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Super Hot Shaved Asian Model - Mariko from MetArt
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Super Hot Shaved Asian Model - Mariko from MetArt
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Okay. I’m officially jealous of Mariko’s waist length hair. If I had handmaidens to wash, dry, and brush it out, I’d totally leave it long… Unfortunately, it’s a huge drag. You catch it behind your back when you’re sitting, it makes rolling over in bed harder, it weighs your head down, gets hot, and is a *HUGE* pain to brush! My hair was to the middle of my back before I lopped it off above the shoulders! It’s amazing how different it felt!

Now, back on target. Today’s porn is the previously posted Mariko. She’s a gorgeous Asian model exclusive to Met-Art…. Most of her posing is a little softer than this gallery… It’s too bad she didn’t step out into hardcore, or even toys!

Anyways…. Ding!!
A while back, several months back, really, a grisly discovery was made. I got a ding in the side of my car’s rear quarter panel on the passenger side.

I admit, I hadn’t been to concerned about trying to park as far away from other cars as possible, maybe it was time for me to learn a lesson there. But then again, when one does take pains to park their vehicle with plenty of space around it, someone will come along and park right beside you, extra snugly too. This seems to be some sort of unwritten law – no matter how much space you leave, or how far away from your target destination your car is, someone is going to want to park directly beside it.

Still, I’d done alright in the past, and I’m always careful to leave a considerate amount of room for other vehicles when I park my car, so I was rather surprised to see the ding. Further, it was a pretty heavy ding – there was some real force behind it.

Tomorrow I will finally go get an estimate on repairing it – got a recommendation for a place. Hopefully they can help me, without requiring that I sign over my entire paycheque.

I’m choosing to interpret the fact that I’ve been sneeze-free today – I think – as a good sign for my adventure tomorrow.

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Pregnant blonde fucked by black guy
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Pregnant blonde fucked by black guy

Pregnant blonde fucked by black guy
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Okay guys, I posted this pregnant blonde slut getting fucked by a black guy a week or two ago. It was a cuckold gallery, and can be found here. Her name is Hydii May, and today she has sex with a different, yet also very well-endowed, black man!
Dirty. It’s from BlacksOnBlondes.

Anyways, a sign, perhaps!
Yesterday, I posted about my non-dainty, explosive sneezes, inspired by the fact that I really let one fly last night.

Well. I’ve been sneezing since then too. In fact, I’ve been sneezing much more than is typical for me for the past 24 hours for sure, possibly longer – it often takes me a while to notice things, especially things that have to do with myself.

There are a few ways to interpret the sneezies:

1) I have a cold.

2) I am having a fit of allergies.

3) Something else that I lack experience with and am thus unaware of.

Given that everything else about me seems pretty normal, I’m leaning towards #2 there. Though I did feel oddly listless at one point this afternoon – I had just finished cleaning up a batch of kitchen detritus, and I was supposed to hop right into the shower, but instead I flopped down on the couch and stared at the ceiling for a few minutes. It was weird – I just didn’t want to do anything for a little bit. Maybe I am coming down with some virus.

Then again, the feeling passed pretty quickly. Probably I’m fine, just sneezy.

And I’ve never found understood why cartoon characters stick their fingers under their noses to stop themselves from sneezing. For one thing, I don’t see how that would work – in fact, I typically do a variation on that, because I’m covering my mouth and nose area for the sneeze, and it’s never been effective in stopping the sneeze. For another, I don’t see why you’d even want to stop the sneeze. On the rare occasion, I’ll have a sneeze get ‘stuck’ in my nose, and that’s just awful. Then I wander around with an odd sensation of pressure in my nose and sinuses. Blech. I’ll take the fire-at-will approach, thanks.

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Redhead teen - XXX
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Redhead teen - XXX

Redhead teen - XXX
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Okay guys, I’m confused. Is the term ‘Ginger’ referring to redheads considered insulting? Or is it generally accepted now? I recall watching a ‘Ginger’ episode on South Park and wondering just how insulting the term was…. The ‘ginger’ in these porn pictures is pretty hot! It’s another one of those ‘Russian teen porn’ sites, which features fresh models that you don’t see every day… I just wish the production quality was a “schoach” higher!
Also, I believe that true redheads should maintain a bit of pubic hair… If it’s naturally red.

Anyways, a-wish-a-woo!!

When I was young, I had this massive hardcover book – a copy of Enid Blyton’s The Folk of the Faraway Tree. (My copy has different cover art than that pictured on the Wikipedia page.) I no longer remember how it came to be in my possession – I think it may have been a random Christmas gift received at one of my father’s company family Christmas parties. I was quite young when I got it – I was accustomed to the sorts of short story books that are designed for younger kids, and was intimidated by the sheer size of the volume. It was big, it was heavy, and unlike my big book of Mother Goose rhymes, the pages had quite a lot of text on them. Sure, there were pictures on every page, too, but there were paragraphs. None of my other books had actual paragraphs. I mean, I liked reading, but this was a lot of reading. In retrospect, I think the gift had been selected and wrapped up for a child my age with the idea that a parent would read it to me, and not that I would be left to read it on my own. I must have been quite young, because I have the sense that I’ve had that book for as long as I can remember, and I know it wasn’t inherited from some relative because it was brand new when I got to it.

In any event, the book stayed on my shelf for a couple of years, and when I was a bit older and more accustomed to reading larger chunks of text, I got curious and picked it up. And thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m sure I read through it several times over the course of my childhood. I don’t think I touched it once I reached the age of fifteen or so, but now that I’m thinking about it, I kind of want to find out where it’s stashed at my parents’ place so I can reclaim it and reread it. Of course, I may not like it anymore, but I remember liking it quite a lot, and it can be fun to recapture the moments of your youth.

The reason I’ve randomly thought about this book is because in one of the stories, one of the characters catches a miserable cold, and the way the sneezing sound is characterized is with, A-wish-a-woo. I remember reading that and thinking, Who on earth sneezes like that?

Now, I know some girls have dainty little sneezes – that cute little ah-choo! that gets all high and squeaky on the choo. I am not one of those girls. This may not surprise you, given that I have asserted before, I’m sure, that there is not much that I do elegantly. When I sneeze, it’s truly a nasal explosion – not of substance, thankfully, but of air and noise. I don’t think I could sneeze quietly if I tried. My sneezes absolutely announce themselves, and have a presence to them.

I just sneezed a few minutes ago – triggering the brainwave for this post – and I had the distinct impression that the sound hurled itself against the walls and then bounced back at me. There was no discernible echo, but it seemed like there was a whole lot of force involved.

If anyone were to harbour the delusion that I am dainty because I am short, that would be shattered to smithereens once they heard me sneeze.

A-wish-a-woo indeed……
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Autumn Riley Lesbian Teen
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Autumn Riley Lesbian Teen
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Okay guys. Autumn Riley’s friend is even cuter than Autumn Riley! Maybe it’s just because I’m a sucker for blue eyes…. Since I can’t have them myself.
If I was male, it would be quite the conundrum. Which girl deserves more focus? The only thing that upsets me are the tattoos ruining these nearly flawless teen porn starlets. They’re cheap tattoos, not very intricate, and definitely make them look trashier. The two stunning teens deserve better than that! No tattoos or something classier and intricate!

Anyways, earlier today, I noticed a spider at the top of a window frame. Just a little one, the type that I tend to see rather frequently loitering near the door. I’m pretty sure that they are not at all harmful, but I still don’t want them inside, because, well, they’re spiders. ‘Nuff said.

Now, I’m not quite tall enough to reach the top of the window frames. I saw the spider, thought I might be able to smush it if I stood on tiptoe, went and fetched up a bit of toilet paper, and tried the smush. Because the spider was moving in a rather lively way when it deigned to move, I went for a speed smush. Speed smushes tend to be lacking somewhat in accuracy, especially when you’re trying to extend your reach beyond what you’re really capable of, and I must shamefully admit that I missed the sucker by a good solid inch.

I did succeed in freaking the thing out, though – it started an erratic scurry that, to my dismay, took it higher. I stood there and watched helplessly as the thing crawled up the wall to seek refuge on the ceiling.

I considered just walking away. Probably it would just die of starvation anyway – not like I keep colonies of spider food in here. But the idea of a spider having free reign in my space bothered me. I started looking for a reach extending tool, and settled on a plastic hanger that was sitting in a bag nearby.

Too bad for me, I am completely delusional about my height and reach, because even with the hanger, I needed to get up on my toes and really stretch to reach the ceiling. I also had to be careful, because the ceiling has that popcorn texture on it that falls down when you touch it, and I didn’t want to end up with a big pile of dust on the floor – or worse, a series of holes in the ceiling from frantic poking.

I made a series of attempts to smush the spider with the end of the plastic hanger. I didn’t go for speed this time, since I wanted to maintain control over the force of the prodding, and speed smushes tend to be rather forceful. That being said, whatever accuracy was gained by slowing down my movements was lost in my reaching beyond what I was really capable of. Two somewhat gentle jabs got pretty close to the spider, but not quickly enough to catch it and kill it – it kept skittering out of the way.

Then, just as I was getting the hang of the movement and thinking that one or two more pokes would see me victorious, the spider pulled that nasty trick in which it flings itself out into space. I find it particularly unfair and infuriating that drops that would severely injure or kill a human are of no consequence to insects. That spider basically threw itself off of a tall building, and I’m pretty sure it didn’t go splat when it landed. Mostly because I couldn’t find it after it launched itself. No splat, and no spider either. It did that horrible thing that all insects do – it sort of vanished into nothingness.

Except I know that things don’t just disappear. I’ve just lost track of them.

So there’s a spider in here. Somewhere. A lively little spider. In my living space.

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Blonde teen foot in pussy - Kacey Jordan and Sara Jaymes
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Blonde teen foot in pussy - Kacey Jordan and Sara Jaymes

Blonde teen foot in pussy - Kacey Jordan and Sara Jaymes
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Here’s a kinky ALSScan gallery featuring Sara Jaymes and Kacey Jordan!!! You’ve heard of ‘Fisting‘, well this is ‘footing’! One skinny lesbian teen sticks her foot in the shaved pussy of another skinny lesbian teen. Oh yeah, they also use a pussy pump to puff out their pussy lips! Kacey Jordan already had incredibly large pussy lips. After sticking the vacuum pump on them, I can’t imagine how pillowy they’d be! Personally, the whole ‘vacuum pump pussy’ thing doesn’t turn me on, but it’s interesting to watch. ALSScan is always hot, and the other girl is Sara Jaymes.

Anyways, not as planned….
I believe I’ve mentioned before that I am a creature of habit, and for some things I get into my routines and become extremely reluctant to abandon those routines. Fortunately, I’ve been accustomed to schedules that change every semester for so long that it no longer bothers me when I have to learn a whole new set of class times and room numbers at the beginning of each term. Other things, though, I get into a certain way of doing them, and somewhere along the way my way becomes the right way, and any suggestions that I do things differently are met with scorn and ridicule.

Haircuts are one of those things. I don’t like to get haircuts mid-semester – as if it would disrupt the flow of the semester or something, and I’ve even developed a bit of a superstition about getting my haircut before the semester is finished. I have gotten my hair cut partway through a semester before, and the world didn’t come crashing to an end, so I know that really, there’s nothing wrong with it, but I try to plan things so that my haircuts happen right before a new semester starts. I only feel the need for a cut about three times a year, so that lands my haircuts in the first week of January, the first week of May, and the last week of August.

Except, I texted my stylist a few days ago and hit a snag: she’s in the process of moving right now. Her old house has been sold, and she’s moved out of there into an interim apartment. Between her, her husband, and her infant daughter, that apartment is full, which means she doesn’t have the space she needs to do hair right now. If she’s to cut my hair, I have to wait until mid to late September.

This is not in keeping with my desired schedule.

Now, I could go see someone else, but I really like this girl. Her rate is really decent, and she does an excellent job – at a gathering in June I was getting lots of lovely compliments on my hair, and it had been over a month since the last cut. (This sort of makes me wonder just how bad my hair was before I found my stylist.) Maybe this means I’m vain and shallow, but I like having hair that other people find worthy of admiration.

So I’m getting my hair cut in about three or four weeks’ time, instead of next week.

While the rational part of me is totally fine with that, trying to get the routine-clinging part of me to accept this is a bit of a tougher deal. I bet I can appease the beast with a little sugar therapy, though.
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