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Anal Glass Dildo - Hot Hungarian
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Anal Glass Dildo - Hot Hungarian
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Okay guys, I wasn’t able to find the corresponding movie to this picture gallery, so I just linked up a blonde teen shoving a banana up her pussy. Personally, I think the slim brunette sticking a big glass dildo up her ass is hotter… Especially since the teen in question is *very* attractive. She’s probably found in XXX action somewhere on the net I’m sure… I believe she’s Hungarian, like all the hot teen models!

Anyways…. Screwy!!!!
Long weekends always mess me up.

Don’t get me wrong – I think they’re lovely, and I do wish I could have more of them. But I find re-entry after a long weekend to be a terrible thing – my brain simply refuses to cooperate much of the time. It’s almost as if I’ve allowed my brain too much time off, too much rest, and it’s gotten lazy and sees no reason not to continue lazing about.

Yesterday, for instance, I had a devil of a time writing up a little blurb that I needed to submit as part of an expense report. It should have taken me about fifteen minutes to do. Instead it took me well over an hour. I sat there, staring at the blinking cursor, mentally pulling words together into sentences, only to soundly reject them as soon as they were formed. No, that’s too pompous. No, that’s too weak. No, that’s too arrogant. It was horribly inefficient, and knowing I was being so useless was making me antsy, which was completely unhelpful.

Today was better, I had an easier time focusing, but granted I was working on something a bit more mindless than the creative writing efforts of the previous day. Tomorrow will be more of the semi-mindless stuff.

I sure hope my brain sorts itself out again by next week, though, because I’ll need to kick things into high gear, and that won’t go so well with a sluggish post-holiday head.

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Shaved and Wet Asian Model Nude
Click the picture for a shaved, wet Asian model!

Shaved and Wet Asian Model Nude
Click the picture to see Amiko – a nude asian with a shaved pussy wearing a wet T-shirt!

Okay guys, here’s an artistic ‘wet t-shirt’ gallery featuring a really hot Asian nude model from Met-Art. Her name is Amiko, and she has a few sets there… Unfortunately, this is one of the tamer ones. Artistic Nudes… Artistic nudes aren’t really my style, but they’re occasionally fun to look at! I prefer a little more action, or at least, a twist!!! Mariko is an exception.

Anyways, some people…..
Today, I found myself in a food court, standing in line to get myself some lunch. It was a long day, so rather than carrying in leftovers from home, I decided to give myself a reassuring treat and buy my lunch, and so I found myself waiting in line to order some fast food stirfry.

Two women were ahead of me in line, and they were ordering together. I don’t usually make a habit of listening to other people placing their orders for food, but the first woman of the two caught my attention, because she was placing a special order – she wanted double veggies, double chicken, but no rice. Nothing particularly unreasonable, but the specialness of it caught my attention nonetheless.

Then the second woman ordered her meal, no special requests, and turned to the first and asked if she would like a drink. Woman #1 said no, and woman #2 said, Are you sure? I’m getting a drink. At which point woman #1 decided that yes, perhaps she would indeed like a drink, and turned to the worker and asked:

Do you have anything with no sugar?

The girl was a bit surprised by that, and offered up diet Coke as a possibility. The woman was not so enthusiastic. Woman #2 asked about Coke Zero. Yes, they had Coke Zero. Woman #2 requested that, as did woman #1. The girl fetched up two bottles, and then woman #1 asked to see the bottle before agreeing to buy it – she wanted to read the label first to make sure there was no sugar in there. And sure enough, she went through the listed ingredients item by item, and was apparently satisfied by what she saw, because she took the bottle, and woman #2 paid for their lunches.

Then, when their food was ready, the server asked the women if they would like extra teriyaki sauce, and woman #1 said, without a moment’s hesitation – Yes.

This struck me as incredibly funny. For someone to make such a fuss over not having any sugar in her drink, only to request additional teriyaki sauce on her food.

Do you know what’s in teriyaki sauce? Oh, that would be sugar.

Now, I realize that some people truly do have to be careful about how much sugar they take in, and it is possible that this woman is one of those people, and maybe she wanted to avoid sugar in her drink because she knew she was going to be getting it in her sauce. But something about the way she carried herself, and the way she made her special requests, she struck me as one of those types who is quite certain that sugars and processed foods are evil, and how careful one needs to be with what they eat, yet doesn’t fully appreciate what’s really in whatever it is she’s eating. Silly.
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Guys fistfight for pussy
Click the picture a latina XXX gallery after guys fight for pussy!

Guys fistfight for pussy
Click the picture to see two guys fight for latina pussy!

Okay guys, here’s an XXX gallery from that ‘Porn Fighting’ site… Basically two ‘MMA’ fighters deck it out, and to the winner goes the spoils. In this case, a trampy latina!! It’s an interesting concept, it’s hardcore porn, and it’s a little different from the ‘Pizza Delivery Man’, or the ‘Naughty Babysitter… Although I much prefer the japanese versions of it! 😀 Less mohawks.

Anyways… Was it something I said?
A little while ago, I applied for and was approved a small grant for a work-related project. I am currently embroiled in the process of obtaining reimbursement from this grant for funds I have parted with.

Normally, this sort of thing is a pain – collect up all relevant receipts, fill out an expense report, that sort of thing. There’s a couple of new twists this time around. First off, I have to write up a brief report on what exactly the funds are being used for – because the detailed expense report just isn’t enough, apparently. The other complication has been in locating the requisite forms.

The approval letter I received suggests that the appropriate forms can be found online using the specific email client. The problem? I never got that client fully installed and set up on my computer. I’ve been simply using the webmail client, but this doesn’t give me access to any of the official forms. Since I now need them, I called up our IT service department and left a message requesting that the install be completed.

This was two weeks ago.

Last week, I made another call, got voice mail again, left another message.

Today, I called again, got a person, repeated my request, cited my service ticket number – my request was logged into their system the same day of my first call – and the guy said he would bump this up in priority and see about getting someone up to my office today, or at least getting someone to call me back to schedule an appointment.

That was at 10 AM. At 2 PM, I had still heard nothing.

So I decided to trek down to the office of the folks administering this grant to let them know about the delays I was encountering.

Turns out, I don’t need that email client – the expense report template is available on a network drive that I can access. I can file my report and get my money without having to wait on ITS. Which is good news, since apparently I don’t rank very highly with ITS right now.

Still. I sort of wonder what I did to offend the ITS guys. Two weeks seems like a really, really long time to be in the queue for service.

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Foot Fetish Easter XXX
Click the picture for a hot Foot Fetish hardcore gallery of Rihanna Samuel

Foot Fetish Easter XXX
Click the picture for more foot fetish XXX Easter pictures!

Okay guys, it completely slipped my mind yesterday. It was Easter Sunday, and I didn’t post an Easter Porn themed holiday gallery! I guess I was just too tired by the time blogging time rolled around 😀 Or maybe I was too excited about my word of the day – Forniphilia. Anyways, it’s Easter Monday today. I still have time to post one good Easter Themed porn gallery – so I bring you a hot series from 1by-day – Rihanna Samuel and ‘some guy’ in a foot fetish, toe-sucking, hardcore gallery!

Anyways…. Freaky….
I was really weirded out tonight when I emerged from the tunnel vision of TV shows and dinner/snacks to realize that the sun was still shining at 8 PM.

Of course, now the sun is long gone, but it was really something to see daylight still after I’d finished my dinner. Granted, this has probably been going on for a few days now, maybe even a week or two, but I simply hadn’t really noticed before – what can I say, I get focused on something and, well, I apparently focus really well.

It seems like not that long ago it was pretty well dark by the time I would get home from work. Not that I miss that – I’m just adjusting to the change.

I wonder what it would be like to live somewhere where the changing of the seasons didn’t have such a drastic effect on daylight hours? Would that make me more freaked out because nothing ever changes, it’s always exactly the same? Or maybe somewhere with even more radical changes – periods during the year where the sun never sets, or never rises? Would I adjust to those cycles? Or would I just get all squirrely and weird?

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Girl used as table - Sex slave
Click the picture for some sex slave XXX porn!

Girl used as table - Sex slave
Click the picture for a kinky gallery of Forniphilia – the art of ‘Human Furniture’

Okay guys, you can’t say you don’t learn anything coming to my xxx blog…. Today’s word of the day is ‘Forniphilia‘, which is the art of ‘Human Furniture’.
Apparently it’s an extreme form of bondage – due to the difficulty (and agony) of staying immobile for long periods of time. I’m pretty sure I remember a CSI episode where they had human lamps, human tables, and other fun stuff involving tight latex suits! Obviously, the gallery from Private.Com isn’t really forniphilia… It’s more simple degradation before group sex. There’s no latex, no binding, and it also stars an older, heavier, more ‘used’ looking Aurora Snow. Aurora Snow didn’t age gracefully…
It’s from Private.Com

Anyways, I don’t get it….
Maybe it’s because I never read the book Where the Wild Things Are.

But I watched the film adaptation the other night, and the whole thing just left me confused. Clearly Max was the protagonist. Was I supposed to like him? Because I didn’t. I really didn’t. And there seemed to be a whole lot of back story with the members of the little monster community that were never fully explained – or, well, I didn’t catch on, at any rate – so the whole time I had this sense that I had missed something critical. Which is sort of strange, because if this is a feature-length film adaptation of a children’s book, shouldn’t they have been able to flesh all that out for the audience? Children’s books are not exactly known for being epic sagas.

Or maybe the whole thing was just too deep and meaningful for me to appreciate. I understand that I have just essentially said that I lack the capacity to fully comprehend a child’s tale, but, well, I’m not sure that I liked the film because throughout the whole thing I just sat there mostly confused.

I also watched The Green Hornet over the weekend. I know that I liked this one. Didn’t sit there confused, was fully entertained throughout the duration of the movie. It was fun.

There’s a conclusion to be drawn here – but I’m not going to be the one to do it.

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