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Sexy Suki - Asian Cam Girl
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Sexy Suki - Asian Cam Girl

Sexy Suki - Asian Cam Girl
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Okay guys, the pictures of the Asian slut I posted today are from a brand new site. It’s called ‘I Love Suki’, and she has an ‘edgy’ look to her. Not emo, not goth, but something more along the Suicide Girls look. I don’t actually know the niche name. It’s too late at night.
I’m also not actually sure about what happens ‘inside the member’s area’. I presume you get access to her archived camshows, as well as her picture galleries.. I’m also willing to bet that they slam an ‘upsell’ on you, and convince you to buy time on her webcam. After all, they even sell ‘art’ of her! If anybody knows, please give me the inside scoop!! Otherwise, just enjoy her pictures, and check out more at GirlsAreSexy!

Anyways, so much for that theory!
A while back, I noticed I had a pattern. I’d buy a handbag, be thrilled for a month, be happy for another month, then be merely satisfied for a couple more months, and then I’d grow tired of it and start actively looking for a new one. Upon becoming aware of this pattern, I took a step back and looked closely at what I was doing. It occurred to me that even though a new handbag had a certain thrill to it, that was really due to newness. The bags I was buying were the ones I liked the most of the subset I was looking at at the time, but apparently they weren’t what I really wanted.

So I did some thinking, and came up with a set of characteristics that I actually wanted my handbag to have. Then, noticing that this set was pretty hard to come by in the stores I was accustomed to browsing for handbags, I turned my attention elsewhere.

I started looking at Coach.

And, while there are many Coach bags that did not meet my criteria, I did see one that did. Pretty much perfectly. So I took the plunge in April 2009.

I used that bag as my daily go-to bag. It was everything I had hoped for in a handbag, and I was thrilled for a very long time. A year went by, and my eyes were not lured away. And I thought, I’ve figured myself out. I just need to get what I really want, and the cycle is broken. Even the 25% off coupons that Coach would send my way twice a year did not tempt me into browsing the website for the newest offerings, for I was still completely charmed by the one I already owned.

Until December 2010. My mother asked me for a Christmas gift wish list, and I was at a loss, and a 25% off coupon showed up in my email inbox, and, well, I…

I took a peek at the Coach website.

I saw another handbag that appealed to me.

I discussed the matter with my mother, and it became my Christmas gift. I actually did the purchasing myself, so as to benefit from the 25% off coupon.

I switched to the new handbag in January 2011, carefully storing the old one away in its protective bag in my closet. The thrill of the first instantly became the thrill of the second.

When summer came around again, on a whim, I switched back to the old one, and still the thrill remained.

But. Well, I got another coupon. For $100 off a $300 purchase.

33% off? I was lured to the website, and, well, I found another one I like, and my mother phoned me to ask for a birthday gift wish list, and, well, um…

I now have a third Coach handbag.

It would appear, then, that precisely detailing what I want in a handbag and then going out and getting that doesn’t stop me from accumulating more handbags.

Whatever. I regret nothing.

I’m too busy being thrilled about my new handbag….

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Asian Gangbang with Jade Sin
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Asian Gangbang with Jade Sin

Asian Gangbang with Jade Sin
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Okay guys, here’s a hot European porn gallery starring the Asian slut Jade Sin! Jade Sin gets gangbanged by four guys poolside! There’s group blowjobs, anal, asian double penetration and more. It’s a typical Private.Com dirty pornstar gallery featuring a typically slutty actress!

How much?
I get the feeling that my idea of how much product I need differs rather substantially from what the product manufacturers believe. Or, well, at least what they want me to believe.

I have yet to depress the pump dispenser on my eye cream completely, because I get enough cream from both eyes from a fraction of a pump. Same thing with my skin cleanser – though I probably depress that pump about halfway. I received a tiny bottle of cleanser as a sample, and I think it’s meant to last about a week, but for me it’ll do for just about three. My eyeshadows all have little symbols on their labels instructing me to discard them after a year, but even after a year of wearing the same shade every single day, I’m nowhere near exhausting what’s in the little pan. My deodorant is one of those gel deals, and the instructions tell me to dispense two to three clicks per underarm. I use less than one click per underarm. Maybe other women have distinctly more surface area in their armpits?

And yet, other things don’t last the way I think they should. My toothbrush head – the one I started using at the beginning of June – is looking rather worn. I’m going the stubborn route and not replacing it yet. It’s only been two months! I should get at least four months out of that sucker.

Er. Don’t breathe a word of this to my dentist.

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Hot French Redhead posing
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Hot French Redhead posing

Hot French Redhead posing
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Okay guys, Today’s gallery is from a new site… It features French women exclusively… I’ve yet to find any hardcore, but there’s tons of solo, toys, and lesbian.
There are even a few asians (Click the link)

Anyways… Progress!!!
Last night, I dreamed. I won’t bore you with all the details of my dream that I remember – it was weird, which is totally not weird for me – but one of the things that sort of stood out in my mind when I woke up is a scene in which someone – a student, but not one I’ve actually met – needed to print an assignment out, and he reached into his bag and pulled out a smallish, square paperboard sleeve, from which he then carefully removed a 3.5″ floppy diskette.

Remember those? Floppy disks? I remember my father having stacks and stacks of those things. Actually, I remember him also having stacks of 5.25″ floppy disks as well – those really had to be kept in their protective paper sleeves, and you had to be really careful in handling them as well, because they were really floppy and delicate-feeling. In fact, I remember seeing a 3.5″ floppy for the first time and asking my father if that was what he meant when he said hard disk. He chuckled and corrected me, saying that this was also a floppy. I pointed out that it was encased in rather hard plastic, and he told me that the floppy part of the name refers to the material where the information is stored. Even though these are hard on the outside, he said, the important part is still floppy. Hard disks, he said, are made of different material, and are inside the computer, where you can’t see them. I think I then asked him if he could remove the one from inside his computer so I could see it anyway. He declined my request. Possibly because it would have been a lot of work to satisfy the curious whim of a child, probably because he knew I actually wanted to poke it to verify that it was indeed hard inside. I say probably because he was pretty quick to remind me that I’m not supposed to touch the special ribbony-looking material in the floppy disks.

Some years back, I had a few 3.5″ floppies that were for my own usage – for a period of time, before the days of wireless networks at school, I used to keep a couple in my laptop bag. That way, I could work on my own laptop, thus avoiding fighting with other students for computer terminals, and then when it came time to print my paper, I would copy it to a floppy, then take that floppy to the lab and quickly print. The system worked well enough, but I’ve been spoiled by modern technology – it’s so much simpler to just email the file to myself if I need to move it around between computers, or to use a service like Dropbox if I have a file I’ll want to access from more than one computer. Failing those, if I need to put a file on something I can take somewhere with me without a whole computer being attached to it, I’ll use my USB key – it holds way more than those old floppies ever did.

Which got me to thinking. I got my current laptop nearly two years ago – back in the fall of 2009. Does it even have a floppy drive?

A quick check reveals that no. It does not.

I guess the floppy disk is truly history now. Cast aside into the realm of vacuum tubes and punch-card programming. Ah, progress….
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Indian Girl Nude - Asha
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Indian Girl Nude - Asha

Indian Girl Nude - Asha
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Okay guys, today is a softer gallery of an Indian teen – Asha Kumara. Unfortauntely, none of the stuff I’m allowed to post ever contains full nude…. There is some inside the member’s area – but a lot of it is just tease… Still… It’s a nice change! I tried to find a hardcore Private.Com indian gallery, but nothing popped up.. This gallery comes from the same guys who do Lily Koh and Joon Mali.

Speaking of Indian…. Just don’t look at it!
My introduction to Indian food came relatively recently in my life – I think some time in the first year or so after I’d moved out of my parents’ place. Now, this should not be interpreted as my parents not liking Indian food – as it turns out, my mother is quite fond of the stuff, particularly the spicier curries, and my father, well, he’s pretty easy going. Maybe he’s where I get my binary taste buds from. If it’s good, it’s good. Full stop.

Anyway. I was sort of apprehensive about trying Indian food way back when, but I’m glad I found the courage to just do it already, because it turns out that it is awesomesauce. I don’t have it all the time, but I find myself looking for it a fair bit, and if I find it at a food court, I’ll usually throw my money that way. The thing that had me apprehensive about it at first, though, was the appearance.

More recently, I was dishing out some takeout Indian food at home, when one of my dining companions, who I think was sampling the fare for the first time, remarked that the food didn’t look very appetizing. He was quick to add that he was sure it was good, because it smelled really good, but he wasn’t entirely convinced of the look of things.

He’s right – Indian’s not much to look at. I think the same thing every time I get it – I look at my plate, with its bed of rice drowning in whatever curry or curries are slathered on top, with the chunks of meat and possibly vegetable poking out in a manner that suggests that there is something solid there, but offering no hints as to what that solidity is composed of. Yup. I get it. Just put it in your mouth. All will be well.

The exception, of course, is the naan. Wow moly, I do like me some naan, with all its golden bready goodness, with the charred specks here and there from the tandoor oven. I interpret the presence of the charred specks as indicators of both authenticity in production and super amazing wonderfulness in the naan. I’m picky about my naan. If I’m getting food court Indian food, I bypass the naan, because usually they’re handing over a bit of pita bread or some other flat bread, and seriously? That’s not naan.

So look at the naan. But don’t look at anything else too closely.

Which is a pretty tall order when you’re someone who likes to visually inspect each bite before it gets eaten. Ask me how I know….

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Angel Dark and Jessica Sanchez - Army Orgy
Click the picture to see an orgy featuring Angel Dark and Jessica Sanchez taking on an Army Platoon!

Angel Dark and Jessica Sanchez - Army Orgy

Angel Dark and Jessica Sanchez - Army Orgy
Click the picture to see the Army Orgy featuring Angel Dark and Jessica Sanchez.

Okay guys, Today’s XXX gallery is from Private. It features the delectable Angel Dark, as well as Jessica Sanchez! They are both sexy European brunettes with large, natural breasts! They take on a squad of guys dressed in army fatigues in both holes! It’s a sexy Army themed orgy with lots of anal sex and group sex! Dirty. It’s a typical hot porn gallery!

Anyways, for completeness’ sake….
Tonight, I finished the story mode in Rock Band 3.

Honestly, I haven’t been as obsessed about Rock Band in recent months compared to the frenzy that has taken hold of me in the past. Don’t get me wrong – it’s still super fun, and I’m not going to say no thanks if anyone asks me if I’d like to play. Still. I am much calmer overall about the whole thing. I haven’t even purchased the export key that will allow me to bring the Rock Band 2 songs into Rock Band 3 – I probably won’t even bother at this point, though. Now that this one’s ‘done’, I’m wondering what will be next?

So I Googled Rock Band 4.

And? Well. Nothing official yet, aside from a statement that it won’t be out in 2011 for sure. Humph.

Then again, I have yet to finish Rock Band 2. And LEGO Rock Band. Hmmm.

I’ve got some playing to do.

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