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Anyways, when I got my Blizzard treat on Sunday, I was a bit gluttonous and got the large one. It didn’t seem like that much at the time.

As it turned out, when I was about halfway through, I started feeling a bit full. When I got to the two thirds mark, I was done, and I was faced with a choice – I could toss the remainder, or stick the whole shebang in the freezer to save for another day.

I pondered the options. Throwing out the remaining Blizzard seemed like a horrible waste of a perfectly good treat. On the other hand, I was worried about refreezing – I feared it would transform into a solid hunk of frozen goodness, thoroughly inaccessible until it had melted completely. I pondered pushing myself to finish it even though I felt as if one more bite would make me burst, and decided that doing so might make me not want Blizzards at all anymore for quite some time, not a desirable outcome.

And then I figured I might as well try freezing it – worst case scenario, I wouldn’t be able to eat it later, and it would get tossed then, and I’d be no worse off than if I’d tossed it in the beginning. So into the freezer it went.

Tonight, the leftovers were pulled from the freezer.

Turns out, you can totally freeze a Blizzard for later consumption! Yes, it came out rather firmer than a freshly made one, but I didn’t have to chisel away at a solid block in search of morsels that would fit comfortably into my mouth. I didn’t notice any deterioration in flavour – but then again, I have binary tastebuds, so your experience may differ if you try this at home.

I suppose, really, we toss other ice creams into freezers all the time, and the results are always good, so perhaps it was silly of me to worry about what would happen to a Blizzard, which is, essentially, ice cream. Ah well. I worried, I tested it, and now I know it can be done.

And now you know too. A joyous learning experience for all.

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Okay guys, you can thank Barry for this gallery… The site has been on my radar for a while, since it’s one of the ‘drunk girls and male stripper’ types like Partyhardcore and Loverboys… The only difference being, this site features porn models acting or getting drunk while molesting male strippers… Tying them up, tormenting them, and of course, having sex with the hapless male stripper. One of these girls even looks a bit Asian…. Partyhardcore is better :)

Anyways… Stress???? It is almost no longer April. May is fast approaching.

I’m feeling a time crunch not unusual for this time of year.

I’m getting awfully tired of this time crunch.

To get away from it, I’d need a career change.

I’m not sure I want to give that serious consideration at this point.

I’m very glad I stocked up on brandy beans while they were available. I still have several boxes, but I am going through them a bit more, er, efficiently. Self-bribing totally works.

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Okay guys.. I didn’t really realize this was a pee gallery when I got it ready.. I thought it was just lesbian bondage. Not lesbian watersports. If you ignore the bottom left corner photo, it’s actually a fun little porn gallery! If watersports are your fetish, then feel free to check out the rest of the porn gallery and site…

Anyways… Hotness…

How warm should a laptop get?

I’ve noticed that my laptop gets sorta warm after it’s been on for an hour or so. I have one of those cushion things for it – not a cushy soft thing that blocks off all the vents, but one of those fabric covered firm platforms, to keep it off your lap so that you don’t end up scorching your thighs. Of course, I usually have the laptop on the table in front of the couch, so I suppose I could forgo the platform, but it does boost my laptop up by about four inches, which makes using it more comfortable than if it were just on the tabletop.

I haven’t noticed a decline in performance or anything, but I’m guessing there’s an optimal operating temperature, and I’m wondering how you know when your laptop has exceeded it.

I used to have a little platform with a fan built into it. I still have it, but it’s not really usable anymore – I let it get too dusty, and the fan’s mechanism burnt out. It started making a really hideous rattle when it ran. I responded by smacking it around a bit, hoping to shake loose whatever was rattling. After a few bashings, the rattling stopped, and I was happy. And then it started making an awful melted plastic smell. At that point, I just unplugged it forever more.

So yes, I had a fan, and while it was working it seemed to fulfill its purpose.

But did I actually need it?? I don’t think my laptop has any ‘cooling’ vents on the bottom… Maybe I need liquid cooling…

Anyways, enjoy the watersports / lesbian bondage gallery above!

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No real ‘post’ from me tonight, but I hope this amateur porn makes up for it…

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Okay guys, here’s another one of those ‘cuckolding’ themed galleries – where a boyfriend sells his girlfriend for a bit of cash!!!! Of course, the boyfriend sits in a chair, head hung in shame as he’s cuckolded. The skinny Russian teen girl is actually quite pretty!

Anyways…. Today, I woke up late. Par for a Sunday…

I had myself a nice brunch – fresh strawberries, sliced, with vanilla yogurt and granola sprinkled on top. I tell myself this is a good healthy lunch. If you know otherwise, just don’t tell me – I’d rather be happily misinformed about my weekend breakfasts than staring ambivalently at a bowl full of bran nuggets.

I read with my Nook for a bit – working my way through Kathy Reichs’ third book, Deadly D├ęcisions. I’m enjoying it. No big surprises, I enjoyed the first two books as well.

I did my taxes! Filed and done. And note the date – it is not April 30, no indeedy it is not. I filed early!.

Now in all of this inactivity, I did not get dressed. I was okay with that. In fact, at some point shortly after I finished my strawberries, I thought to myself, hey, it’s Sunday, it’s early afternoon already – maybe I’ll just have me a jamama day. So at that point, I planned not to get dressed.

Unfortunately, 8:30 PM saw me pulling on pants and a top. Why?

Because at about 8, I decided I really, really wanted a Dairy Queen Blizzard, and no amount of wishing and hoping would make a Blizzard Fairy appear and bring me a Blizzard of my choosing. Not even if I agreed to pay her for it.

But, I did jump back into jamamas as soon as I was home again with my frosty treat. So I suppose one could call today pretty much a jamama day. There was just a 20 minute gap in which I was clothed. No make up though. Does that count for anything???

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