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Anyways… Maybe next time..
I’ve been having a thought the past few days. Okay, truthfully, I have many thoughts in a day, but one in particular has been popping up with some degree of frequency.

I am not a milk drinker. I don’t care for the stuff. That being said, I recognize the health benefits of including milk in one’s diet. I try to make sure that I have cheese and yogurt. Ice cream too, though somehow I suspect that one doesn’t really count, tee hee. I know, though, that milk packs more of nutritional punch than these other dairy items – especially the ice cream – because it has been fortified with things that are good for me. Like vitamin D.

I’ve been thinking, though. Maybe I should try to reintroduce milk. Not lots – I do have some issues with milk intolerance, so I know I shouldn’t go for broke and try drinking three glasses everyday. I’m thinking that one small glass – say 250 mL or thereabouts – might not cause me trouble. I could even go really slowly, and start every other day or something.

I also think that I should try this with chocolate milk, because I really, really don’t care for the taste of plain milk. I do actually like chocolate milk, though – so if I want to effect lasting change in my eating habits – or, well, drinking habits, though that makes it sound like I’ve got a bit of a tippling problem – my chances of success go up if I actually enjoy the thing I’m trying to get myself to have more of.

So I mentally put together what I thought was a sound mini-plan. The next time I grocery shop, I would buy a 2 L carton of chocolate milk, and try having little glasses every other day, or maybe even everyday, and see how things go.

Today I found myself in the grocery store. I remembered my plan. I told myself I would grab the carton of milk as the last thing before going through the checkout.

And then I saw tags saying that the fancy super pulpy orange juice was on a bit of a sale, and I remembered how much I enjoy orange juice that I can chew, and next thing I knew I had a jug of orange juice in my hand, which left no room for a carton of chocolate milk.

Well. I can try again. Provided I remember the plan. Provided that a new plan hasn’t taken its place by then.
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Anyways… No change…
Another 24 hours have passed, and I still want to burn the contents of my underwear drawer. Too bad for me, the lack of change in this area is accompanied by a lack of change in the sale status over at VS. Also too bad is the lack of change in the budget department – I have not won any lotteries today.

But not all hope is lost. After all, tomorrow is another day.

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Sunny Leone - Pierced Nipples
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Okay guys, here’s a hot early gallery of Sunny Leone – one before she got fake breasts, and when she had nipple piercings!! Personally, I’ve never been a fan of Sunny Leone‘s implants.. I much preferred when she was natural.. Hardcore was a good move for her, but she’s too picky about who she stars with! Nice undies though!

Anyways… Just like that…
I understand that, at times, I am a creature who is subject to whims and strange flights of fancy. I am aware that this behaviour often makes me look sort of fickle.

Well. Wants can change given the right circumstances, right? It’s called being adaptable.

In any event, looking back on my sudden changes of heart, mostly they are matters of little consequence.

Until this most recent one.

Yesterday, I woke up. I began the process of dressing myself.

I realized with a jolt that I no longer like any of my underwear.

In fact, I dislike it. I pondered my collection and only came up with Bleh. Every. Single. Piece.

I want to replace it all. Every last bit. Out with the old and in with the new, says I.

Problem: Buying all new underwear requires spending money. And Victoria’s Secret, my go-to store for the purchasing of a great many garment items, including underthings, is not currently having a sale on any of the underthings I actually want.

So I must wait. And continue using the unsatisfactory undergarments currently in my possession.


Honestly, I didn’t give it too much thought yesterday, thinking the feeling might pass quickly. It hasn’t. Garumph.

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Busty Teen with Long Legs
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Okay guys, here’s another super hot busty teen for you to enjoy!!! She’s a hot young brunette with natural D-cups and a babyface! Nina James poses nude showing her busty natural breasts and her shaved bare pussy!!! It’s from an old teen-porn site that’s relatively new to my xxx blog.. Let me know if you want more from it!

Anyways, boy howdy do I not like waxing….. my car. It’s not exactly something that must be done with great frequency – twice a year seems to be okay – but wow is it a pain.

First the car has to be washed. Completely washed. If there’s lots of road tar, or bug goo, then there’s an extra step in washing – gotta use a clay bar to get that guck off. Then, towel the car off, then start polishing. One coat on. Allow to haze. Buff off. Spray car with gloss enhancer, buffing off as you go, section by section. Second coat on. Allow to haze. Buff off. Another round of gloss enhancer. Third coat on. Allow to haze. Buff off. Another round of gloss enhancer.

And then, just when you think you’re done with the whole shebang, then you have to clean up all the towels and applicator pads you’ve just blasted through. The towels can go straight into the washing machine, but the applicators need a bit more special care and attention.

The whole procedure seems to take for freaking ever, and it’s not fun work. I don’t care how much a person likes a car, there is just no way that they can enjoy being bent over the various panels of one for hours on end. Bumpers and ground effects are the absolute worst – you’re either crouching and squatting, or you’re bent right over.

I do, however, enjoy having a clean and shiny car. And now I have one…. I need to find someone to do it for me!!!
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Muscular shaved asian naked - Genevieve Gold
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Okay guys, here’s a Genevieve Gold gallery… Genevieve Gold is a hot muscular Asian model posing naked with guns! She has large, fake breasts and a big handgun! Unfortunately, the gallery I linked to doesn’t match the preview picture…. I must have screwed up when I was collecting it! I’ll add the proper link tomorrow morning!

Anyways, so much for habits…

A few days ago, I was presented with some evidence of just how strong habits and routines can be in shaping a person’s behaviour.

Everyday, I wear a wristwatch and a ring on my right hand. Every night, when getting ready for bed, I take the ring off first, then the watch. Exceptionally, the watch comes off earlier – I had had a day like this, and had carried the watch to my bedroom with me, and put it down in its place on my dresser. I removed my ring. Then my right hand went to my left wrist to remove my watch. I was confused upon encountering nothing but my wrist. Even though I had just put my watch down a moment earlier, the order of motions had continued unattended.

But then, on Thursday, something must have distracted me during my getting ready for the day routine, because when I got to work, I realized that I had no wristwatch – I looked at my wrist for the time, and saw nothing but my wrist. I had to use my cell phone as a clock all day.

Then again, even though I was carrying my phone all over the place in my hand, I still kept trying to check my watch for the time. So maybe habits are deeply ingrained things after all.

Much more likely I just don’t pay enough attention….

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