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Drunk Girls with Black Strippers - Partyhardcore Jun 17 2011
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Drunk Girls with Black Strippers - Partyhardcore Jun 17 2011

Drunk Girls with Black Strippers - Partyhardcore Jun 17 2011
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Okay guys, here’s another hot Partyhardcore gallery. Partyhardcore is good again! They went through a bit of a slump where they were overcharging for content, doing a ‘pay per view’ type model. It failed, horribly. The parent site sold off to the people who own clubseventeen – and now it’s run properly!!! Today’s gallery comes from the June 17th release.

Anyways, no saving me…
A couple of Jehovah’s Witnesses came to my door today.

I was tempted to pretend I wasn’t in, but figured they had probably heard my footsteps as I approached the door, so I opened it and greeted them politely.

The older woman introduced herself and the younger woman, and told me that they were going door to door in order to share scripture with others, and then asked if I would like to read a passage with them.

I declined, saying that I’m not really a religious sort of person.

She asked me why not.

I shrugged, and told her that organized religion hadn’t been a part of my upbringing, and I saw no need to include it in my life now.

She then asked me what I thought the future held for humanity.

I told her I thought we’d all be just fine.

She smiled, and told me, You know, this is precisely what the Bible promises.

I replied, Regardless of what the Bible promises, I think humanity will be okay.

At that point, she gave up on the possibility of captivating me with scripture, but then asked if she could leave some literature for me to review.

I said, perhaps a bit more firmly than is polite, No thanks.

She then abandoned the notion of saving me, and politely wished me a good day, and I returned the favour.

And then firmly shut the door.

Part of me wonders if I could scare them away next time – because I’m pretty sure there will be a next time – by telling them I’m a pagan. Would they flee, or would they try extra hard to win me over?
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Blonde Teen - Up close Deepthroat - XXX
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Blonde Teen - Up close Deepthroat - XXX
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Okay guys, I thought this was a really hot gallery… The teen has a really puffy pussy, and it shows some nice hardcore sex and deepthroating! I’m not sure where this website is based out of. I imagine that it’s a European country given the rarity of the porn models. She looks Russian or Ukranian.
Personally, I like the ‘from behind’ picture showing her pussy lips spreading to envelop his cock!

Anyways… Train of thought…
I am making lots of lovely plans in my head for the coming weeks.

Unfortunately, making plans is not the same thing as actually getting things done.

This should change – there is one thing I’d like to get done this week that is going to take a considerable amount of brain power.

But all my brain power is being funneled into these daydreamy plans that are swimming around in my head.

I’m not sure how to correct all this.

I’m pretty sure the answer is not to spend nearly two hours yakking on the phone with my mother.

The woman likes to talk, and so do I. This means that we get along like a house on fire.

Does anyone even use that expression anymore?

Maybe it’s time for me to go to bed.

Where I can dream about the plans I’m making.

Which hopefully can start being put into motion soon.

Provided I don’t get back on the phone with my mother.
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Dildo on a Power Tool.. Ouch
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Dildo on a Power Tool.. Ouch

Dildo on a Power Tool.. Ouch
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Okay guys, seriously, why would you convert a heavy duty powertool into an automatic dildo? I did a little googling, and found out that it’s a reciprocating saw that was turned into a sex toy. Now, I understand that in the right hands, it could be incredibly pleasurable…. Assuming of course, that it’s accompanied by some industrial strength lube… But it seems to me that accidentally turning this industrial sex toy on high could cause a little bit of damage!! Don’t get me wrong, it’s still kind of kinky! The movie and pictures are quite hot regardless…. There’s a little bit of hairy pussy sex, a hot blonde with a nice shaved pussy, a threeway, and some more sex toys!

Anyways, return of the rawk!!
I haven’t played Rock Band in ages, and I didn’t think I missed it that terribly, but tonight I thought it might be nice to play again.

And. Well. I never ever want to stop again.

True, my skills are not as sharp as they once were, but I can still find my way through an Expert level bass track, thank you very much. And I, er, decided on a bit of a whim to create myself a new character to play with – I realized I wasn’t as fond of the one I’d created before. Fortunately, all the stuff I’d unlocked previously remained unlocked, so I was able to use some of those fancy garments on my new bassist.

I’d better call it a night for now, but guess what?

Tomorrow will see more rockin’. Of this I am sure.

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Today’s gallery is a hot amateur Asian… The pictures were taken a few years ago, and are of a sexy Asian amateur ‘Annette’ posing and getting fucked! She has a cute ass, a shaved pussy, and a hot, thin body…. If you use your imagination, you can almost picture me instead of her! There are a *lot* of similarities….
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Hot Teen on the Playground - Jewel
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Hot Teen on the Playground - Jewel

Hot Teen on the Playground - Jewel
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Okay guys, here’s a hot gallery of Private School Jewel. Jewel is a very, very sexy Canadian teen from one of the central provinces. I *believe* she’s from Winnipeg. It’s kind of interesting though – looking at her, you can pretty much tell that she’s from a colder area of the world.. Some place that has regular snow, icy roads, and doesn’t see much sun. She’s still gorgeous, even without a tan – I just wish she did a little bit harder porn!

Anyways, as a teenager, I was like the vast majority of teenagers in that jeans were an essential part of my wardrobe….

As I entered my twenties, however, that began to change. It all started when a summer job turned into a year-long part-time thing, and suddenly I needed to be wearing office appropriate attire most days since part of my day would be spent at the office, where I worked as the receptionist/administrative assistant, so I had to be properly dressed. By the time the next summer rolled around, I had completely gotten out of the habit of reaching for jeans to wear, and once that happened, I stopped watching for sales on jeans too – instead I watched for sales on slacks that could be worn to work.

Then I left that job for a different one, one with a much more casual dress code – and yet the jeans did not return, for I had mentally abandoned them, viewing them as garments of my days as a foolhardy teenager.

Fast forward to a couple of months ago, with me browsing the clearance and sale bins at Victoria’s Secret, and seeing some jeans, and thinking, Hey. I haven’t worn jeans in ages. I added two pair to my shopping bag, in a deep indigo colour. Yes, they are identical. I have a thing about buying non-dress pants in pairs, remember?

Well. I have since worn them, and I must admit to a certain degree of sheepishness for not having revisited jeans sooner.

And I will have to get some more on the next sale. In pairs, of course. Don’t fight the thing, you cannot win. Of this I am sure….
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