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ViviVeps - Hardcore photographer
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Okay guys, here’s a hardcore gallery of Vivi Veps… I posted Vivi before when she had natural breasts and less piercings… It was also before she did hardcore. Vivi Veps had amazing potential. She’s still cute – but with her fake breasts, and the corny sex outfits they’re using for this hardcore photoshoot, Vivi is losing some of her appeal!

The content of this post actually comes from a rather minor event from a few days ago, but I’m still laughing, so I figured it might actually be blog-worthy.

As I’m sure you’re well aware, the iPhone 4 has been released in the United States, as well as some other countries – I believe folks in the United Kingdom are also enjoying this new bit of technological wizardry, not sure who else is at this point.

I’ve had my iPhone 3G for a couple of years now, and so I’m thinking of upgrading to the new one. And sure enough, Rogers has had a tantalizing Coming Soon space dedicated to iPhone 4, and I rather promptly added myself to their email notification list so that when upgrade information becomes available, I’ll get it – instead of driving myself bonkers obsessively check their page ever single day until the Canadian release date.

Now, iPhone 4 was released to US consumers (among others, but crucially not Canadian consumers) on June 24, 2010. No update appeared on Rogers’ website.

On June 25, 2010, I received an email from Rogers. It was a very nice, polite email, expressing how excited Rogers was about it, but at that moment no information on availability or pricing was available. The email also stated that the good folks at Rogers “recommend that customers do not call our Customer Care representatives as they have no additional details.

Now, perhaps I’m reading too much into it, but I interpreted the real message behind those words as:

Stop calling us, you impatient twerps, WE DON’T HAVE IT YET.

Which makes me wonder just how massive the call volume they were getting was.

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Young Teen Porn - Sophia
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Okay guys, here’s a sexy young teen porn gallery from ClubSeventeen. It features a baby-faced brunette getting kinky with her boyfriend! XXX!

Anyways, a few years ago, I got sufficiently intrigued and purchased a couple of bra tops from Victoria’s Secret. They’re basically tank tops with an additional layer of stretchy fabric inside with an elastic band round the bottom of it, making the relevant portion of the top fit a bit like a sports bra.

As it turns out, I really really like them, and have since expanded my collection rather significantly. They’re great for summer weather – cool, since mine are all sleeveless, and no need to wear a bra underneath, so no straps or other peeking of undergarments to offend the sensibilities of others. I also really like them for travelling, since I’m a bit neurotic and worry about things like bras getting crushed and ruined in my luggage. Of course, this only works if I’m travelling somewhere warm, unless I pack smartly and plan on layering, but at that point I’m packing extra garments, which I’ve been trained to avoid.

As much as I like bra tops, though, I go through a few moments of frustration with them while actually dressing myself. There’s some extra wrangling that goes on as I’m putting the top on, and taking it off is a real exercise – trying to twist my arms and shoulders this way and that to slip the elastic over my shoulders, and then disentangle myself from the straps which have become all bunched and twisted from the first step. Usually, I end up sort of lurching about the bedroom, occasionally spinning this way and that as I attempt that extra bit of reach. The worst bit is when I get stuck – I’ll have the thing halfway off my shoulders, but my arms are squinched up into an unnatural position thanks to the elastic properties of the fabric, and it takes me a few moments to figure out how to squiggle out.

Still, the like factor outweighs the make-me-feel-like-a-clumsy-toddler-learning-to-dressy-myself factor.

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Sexy breast and pussy tattoos
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Okay guys, today’s gallery is a bit different from what I normally post… And because I’m trying to shake things up a little, it fits right in!! Now, I’d never consider getting my breasts tattooed…. Ever.. especially tattoos that close to the nipple. At the same time, I can appreciate the art. It *does* look neat on this model!! Would I want an evil kitty tattoo above my pussy? Probably not – but I hope you enjoy the pictures!!!!

Anyways… Buzz buzz buzz…

Can you hear that?

It’s a buzz of excitement. Listen. There. It starts as a low hum, almost a whisper.

But then it builds. More voices begin contributing. The noise grows, gathers strength, and presses onward.

It’s the sound of children, exhilarated because summer vacation is starting. One of the neighbours seems to have had a party in celebration – the evening was punctuated with the sounds of children playing: laughing, shrieking, shouting, all piercing the calm of the evening.

I might be a wee bit bitter that I don’t get a true summer vacation…..

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Big Breasted Half Asian Teen dildoes creamy pussy
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Today’s gallery is a hot and sexy one of Mai – a big breasted teen asian dildoing her creamy pussy. Mai has her own site here, and is run by the same people who bring you the ultra hot blonde American porn teen – XOXOLeah!! You can also find Mai on FTVGirls.

Anyways, a few days ago I was asking you to help me out and sign up for a free dropbox account… It’s a ‘file-sync’ program that lets you access files on any computer/iphone/ipad that you’ve installed the application on….
You needed to create a free account using my link, and then actually download, install, and log in to the application for us to get our bonus credit. (We each would get an extra 250mb of webspace to save our files in)….

Basically, a bunch of you joined (you know who you are!!!!), and I want to thank you! So – if you joined, leave a comment or email me with the email address you used to create the account, and give me a one line sentence you want me to put on a piece of paper!
I’ll create a gallery of them and post them on my blog….

This is a sample from the gorgeous Raven Riley
This is a sample of some I made wishing you Merry Christmas
And here are some of a sexy Alyssa Doll

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Black and white blowjob - in braces
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Okay guys, this XXX gallery comes back to the teen with braces performing oral sex fetish. It’s shot in black and white, which I guess makes it less porn, and more art. Black and white porn is okay – but I think I prefer colour!!!

Anyways…. Not so exclusive…

A while back – years back, really – I received a gift card for Starbucks.

The back of the card advised me to visit their website and register the card. Like the mindless zombie obedient girl that I am, I did so, and as a result, I am now on their email mailing list. I now get periodic emails notifying me of various coffee-related specials and promotions.

But here’s the thing – I don’t drink coffee. Ever.

What I should have done is turned around and given the card as a gift to someone who does drink coffee – I seem to know plenty of folks who fit that description. Instead, I registered the card in my name, then tucked it away in a drawer for safekeeping, thinking I’d use it to treat myself to hot chocolate from Starbucks when the occasion called for it – and when I happened to know I’d be near a Starbucks. This actually doesn’t happen much, since I work mostly from home, so the card has remained untouched in my drawer.

Today, I got an email from Starbucks with a subject line congratulating me on having attained Green Level Rewards status. I saw it and thought, Huh? But I haven’t bought anything from Starbucks.

I opened up the message, and sure enough, the body also congratulated me for having earned my Green Level Rewards status, implying that I did something to earn the five stars needed to attain this level.

Now either that five stars = Green Level Rewards statement is a flat out lie, and you just get it automagically, or I’ve lost significant chunks of time in which I purchase and drink Starbucks beverages.

Enjoy the XXX braces porn gallery here!

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