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Sexy Puffy Shaved Pussy Lips
Click the picture for another gallery of a Met-Art goddess!

I know I just posted Mariko a few days ago. She’s a sexy, hot Asian…. I went looking for a bit more of her, and got sidetracked collected more Met-Art galleries. These ones are ‘user created’. In otherwords, in Met-Art, you have the option of creating and sharing galleries, and having them voted on…. I know it’s girly of me, but I really like her nails!!!

Anyways, today was Lentil mania!!!

I’ve had lentils on my mind for a while, and tonight I finally did something about it.

I suppose, really, the proactive part of the story starts on Monday, when I went grocery shopping and bought the components of a lentil soup recipe I’d found online through a quick Google search. Tonight, I made the soup for my dinner.

I’d never cooked with lentils before. Yet I felt nothing bad should happen if I up the celery and carrot content of the soup.

About halfway through the simmering portion of the cooking, I peeked into the pot to give the contents a stir, and was a bit concerned to see that the mixture was looking rather, er, hearty. I briefly pondered adding some more water, then decided to just leave it alone and see what happens. If I get stew instead of soup, so be it.

Once it was done, I was relieved to see that I had not created a solid block of lentils and vegetables, but it was still a very hearty soup. Thick and full of goodness, but not so thick that I needed a knife to cut into it.

And? I liked it! I’m happy that there are leftovers, and I’ll be hanging on to this recipe. It was relatively easy, prep wise. My kind of meal.

Now if only I didn’t have to wash up the pot afterwards.

Click here for the gallery of hot, sexy shaved pussy lips!

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Teens on vacation with male strippers
Click the pic for some hot teens on vacation partying with male strippers!

Okay guys, here are some more pictures of teens sucking and fucking male strippers!! Now, I’m not sure that these are authentic, but they’re definitely hot pictures from the guys at DancingBear!! I’ve included the movies at the bottom of the post!! If you like dancingbear, Partyhardcore and LoverboysUSA will also interest you.. Women at bachelorette parties, drunk girls night out, and just women at a male strip club.

Anyways, it’s a bad sign…

Today I was at work, being pretty productive, I thought.

Then, towards the tail end of my day, I realized I needed to get some things ready so that they’d be all set for Thursday.

It didn’t take me long to get organized, but it was a bit of an adrenaline rush when I realized I had some extra stuff to do that I hadn’t fully counted on including in my day.

So once I got it all done, I packed my things up and walked out of the office to head home, thinking, Phew, that was a full day. Hooray for the weekend!

And then I remembered that it’s only Tuesday. The majority of the work week remains.

I think I may be in for a long week.

The pictures of teens on vacation with male strippers are here
The movies of teens on vacation with male strippers are here

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Hot Asian Babe gets anal penetrated
Click the picture for a hot, anal asian gallery!

Okay.. So I looked through the gallery. I don’t see any anal. I don’t see a full blood Asian… I see a cute half-asian with an ugly tattoo having hardcore sex. The site Anally-Asian is a bit deceptive in this gallery. I can only conclude that in it’s member’s area, it has the full anal pictures!

Anyways, dare I prepare????

March is drawing to a close here.

This means that spring is here, and summer is coming.

Spring and summer typically bring warmer temperatures. I say typically because this is Canada, and it seems like cold can strike at any time in Canada.

That being said, recent warming trends in the weather have got me critically eyeing my shoe collection, and casting longing glances towards my closet, where I know all my summer sandals are stashed away.

Dare I bring them out?

Dare I prepare for sandal wearing by giving myself an at-home pedicure? (Since I’ve been splurging on my super tough polymer nails, a start-of-the-season spa pedicure is absolutely out of the question.)

Or would the mere act of getting ready for sandals and summer bring an icy blast of second winter???

Enjoy the asian hardcore gallery here!

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Shaved Pussy - Japanese Teen
Click the picture for a hot gallery of a beautiful Japanese Teen and her shaved pussy! Click here!

Okay guys, it’s been quite some time since I’ve posted Mariko from Met-Art… I think it’s time again! Mariko is a gorgeous Japanese nude model with a sexy body, and perfect breasts. We’ve debated whether her breasts are natural or fake in the past – and given this gallery, I’m now convinced that they’re fake. It looks like there was a bit of bad photoshopping covering her implant scars in a few of the photos…

Anyways… Flashback…

Tonight I watched The Secret of My Succe$s. For those unwilling to click the IMDb link there, it’s a movie starring Michael J. Fox, from 1987.

I was around in 1987, but I wasn’t doing a whole lot of movie watching. As I got older, my interests ran more to TV cartoons. May have been an attention span thing, or more accurately, a short attention span thing that made movies less interesting to me, so I never really asked my parents to take me to movies, and I never paid much attention to ads for new movies on TV. As my interest in movies developed as I got even older, still my attention was almost entirely focused on new releases, not films from years gone by.

So when I sat down today, I had never seen this movie before, nor did I have anything beyond a vague idea of what the premise was, based on the short nearly useless synopsis printed on the back of the DVD case.

It was a fun enough movie – I don’t think my life is complete because I watched it, nor do I want my two hours back. The most striking thing about it, though, is how very very 80s the styling is throughout the movie. I know this shouldn’t surprise me, but right from the opening sequences of the main character arriving in New York, we’re bombarded with images of big hair, big shoulder pads, sleeves rolled up over the elbows, leggings, bandanas, neon colour combinations.

And suddenly, I’m remembering some of the monstrous looks I appeared in, in public, when I was really young…. I remembered these tee and shorts ensembles my mother made for me, in this wild, gaudy print cotton. I remembered the neon green tee, and the rainbow-hued animal print spandex shorts.

I better stop there. There’s only so much remembering of fashion in the late 80s/early 90’s a person can do in one sitting.

Enjoy the stunning Japanese porn model gallery here!

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Massive blonde orgy
Click the picture for a hot gallery featuring an orgy with Naughty Allie!

Okay guys, I posted a Naughty Allie lesbian orgy a few days ago… Now it’s time for just a regular male/female orgy featuring a bunch of swingers in a hotel room! She’s a dirty girl… And she brought a bunch of her milf friends!

Anyways, I’m feeling much better today, as I’m sure my post will convey. It was originally titled: The joy of deep frying…

I made a batch of homemade French fries today.

They were delicious.

As I was happily chowing down, I thought to myself, I suspect it’s not possible to actually make bad French fries. Deep frying makes for wonderful food. Full stop.

And then I realized that’s not true. I have made bad fries before. They were the frozen pre-cut potatoes in a bag type, and I think they may have loitered in my freezer longer than they should have. They may have been more than a little freezer burnt, and they were all dried out, so they actually ended up like powder chunks when eaten – you’d bite off a chunk and it would just turn to bland ash in the mouth. Terrible!

I actually threw them away. I tried to salvage them with some ketchup, but they really just refused to be edible. So into the trash they went.

I guess I’ll be sticking with fresh cut French fries from now on. Haven’t made a bad batch of those yet.

I think the others were 2 years old 0_o

Enjoy the milf orgy here!

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