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Brittany Angel - Black Cock Gangbang and bukkake
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Okay guys, to shake things up a bit, here’s an ultra hard blowbang / bukkake featuring super slut, Brittany Angel! It’s from the blacks on blondes network of sites. Specifically, brobang. Other sites you get access to include Spring Thomas, Ruth Blackwell, and Wife Writing. Pretty much all of the sites are themed around cuckolding, gangbangs, and interracial sex. Interesting stuff.

Anyways…. Keep moving forward…

That’s the cheesy moral of the story for Meet the Robinsons. Yes, I’ve seen this movie – in fact, I own a copy on Blu-ray. This should not surprise you. If it does, you haven’t been paying attention.

Anyway, the point of it is that one shouldn’t dwell on the past, because it’s exactly that – it cannot be undone, changed, or reversed. Things that are undesirable can sometimes be fixed, but you still don’t end up with a scenario in which it’s as if the event never happened in the first place, because it will have taken effort and time and resources to ‘undo’ the event. And for those things that can’t be undone, no matter how you try? Well, there’s no point fixating on them. Just figure out where to go from here. Keep moving forward.

I had been hoping to finish off a massive, dragging-on-longer-than-it-should project by tomorrow. As it turns out, I needed the collaboration of other people on this more than I was expecting, so the thing is not done, and no amount of my effort would have gotten it done by my deadline, since my plan never factored in time for those other people to get their input in. Whoops.

Anyway. I’m disappointed, but I will not cease to exist as of 4:30 PM tomorrow, so I have to figure out what comes next. I have to keep moving forward.

That’s not to say that my plan at this point involves ice cream tomorrow. Laura Secord’s French & Frosted Mint should help me keep moving forward.

Click here for the hot Brittany Angel interracial gangbang and bukkake
Click here for the hot Brittany Angel interracial gangbang and bukkake

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Sunny Leone - XXX with little penis
Click the picture for a hot Sunny Leone XXX gallery!!!

Okay guys, here’s more Sunny Leone hardcore! Sunny Leone was a glamour model / Penthouse pet early in 2003… I posted a lot of her back when I started myxxxblog, and even had some custom video fan signs made up by her!!! Unfortunately, she became a ‘vivid’ girl, ended up generating much less content, and only appearing in one or two movies – as seems to always be the case when a girl joins vivid.. Sunny Leone only did hardcore with her boyfriend, and focused more on Lesbian… Now, she’s revamped her site, does hardcore with someone whom I suspect is her new boyfriend. I don’t believe any studio would hire a stunt cock with such creepy tattoos, pale skin, and a small penis….

Anyways, some years ago, I was using Origins Liquid Crystal as a face cleanser, and I was so very happy with it. Then, they discontinued it, and replaced it with another oil cleanser that they called Clean Energy. I tried it, but I found it dried my face out a bit, so I set out in search of something new.

Apparently, when I start out looking for something new, trying to find something that is similar to a product I already know that I like is not a strategy I use. Or maybe it was a flawed memory thing – instead of looking for another oil cleanser, because I had liked Liquid Crystal so much, I went looking for something else, because I had disliked Clean Energy. I have tried several different things in that time period – foaming cleansers, gel cleansers, creamy cleansers, and I thought I’d found something I liked.

Then, when packing for a short trip, I found in my collection a sample of some Shu Uemura cleansing oil, and decided to take that to try it out.

After a few days, I now remember distinctly how much I liked Liquid Crystal – though I’m a bit fuzzy on what was so bad about Clean Energy.

I think, when I get home, I’ll be making a trip to Sephora to see about tracking down a cleansing oil product. And maybe this time, if I don’t like the first one I try, I’ll manage to remember that there are some that I do like, and I should just try another one.

Click here for the XXX Sunny Leone gallery!

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Hot dusky beauty with pierced nipples
Click the picture for a hot glamour XXX gallery of dusky beauty Mulani Rivera.

Okay guys, here’s a hot gallery I found! Normally I’m not a huge fan of ‘glamour’ sites… And to be fair, I’m not a huge fan on her fake breasts.. Her ‘wrist piercing’ is kind of weird as well. Overall though, her ‘dusky skin’ and appearance is really hot! It’s a good gallery!

Anyways, it’s like a show…

In 2007, I was in Ottawa for a weekend, and I stayed at the Hotel Indigo Ottawa. It had just opened, I think the guy at the front desk told me two months or so prior to my stay? It was rather exciting when the airport shuttle driver didn’t know where I was trying to go when I asked to be dropped off at the Hotel Indigo. He figured it out eventually, but dropped everyone else on the shuttle off first, and then did a few loops of a couple of blocks in the area looking for it.

I remember being really pleased with the room, and the hotel in general; I remember the lobby smelled like cookies baking, rather strong vanilla scent, but not offset by any flowery notes or anything, so it was totally like walking into a warm, friendly kitchen. I remember the shower in the bathroom – it was one of those walk-in glass-walled deals, with no closeable door and no shower curtain. You just wander in there, have your shower, and wander back out again.

I remember being able to see myself in the shower in the bathroom mirror. That was surreal.

I remember thinking that I was going to manage to flood the hotel room when I had my shower, since there was no door to close. It didn’t happen.

I’ve since stayed in maybe one or two other hotels that had this sort of shower setup, and every time, my reaction is the same. I see the enclosure. I think it’s odd, and worry about making a mess. I have my shower, make no mess, and am disproportionately pleased. I contemplate getting one of these in my own bathroom.

Sadly, I think a big part of the appeal is being able to see myself in the mirror as I shower. I understand that this is not critical to a successful shower experience – after all, the vast majority of the showers I’ve had in my life have not been in one of these fancy enclosures, and I would argue that I’m a reasonably proficient showerer. But being able to see yourself as you shower? It adds a level of entertainment to the procedure.

Click here for a hot gallery of Mulani Rivera!

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Kaori - Asian Amateur at My XXX Blog
All Previews:
Kaori - Asian Amateur at My XXX Blog Kaori - Asian Amateur at My XXX Blog Kaori - Asian Amateur at My XXX Blog
Kaori - Asian Amateur at My XXX Blog    
Fleshlight Sex Toy

Okay guys, here’s another set of pictures… I meant to post more, but ran out of time resizing/watermarking them!!! I’ve also included the ‘bum shot’, which can be found elsewhere on my site… I didn’t have any other ‘sexy’ photos ready!!! Now it’s too late for me to have a real post!

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Claudia Valentine - Wife banging
Click the picture for a hot Milf gallery of Claudia Valentine in ‘wife banging’!

Okay guys, here’s another cuckold gallery starring the exotic new pornstar, Claudia Valentine! In this gallery, a guy brings his ‘wife’ to get banged by a local stud… Now, the “stud” kind of creeps me out, but the rest of the gallery is pretty hot! Claudia is exotic and attractive, and it makes for generally good XXX action! It’s part of a large network of sites – you get access to Mr Chew’s Asian Beaver, I spy cameltoe, teeny bopper club and more!

Anyways, I just re-watched the pilot episode of Kitchen Confidential tonight, to kick off a stint of rewatching the whole series, which I own on DVD.

For those of you imagining me disappearing into slothly existence where I fail to keep up something resembling a standard of personal hygiene in favour of staring at the TV for hours on end, fear not – there was only one season, with a grand total of thirteen episodes.

At this point, you may be thinking, Hold the phone, there. Thirteen episodes? Aren’t there usually twenty-four episodes in a season? Is this some kooky British show? No, it is not – it is an American show. There are so few episodes because the show got axed very early on in its life – in fact, only four of them ever saw airtime on network television. The other nine only live on the DVDs.

I’ve watched the whole series before. I enjoyed it – hence why I’m doing it again. It’s something of a bittersweet experience for me, though, because as I’m watching and being entertained, I’m also feeling deep frustration, and maybe even a little resentment. Why? Because the show is so fun, and funny, and light-hearted – and it got canned. And yet other drivelly miserable excuses for television live on and on and on. (Hello Jersey Shore??)

Well. At least I’ve got my complete set on DVD.

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