment!!!
Today, I made some chicken stew in the crockpot, but didn’t eat any of it for dinner. Instead, I put it into a few containers, and then stowed it in the fridge. Admittedly, it was sort of strange to have the smells of the stew fill the kitchen and then not have a single bite of it. Okay, fine, I snuck one eensy little bite – had to make sure it had turned out okay, right?

Now why would I do this? No, it’s not some sort of weird aromatherapy. I’m trying to lessen the likelihood of me falling back into a pattern of relying on takeout food on weeknights because by the time I get home from work, the only meal I really have time for is stir fry. I mean, I like stir fry, and I have a few different ways of doing it available to me to help keep it from getting old, but sometimes you just don’t want stir fry, y’know? It occurred to me that if I got a wee bit organized, I could pre-cook stuff on the weekend, then squirrel the dishes away in the fridge for eating during the week.

So at least one night this coming week, I can put some rice on in my rice cooker, heat up some of this chicken stew, and then put them together for an easy, fairly quick dinner, and still pat myself on the back for eating a meal that I cooked from scratch.

Here’s hoping it works out.
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Dirty Brunette Schoolgirl gangbanged
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Dirty Brunette Schoolgirl gangbanged

Dirty Brunette Schoolgirl gangbanged
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Okay guys, here’s a hot gallery of a dirty brunette pornstar getting gangbanged while wearing her schoolgirl outfit! It’s from the series of sites known as ‘Young Harlots’. The difference being, all the models are young! will have models up to age 28 or so… Young Harlots has 18-25, and almost exclusively hardcore. Lots of double penetration (DP), anal and gangbangs…. This gallery features a nasty multiple cumshot bukkake finish.

Anyways, I don’t know what happened! For some reason, my comment system got turned off yesterday. Sometimes technology angers me. Random resets, corrupt databases, phantom ‘switches’.

But then, I remember all the little fun time-waster games it lets me play. I can be god – poking at little Smurfs to make them farm, running around the lands in maplestory, and growing my own farms in farmville!

I have since fixed the comments, so with that – Does anybody have any other good braindead game recommendations?
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Half Asian model with Shaved Pussy - nude
Click the picture to see the half asian met-art model River A. show her shaved pussy!

Half Asian model with Shaved Pussy - nude
Click the picture to see a half-asian model named River A. show her shaved pussy!

Okay guys, here’s a half-asian model from met-art posing nude. Now, normally, I quite like the looks of half Asian models. Occasionally however, the genetic mixing goes wrong, and you end up with a *mostly* attractive asian girl with a big, white man’s nose.
That happened with River A. She’s still hot. She has a sexy little body. But she has a big, mushy nose that doesn’t fit the rest of her face!
Still, she’s nude and she’s willing to let you see it, so it’s all good!
You can find more of River A. on met-art.

Anyways, fighting change…
I believe I’ve mentioned here before that yes, I have a Facebook account, but use it primarily to play little time-waster games – like, um, Café World. So I do end up logging in pretty frequently, and while I’m at it, I do look through the news feed, to see what my friends have on their minds, because I have several friends who actually do use Facebook for its intended purpose, and they post all kinds of things, so I get a little slice of what’s happening in their corner of the world.

So yes, I noticed the change in Facebook’s appearance this past week, and yes, I have several friends who virtually hollered about how much they disliked the new Facebook, and they wanted the old one back, and did you know that if you change your settings to UK English it would make everything be like it used to be – the good ol’ days, before the big evil change came along and ruined it all. The radio’s morning show guys were talking about it one morning this past week too – how to fix Facebook to get the old, good interface back.

Given that I don’t really use Facebook for its intended purpose, the new layout wasn’t a huge upset for me. Sure, the game shortcuts are shuffled around a bit, but it’s not that different. So I’ve been watching the unhappy posts go by in my news feed, and I’ve been thinking to myself, Things change. There’s nothing new about that. So what’s the point in getting upset over it?

Well. Tonight I had the opportunity to watch some Infamous 2 gameplay. The first small chunk of the game. I watched the gameplay of the first one through the entirety of the storyline, and while I don’t remember all the details, I thought I remembered enough. Once the game started up, and Cole began his narration to catch us up on what had happened since we had last seen him, I felt the beginnings of a revolt stirring in my mind. Something was wrong.

They got a new voice actor.

My mind refuses to accept the new voice. The original Cole had a deeper pitch to his voice, with a rough quality to it that conveyed fatigue, frustration, and, well, anger. The new Cole? Something about him sounds, to me, self-satisfied and arrogant. I also had the impression that they had smoothed out some of original Cole’s rough appearance – I suppose that new Cole is a bit more rested at this point in the storyline, and maybe he’s had a shave more recently, but that shouldn’t have rounded out his skull. His face isn’t as angular as it used to be.

Change bad.

Where’s the UNDO button?
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