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Anyways. Yurgh.

I. Hate. Sunblock.

It’s so goopy and icky when you slather it on. It feels either greasy or chalky on your skin, depending on what kind you have. You feel unclean all the livelong day. It tends to rub off and leave residue on surfaces you happen to touch. And sometimes, it rearranges itself on your skin, leading to the appearance of sunblock lines and streaks on your skin. Gross.

There has got to be a better way to protect your skin from the sun.

I mean, other than, you know, staying inside. Being in the sun is pretty nice. But the sunblock ritual makes me question whether it’s worth it. When it’s 103F with a ‘real feel of 114F’, you need it though!!!

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Hot Teen Model - Vivi Veps
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Anyways, neato….

I have a Facebook account, but don’t really use it for its intended purpose. I admit, I’ve jumped on the FarmVille bandwagon, and my Facebook account is primarily used so that I may tend to my virtual crops. I do keep in touch with a few people using Facebook, and I also play Treasure Isle, but FarmVille is the thing that really got me logging in on a regular basis.

Now, since my discovery of FarmVille, I haven’t done much temporary changing of geographical location. Until now.

I tried to log in this morning.

It told me that since I was attempting to log in from a different place, it wanted to run through some tests to confirm my identity. It warned me that the system would not allow me in if I got any of the questions wrong, and that if I was not sure, I should enter I don’t know as my answer, and that I would only be allowed to do that twice.

Nervously, I started the test. I’d never had to do this verification thing with Facebook before, and I wasn’t sure of what to expect – I had no memory of setting up any security questions, never mind what sorts of answers I had given upon doing so.

As it turned out, it was the spiffiest identification procedure I’ve ever been through. It presented me with two pictures, pulled from the online collections of one of my friends, outlined the relevant person where necessary, and then asked me to identify that person from a multiple choice list of possibilities. I had to identify seven friends in this manner. Very funky, no memorization of trivial bits of information necessary – like Did I list my high school’s full name, or the shortened version of it? Which, by the way, has caused me grief in the past. It also strikes me as a pretty good system, since a stranger would really not be able to fumble their way through the process – especially with the zero failure policy.

I wish banks and credit card companies could figure out a way to do this. I always get tripped up by questions like What was the amount of your last payment?

Like I remember that stuff…

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I’m now 1500 miles away from home, and totally bagged!! No post tonight!!!!!
I’m in the land of giant mouse ears…. Wizard hats… etc!

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Hardcore Asian - Myla Montez
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Okay guys, this Asian hottie is named Myla Montez. And she’s not really a hottie. She’s attractive, and like most Asians, she has a really big head… But, she does XXX and she’s kind of nasty…. She’s part of the Mr. Chew’s Asian Beaver network of sites.

Anyways… Die with a T indeed…

I decided to give myself a little treat today, and after visits to two banks running errands, I drove through a McDonalds’ for my cheapo treat: Cinnamon Melts and a large Coke.

I placed my order: “I’d like a Cinnamon Melts and a large Coke, please.”

I pulled up to the first window and paid.

I pulled up to the second window and retrieved my goodies.

I drove home.

I ate some Cinnamon Melt, happy with the nomminess, and took a sip of my Coke. Odd, I thought. It tastes different today. Must be a slightly off club soda to syrup mix.

I ate some more, drank a bit more. It still tasted funny.

I finished my Cinnamon Melts, drank some more. Still weird.

I finally looked at the lid, and noticed that the little pop-up button by the D was depressed, indicating that this was a great big Diet Coke. Yech, no wonder I thought it tasted weird! Do. Not. Like. Diet. Pop. Urk.

I checked the receipt taped to my takeout bag. Sure enough, the guy taking my order had entered in Diet Coke for my order, so it’s not the case that I just had the bad fortune of being handed someone else’s pop. I wonder why he thought I wanted Diet? The only part of what I said in placing the order that could remotely have been heard as Diet was I’d like a, but that was at the very beginning, which would have made my order Diet Cinnamon Melts and a large Coke, please, which makes absolutely no sense.

So there I sat, with a blurky large Diet Coke, and two options – drink it or pitch it. It only cost me a dollar, so it totally wasn’t worth getting back in the car and driving back there to complain and get the pop that I actually wanted. I settled on drinking it anyway. After all, I did spend an whole dollar on it, so I was going to drink my pop, darnitall!

As it turned out, this was a mistake. As I reached the two-thirds mark on the drink, I began to feel some uneasiness in my tummy. The uneasiness developed into an uncomfortably sore tummy that lasted for about an hour. It would seem that my body does not like aspartame, or one of the other interesting compounds they use to make a sweetened beverage that miraculously does not contain calories.

Now I know better. Avoid diet pop. Always. Full stop.

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Super SeXXXy blonde teen - Kara
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Okay guys, there’s something about tanned skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair glinting in the sunlight. It’s incredibly attractive – and makes me wish that I was blonde and blue eyed! It would also help to live in California near a beach. Some place warm, near an ocean…. mmmmm..

Anyways… Stalled….
So I’ve got myself a nice little army of blue zombies in Zombie Farm. They’re a mix of Zmurfs and ZomBeauties, with one regular green zombie that the game gave me as a “bonus” one day. My army is at its maximum size.

The blue zombies are significantly stronger and tougher than the regular green ones, and I am once again able to trounce Old McDonnell and his farmhands – no more getting “e-i-e-i-owned” for a while now! In fact, the past few invasions I’ve done have wrapped up with me not losing a single zombie – not even that weak green freebie I got, he’s been able to be protected by the herd so far.

While this seems great, there is a downside to this – not losing zombies means I’m not planting any new zombies, nor am I planting any vegetable crops in the hopes of mutating my zombies, which means I’m not advancing any in the game. Sadly, successful invasions don’t award experience points – I got some for the very first invasion, because it was successful, but every single one after that has given me bupkiss. Well. I get some gold. But gold isn’t the issue here, since I get gold from harvesting the regular crops too. Gold I got. Experience I need.

I wonder how I should proceed from here? I have a sneaking suspicion that Old McDonnell won’t get any tougher until I’ve advanced some more, level-wise. Probably I should just keep planting zombies for the experience – the excess zombies get sold automagically upon harvesting. It seems so cheap. But I think the game is forcing my hand here.

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