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Anyways, we’re at the close….
Of another month….

Not nearly as dramatic as in the world of Harry Potter – his first ever Snitch had been inscribed with the words I open at the close, and that’s not the sort of close I mean here. I’m just talking about the unavoidable march of time, not an epic battle between good and evil.

That being said, given that my circumstances are so much more trivial than Harry’s, and that so little hangs in the balance – you’d think I’d have figured out how to properly budget my time by this point in my life. I came into this weekend thinking I had loads of time to get loads of stuff done, and here I am, Sunday night, wondering what happened and how it could possibly be that I still have this much to do. On Friday, I was figuring on putting my time in over the weekend and being able to enjoy a pretty much free day tomorrow. Instead I will be playing catchup with all the stuff that the weekend just didn’t have enough hours for. Yay.

The most aggravating thing about it all is that I didn’t exactly fritter my weekend away – stuff got done, just not nearly enough stuff.

Here’s hoping for a storm of efficiency tomorrow. Gah.
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Anyways… Even though I had a hermit weekend last weekend, today I sort of settled back into that pattern again. I didn’t put on real clothes, I puttered around the house, alternating between work-related stuff – blech – and cleaning up the week’s worth of cooking detritus from my kitchen – also blech. Which means I actually had a rather productive day, in spite of not getting dressed.

I’m seriously done with winter. You’d think I’d be used to Canadian winters by now, or smartened up and moved away to a warmer climate, but no. Here I am, grumbling about the cold wind and snow and ice. If I know I don’t have to venture out into it, I can be charmed by the picturesque beauty of freshly fallen snow accumulating in large drifts – all clean and sparkly and white. The problem is, I know I have to go out in it eventually – I’m not so deluded that I cling to the hope that it will all have magically melted away before Monday morning. And that knowledge is burning away in the back of my mind, thoroughly thwarting any enjoyment I might be getting from the beauty of it all.

Plus, the cold is a big downer. The thermostat says the temperature is as controlled as it always is, but I suspect it is lying to me, because I’m cold.

And no, I don’t think it has anything to do with my sleeveless pyjama top. If that were true, then I should have been cold the whole time I’ve been wearing it, and not just today.

I’m glad I can stay in tomorrow. I wish I could stay in until spring truly arrives.

You know, in May or June…

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Anyways… I want chocolate cake….

But not just any chocolate cake. I want a specific chocolate cake.

A very dark chocolate cake. Not too dense, but not too fluffy either. Also not sickeningly sweet. It should be layered with frosting – two layers of cake with one layer of frosting in between, and another layer on top. The frosting should not be too sweet, nor too thin, nor too too thick. It should also be just a wee bit salty. I’m not sure what it is – maybe I’m thinking of buttercream frosting? But I’ve had a few commercially made cakes that have had really awesome wicked frosting on them, and it’s been thick and sweet but not too sweet, and very slightly salty.

This cake has actually been on my mind for a while. I think it may have popped into my head when I saw a display of a chocolate fudge cake at Carnegie’s in the Mirage in Las Vegas. I tried that cake, and sadly, it did not meet my expectations. The frosting was too thick, and there was too much of it – the cake was cut into four or five layers, with this goop in between them, making for one very dense cake. It was also lacking in the saltiness I desired, and had a bit too much sweet for my liking. That made me sad.

It also made me get a bit weird and obsessive about getting the right chocolate cake. I’m sort of wondering if this cake only exists in my head.

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Anyways… Blink blink….
Lately, it seems like I blink and massive amounts of time have passed by.

I know they say that time flies when you’re having fun, but that’s a big load of hooey. Time just flies. I was trying to get something done today, and I was plodding along merrily, then glanced up at the clock and realized I needed to leave for a meeting right away. I had thought I had a good 45 minutes to go before go time, but they just whizzed along.

Now, I don’t mind time’s slippery games so much when I’m zooming along with it, and getting through massive amounts of work in what seems like a nanosecond – those sorts of moments make me feel ever so effective and massively productive. Sadly, I don’t usually keep up with time, and end up flailing about in time’s wake, scrabbling madly to try and get everything that’s still left undone done, without falling behind on all the new stuff that has now appeared before me.

Why am I suddenly stressed about the pace of things?

Because I just glanced at the clock on my computer and noticed that the calendar displayed beneath it says that today was the 26th day of January. As in there are only five more days left in January. As in February is practically here.

Sigh. I have some catching up to do….
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Anyways, when I went for groceries yesterday morning, it was a bit early for the meat department – they hadn’t yet put out the extra lean ground beef. I didn’t really want to hang around to wait for it, so I briefly pondered just getting some lean ground beef, when another thought occurred to me: I could try a different sort of meat. Maybe Lion or Tiger…. Or even a bit of Zebra…

So I poked around a bit, and unfortunately didn’t find anything exciting! I finally settled on some plain old ground turkey. I brought it home, and then tonight, I cooked it up. I just browned the turkey as if it were ground beef, and then added the packet of taco seasoning at the end.

And, well. It was tasty. It was not significantly different from when I use ground beef.

It was very likely lower fat, though – there was less extra grease in the pan when I was through. With extra lean ground beef, I don’t really feel the need to drain the beef – probably I should, but it seems to not be an excessive amount – but the turkey barely produced any.

I might keep doing this until I find Lion meat…. Who says I don’t choose healthier options???

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