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Hot alternative Lesbians - body piercings
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Okay guys, here’s another GodsGirls set featuring hot lesbians rubbing Ice Cream all over their fit, young teen bodies!! Because it’s GodsGirls, these hot models have pierced nipples, noses, belly buttons and more! The ice cream melts, gets all sticky, and then they have to sponge bath it off… It’s a hot alternative lesbian gallery.

Anyways, it was a close call…

Many malls have pet stores. While I do not really desire a pet, I have been known to have a quick little walk through mall pet stores – the animals are so cute! In more recent years, having developed full consciousness of my desire to remain pet-free, I’ve stopped actually going in to the store, but I still pause to have a look at the animals they put up near the entrance to entice passersby. Usually, they’ll have some bunnies and guinea pigs on display. Fun to look at, but I’m solidly certain I do not want one of my own. Sometimes, they have puppies and kittens out. Again, fun to watch for a bit, but again, I am quite certain that I do not want a puppy. The kittens sometimes give me pause for a few moments, but reason always kicks in fairly quickly, and I leave without a furry armful to take home with me. There was a period several years ago where I really thought I wanted a chinchilla, and during this time I happened to walk past a mall pet store that had a few chinchillas on display, and walking away without one was hard.

So yes. Now, I look, I smile at the cute critters, every once in a while I am utterly charmed by one, but I’m never really seriously tempted to take one home with me.

Today, when I walked past a mall pet store, they had a hedgehog out. He (?) was a cute little guy, maybe the size of standard computer mouse? All sandy coloured quills and an inquisitive little snout, and he was active and inquisitive. I stood and watched him for about two minutes, and in that time, he snuffled about in his wood shavings, he snuffled in and out of the little log tunnel shelter thing they had set up for him, and he ran for a bit on his wheel – first in one direction, then he stopped, turned around, and ran the other way for a bit. As he ran on the wheel, you could see his little legs trundling along. The store wanted $150 for him. Goodness knows how much they wanted for his living requirements. I didn’t ask. I told myself to turn around and walk away.

I came perilously close to becoming a hedgehog owner today.

Now, how can I say perilously, when I only watched the little guy for a few minutes and then had the strength of character to turn around and walk away without hesitation?

Because many hours later, I’m still thinking about that little hedgehog….

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Black Dorm Room sex
Click the pic for a hot gallery of sexy ebony teens partying in a dorm room!

Okay guys, here’s a dorm room sex picture and movie gallery featuring hot ebony teens getting drunk, and posing nude in their dorm! It’s not often you see a gallery depicting drunk black teens – so I hope you enjoy today’s daredorm update! The same guys do moneytalks, and I believe it’s part of the same “pay one price” network!!!

Anyways, so much for good intentions….

Last year, I did a bit of a frantic scramble when the RRSP contribution deadline rolled around. Meaning, I left making my contribution until the very very last day possible, counting on being able to do it smoothly and quickly online. Then, I logged into my online banking system, and realized that because I had made a change to my account during the year, I would have to phone in and speak to a representative. On the last day where RRSP contributions for the 2008 tax year could be made.

Well. It got done. I sat on hold for a very, very long time, and you might remember my frustration upon realizing that my cordless phone’s battery had died – the hold music had been cutting in and out, and I put the line on speaker phone so I could do other things while I waited, and thus didn’t notice when the line just went completely dead. In any event, eventually it was all done, and I breathed a sigh of relief, followed by a solemn promise to myself – I would not go through this again. For the 2009 tax year, I would sort out my contributions early, and get them done early.

How’s that working out, you might ask?


Today is February 25.

I have yet to make my 2009 year’s contributions.

Everything’s all set up now – I should be able to do it all online, quickly and painlessly, right???

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Blonde Teen with Pierced Nipples dildos shaved pussy
Click the picture for a hot porn gallery of a blonde teen with pierced nipples sticking a big g-spot vibrator in her shaved pussy!

Okay guys, here’s another hot gallery of a petite blonde teen shoving a rather large g-spot vibrating dildo up her shaved pussy! I’m not sure if I’ve posted galleries from the site before – so it might be new to you! They feature rather unknown models.

Anyways, toss those remnants!!!

We all have bad habits. One of mine is that I’m hesitant to finish off packages of things. I don’t really like being the person who took the last one – the last cookie, the last scone, the last slice of cake, the last cupcake, the last chip, the last whatever.

Trouble is, someone has to finish it off, or else it just wastes away. I can get over my hangup with cake and cupcakes, because those seem to have the shortest shelf life of the bunch, and I really can’t stand throwing away cake. Other things seem to just get stuffed back into storage, with the package opened, with the intention that it will get finished eventually.

And then you get to where I found myself today. I went to put away my panini press after having used it the night before last, and I felt like I was having to shuffle lots of stuff around to make room for it on the shelf, and then I realized that I had no fewer than five open bags of chips with a few measly crumb-like morsels left in the bottoms of the bags. And I thought, Gosh, I should really eat those soon.

And then I realized that they’ve been sitting on the shelf, with the bags open like that, for months. Probably since last summer.

At which point, I took a deep breath, picked up all the sad leftovers bags, and unceremoniously pitched them. I’m not about to eat them after they’ve spent so long stored in non-sealed packaging. Stale chips are gross. They shouldn’t taste like peanuts. Forget it. Chips aren’t too pricey. I can get more.

And then, you know, not eat them.

Enjoy the pierced blonde teen here!

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Vanessa - Hot Young Latina
Click the picture for a hot gallery of a young, shaved Latina – Vanessa!

Okay guys, as was requested earlier, here’s another gallery of ‘Vanessa’. I still wish that they’d be a little harder. There are too many teasing teen porn sites on the internet. Vanessa is still attractive enough to garner a place on the web. If you want more free porn, don’t forget about girlsaresexy!

Anyways, slowing the pace….

The reading has continued, but considerably slowed – you know, work and everything.

If I were independently wealthy, and didn’t need to work, would I do it anyway? I’ve been thinking about that off and on over the past couple of days. I don’t think anything’s triggered it, except perhaps a bit of looming-deadline syndrome.

Suppose you were to win the lottery tomorrow, and it was for some ridiculously astronomical number – $50 million, or some other clearly-you-will-never-want-for-money-again kind of amount. Well. I suppose if you went nuts and started trying to buy rather large ticket items, like a fleet of jets, you could run short on money for your lifespan, but suppose you remain sane, and treat yourself to some luxuries, but nothing too too too out there. You know you can comfortably live the rest of your life without earning a single paycheque. Do you keep working anyway? Or do you neener-neener your boss and retreat to a life of leisure, spending your time and energy on whatever catches your fancy?



Let me get back to you on that.

Enjoy the Young Latina Vanessa here

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Three women strip a guy - CFNM
Click the picture to see porn hotty Victoria Valentino strip a guy with 2 of her friends!!

Okay guys, continuing in my favourite niche, here’s another CFNM gallery! I definitely prefer Partyhardcore.. Drunk CFNM is better than paid pornstar CFNM – but it’s still a hot gallery!! And yes, they do more than just strip him…

Anyways, apparently I’m a readaholic…

I’ve had my Nook for precisely three full days.

Saturday afternoon, I read a complete novel. A shortish novel, but a novel nonetheless. It was hardly riveting, and yet I could not put it down. Just kept flipping those epages, one after the other, until there were no more.

Saturday night, I started another book, just before going to sleep. I started Twenties Girl, by Sophie Kinsella. Yes, I like Sophie Kinsella – the storylines at points are almost too girly for my tastes, but I really enjoy the narrative style, and she throws in enough funny stuff that I can tolerate the bits of sappy mushiness, as they’re pretty short-lived and well spaced, and even when a character is being an absolute idiot, I don’t get so frustrated that I simply can’t stand to read another word. I read more of it on Sunday, not in one big session like I had the day before with Finger Lickin’ Fifteen, but I spent a fair amount of time on it, probably. I got roughly halfway through, but then again, it appears to be roughly double the length of the book I read Saturday, so I suppose really I was keeping the same pace.

Today I had to return my thoughts to work, which means no fiction reading, though I’ll likely sneak some in before drifting off to dreamland. It’s funny – I didn’t touch any fiction reading for so long, and then I get a wee taste of it and I’m suddenly hooked, craving the next fix.

I have this impression, though, that when I read Sophie Kinsella, some Briticisms sneak into my writing. It doesn’t happen with other authors – or is it subtle enough that I simply don’t notice? Can anyone reading this tell that I’ve been reading a lot of British writing in the past twenty-four hours? Did the writing get subtly more American in the twenty-four hours previous to that? (Janet Evanovich is American.) I find I really notice it after reading Sophie Kinsella. Suddenly things are brilliant. I must admit, I’m thankful that I don’t start tossing fab around – that one seems a bit much.

Of course, maybe it’s just all in my head, and I always just write like me.

Click here for the CFNM photos!

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