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Zombie Threesome - Halloween Porn
Here’s sexy Halloween porn pictures starring Joanna Angel & Andy San Dimas fucking a zombie!!

Okay guys – It’s Halloween tonight, and unfortunately all plans got put on hold for me!! No zombie sex.. (I guess that’s a good thing!!)

I hate the flu.

I am home today, trying to take it easy. I was pretty miserable this morning – headache, a few random aches in various joints, fever (101.9 F) and its associated sweats and chills, and my nose had sprung a leak. I took some Tylenol, and some Sudafed, and of course some Cold F/X and vitamin C.

Three hours later? Feeling pretty good. Maybe there’s hope that I’ll be back to normal on Monday after all.

Enjoy the Zombie porn here!

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Gigi Spice - Latina Girl dressed in a Nurse
Click the pic for a hot Halloween porn picture set of cute Gigi Spice dressed as a nurse!!

Okay guys… I think I need some of Gigi Spice’s attention.. I need a nurse to take care of me!

Yesterday’s post was rather grouchy, but I think I know why now….

Tonight, I’m running a fever. My thermometer tells me that I have a temperature of 101 F, which is 38 C. I have some aches. I’ve been dozing a fair bit since I got home from work.

So all that lethargy and unwillingness to do much of anything? It’s because I was coming down with a flu.

Now, my symptoms are pretty mild – that’s not a wild fever, I’m not crippled with pain and bedridden, and actually my energy level is not too bad. I don’t move too quickly, but I’m not completely averse to moving. When I’m up, I’m pretty alert – not lost in a confused, spinny haze.

Still. With all the hyperness about H1N1, I’m staying home tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll be recovered for Monday.

This probably means I should get my flu vaccines this year.

Stupid flu…..

Enjoy the Gigi Spice halloween gallery here!

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Aaliyah Love - Angel or Devil? Halloween porn
Click the pic for a hot gallery of Aaliyah Love!!!

Okay guys, is Aaliyah Love an Angel?? or a Devil??? I hope you enjoy Aaliyah dressing up in a costume for some nice Halloween porn!!!

Anyways, I’m all tapped out…

I’ve hit the dinner wall….

I am completely uninspired when it comes to cooking. Nothing seems like a good idea. Everything seems overly fussy and fiddly – not worth the effort.

I don’t know what happened. It’s not as though I’ve been a gourmet chef round these parts for the past two months. Tonight’s dinner was ramen noodles with carrots mixed in, and I actually had that on Monday night as well. Yesterday was frozen fish and a spring greens salad – one of those bag mixes. Sunday I actually got takeout – Subway – and Saturday I had the good fortune of invading someone else’s home for dinner. The last time I actually cooked was Friday – and that was a stir fry. Not exactly a culinary masterpiece.

It’s also not the case that I’ve lost my appetite, either. I’m just weirdly burnt out about the whole meal planning, preparing, and cleanup routine. I don’t know how my mother does it. We almost never had takeout, though we did go see my grandparents for dinner at least once or twice a week. Why can’t I suck it up and cook my own food?

I just want to sit down when I get home, and have someone bring some yummies to me. Is that so much to ask?

Oh? It is? Okay then.

Sigh. I’m going to try a Moroccan couscous this Friday. Maybe that will help with this funk and lethargy.

Enjoy the Aaliyah Love Halloween gallery here!

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Pumpkin Fucking - Halloween Porn
Click the pic for a hot porn gallery of Bella Vendetta fucking a pumpkin!!

Okay, pumpkin sex isn’t really my thing.. No matter what the season.. Halloween, Thanksgiving…. That being said, I usually like to try to get a few holiday themed porn galleries up around each major holiday… This one happened to be goth girl Bella Vendetta fucking a pumpkin!!

Anyways, it’s about control vs. convenience….

I saw a poster today advertising for a grocery delivery service. Basically, once a week, they send a box to your home that is full of fresh produce, so that you can eat healthy without having to make a trip to the grocery store.

Very handy service. I know I often hit up against the wall of not having appropriate food on hand for making dinner, where the options end up being either making the trek to the store and delaying my food consumption by anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour, or I eat ramen noodles – hardly the pinnacle of a well-balanced meal.

Then again, I can see a downside to this service – someone else is picking my produce for me. I suspect you don’t place an order for what you want and how much of it, and probably they are mindful not to give you bad or damaged produce, but some folks are more particular than others. I have an inkling that I fall on the pickier side of the spectrum, and I’m not sure I’d do well with produce that was handed to me, without me being to evaluate how it compared to its peers. I’m also not sure how I feel about paying for produce that I might not eat.

I guess this means unless I learn to relax a bit, I’ll be fetching my own groceries…. I still wouldn’t mind having a cook, a maid, and a butler!!!

Enjoy the halloween porn gallery here!

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Blonde Teen with 30G breasts
Click the pic for a hot gallery of a blonde teen with very large, natural 30G breasts!!

Okay guys, I can’t imagine that she’s actually a 30G – unless you’re measuring Japanese style… I imagine she’s more like a 36DD. But eitherway, Emily is cute, with big cushy breasts!! And yeah, it’s almost Halloween!!!

Anyways, I can’t eat just one…

When I was a sprout, potato chips were a rare treat. Still, they were a treat – I definitely liked them. When they would get them, my parents would just buy the regular ones – plain salty potato goodness.

Then, I hit a weird bump when I was 14. For reasons that now escape me, I decided that potato chips were no longer delicious. Instead, they were too greasy. I did not eat potato chips for quite some time – at least two years, I think. Like I said, it was strange. People around me would be chowing down, enjoying, and kindly offer me some, and I would look at them and all I could see was grease, and I would smile, and shake my head while holding up my hands as though I would push the bowl away if it came any closer, and say No, thanks.

Since then I have reestablished my friendship with the humble potato and his thinly sliced, deep fried and seasoned form. Them’s good snacking.

Unless they’re covered in dill pickle seasoning, or sour cream and onion seasoning. Those I don’t care for, and will pass on anyway. There are other flavours I haven’t tried, and don’t see myself getting too enthusiastic about. Things like smoky bacon – I don’t eat bacon, why would I want its flavour all over my chips?

Deep down, I think my preferred potato chip is still the regular salted chip. Followed closely by ketchup flavoured chips – I guess this means I would have a bit of trouble living in the US. Oh, and those black pepper and lime ones that Miss Vickie’s makes. Those are really good too.

Munch munch munch….

Enjoy the big breasted gallery from Emily’s Dream here!

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