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Curvy Asian Nude Model - Liza
Click the picture for a gallery of a curvy Asian nude model – Liza!

Curvy Asian Nude Model - Liza
Click the picture for a hot gallery Liza C – a curvaceous Asian model.

Today is another gallery of a hot, curvaceous Asian model from the gods of photography over at Met-Art! Liza C is a sexy Asian with some actual curves. She has hips, a waist, and an actual bust line.. Unlike most of us :) It’s interesting where they photographed the gallery.. It looks like a public location.. I just wish Met-Art was a bit ‘spicier’.

Anyways, I believe I mentioned previously the custom Pikachu image I had put on the skin for the back side of my iPhone. Since the case still squishes up the front screen protector a bit on the edge, I’ve decided to set it aside for a while, and I’m back to carting around my PikaPhone.

In the spirit of that theme, someone has arranged for me to have some Pikachu-related personalizations on the iPhone. For one thing, now instead of the little loading circle that displayed before, now my phone displays a teensy tiny little image of a running (on its hind legs) Pikachu. This amuses me to no end.

I’ve also now got some Pikachu sound effects on there as well. When the phone is unlocked, it chirps happily: Pika, pika! The final a is all stretched out and wee bit squeaky. When I lock the phone again, it wails Pikachupika, again stretching the final a out, and it’s all echoey – I think the idea is that Pikachu is being sucked back into its Pokéball.

I like having these themed elements on my phone. Except. Now whenever I lock the phone, and don’t have it in silent mode, I get a bit sad. Poor Pikachu. So disappointed to be tucked away like that. I start feeling all guilty. I have to remind myself quite firmly that it is a phone, and it does not have feelings, and there definitely is no Pikachu trapped inside there that I am upsetting by locking the phone.

You know, it’s probably just as well that my mother never let me have a pet. I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m the sort of person that just couldn’t handle it.

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Double Vaginal Penetration - Porn Casting
Click the picture for a few porn teen casting movies (including a college teen’s first double penetration!)

Okay guys, I apologize for the gallery I added today…. I really don’t understand why I collected it months ago!! I think I was just experimenting with software to see if I could capture screenshots from the movies… The answer was ‘not currently’.
However, I do like amateur porn – especially first timers, candids, and drunks (and perhaps that is part of the reason Dancing Bear type galleries appeal to me so much). This gallery of different college teens casting for porn and experiencing double penetration is still enjoyable! If you’re looking for porn picture galleries, check out GirlsAreSexy.Com….

Anyways, score!!!!
A little while back, I was riffling through the contents of a drawer, looking for a gift card, when I stumbled upon a Purdy’s gift card (For those of you not in the know, Purdy’s is a chocolate shop). It was all by itself in the drawer – no note attached indicating how much should be on it, and it’s one of those looks-like-a-credit-card types with the magnetic strip, so a dollar amount wasn’t written on it or anything. I pulled it out and set it aside, with a plan of getting it checked to see if it still had a balance, but I didn’t get my hopes up, figuring that if it had ended up stashed away in the drawer, it was probably all used up, and I just didn’t throw it away because I have this thing about not throwing stuff away. I have a bunch of old hotel keycards in my drawer that are serving absolutely no purpose in life, but I can’t bring myself to toss them. Maybe in a few years.

In any event, I had myself so thoroughly convinced that this card was empty, I didn’t prioritize checking its balance. I carried it around in my wallet for probably at least a week.

Until yesterday, when I happened to be at a mall, and walked past a Purdy’s shop, and suddenly remembered the card. I walked in, asked the clerk if she would be able to check its balance for me, and she disappeared into the back room. I hung around for a few minutes, then she came back, and pointed out the customer service number that was printed on the back of the card. Oops. I could have called that number and gotten the information myself.

Still, she called that number and inquired about the balance on the card. Turns out, there’s $20 on that card!

I used all of my self control and walked out of there with the card tucked back into my wallet. But I think the card may be emptied rather soon. Himalayan Pink Salt Caramels in dark chocolate are calling my name. Yummmmmmmm….

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Black lesbian dominates white girl - anal fingering
Click the picture for an XXX anal fingering gallery of a black lesbian and a white girl!

Black lesbian dominates white girl - anal fingering
Click the picture for XXX action of a white girl getting her ass fingered by a black lesbian!

Okay guys, here’s a lesbian domination gallery featuring an interracial couple! There’s lots of strapon anal, anal fingering and other rough lesbian sex!! It’s pretty rare to find interracial lesbian porn, but this new site ZebraGirls is dedicated to it! It’s part of the same network as BlacksOnBlondes – you get access to all the sites… It’s actually a huge network, and if you like interracial action, it’s probably the best!!

Anyways.. Product placement…
At some point in the past few days, I heard something on the radio about Britney Spears’ latest video, for Hold It Against Me. They were saying that she received a handsome sum in product placement fees for the video.

And I thought, Really? Companies pay for product placement in music videos?

I suppose it makes sense – you cannot deny that Britney has a substantial fan base, and those fans will be paying attention to what they perceive as products that Britney uses and endorses. After all, product placement works in movies and television shows – why not music videos?

So that got me curious in the back of my mind, and today I happened to be looking something up on the website of a local radio station, and I noticed that they had a link up to the new video, as it was the subject of a poll – love it, hate it, or indifferent? Since it was sitting right there, and I was already curious, I clicked the video to have a watch.


Well, I noticed the product placement. It was almost imperceptible, until the weird close-up shots in which the brand name appeared all by itself on the screen for a moment or two. That was sort of weird, and, er, not exactly subtle, and of course, after the brand name flash, I couldn’t help but notice the brand names when their appearance was more subtle. It was like I had been shown some treasure, and spent the rest of the video hunting for glimpses of them. Like it was a game.

I think the radio blurb had actually mentioned a dollar figure for the product placement, but I no longer remember it. I need to figure out how to wrangle some of those deals for myself. No more handing out free advertising by indulging my fondness for various products, like, oh, I don’t know, Coca-Cola perhaps?

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Tiny Brunette fucked - Veronica Jett
Click the picture for XXX pictures of Veronica Jett getting fucked!

Tiny Brunette fucked - Veronica Jett
Click the picture for XXX pictures of a tiny woman getting fucked by a big dick!

Okay guys, a few of you liked the skinny XXX girl from yesterday… Barry mentioned that she wasn’t quite FTV gallery… Today, I’m bringing you a gallery for an early partner of FTVGirls… I’m not sure what the drama behind the scenes is, but the guy who produced Today’s Veronica Jett Gallery, worked with FTVGirls – they have similar high caliber models, and similar shooting styles… FTVGirls still has more content and slightly better models, but SunDevilAngels has slightly naughtier content!!! More hardcore cute teens…

Anyways.. Today I was moving mountains….
Of laundry, that is.

I’ve never lived in a place that didn’t have laundry machines in-house. Well, there was that one month where my family was essentially living out of a motel because my father needed to be at a job site far from home, and it was summer so we all tagged along, and I remember going to the laundromat with my mother once a week to get all the clothes washed. It was pretty boring. She got me a sketchbook and some markers so I could colour and entertain myself while it got done – being a kid, I never paid attention to what she was doing while all this was going on, and now I just don’t know how she entertained herself once all the clothes were in machines. Maybe she chatted with the owner?

I have a sneaking suspicion that if I had to pack up all my dirty laundry and actually haul it somewhere in the outside world to wash it, I might well be one of those disgusting people you hear rumours about who always smell a bit, because I might convince myself that my clothes were still okay and just keep on wearing them. Right now, I have all kinds of principles about how often I can wear a garment before it needs a wash – shirts and sweaters are once, pants I’ll wear twice, and so on and so forth, I’m not listing out my whole wear schedule here! I adhere to my rules pretty strictly, but then the appliances needed to clean my clothes are conveniently close by. If I had to make an excursion to clean my clothes? Things might get adjusted pretty drastically pretty quickly.

Yesterday I pretty well emptied my rather full clothes hamper and washed its contents. Today I stripped the bed linens and washed those, and I also found some other blankets that I’d decided weren’t sufficiently warm when the weather took a downward turn but didn’t have time to clean and put away properly right at that moment, so I’d simply put them in a corner. Apparently, this is not the right strategy for me, because I don’t look in corners for big long stretches. Anyway. Those got washed too, and put back in the linen closet. I also washed my towels and socks.

I can’t imagine getting anywhere near all of that done if I had to bag it up and take it somewhere else… I think I’d need to rent a truck…

Ahem. I’m so glad I don’t have to. It means I can continue hiding how gross I might become if pushed to it.

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Skinny Brunette Teen - hardcore anal xxx
Click the picture for an XXX gallery of a skinny brunette having anal sex!

Skinny Brunette Teen - hardcore anal xxx
Click the picture for xxx porn pictures of an almost anorexic teen brunette having anal sex!

Okay guys, today’s gallery caught my eye as well… She’s so skinny!!! Now, judging from her muscle tone, I think this teen porn model actually isn’t anorexic.. I think she’s just thin and very, very active… Or at least, I hope so.. At first, I thought her torso was attractive – but today, with fresh eyes, I think she might be a little too skinny… If you’re looking for the skinny teen anal action, then you have to watch the movies here!

Anyways…. Okay…..

I like chocolate. I’d say I like it about as much as the next person, maybe a smidge more. I like it a lot, really. But not in a weird, out of control sort of way.

I mean, yes, I tend to stockpile it, and I don’t think there’s ever been a moment since I’ve been out of my parents’ home where I didn’t have some chocolate squirreled away somewhere. Actually, I think that habit sort of started up when I was a teenager, and started making little unsupervised shopping trips with my friends – we’d always pass by some candy shop, and I’d always nip in and get a little something for my stash. So I suppose since I was about thirteen or so, chocolate has been something of a staple in my living space – there’s always some somewhere. Less hidden away in odd spots now that I don’t have to hide it from my parents – I used to jam it into the little space between the floor and the bottom shelf of my bookcase. I wonder if they ever knew?

Anyway. It wasn’t really a big deal then, and it’s still not a big deal now. So I have chocolate around me. So what? It’s not as if I’m eating it all the time. It’s not as if I’m blowing obscene amounts of money buying the stuff. I’m careful. Back in the day, I had to take care not to buy more than I could hide in my nooks and crannies. Now, well, I still don’t have unlimited space, but I also have to be mindful of my budget, because when the time comes to pay the bills, I seriously doubt that anyone will accept chocolate in lieu of real money. Of course, I sort of doubt I’d be willing to part with my chocolate for those purposes anyway.

The past few days, though, I’ve been thinking about chocolate more than usual. I want to eat it much more frequently, and when I do cave and reach for some, I find myself wanting to grab larger helpings.

I think I might be operating under the influence of a little point-and-click game I’ve been playing recently. The premise of the game is: you run a little chocolate shop, and your job is to make chocolates that people want to buy. So in playing this game, I’m staring at little cartoon images of chocolates, and thinking about which chocolates I should be making, and, well. It makes perfect sense. All that exposure to virtual chocolate would of course result in a hankering for real world chocolate.

Right? Wouldn’t it?

‘Scuse me. I think I hear some brandy beans calling my name….
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