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Cute French redhead - XXX (pee / watersports)
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Okay guys, here’s another hot Redhead porn gallery starring a kinky ginger from Explicite-art! As I’ve mentioned before, watersports aren’t my style, but ExpliciteArt has some of the hottest amateur French girls doing porn… It’s worth the occasional pee scene to see a hot redhead do anal sex!!

Anyways… The Disney bias…

I’ve seen probably more than my fair share of Disney movies throughout my life. My introduction to many a fairy tale or legendary story has been through Disney movies. It is perhaps not surprising that Robin Hood is among those childhood classics. Ooh-de-lally, ooh-de-lally, golly what a day!

Now, I know that the story of Robin Hood is really about humans – the Disney version features all sorts of creatures from the animal kingdom because, well, it’s cuter that way. Like in the jailbreak scene where the family of raccoons is scootling along in their stripey prison duds, which match perfectly with their stripey tails and the wee mask markings on their faces, and they’re hauling sacks of loot to boot! Or the bunny children in their adorable little items of clothing, though, like pretty well all Disney males, the boys need only shirts, and not pants, which is exactly the sort of attire that would never be appropriate in public for human males.

Having all the characters portrayed by different animals allowed for another level of interpretation of each of the characters. Robin Hood was oh-so-clever, and so he was a fox; Little John was strong and fierce, so he was a bear; Prince John was a sniveling coward, so he was a lion without its mane; King Richard was a brave noble lion, and thus he had an impressive full mane. Perhaps I’m reading too much into it, but then again, I’m the sort of person who tends to miss these sorts of things, so probably I’m not imagining it, and it’s painfully obvious to everyone else on the planet.

In any event, now, even as an adult, every time I hear the name Robin Hood, I think of a fox in a green tunic, with a great big brown bear in a darker green tunic as his sidekick. I know these are not the actual characters of the legends and stories.

Yet, when I went to see Robin Hood in theatres today (yesterday?), throughout the movie, something felt not quite right, a bit off. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not that I didn’t enjoy the movie. It just seemed wrong somehow.

I have a sneaking suspicion that my brain refused to accept this version of the story because it did not feature animals who on occasion burst into song.

I’m not sure how I feel about that….

Enjoy the cute French Redhead porn here!

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Busty Teen Pussy Spread Open
Click the picture for the full gallery of Anika spreading her pussy wide open!

Today’s XXX gallery is of a Busty teen spreading her smooth shaved pussy open and using a funny looking sex toy! The model is Anika, a brunette busty teen that Nubiles posts pretty regularly. She’s cute and has a nice pussy…

Anyways, consider me snubbed…

Today, I was exiting a building that had a relatively large public entrance area, so there was a set of three doors side by side that all led to the outside world. As I approached the doors, I could see a woman approaching the same set of doors from a different direction, and I knew I would get there a smidge before she would.

I’ve always been taught that the polite and correct thing to do in these sorts of situations is to hold the door for the next person – just simply pausing a bit once I’m through and holding the door open so that it doesn’t swing shut in the next person’s face. I almost always do this – there have been a handful of times that I haven’t, only two that I actually remember, and both times that I can recall I felt very bad about not having held the door once I realized someone had been behind me. I also appreciate it when others do the same for me, especially when I am carrying a lot and would have had to wrestle with the door a bit to get through it, and I have felt the eyeroll of annoyance make my eyeballs spin when someone lets a door close on me as I’m stepping through it.

So today, as is my custom, I paused after passing through the doorway and held it open, looking back over my shoulder to make sure that the woman would take over the holding of the door before I let go.

There was no one there.

The woman had opted to go through the door beside the one I had just passed through.

Not only that, she had to juggle her coffee a bit to get her hand free to open that other door. I saw her do that as I stood there holding the other door open for her.

So much for my attempt at spreading a bit of good will. Ah, well. I’m not going to stop.

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The next topless celebrity scandal occurred today when Hayley Williams from the band Paramore had a topless picture of her posted to her Twitter Page!!! Hayley Williams is the newest nude celebrite joining the likes of Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Adrienne Bailon, Ashley Greene, and other celebrities that have had their private nude pictures stolen and posted on the net… I actually quite like her song CrushCrushCrush.

NEW YORK (CBS) A topless picture of Paramore’s Hayley Williams randomly surfaced on the singer’s Twitter page Thursday.

The 21-year-old frontwoman claims the photo was posted on Twitter without her permission.

“Well…my night just changed drastically, got hacked,” the redheaded singer later tweeted.

The photo, posted for all of her 600,000 plus followers to see, shows Williams’ staring seductively at the camera while lying in bed.

Williams’ quickly reacted and stripped the photo from the social networking site, but was too late to tame the wild fire, as the photo made its rounds and was spread virally across the internet.

But was her account really hacked?

This question had countless users taking sides, with some quickly moving to her defense, while others are speculating that the singer accidentally posted the picture herself. Either way, the redheaded singer is creating quite the buzz.

Williams is the lead vocalist for Paramore, an emo-punk rock band that has been commerically successful with teens. Its breakout success album, “Riot,” earned it a Best New Artist Grammy Nomination in 2008. Along with Williams, the band consists of Taylor York, Jeremy Davis and Josh and Zach Farro.

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Kiwi Ling - Busty Asian gives blowjob
Click the picture for a hot gallery of Amateur Asian porn

Okay guys, time for an amateur Asian gallery… The girl goes by the name of ‘Kiwi Ling’ – so she’s not a real amateur, but she’s definitely one of the more ‘amateur looking’ Asian pornstars!!!! I think the only reason I picked this gallery is because I first thought she was a real Asian amateur :)…

Anyways… Seriously??

I have raved previously about my scalp-massaging whisk thing. It still sits near my computer, and I do use it regularly and frequently.

Which got me to thinking, how would I handle it if some horrible fate were to befall my gizmo, and leave me whisk thing-less?

A future without the possibility of self-inflicted hair play just didn’t bear thinking about. So I went ahead and ordered a whole bunch of spares.

Now. These gadgets are packaged in boxes, with a picture on the box clearly illustrating what its contents are. This item has flexible wire tines, which means that it is crushable. It should therefore be protected from the possibility of crushing in transit.

I am therefore confused as to why my spares were all smushed together – their boxes were flattened and then the bundle was bound with packing tape to keep everything compressed – and then placed in a bubblelope for shipping.

Needless to say, my spares are all rather flat.

Good thing those tines are flexible – I’m able to gently reshape them, so they still work.

Serious logic flaw in the mind of the person who packed my order, though…. I guess what do you expect when it comes straight from Hong Kong???

Enjoy the amateur Asian porn here!

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Hot sluts party - Hayley Cummings
Click the picture for a hot gallery of Hayley Cummings in a ‘Hot Sluts Party’.

Okay guys, here’s a gallery starring Hayley Cummings. The only reason I posted it, is because it had a semi-asian girl in it!!! I wanted to find a bit more of her, but the effort was for naught! I guess it’s still okay porn.. Basically drunk girls getting screwed at parties… Only the drunk girls are pornstars…. The site itself is good :)

Anyways… Image management…

Sometimes, I take myself on little tours of IMDb. It usually starts with me wanting to look something up about some show or movie I saw. I’ll plunk the name in the search bar, pull up the desired result, and consult the cast listing – because the usual question that sends me to IMDb is either Who played the character of ___? or What else have I seen that actor in? Once I locate the information I’m looking for, something else piques my interest – this is where I’ll click on the Mini Bio or Trivia link, or I’ll notice the name of another show or movie whose cast I’d like to peek at. It’s sort of a Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon sort of game I play, except that I never end up on the page for Kevin Bacon, oddly enough.

I wonder, though – who decides which image is going to be the main one for a given actor? Is it the actor? His or her agent? A team of people at IMDb? Users voting from a fixed set? An image selected by an anonymous user, that can be changed by any other user at any given point in time?

The reason I ask is because some of the main images are pretty bad. Some appear to be rather out of date, others are wildly unflattering. For some individuals, there’s an image gallery with snippets that appear near the top of the page, yet there is no main image.

If the actors or their agents are responsible for selecting that main image, then I would tactfully suggest that some individuals should seek professional assistance in image management. Of course, in the case of the wildly unflattering shots, if they were willing to be photographed in that state, then probably they need all the help they can get anyway…

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