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Anyways, today I saw a little video clip about a new motion-sensing controller that’s in development for the PS3. The device at this point in development looks a bit like a microphone – it’s basically a glowing sphere on a cylinder. There are buttons on the cylinder, for gameplay, and the glowing sphere is what allows for positioning of the controller – it’s used in conjunction with the PlayStation Eye, and the camera tracks the movement of the glowing ball, and figures how that should be positioned in the game software. According to the developers, this allows for fantastic precision. The cylinder is also equipped with devices that detect force of motion and the angle of the controller as well. It seems that there is a wide range of controls that can be achieved with this device, which makes for exciting gaming opportunities.

Now, I’m not sure how I feel about the glowy microphone controller itself – on the one hand, the glow and the microphone shape appeal to me, yet at the same time there’s a hokey factor there that I can’t ignore. Still, as I watched this video, I could feel some excitement building. I was thinking, Imagine the shooting gallery type games you could have with a controller like this.

I really like the shooting games. I bought a light gun back in the day when I had a PlayStation, and there was one game in particular that I really enjoyed although right now I can’t remember the name for the life of me. If this controller gets fully developed and made available, there’s a lot of potential for these kinds of games to come back. Imagine – you shoot by aiming at targets on the screen, be they typical targets or zombie-type targets, to reload you could do some sort of gesture with the controller, rather than just shooting off screen (yep, I’m looking at you, Time Crisis and House of the Dead), and they could even integrate non-shooting bits into the gameplay, like knocking away obstacles. It could be really really fun!

Now I’m all wound up. How am I supposed to sleep tonight?

Ah, who am I kidding – I’ll be out within five minutes of lying down.

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Anyways, oh me oh my….

I’ve blogged previously about my leisurely weekend breakfasts, during which I kick back in jamamas and watch some TV. For some time now, I’ve taken to watching old episodes of sitcoms that were wildly popular in their heyday, and have since come to an end – not through cancellation due to dwindling popularity, but because the makers of the show, perhaps the actors, decided the time had come to end.

First up was Seinfeld. I had never watched it when it was airing. It was fun.

Next, Frasier. I had watched a few episodes here and there, but I worked my way through them in chronological order. More fun.

Now, I’m moving onto Friends. This one I did watch most of near the end, but haven’t seen any episodes in a few years, and thought it might be fun to revisit the gang again… Especially now that I’m a bit older, and more able to understand the humour…

So far, I’ve watched two, the pilot, and the second episode. They’re not quite as funny now as I thought they were back then, but they’re still fun. I’ve noticed, though, that everything is much more closely tied to the trends and fashions of the time. All the things that made the show so hip back in the late 90’s now make it seem rather tired. I didn’t have this same impression watching Seinfeld or Frasier.

I’ll keep going, and rewatch the whole series. Still, watching this one sort of makes me feel, well, old….

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Okay guys, here’s another Partyhardcore gallery to start your week off right!!! If you want more dirty girls with male stripper videos, you can also check out Dancing Bear. I’ve included the Partyhardcore video gallery here as well… Even though they’re a bit short! ^_^

Anyways, success….

Not so long ago, someone sent me a dinner suggestion – a sort of sauteed shrimp dish, served over rice. The suggestion was essentially two pictures – one of the shrimp sizzling away in the pan, the other of the shrimp resting on a bed of rice – along with a one-line description of the cooking method listing the necessary components for preparation.

So all I knew was that I needed shrimp, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and parsley. No quantities, though.

Now, I’m hardly a good cook. I’m moderately competent, I can follow a recipe. Winging it? That’s getting into risky territory.

But nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

I tried it out. This is what I did:

1) Start rice cooker on some white basmati rice, well in advance of cooking the shrimp.
2) Peel and crush two cloves of garlic.
3) Defrost and shell frozen shrimp.
4) Heat about 2 tbsp (30 mL) of olive oil in frying pan.
5) Add crushed garlic, cook a bit.
6) Add shrimp.
7) Add about 2 tbsp (30 mL) of lemon juice.
8) Swizzle shrimp around in pan until nearly cooked through.
9) Add a couple of dashes of salt, stir shrimp around in the pan a bit.
10) Sprinkle liberally with dried parsley flakes – probably about 1 tbsp (15 mL) total.
11) Gently arrange shrimp on a bed of rice. Drizzle a little of the olive oil/lemon juice mixture over top for good measure.

I thoroughly enjoyed my little experiment! Seemed to turn out well enough, definitely worth a repeat attempt. I’m a little disappointed with myself in that I didn’t bother to measure out ingredients in any careful sort of way. I was just flying by the seat of my pants, so the measurements given above are really estimations based on what I remember eyeballing at the time, and should in no way be interpreted as precise quantities. I also think that next time I do this I’ll make brown rice instead of white – the white was nice enough, but I suspect the additional flavour of the brown rice will add a nice dimension.

I must admit – this successful attempt does bolster my culinary confidence.

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Okay guys, here’s a hot, blonde, brazilian teen with a nice ass and a cute smile!! I bet she wishes she had shaved her pussy an hour or two before the shoot though!! She looks kind of bristly! Or should that have been…. A Brazilian wax???

Anyways, last night, I watched The Shawshank Redemption. I’d never seen it before, but I’d heard it was very good. Normally, I’m not so much into the drama-type movies – if the movie lacks explosions, wild action sequences, magical special effects, and is not billed as a comedy, I’m probably not going to be terribly interested.

So you can see how The Shawshank Redemption sort of escaped my notice for so long – it doesn’t really have any of those things I typically look for in an entertaining movie. Sure, there’s some beautiful cinematography, but that’s not on my list. Sure, there are some funny moments in the movie, and a fair chunk of the dialogue has some wit to it, but it certainly wouldn’t be classified as a comedy. So I was broadening my horizons a bit.

And? I liked it. I quite enjoyed it, actually. It really was a very good movie.

Now, the packaging said that the movie had been nominated for seven Oscars. I noted the use of the words nominated for as opposed to winner of. I was intrigued – why didn’t it win any?

Enter IMDb. This film was nominated for:

*Best Actor (Morgan Freeman)
*Best Cinematography
*Best Film Editing
*Best Music, Original Score
*Best Picture
*Best Sound
*Best Writing, Screenplay based on writing from another medium

So what happened? Why didn’t it win any of these?

Take a look at the films that did win:

*Best Actor: Tom Hanks, for Forrest Gump
*Best Cinematography: Legends of the Fall
*Best Film Editing: Forrest Gump
*Best Music, Original Score: The Lion King
*Best Picture: Forrest Gump
*Best Sound: Speed
*Best Writing, Screenplay based on writing from another medium: Forrest Gump

Tough crowd. Apparently, 1994 was a very good year for movies….

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Heya guys – here’s another ‘lolita inspired’ gallery that’s actually pretty hot! It stars a slim brunette teen with a shaved pussy and a pierced belly button having sex with the ice cream man! She starts off in a school girl outfit, chasing after the ice cream truck so she can buy a phallic shaped popsicle, and ends up licking a giant sucker as she gets fucked by the large cock of the ice cream man!

Anyways, it’s rationalizing…


I’ve been having a fair amount of Coke lately. I think I had at least one dose serving everyday for most of August, and since then I don’t think I’ve been doing the daily thing, but I certainly haven’t been skipping more than two days a week. Maybe even only one day a week has been Cola-free.

My initial reaction to this realization was a sort of knee-jerk disappointment. Oh, that’s not good, I thought. Too much caffeine, too much sugar. I know this one guy, he went to the doctor because he was having weird issues with his heart racing and palpitating, and the doctor told him it was too much Coke, and he was ordered to not have any more for a full year so that he could fully detox and get his heart back to normal. I thought carefully about how much I’ve been consuming lately, and I remembered his story, and I mentally shook my head sadly, thinking that perhaps the time had come for me to detox as well.

But wait. Hold the phone.

This guy, he was having Coke everyday, but he was also drinking lots everyday. As in, he would go through a 2 L bottle of it everyday. At least. That’s a lot! It’s also far more than what I’ve been having – sure, I might have some everyday, but most days I limit myself to a single can. That’s 355 mL. Okay, some days I might go bonkers and have two cans. That’s 710 mL. Probably the most I ever consume within a 24 hour period is 800 mL. Less than one litre. Less than one half of what Mr. Coke-induced-heart-condition was downing.

And and and! People drink coffee all the time. At least one cup a day. It doesn’t seem to have any adverse effects. Okay, yes, if someone overdoes it one day they may be jittery and weird for a bit, but I don’t know of anyone suffering from any chronic conditions that are the direct result of long-term daily coffees. Coffee also has more caffeine in it than Coca-Cola does. So even with daily Coke, I’m still on the lighter end of the caffeine scale, as I don’t drink coffee at all.

Right? Right?

Sounds reasonable and rational to me. Now pass me that unopened can of the good stuff.

Anyways, enjoy the icecream bang bang gallery here!

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