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Japanese Gameshow - Handjobs and blowjobs - Kobesurprise
Click the picture for some hot Japanese CFNM reality TV!!!

Okay guys, here’s a Japanese gameshow… It follows the Asian CFNM niche, and has a blowjob competition! I can’t say that every Japanese gameshow features sex, nudity, and girls in bikinis, but I will say that the Simpsons said it right “In America, your shows reward knowledge; In Japan, we punish ignorance! Homer: Ignor-what???? *ZAP*!!!” It’s true, a lot of our competitions do feature humiliation, pain, and perseverance. That being said, sometimes it’s interesting to see how many cum-covered pieces of sushi a girl will eat to make money!!!

Now, in yesterday’s post, Pat wanted me to list my top 5 favourite pornstars. Unfortunately, that’s a *really* hard question to answer…. Firstly, I tend to prefer amateur, lesser seen models getting down and dirty..

If I were to pick favourite “popular” models, I think I’d have to go first with someone along the lines of Sasha Grey / Sasha Gray… She’s young, looks innocent, and stands up for the ‘Porno Cause’. She was interviewed on Tyra, trying to stand up for the porn industry. She starred in the relatively mainstream movie ‘The Girlfriend Experience’, and has also starred in a 20 guy super gangbang, and admits that she loves rough sex!

But realistically, the gallery I posted today is more up my alley…. New girls getting dirty… Because they’re drunk, because they want money, because they’re just feeling dirty!! Bachelorette parties, competitions, etc…
Partyhardcore, Loverboys, CFNM…. ^_^

The Japanese blowjob competition pictures are here
The Japanese blowjob gameshow movies are here

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Young Blonde Teeny Bopper - Victoria White
Click the picture for a hot gallery of a slim blonde teen with big breasts getting her tight pussy fucked!

Okay guys, here’s a gallery starring Victoria White. It’s from the same guys who do ‘Mr. Chew’s Asian Beaver‘ – in fact, it’s part of the same network! I highly suggest checking them out… You can get a membership to all their sites..
Back on topic, I’m not a fan of Victoria White’s hair however… It kind of looks like a wig! In fact, I’m not sure I really like the ‘big hair’ look that we have now…..

Anyways, you can’t stop me!!

In the fall of 2007, I found myself in a position to take a little trip States-side and experience Black Friday shopping. It was fun! Sadly, I haven’t been in a position to repeat the journey, either last year or this year.

With the wonder of the internet, however, I’m still able to enjoy some post-turkey savings.

So I got an email from the online store I bought my high heeled Crocs sandals from – Surf and Dirt – saying that they were having a Black Friday week special, 15% off everything. So I started poking around in their inventory.

Next thing I know, I’ve got four pairs of Crocs in my basket – a duplicate of some flat sandals I already have that I really like, a pair in the same style in black, and some faux fur-lined flat slip on shoes – one pair in black, one pair in bronze.

Then that struck me as overly indulgent. So I removed the black sandals. The furry shoes were on sale before the 15% discount, so there was no way those were being passed by. And, well, I really like the other sandals. I placed my order.

There you have it. Black Friday deals without stepping foot on US soil.

Still, I’d like to make another trip some year. Maybe work scheduling will cooperate better in 2010.

The Victoria White teen hardcore sex gallery is here!
The Victoria White teen hardcore sex movies are here!

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College Coeds getting dared into lesbian sex
Click the pic for another naked drunk College Coed gallery!

Okay guys, I know I just posted one of these College Coed Dare galleries two days ago, but I’m lazy – today you get another one!!! Some hot lesbians shave each other’s pussies…. These naughty teens jam vibrators into their lesbian friends. It’s all good!!

Anyways, stabbeth!!!!!

Now, I had a flu a few weeks ago. Chances are excellent that it was the dreaded H1N1, but I never went and got myself tested or assessed or anything – so it is entirely possible that I had some other random flu. From what I understand, the chances of this are pretty slim – I’ve heard many individuals who have consulted with different physicians all saying that if you have had a flu this season, it was almost definitely H1N1, as no cases of seasonal flu have been reported yet. Still, I don’t know for sure.

So tonight, I lined up at a clinic for my H1N1 vaccination. Sure, I may already be immune by virtue of already having had it, but it never hurts to be sure – and it’s not the case that if you’ve already had H1N1, then the vaccine will cause your bronchial tubes to dissolve or something equally horrific. That being said, some friends were going to get it, and I figured I’d tag along just for fun…..

I was surprised at how non-painful the jab was – especially after having seen the length of the needle itself, which it needed to be since the vaccine is delivered deep into a muscle. I was quite glad that I got stuck before the child who threw a fit when he realized he was getting a jab – the clinic rang out with his terrified screams. I did have the misfortune of seeing one boy burst into tears when he got his before I had had mine – nothing like the pained expression on a child’s face to give you a little adrenaline kick when you realize you’re about to get exactly what he got, and you’re also a very wimpy person.

When the nurse asked me if I had any egg or poultry allergies, I told her about my troubles with eggs – how if I eat eggs, even the small amount on French toast, they make my tummy sore, but strangely I can tolerate them fine in baked goods. She figured I wouldn’t have any issues with the vaccine, but just to be sure, she wanted me to stay at the clinic for half an hour after my shot, so that if something should go wrong, there would be medical personnel nearby to help me. I didn’t much like the possibility of having an adverse reaction as I drove myself home, so I obediently sat in the waiting area for the prescribed length of time, listening to the chatter of people, infrequently punctuated by an upset child. That one terrified kid sounded like he was having a very traumatic experience.

And then I remembered a story my aunt told me, from when one of my cousins was a toddler, getting his booster shots. She couldn’t bear to be in the room with him, so she left him with the nurses and waited outside. She told me she knew the moment he had gotten his shot, because she heard him wail in pain, and then he tearfully hollered at the nurse, “Go away!” She said it made her cry. I wondered if that experience was traumatic for him. You’re in a little room with a couple of strangers, then suddenly your mother leaves and they’re sticking you with sharp things? I’m glad my mum stuck it out with me.

Enjoy the drunk college coed lesbian picture gallery is here
The college dares movie is here!

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Kyra Banks Gangbang - From GangbangSquad
Click the pic for a hot scientific gangbang!!!

Okay guys, I’m not so sure how I’d feel if I was Kyra Banks in the middle of this gangbang.. I think it would kind of freak me out that they’re all wearing masks, and covered head to toe… I’m not sure if I’d be wondering about whether they were worried about catching something from me, or whether I should be worried about catching something from them… Or whether I should be wearing a similar outfit???
Anyways, I know that a stand up DP (stand-up double penetration) is a pretty popular fetish – and it’s probably one of the best pictures of the gangbang gallery, so enjoy!!! It’s from GangbangSquad

Anyways, An untimely end…..

Last night, I had rice as part of my dinner, which means I cooked up a batch in my faithful, handy, and ever so cute Zojirushi rice cooker. I had just cleaned up a batch of pots and pans earlier in the afternoon, so I left the pan and the rice cooker on the stovetop, waiting for the next round of kitchen cleanup.

Tonight, I was reheating leftover soup from the weekend. I put the soup in a small pot, put it on the stovetop, turned on the burner, and walked away.

A short while later, I started hearing an odd popping sound. When I reheat leftover chili, I sometimes can hear a crackling sound, not sure why, so I figured the soup was making the noise, but I decided to play it safe and go investigate.

As I got closer to the stove, I detected a smell. A melting plastic smell. Oh, no.

When I got to the stove, I saw the problem. I had mentally reversed the burner controls, and had turned on the burner that was under the rice cooker, instead of the one under the soup pot. The soup was still stone cold.

The rice cooker?


Now it looks like this on the bottom, and a metal coil fell out when I picked it up off the burner, after having shut the burner off and turned on the fan to suck out as much of the toxic plastic fumes as possible. It’s totally not salvageable – I don’t even know what the metal coil that fell out is, never mind where I might try to put it back. My poor Zojirushi is going in the trash.

As for the stove? Puddles of melted plastic were where the burner is. After the burner and plastic had all cooled, I started attempting to clean the mess up. Some of the plastic came off fairly easily. Other bits were made of different plastic, and are a bit more tenacious in their grip. I’m going to have to find some implement to really scrape away with. Ugh.

The moral of the story? I mean, beyond keep me out of the kitchen.

Do not leave a lit burner unattended.

Enjoy the gangbang gallery here!

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Daredorm - College Coeds doing dares
Click the pic for free pictures of College Coeds getting dared while drunk!!

Okay guys, here’s another gallery from the same network of sites as I posted yesterday – The natural redhead teen with hairy pussy. They also have this college dorm dare site!! You get to see drunk college coeds daring each other into harder and harder dares… Until it turns into sex! The same guys do Moneytalks and Cumfiesta

Anyways, I have a problem..

Well, if we’re being truthful, I probably have several problems that could be discussed, but let’s just limit ourselves to this one, okay?

Yesterday, I was at a mall, and happened to step inside an Ecco store, just to browse a little bit – what can I say, I like shoes. I found some cute, work appropriate ones too – pumps, but with a non-stiletto heel, and a big decorative button on the top. I’m not describing it very well, because reading that makes me imagine really awful clunky things, but they really weren’t. In any event, they seemed like they were well made, and they seemed like they’d be comfy. I didn’t try them on though. Why not? Because when I flipped over the display shoe to look at the price, I saw a tag that said $160. Okay, fine, $159.99. I used to give my parents grief about that all the time when I was a kid. They’d round up to the nearest multiple of ten, or the nearest dollar, or whatever – in talking about prices, time, what have you – and I’d correct them with the precise measurement. It must have driven them nuts. There are times I wonder how they managed to not leave me to the wolves one night. But I digress.

Apparently, that one time I went to that one-day-only-door-crasher-line-up-outside-and-wait-your-turn-to-enter-the-store crazy blowout shoe sale, it did something to my sense of perspective when it comes to shoe pricing. $160 for a pair of shoes seems beyond ridiculous. About a month ago, I walked away from another pair of shoes I liked that the store wanted me to pay $100 for. When did I become one of those people who refuses to pay more than $60 for a pair of shoes?

Yep, I know – I’m doing the exact same rounding up thing I used to take my parents to task for years ago. Shhh. Don’t tell them – maybe they haven’t noticed.

Click here for the College Coed Dare pictures!

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