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Okay guys, here’s a new teen website you might like… It stars the young looking, European pornstar Abelinda! If you go to her site, you can see more hardcore galleries, double penetration galleries, and far more! I’ll be posting the Abelinda double penetration gallery in the next week…

Anyways, New Year, Blue Moon…..

I read somewhere recently that this New Year’s Eve, we’ll also be having a blue moon – which is the rarely-occurring second full moon in a month, because the lunar calendar and the solar calendar are not perfectly aligned. A blue moon is not to be confused with a harvest moon, which happens when the sun’s light is refracted in such a way that the moon appears to be a sort of rusty orange colour, or even almost red sometimes. I don’t understand why one lunar phenomenon that has nothing to do with colour is given a coloury name, while another lunar phenomenon that has everything to do with colour is given a non-coloury name.

Then there’s that The moon is made of blue cheese thing. What’s up with that? I remember seeing some program aimed at children, many many years ago, with Muppet-type puppet creatures but I don’t think they were actually Muppets, in which this mouse was obsessed with going to the moon because she had been told it was made of blue cheese, and, you know, mice are sort of bonkers for cheese. So she finally managed to get up there, and took her great big ceremonial first bite, and promptly spat it out, yelling, Yuck! That’s not blue cheese!

I do wonder about whoever it is, or was, that thought the moon looked like blue cheese. I’ve seen blue cheese, and I don’t think the moon bears any sort of resemblance to it. For starters, and it’s a pretty major starter in my mind, the moon does not have blue rivulets running through it. Craters, yes. Which, from what I can tell, blue cheese typically lacks. The only things blue cheese has going for it are its whitish colour, apart from the blue rivulets, and the crumbly look to it, which sort of resembles the moon, but there are other whitish crumbly cheeses out there. Why not The moon is made of feta cheese?

I wonder what the moon’s regolith feels like. I’m pretty sure I will never find out. As amazing as technological advances have been in my lifetime, affordable recreational lunar travel seems a bit out of reach….

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Okay guys – here’s another tattoo / cuckold / interracial gallery…. I gotta say, the bottoms she is wearing *really* don’t do her justice. She should be prevented from wearing them….
Anyways – it’s an interesting niche.. I’m sure some of you will enjoy it!!! She’s a little mature looking for my preferences..

Meanwhile, tree reflections….

I sit in the glow of my Christmas tree, which was put up just in time for Christmas. The 22nd, if my memory serves me.

My tree is pre-lit – no fussing with strings of lights for me. Which is good, because this way I can have 1000 multicoloured lights – they don’t twinkle, they’re not particularly fancy in any way, but they are festive and they make me happy, and I don’t have to worry about tangled cords.

There aren’t very many ornaments on my tree. One of my cousins does her tree up almost as if for show – she and her husband have a little chat about what sort of colour scheme they’d like, and then she goes out and buys ribbons and crafty materials and bedecks their tree in the agreed-upon colour scheme. The end result is very pretty. I, on the other hand, prefer a more eclectic tree – I’ve been picking up a couple of ornaments every year I’ve had it, and I had picked up a few before even getting a tree, and I’ve gotten some as gifts.

I remember seeing an ad on TV years ago – I think it was for those Hallmark ornaments – where this young newlywed couple is celebrating their first Christmas together, and they want to add one decoration to their tree for every year, and each ornament is carefully selected from Hallmark’s line of heirloom-worthy ornaments. At the end of the ad, you see the couple sitting in front of this massive tree, with one lonely ornament hung on it, and just before it fades to black, the guy says, “I think we should move it a little more to the left.” To avoid that sort of scenario, I whipped up a bunch of cheapo do-em-yerself decorations with plastic beads and some wire. I like them, they seem to do the trick… The tree doesn’t look *too* lonely!

As I sit in the glow of the tree’s lights, I can’t help but wonder – when am I going to get around to taking it down?

This may end up being an Easter tree….

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Blonde hairy pussy creampie
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Okay guys.. I thought the gallery above had more pictures.. Instead it’s a few pictures, and 2 small movies.. I’ve included more of the creampie movies down below…. I’m still not a fan of hairy white women.. At the very least, if they want pussy hair, they should still keep the lips shaved!! I guess you can tell that she’s not a true blonde though…

Anyways, they’re never where you need ’em….

Somehow, I have accumulated a large number of cordless phones….

My parents resisted the cordless phone for the longest time. Didn’t trust that through-the-air connection that needed to be established between handset and base for the thing to work, didn’t trust that the neighbours’ antennas (antennae?) couldn’t pick up their privately private conversations…. You know, because my parents are always discussing highly sensitive material over the phone. Identity theft can happen based off a dinner plan, doncha know.

All kidding and mocking aside, it was a long time before the cordless phone had a real presence in my parents’ home – my cousins had bought us one set as a housewarming gift, but it was pretty rarely used, and then the nickel cadmium battery went on it, so it wouldn’t hold a charge anymore, and just like that we were back to being a family with only corded landlines.

And then, when I was a teenager, I couldn’t stand it anymore, and requested a cordless phone as a gift. And I got it. And I haven’t looked back.

Now, I’m on my own, and somehow I have six, that’s right, six cordless phone handsets. I started with just one, which makes sense. Then, I bought an additional handset of the same type, because the base was one of those ones where you can add additional handsets on, and it seemed like a good idea to have two, so that if the battery is dead in one, the other still works, and I’m not forced to use the speaker phone on the base.

Then I got another expandable set as a gift, and because it came from Costco, it had four handsets in the set. I could have returned it. I thought about returning it. I didn’t because I was finding that the two existing handsets were always being abandoned in the same place, which is not where I typically am when I’m at home – don’t ask how this happens, I can’t logically explain it. I think it’s because I’m a phone walker – I get a bit restless when I’m having an actual conversation, maybe it’s nerves? It gets worse when I’m doing something like calling for an appointment somewhere. Anyway, bottom line, whenever the phone would ring, there would be a small scramble to find where I last left the handsets, and sometimes both of them would be dead dead dead. So I kept the new set of four. With six, I figured there will always be a nicely charged handset that isn’t hidden somewhere.

It would seem, however, that I have outsmarted myself, but not in a positive way, because even with six handsets, I still find myself rummaging and scrambling for phones. I also find now I have to do occasional phone roundups, where I go round actively looking for handsets, and checking their battery levels. Usually when I do this, one is completely dead, and two of the others are in need of a charge.

Good thing I have five chargers available to me….

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Blindfolded Bondage - Hardcore XXX
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Szofya Cox is a gorgeous European model.. I believe she’s actually Hungarian. This gallery is taken from a taboo/fetish site – and it only stars the hot, Euro models…. I’m wondering if European girls just tend to be more attractive, or if it’s because there’s a much larger talent pool to draw from??? I do like restraint porn!!

Anywyas…. Cookie cookie cookie…..

The holiday baking continued a few days ago, and another double batch of fiddly cookies emerged from my oven, smelling all wonderful. I happily filled up that roasting pan I have that I have never ever roasted anything in, but I have found it doubles handily as a cookie jar, in which case it holds quite a large number of cookies. I never get as many cookies as the recipe tells me I will – this time, I got 90, when I should have had 96.

I smiled at my overflowing cookie jar, smiling at my good cookie fortune.

And then I started packaging them up as gifts for others.

A dozen here, a dozen there, a half dozen here, a half dozen there. Before I knew it, my cookies were nearly half gone!

And I kept putting them out when people dropped by. That made the numbers dwindle even further.

So even though I baked 90 cookies, oh, the 22 or 23 of December, as of December 26, they are pretty well all gone, and I am thinking of baking up some more. Probably on Monday or Tuesday.

Hope everyone had a happy, cookie-filled Christmas!

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Merry Christmas 2009!!!

Okay guys.. I was up late getting these pictures ready – thinking that the last pictures Christmas pictures I took were me in my onesie…. Apparently, last Christmas, I happened to be wearing the *same* pajamas!!! And I guess I was feeling a bit more exhibitionist.
So… I apologize… And to make it up to you, I will make another gallery within the next two weeks… Trust me. It will be better :)

Kaori Christmas 2009 - Pictures - My XXX Blog Kaori Christmas 2009 - Pictures - My XXX Blog Kaori Christmas 2009 - Pictures - My XXX Blog
Kaori Christmas 2009 - Pictures - My XXX Blog Kaori Christmas 2009 - Pictures - My XXX Blog
Kaori Christmas 2009 - Pictures - My XXX Blog Kaori Christmas 2009 - Pictures - My XXX Blog Kaori Christmas 2009 - Pictures - My XXX Blog Kaori Christmas 2009 - Pictures - My XXX Blog
Kaori Christmas 2009 - Pictures - My XXX Blog Kaori Christmas 2009 - Pictures - My XXX Blog  

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