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Slutty Brunette Sisters - Britney and Whitney
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Slutty Brunette Sisters - Britney and Whitney
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Okay guys, here’s an XXX gallery of twin sisters getting naughty together! Britney and Whitney look close enough to each other that you can tell they’re related. They claim to be twins…. Now you don’t see them interacting directly with each other, but you do see the sisters giving joint blowjobs before taking turns riding the guy!
Now, seriously. Having a sister myself, I don’t understand the ‘sister porn’ fetish. Especially twins. In fact, I *know* I’ve discussed this on the blog before. I’d assume that guys would want to wildly different girls. A blonde and a redhead, an Asian and a blonde, a Latina and a redhead, etc! Not two interchangeable girls… I guess I can understand the bucket list factor: Having sex with twins trumps sisters, and sisters trump 2 drunk girls…. Still though, wouldn’t you want to shake it up a bit?

Anyways. I’m deadlining. The biggest deadline of my life will be completed tomorrow…. Sent off by tomorrow night or early Wednesday morning. Therefore, no blog tonight. Nervous!

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Chinese Model with Hairy Pussy Nude
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Chinese Model with Hairy Pussy Nude
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Okay guys, here’s a posing, almost softcore, gallery from Met-Art. It stars a gorgeous Chinese teen model nude. I’m willing to bet that she’ll be a *huge* hit here… Had I not posted that doggystyle picture of her, this new hairy Asian model may not have been quite as popular…. Zhang A. is tall, curvy, cute, and innocent, and she’s another big hit from met-art! I’m not sure how they get all these stunning models…

Anyways… So close!!
My big work deadline looms so close I should be feeling its hot breath on my neck.

And yet, I am surprisingly calm.

This is not my nature. Usually, I am having rather significant anxiety at about this point, sitting in front of the computer, fretting over every moment tied up by writer’s block, worrying about lost potentially productive time. You get the idea.

That being said, I have really been busting a move for about a month now – putting in long hours, especially these last two weeks, but making fairly steady progress. Now that time is tight, I’ve actually not got a whole lot left to do – nothing super cerebral, I don’t think, just some last-minute editing, like pagination.

I am a bit nervous about calling this project done for the time being.

But I’m also thrilled about the prospect of not having it weighing on my mind.

I’m so close to the end, and everything seems totally manageable, and as someone who’s usually just squeaking in under the wire, this is a weird sensation.

I kind of like it….
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2 Trampy Girls on one guy - Pussy Tattoo
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2 Trampy Girls on one guy - Pussy Tattoo
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2 Trampy Girls on one guy - Pussy Tattoo
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Okay guys, here’s a dirty porn gallery in which 2 trampy, older models ‘get down’ with a pornstud. One of the porn models has a pubic area tattoo…. It’s not really a pretty tattoo, but it does make her a bit sluttier! Personally, I prefer blemish free pubic regions.. No scars, bumps, bristly/whiskery hairs… No tattoos either.
If you like seeing dirty porn models near age 30, then Jenni Lee and Kortney Kane might be right up your alley. Personally, I just like a little variety in my viewing habits!!

Anyways, to the laundry room!!!
Hee hee hee.

It’s a banner day here. Sort of like Christmas, but without the snow, and a fair bit warmer, but it did rain all day, so maybe it’s not so far off?

A big box arrived with the mail today – well, technically it had to be retrieved from the post office but still. It came.

I tore it open eagerly.

It was full of clothes.


I have tried on the new jeans, and phew, they fit. I know, I know, I checked my measurements against the sizing guide and really I shouldn’t have been worried about it, but still I was a bit worried. Returning ill-fitting jeans would have meant paying for return shipping. Yah boo sucks to that.

There’s also dress pants that I haven’t yet tried on – I guess I should, though I’m tempted to just take it on faith that if the jeans fit, then the dress pants in the same size will also fit, and toss ’em in the wash. I think two pair will need to be hemmed, but that’s okay. I knew that going into the purchase, and can probably do that myself, once I locate a sewing machine I can borrow. And by borrow I mean invade the owner’s home for a couple of hours while I sew my hems.

And the pyjamas! I want to wear them tonight. But I can’t, because I need to wash everything ($400 worth!) before I will wear it. And staying up all night doing laundry in order to wear new pyjamas seems a poor plan.

I have a date with the machines tomorrow, methinks.

Re-reading what I’ve written, it sort of makes me sound neurotic – which I wish I could blame on stress or something, but honestly, none of what I’ve written up there has ever been untrue in my life. I’ve worried about pants not fitting once I get them home even when I’ve tried them on in the store. I’m sort of tempted to change the topic of the post. But I’m in crazy pre-deadline workland, which means I’m rather short on entertaining stories to share – it’s the nature of locking yourself in your home all day, fairly well chained to a laptop.

I still haven’t seen that bug – either in alive and well or carcass format, or anything in between. Yes, I do still think about it periodically. Yes, I still get tempted to go looking for it. No, I haven’t done that, nor will I. I am rather dismayed that I keep thinking about it, though.

On the plus side, I haven’t seen any dimension-hopping gangs of insects bent on exacting revenge, either. I’ll take what I can get….
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Striped socks on nude model - Autumn Riley
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Striped socks on nude model - Autumn Riley

Striped socks on nude model - Autumn Riley
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Okay guys, here’s that hottie Autumn Riley posing in colourful knee high socks, ala Rainbow Brite! Now, if Rainbow Brite is your ‘thing’, then you might like Rachel Sexton – another hot model dressed as Rainbow Brite!

Anyways guys, I’m *really* sleepy! Instead of blogging tonight, I’m just going to leave you with this hot Autumn Riley! I hope you like her!

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Mexican girl interracial - XXX
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Mexican girl interracial - XXX
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Okay guys, here’s a hot gallery from BlacksOnBlondes… Blacks on Blondes specializes in interracial porn. Seriously. I know it surprises you. The girls on the site tend to be really slutty, and the men are very well endowed. There’s a mix of Male/Female and gangbang content on there.. Very high quality movies, and high resolution pictures.. I think they have over 100+ interracial porn scenes! You also get access to their network of sites… The Mexican teen in this XXX gallery is Liza Del Sierra.

Anyways, foiled… Twice over!

This morning, I got up, got dressed, and had a big plan for my morning errands.

See, I need a specific bit of stationery for this project – a major project – that has a major deadline next week. That should probably be major in all caps, followed by some bit of superstitious voodoo dancing around the computer for having the audacity to draw attention to the thing. I try really hard to not be superstitious, but I find that it’s sort of hard. You can’t help but want to try to tip the scales of chance in your favour as much as possible.

Anyway. I need something specific, and yesterday I made a trip to a big office supply warehouse type store, and discovered that they did not carry what I wanted. I was surprised, but didn’t panic, and promptly called a campus bookstore. I asked the girl who answered the phone if they had what I was looking for, and she went off the line for a bit to check, then came back and told me that they did. So I figured I would stop off there this morning after running my errands. And then I would pick up a pizza to munch on throughout the day. Brilliant.

Well, I got to the bookstore, poked around through their stationery section, didn’t find what I was looking for, and asked an employee. She was weird about it. When I interrupted her in whatever she was doing to ask, she was plenty nice. When I had finished asking my question, she said in this tone that suggested this wasn’t what she was paid for that some other girl had just been there asking her the same thing, and she would show me what she had showed her. That seemed odd – how am I supposed to know what goes on when I’m not there? She led me over to a shelf, informed me that this was all they had, I thanked her and she left me there.

What was on the shelf was not what I was looking for.

I left, feeling more than a little bitter about the wasted time and the dollar I’d paid for parking, and tried to cheer myself up by thinking ahead to the pizza.

Only. It was only 10 AM. The place wasn’t open yet.

So I returned home empty handed. No stationery. No pizza. I could have ventured out again for the sole purpose of getting the pizza later, but that seemed like an extravagant use of my time, so I ate some leftovers I found kicking around in my fridge.

I’d close with a remark on optimism, and the sun’ll come out tomorrow, but, well.

Tomorrow’s supposed to be miserable with rain. Boo-urns.

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