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Okay guys, time for more anal sex with Mary! She’s so hot and cute – and dirty – that I had to post more of her! Normally I would have saved this gallery for a few more weeks, but as I was perusing my collection of porn for posting, I stumbled upon her painal sex gallery! (Although, in today’s XXX gallery she looks more like she’s enjoying it than suffering). I also included a teen ass screwing video at the bottom of this post!

Anyways, I’ve never been very good about hoarding.

By never been very good, I mean that I am a pretty excellent hoarder, which means there are many piles of what one could politely refer to as objects of value that is not immediately apparent loitering about my living space.

Now, it’s not really that bad – I mean, I don’t think I would qualify for any sort of reality show about the appalling state of my home. But then again, would any true hoarder be able to acknowledge that their habit has gotten out of control? That being said, it’s not the case that I have difficulty maneuvering around my space – and sadly, there was a time when I did. It was a small apartment. I insisted on buying most of my groceries at Costco, which means that there were flats of drinks piled up on the ground, and bags and boxes of various dry goods overflowed from the shelving unit in the kitchen. It wasn’t pretty. Thinking back, I can’t believe I actually lived like that, and I do feel pangs of shame about the whole thing. So I guess I can’t be that much of a hoarder.

That being said, it became apparent to me today at work that I may still have a bit of a problem. I share an office, which means that often, when I’m sitting at my desk plugging away on something and I say something out loud mostly to myself, someone else will respond. It’s okay – I’ve got all my officemates accustomed to this, and they’ve been kind and polite enough to not react in such a way that would suggest they find me odd as fish. Today’s little outburst was over the approaching exhaustion of the ink supply on my red pen. It’s one of those liquid ink pens, with the reservoir that lets you see how much ink is left, and as I worked, I noticed that the well had run dry. The pen was still writing, though, so I finished up my stuff, and then was left with a small dilemma – do I keep the pen, and run the risk of having it die on me in the middle of something, or do I just waste the miniscule amount of ink that remains? I said something out loud about my pen being near empty, and one of my officemates said, Oh, you’d better get a new one from the main office.

I replied, I’ve actually already got the replacement – apparently I hoard pens.

She laughed, and said, You know what, I do too.

I laughed, and said, I usually have one spare in every colour.

She wasn’t quite sure how to respond to that.

I continued, I think it’s because I’m weirdly picky about pens – usually they’ve got nice ones in the supply, but I’ve noticed that every once in a while they’re not so nice, so I like to make sure I always have access to one that I actually like.

She still didn’t have a good response.

So I wrapped it up by saying, Apparently, I’m crazy when it comes to my pens. With a little chuckle for good measure, hoping to indicate that I wasn’t taking any offence or anything – since I wasn’t, and it’s never a good idea to leave people with the impression that you’re holding a grudge against them when you share workspace with them.

She laughed a bit at that, and I think she was relieved that our pen-related interaction was over.

I suppose what I think is simply being prepared another person might see as excessive hoarding.

Then again, maybe I just need to learn to not talk out loud in the office so much…..

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Okay guys – today’s gallery features an ultra hot blonde model. She’s absolutely stunning, and it’s hard to believe that she poses for porno pictures. Now, if you see her picture and think ‘damn, I wish she she did a little harder action’, then you’ll be happy! This x-art model also does lesbian (girl/girl) with toys porn! There’s a tiny little preview in the link above

Anyways… Unexpected!!!!
I sat down to watch an episode of Bones tonight with my dinner.

The episode opened up at the unveiling of the world’s biggest chocolate bar. As they were cutting into the chocolate, the cutters ran into difficulty, and a gooey substance started oozing out. Once they fought their way through the tough spot, a lot of goo burst forth, and a void in the chocolate was revealed, containing not just the goo, but also skeletal remains. The crowd made horrified sounds, children screamed in terror, the owner of the chocolate company and his head chocolatier both recoiled in revulsion – it was gruesome.

I watched, munching on my dinner. And I thought to myself, Oh. I want some chocolate now.

Throughout the episode, various characters would mention liking chocolate, but not so much with this most recent case. Some jokes were made about being particularly averse to chocolates with gooey centres, or ones with nuts in them. There was even a line about the allowable degree of non-chocolate content in chocolate (eg: rodent hairs and insect particulate) for consumption that was pretty gross.

And yet, the whole time, I wanted chocolate more and more.

After the episode had ended, I could take no more. I promptly fetched myself a little brick of chocolate, and gnawed my way through an episode of How I Met Your Mother.

Probably this is rather telling of the heights of my fondness for chocolate. Probably it’s not particularly flattering.

Certainly I do not care….

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Another great Canadian actor is dead – Leslie Nielson just passed away, and more information should be showing up on websites soon!

Nielsen was best known for his roles in “Airplane” and the “Naked Gun” series.

His agent sent out the following statement: “We are sadden by the passing of beloved actor Leslie Nielsen, probably best remembered as Lt. Frank Drebin in THE NAKED GUN series of pictures, but who enjoyed a more than 60 year career in motion pictures and television.”

“Mr. Nielsen, 84, died of complications of pneumonia in a hospital near his home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, surrounded by his lovely wife and dear friends at 5:34pm EST today.

“In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations in his name to the charity of your choice.”

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Okay guys, here’s a gallery of the curvaceous punk teen – Ivy Snow! I’m not sure if ‘punk’ is really the right niche to call her. Ivy is heavily tattooed, but doesn’t have a lot of piercings, doesn’t have weird hair.. She has more of a ‘suicide girls’ type look.. Sort of an ‘alternative beauty’. Ivy Snow has a curvy little body, with a tight tummy, big breasts and luscious hips! It’s strange seeing such a hot teen with stretched earlobes – and it’s hot watching her shove a sex toy up her pale pussy!

Anyways… Give. Me. More.
I have a decent sized collection of pyjamas, which means that really they barely fit into the one small drawer I have designated as my jamama drawer. I realize this barely-fitting issue could be resolved by one of two things:

1) Go through the drawer’s contents and donate all the things that I have not used in the past three years – there’s a couple of flannel nighties in there that I haven’t worn in ages that can probably be rehomed.

2) Get a bigger jamama drawer.

Solution #2 isn’t really a good one, since my drawer options are limited by the available dressers and the need to store other items of clothing, like sweaters. Given that I have more sweaters than pyjamas, there’s a clear need to prioritize here – larger drawers must be reserved for the larger collections. So the jamama drawer must remain the jamama drawer.

Solution #1 works, but I’ve just been delaying on it – after all, everything still fits, so there’s no rush, right?

Except. Victoria’s Secret sent me a little catalogue of Christmas Specials, and the first theme covered in the catalogue is pyjamas.

And. Um. I found some I like. Actually, I found lots that I like.

And then comes the undies. I still hate the vast majority of my undies, and am sitting on pins and needles waiting for an appropriate sale so that I can put my underwear-drawer-revitalization-plan into motion. Really, it’s not much of a plan. It looks like this:

Step 1: Dump out contents of underwear drawer into pile on floor. Maybe on bed.

Step 2: Pick through and salvage that which does not offend me, which is very little.

Step 3: Place offending items into what will probably need to be a big bag, and then donate bag.

Step 4: Spend buckets of money and refill underwear drawer with happy-making underwear. Hopefully the buckets of money will be relatively small buckets due to a lovely sale.

Step 5: Carefully place new undies in underwear drawer, then bask in the lovely newness glow of it all.

Really, Step 4 probably should be Step 1. We’re talking about online shopping here – there’s a shipping delay. If I do things in the order presented above, then there will likely be a period of two to three weeks in which I will have very, very little in the way of underthings.

And I don’t want to go there. After all, what if I go those two to three weeks without undies and discover I actually enjoy it? Then my new batch will arrive, and I’ll be miffed that I spent those buckets of money buying replacement undies that I no longer want.

But, yeah. Now I want new undies and new jamamas. The marketing folks have done their job – I’m looking to part with my money.

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Okay guys, here’s another hot ALSScan gallery featuring skinny blonde teen Brandy Smiles getting her bald pussy stretched open by Tanner Mayes using a huge strap on dildo!!! AlsScan has some of the hottest teens, and the ALS stands for ‘All Ladies Shaved’. I think it’s actually one of the first XXx sites I ever bought a membership to! Back then, they had maybe 10 models – now they have tons! It’s really merged into one of the higher quality adult websites out there. It’s super kinky, the girls are ultra hot, and it has a nice ‘skinny, shaved pussy, oiled body’ niche that it capitalizes on well. Oh, and I forgot to mention the huge sex toys and fisting that ALSScan does so well!

Anyways, today is Thanksgiving in the US.

In Canada, it is a normal workday.

I realize that when Canadian Thanksgiving rolls around in October, the roles are reversed – up here in the north, we relax on a day off, while our neighbours to the south continue to toil as though nothing is different. Now it is their turn to take it easy, while we carry on with life as usual.

Still. I wish I had been able to sleep in today and loll about as I pleased.

That being said, I do think the Canadian Thanksgiving Day arrangement makes more sense – but maybe I’m biased here. Canadians get a Monday off. Americans get a Thursday off. This made sense back when they also got Friday off – Black Friday – but I’ve been told that that’s not really the case anymore. Which means that people have had today off, and have been feasting with their families in celebration, but are expected to report back in to their jobs tomorrow as though no holiday had taken place? That seems off to me.

And now everyone shifts their attention towards the next big holiday – Christmas. Only 30 more days to go!

Eek. I better get a move on on my holiday preparations.

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