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Asian Lesbians Makeout
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Asian Lesbians Makeout
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Okay guys, here’s a hot lesbian gallery… It features a sexy Asian lesbian and a similarily, albeit hirsute, white girl! The naughty girl/girl sapphic makeout fest is from met-art, so you know that the pictures will be high resolution and very artistic!!! This gallery caters to the hairy niche, along with a little bit of panty fetish, some foot fetish, and of course, the Asian theme! It’s just too bad that Yuka isn’t featured a bit more prominently. Oh, they also both have hairy pussies.

Anyways, karmic balancing….
A few weeks ago, I was walking along, and the girl walking a few steps ahead of me dropped a five dollar bill. It had been hastily shoved into a pocket, and the motion of walking had worked it loose.

Now, she didn’t notice that she’d dropped it. I could have simply scooped it up and kept it for myself – and honestly, I felt my id nudging me to do so. Treat money! My superego, however, would have none of that – it’s not my money, and I know with certainty who it really belongs to, and therefore I should return it. So I got the girl’s attention, and returned her fiver to her, saying, Excuse me, I think you dropped this. She thanked me, and stuffed the bill back into a pocket, though there was a deliberateness to the maneuver that suggested she figured this time it would stay put. I continued on my way, feeling good about, well, not stealing someone else’s money.

I like the idea of karma – the whole idea that one should be kind and decent to others because it is the right thing to do, and the resulting expectation that other people should also be kind and decent right back, so that good things end up happening to good people. Not in a sort of I-should-be-nice-to-other-people-to-make-sure-that-they-are-nice-to-me way. More of a this-is-the-way-it-should-be-full-stop sort of thing. Of course, I am aware of the fact that there are some folks out there who hold up their end, but seem to be continually rained on with garbage. I know that life isn’t fair. I don’t know that I’m okay with that, but I’m aware of it, and that awareness makes me think that karma may not actually be a real thing.

Today, I was walking along, lunch in hand, returning to the big time sucking vortex of work that my desk has been transformed into, and something happened that makes me wonder if karma might be a real thing.

When I walk along by myself, I tend to have my eyes on the ground. Not in a chin-to-my-clavicle sort of head-down-powering-through-obliviously sort of way. I just sort of cast my eyes downward – what I’m really doing is surveying the floor ahead of me, watching my step in a manner of speaking. I’ve walked this way for as long as I remember – I think it started out in an attempt to avoid stepping in things that might be on the pavement, or in the grassy area I used to walk through on my way to school. Since then, other oddities have developed that require me to pay attention to where my feet land – but it only happens when I’m by myself, because I do occasionally step in stuff when I’m too busy yakking with a friend. Anyway. I was walking alone, lunch in hand, and my eyes were sort of scanning the floor in front of me. That’s when I saw it – a folded up ten dollar bill on the floor. No one else seemed to see it – there were lots of people milling about. Without quickening my pace, I approached it, glancing around to see if anyone was obviously missing ten dollars. When I got close enough, I stooped down and picked it up off the ground, still looking around to see if anyone had noticed me picking it up and realized that it was theirs. I realized that a person could potentially simply claim that the money was theirs, and I would hand it over none the wiser. It’s cash. How could I verify ownership of cash if I hadn’t seen the person who dropped it?

No one seemed to notice me, though. Well, almost no one. One person did notice me – a guy said to me as he walked by, Lucky you! I said, sort of laughingly, I guess so! Still I looked around to see if anyone was hurrying toward me to claim the cash. In fact, I walked the rest of the way back to my office with the bill in my hand – I don’t really know why, because it’s not as though it was serving as some sort of beacon calling out to its rightful owner.

When I got back to my desk, I put the bill down and looked at it. I was trying to work out the ethics of the situation. Clearly, the original owner was long gone, and I have no way of reliably locating him or her – that’s the transient nature of cash. Am I in the clear to keep it? I mean, it’s not mine. Is this some sort of cosmic reward for being honest in returning the dropped five way back when? Or is this a new, unrelated test? If I keep it, will I be in store for a planetary smackdown? Over ten bucks? See, the whole notion of karma is too vague – I can’t tell if this is a reward for past good behaviour, or a test to determine future mishaps.

In the end, I put it in my desk drawer. I feel a bit guilty about it, but I’m going to keep it as treat money. My superego won last time, but this time, I think the ego and id are ganging up on it….

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Asian teen cum in mouth
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Asian teen cum in mouth
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Okay guys, when I first collected this gallery, I grabbed it because it was a cute Asian teen taking cock. In fact, she’s an early Keeani Lei. I was just going through the gallery again when I noticed that her male counterpart looks eerily like Sylar (Zachary Quinto) from Heroes! Now, I’m not sure if it was intentional. And I know that male celebrity porn doesn’t usually sell. And I don’t really like Sylar at all (or Heroes anymore for that matter).
Now this is an early Keeani Lei, before she was a famous Asian pornstar – so it’s *possible* that the Sylar lookalike is her reallife boyfriend (based off of what I know about the photographer). She definitely has a set of abs that I’m jealous about!

Anyways, some needed upfrontness….
I believe I have mentioned previously that I share an office with four other people.

It’s not as bad as it sounds – it’s a decent amount of space for the lot of us – I think the room is meant to actually provide workspace for six individuals, and in the past there have been times when there were seven of us in there, so five is really just fine. Also, because of the nature of our work schedules, we’re not all crammed in there all day everyday. For example, I’m never in the office on Mondays. The woman at the desk next to mine is only in on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Another officemate is only around in the mornings. You get the idea.

There have been a number of days in recent months where one of my officemates will be sitting quietly at her desk, working away on who knows what, and her cell phone will beep to let her know that she has voice mail. It’s a loud, shrill sort of sound – the sort of sound my Motorola RAZR would make, back when I was using it – and while I don’t really object to other people making noise in the office, because I’m certainly aware that I am not exactly silent when I’m in there, what I do object to is people ignoring those sorts of alerts when they are in a shared workspace. Which is precisely what she did – the phone beeped, and she did nothing, and the thing beeped again a short while later, and again she did nothing, and this went on for at least two hours, and it made me nuts. Loud, sharp intermittent beeping over an extended period of time. It’s like a sort of torture. I was only able to find relief when I had to step away from my desk.

This scenario has played out several times since then – she’ll be doing whatever, with her phone complaining away, and I’m fighting the urge to stomp over there, grab her phone, and go smash the thing to bits on the tile stairs while screaming incoherently. In the interest of not being a pest – and because I don’t really know her well, and tend to be a bit shy around less familiar coworkers – I have not said anything to her. I can’t figure out what I could say that would be polite and pleasant and still achieve results, and I’m a little afraid that I’d open my mouth, and somehow a horrible string of not-work-appropriate expletives might come flying out.

Today might mark a turning point in the scenario, though. Today, she was there, and her phone was beeping, and I was hunkered down at my desk trying very hard to pretend that it wasn’t happening, but the difference was that today, the woman at the desk next to mine was also in. This woman is bolder than I am, and she heard the beep, and she turned to me and asked, What is that noise?

Since I knew, I replied, It’s someone’s cell phone, they must have voice mail or something. Note my use of someone – I did not say whose cell phone it was, because that is too bold for me.

I would be highly dubious of any claim that the cell phone-ignoring officemate did not hear our exchange – we weren’t quiet about it or anything. She’d need to be a particular sort of oblivious to have remained unaware. Yes, I realize that this is not impossible, but I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt here.

We shall see if there is a sudden and not-so-mysterious end to the never-ending beeping.
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Hot brown haired teen with glass dildo
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Hot brown haired teen with glass dildo
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Anyways, I might not be winning….
When I’m eating with other people, and there’s lively conversation going on, I eat pretty slowly. When I’m alone, or if we’re not engaged in the gentle art of conversation because we are otherwise engaged in the art of watching TV, I eat pretty quickly.

Scratch that. I inhale my food. People are alarmed at how quickly it all goes.

Why? I think part of my brain is telling me that it’s a race – me against my cooling dinner. Food that is meant to be eaten hot is much nicer hot anyway. So I’m trying to get it while it’s still good, in a manner of speaking. I want to win the race.

So the other night, I was tucking into this really yummy roasted vegetable burrito, and I was hungry, and it was really hitting the spot, and, well. It was being consumed at a rapid, rapid pace. There was no conversation to slow me down, and every once in a while I’d find a spot that had cooled some while I’d been working on the other side – it was a big burrito – and that would only spur me on. I was this biting chewing machine.

As I was eating, I was using the burrito’s foil wrapper to hold it, and to help keep the remainder of it warm till I got that far. I had scrunched the foil away from the end I was eating from, and foil being what it is, there were some pointy poky bits in the wrapper. As I ate, I was vaguely aware of my chin brushing up against the foil periodically. I didn’t think much of it, until I realized that my chin was starting to get a bit sore from this. I figured it had just gotten a bit chafed, and tried to be more mindful of pushing the wrapper back more frequently.

Well, I was wrong about the chafing. Turns out, there was a particularly pointy bit that did more than just rub up against my chin, and now I have a very thin, very shallow, but definitely present scratch in my chin.

A scratch. From a foil burrito wrapper.

There’s probably a lesson that I’m supposed to be taking away from this experience, but right now I’m just hoping that this happens to other people, and that it’s not just me.
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Chubby Teen fucks Big Black Cock
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Chubby Teen fucks Big Black Cock
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Anyways, Boing!!!
I have fond memories of eating gummi bears as a kid….

I remember my grandmother would buy them in bulk somewhere, and when we were over at my grandparents’ place – which happened quite often – I’d be given a small portion of the treats as, well, a treat. It was, frankly, an inexpensive way to keep me busy and happy for a rather long stretch of time, so my mother could spend quality time with her mother without worrying about trouble for her offspring.

While my mum and grandma yakked away seated at the kitchen table, I’d be off in the TV room. No TV watching would be taking place, though. I’d have my little collection of gummi bears, and I’d play with them for a bit. I’d pick out two or three of different colours, and I’d make them sort of walk around and bounce the way you’d expect from something all sproingy and gummy. I suspect this part of the process was of fairly short duration, because I don’t really remember much – I do remember making them sort of walk around a bit, and making them bounce ever higher to suit some tenuous imagined storyline, but there’s nothing left in my brain to tell me what sort of content those stories might have had. I do vividly remember that the gummies never actually touched any surface other than the surface of the clean plate they’d been dispensed onto. If I’d been given a baggie, they all stayed in the bag until they were about to be eaten. After all, I am my mother’s daughter – food stays on the plate or in its container until it goes in your mouth, otherwise, it might get dirty and make you sick. Yes, the message is rather oversimplified and alarmist, but that’s how it went, and it’s burned right into my brain.

Anyway. The eating phase lasted longer than the play phase, though I’m sure that some would argue that my ‘eating phase’ was really ‘play phase part 2’. I would sort the gummies into colour-segregated groups. I would eat them from least preferred colour group to most preferred – so the orange ones would all go first, then the greens or the yellows. When only reds and whites remained, I would eat them alternately, since I liked them equally well. If I had more of one colour than they other, I tried to arrange as even a distribution as possible – so if there were three whites and one red, I’d have a white, the red, then the remaining whites, or I’d have two whites, then the red, then the remaining white.

Often, the eating phase also involved a special eating procedure. I’d select a gummi. Any misshapen or imperfect gummies were typically targeted first – the ones that came out of the mold improperly, so they had misshapen limbs or some irregularity in the candy’s surface. I’d stretch the selected gummi bear out – I’d make it super tall, and then I’d pull on its limbs to make them as long as I could get them. I’d then try to stretch it width-wise, but this is harder to do. Then I’d nibble off the limbs – first the legs, then the arms. Then I’d bite off the head. Then I’d eat the remainder of the body.

So yes. Eating gummi bears was a fun game for me, and would keep me occupied for long stretches of time.

Why the sudden flashbacks of gummi bear habits? Because I impulse bought a bag of gummi bears today. And even though it’s been ages since I’ve played my boingy gummi bear games – when I pulled that first one out of the bag, I almost started in on the eating phase routine on autopilot.

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Okay guys, here’s a hot dancing bear gallery featuring a few women getting facials from male strippers… There’s also a lot of blowjobs and other assorted male stripper action!! I’m a bit confused as to when the penises were photoshopped! I swear, when I collected this gallery to post, the stripper cock looked normal! I think since then, they decided to add a bit of colour, and make them look a little bigger!!! Don’t worry though, the male stripper videos haven’t been altered!
On a similar note, I’ll be starting to post more Partyhardcore again soon! They were recently sold to the people who own clubseventeen, so the member’s area is back! No more ‘Pay Per Episode’!! Yay!!

Anyways, it’s really late… Or should I say, early?? It’s almost 4am, and I need to get to bed – so no blog post tonight!! Just enjoy the stripper porn, and check out if you want more…

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