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Halloween Blowjob gallery - Jenny Hendrix
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Okay guys, here’s another continuation of the Holiday Porn galleries! This is a hot Halloween Blowjob gallery featuring sultry minx Jenny Hendrix sucking cock and swallowing cum while dressed as a slutty nurse for Halloween! It’s a high resolution XXX picture gallery that lets your see her sexy hazel eyes so clearly that you can see the reflection of the photographer!

Anyways… Good things come to those who wait…

That’s what I’m trying to make myself believe.

I ordered myself some goodies from an online store last week. I was quite pleased to receive a shipping confirmation notice the next day. This made me think that it wouldn’t be outrageous to expect that they might arrive late this week.

The thing is, I’ve ordered from this particular shop before, and in the past I’ve received another email confirmation once the package had crossed the border into Canada. As of today, I have not received such a notification for this order.

This worries me.

It’s not at all clear to me why it would take over a week for the stuff to leave the US. Usually the Canada portion of the shipping is the slow bit. If my stuff hasn’t even left the US yet, how long will it be before it arrives at my door?

I mean, I want to play with my new toys now. NOW!


Patience is a virtue.

But instant gratification is so much more fun!
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Scary Halloween Goth Porn - Nude witch
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Continuing my Halloween Porn galleries comes a hot set featuring a goth girl shoving a large black dildo up her tight shaved pussy! I sort of wonder if she’s actually Pagan, and if she is, is dressing up like a witch and playing with sex toys to make XXX galleries against her religion?

Anyways, I had a chance to play the All Instrument Mode in Rock Band 3 tonight – I had three bandmates, so two of us picked up guitar controllers, one set up shop on the drum kit, and the fourth had a go with the new keyboard controller. Four scrolling note bars show up on the TV, so your own space is smaller than what we were all accustomed to, but it was totally fine. The drummer tried out the Pro Drums mode, and the keyboarder tried out Pro Keys mode, which were both pretty neat – makes the playing a bit more realistic. No one tried the Pro mode for either guitar or bass though – to do that, you need a real guitar or bass and a midi adapter. Oh, and actually knowing how to play would probably be helpful, since the neck of a real guitar doesn’t have buttons to guide your finger placement.

It was fun to be able to have four people play simultaneously without forcing someone to sing. There’s something about singing in the game – no one I know really wants to do it. Maybe because if you do it poorly, it seems to reflect more on you personally – it’s not that you’re not good at a video game, you actually can’t sing. Maybe? Admittedly, that’s what really keeps me from trying it out – I’m not sure I can handle a video game telling me I can’t sing.

One unfortunate thing about All Instrument Mode is that it automatically turns on any microphones that are connected to the PS3. This is fine if you’re ready for it. We weren’t – we had a camera plugged in, and as soon as the first song started we got really wicked awful feedback from it blasting away. There was a mad scramble for the remote to turn the volume way down so that we could fish out the right cord and unplug the thing before our eardrums ruptured.

Good thing the game is super fun. It’ll take more than a little feedback to make me avoid playing!
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Eyepatch Porn - Halloween XXX
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Okay guys, here’s a hot gallery copying Daryl Hannah in Kill Bill – where she played a hot one-eyed nurse! In this gallery, porn babe Angelique Morreau takes cock in all her holes while wearing an eyepatch! It’s a perfect ‘Start of Halloween’ porn gallery!!! Over the next few days, all my XXX pictures will be Halloween themed!! Unfortunately, there aren’t too many Halloween Hardcore galleries around…
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Yesterday, as I was applying moisturizer in the morning after cleansing, I noted that I am starting to run low. I figured I had another week and a half or two before running out of product. I made a mental note to purchase a new tube relatively soon. Maybe next week, I thought.

The thing is, I’ve been coveting curious about a new moisturizer from the same line as my cleanser and my new night cream that I was inspired to try a few weeks ago after having been so impressed by my cleanser. I knew my next daytime moisturizer was going to be this exciting new product. In the interest of avoiding wastage, I had told myself firmly that I would use up what I already have before trying something new and exciting.

This morning, my mindset had changed. If, as I was out and about, my errands happened to take me near a Sephora, then I would buy the new cream. I was still firm in not using it until my existing stock was gone.

I went to work.

Sure enough, I found myself at a Sephora in my travels today. Odd that. Since I was there, I bought my new cream, still believing that I would not use it until I needed it.

My resolve crumbled about fifteen minutes ago. The tube is out of its packaging, sitting on my bathroom counter, waiting to be put to service tomorrow morning.

Whatever happened to not till next week? I really don’t have much self restraint..

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Hairy Bush teen gets cock up ass
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Okay guys, here’s some Club Seventeen pictures featuring an attractive teenager from Holland with a hairy pussy having anal sex!! Despite my preference for less hair, I know some of you like pubic hair! Club Seventeen is one of the older porn franchises.. It started in the mid 70’s, and has always shooting barely legal teens in hardcore XXX action!

Anyways, the frenzy is reignited!!!

I haven’t played Rock Band in a while.

Partly because I had gotten to that point in Rock Band 2 where in order to finish the World Tour mode, I had to play a bunch of songs that I don’t enjoy – I’m not sure how far I got in Lego Rock Band anymore, and I finished the Beatles Rock Band. The waning of Rock Band frenzy was also due in part to my drummer’s lethargy of late – she never seemed to want to play, and it’s not as much fun playing alone. So we just didn’t. For months – all summer, in fact.

So when Rock Band 3 was announced, I was a bit excited, but I did not run screaming out to the store to pre-order a bundle with the new keyboard peripheral. I looked at a few pre-order offers, but never really got around to actually picking one and doing the pre-order. It was never a really high priority.

Today, however, a copy of the game came to be in my possession – a kind soul purchased it for me, thinking I’d like it. With a bit of perhaps none too gentle prodding, I got my drummer set up with her drum kit, and I picked up my guitar and blew the dust off of it.


I know what I wanna do tomorrow night. And Thursday night. And Friday night. Oh, and all weekend long, too.

Yes yes….

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Aaliyah Love - blonde teen on sybian
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Okay guys, time for a bit more Aaliyah Love. In this one, you get to see her stretch her hairless pussy over a sybian toy! Aaliyah Love is a cute teen with a pert body.
I’ve always wondered what a sybian would feel like…. They’re a bit too expensive to buy on a whim though – and the girls I’ve talked to say that they’re actually a little too rough…

Anyways, my parents were not the sort to drill etiquette into their children, but they did insist upon some basic measure of politeness, and were quite consistent in showing me how one ought to behave in public, and how one ought to behave in order to show appropriate levels of respect for others, and that one ought to behave politely and respectfully.

Even if they hadn’t, I still think I would have been horrified by the scene I had the misfortune of witnessing yesterday afternoon.

The scene: I am at Costco. This is a tactical error – one should really avoid going to Costco on the weekends, because the place is always a freaking madhouse. People are meandering aimlessly with carts, other people are striding purposefully with carts, children are dodging around the carts, people are stopping without warning so that they can temporarily abandon their carts while they fetch either free food samples, or some item for purchase that they cannot get to with their cart because someone else’s cart is blocking the way. I always forget just how bad weekends at Costco are, I always enter a bewildered state of shock upon entering the warehouse, I always leave feeling a wee bit traumatized, telling myself Never. Again. And then, like any good masochist, I end up back there again on another Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Flat learning curve, I tell you.

Anyways. I’m at Costco, navigating my way through the pandemonium, dithering back and forth between gripping the handlebar of my cart for better control and using the lightest touch possible to avoid touching the thing as much as possible, because, well, there’s just so many people, it would be ludicrous to think that I am the first person to have touched this cart today, and who knows what sorts of germs were on the hands of the last person to use this thing, and yes I had my flu shot, but there are plenty of other germs to worry about beyond the flu virus, and besides there could be some other flu virus that wasn’t included in the flu shot, in which case I’ve got no protection at all. I’m looking for quinoa – that’s my main reason for being there, I’m running low as I’ve started eating the stuff more since it cooks up faster than rice and makes a very nice side, especially when it’s cooked in vegetable broth – and I turn my head to look down an aisle, and then I see him.

An older man – I’d guess him to be in his late 60s, early 70s? He’s standing there, sort of leaning over a large garbage bin that has been placed next to a few pallets of things for sale, the garbage bin is there to collect the used little paper cups that freebie food samples are distributed in. For reasons that will be come clear momentarily, I have absolutely no recollection of what was on those pallets – they have been thoroughly blocked from my memory. This man is standing there, leaning over the bin, one finger pressed up to his nose to close off one nostril. He is fiercely blowing through the other one, attempting to empty it into the garbage bin. I only watch for maybe a second, quite possibly less than one second, but I see long enough to see, what, mucous? Sputum? Whatever you want to call it, whatever the appropriate medical or technical term is, I saw goo flying out of his nose, and being what it was, it wasn’t doing it neatly. It appeared to be traveling in many different directions.

Me? I turned and ran.

Okay, I didn’t actually break into a sprint in Costco. But I did turn away quickly, and I did work on putting a large amount of distance between that man and myself in short order. Mostly because I was disgusted. Who does that? Other than the guy I saw doing it, obviously. In what world is it okay for you to empty your nose in such an uncontrolled and visible manner in public? Gyarghblurkaugh!

Not. Okay. Seriously. Someone needs to buy him a box of tissues and teach him how to hide in a corner and blow his nose…

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