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Thai Asian Anal
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Heya guys.. Here’s another Thai Anal gallery for you to enjoy!! Personally, I’m thinking about a nice Thai Curry…. I don’t think it’s good for me to be thinking about food this late at night!

Anyways… It’s irksome…

Usually, if I need to go up or down only one or two floors, I will take the stairs. I tell myself it’s good for me. I tell myself it will be faster than waiting for an elevator. I remind myself that if the elevator travels between more than three floors, then it will also prevent me from annoying other people who are using the elevator to travel greater distances than I.

Because, really, when you step into an elevator with the intention of going up, say, eight floors, it’s annoying when someone gets in with you on the main floor and hits that ‘2’ button. I’ve felt that pang of irritation as the elevator gets going, only to stop again so that this person can get out, when they really could have easily just gone up the stairs. I lose fifteen seconds out of my day to save them a relatively small amount of physical effort. That being said, I’m not so heartless that I get miffed at people who need the elevator, even just for one floor – you know, those with mobility issues, or those pushing strollers or with a small child in tow, or those carrying huge armloads of stuff. After all, I think I’ve been one of those people carrying the big armloads of stuff, and an elevator makes life so much easier when you can’t see the stairs in front of you.

Yesterday, though, as I was travelling down to the ground level from the eleventh floor of an even higher rise building, one person got on the elevator, and what he did made my blood boil, I actually wonder if I made a crazy rage face at him behind his back – there were no mirrors in the elevator, and the doors were not sufficiently polished so that he could actually see my reflection or anything, so I’m not worried about him having seen me or anything.

What did he do?

He called the elevator at the fifth floor.

He stepped off the elevator at the fourth floor.

This guy called an elevator in a high rise building so that he could travel down a single floor.

Apparently, it bugged me enough that a full 24 hours later, I’m still thinking about it, and seething a little inside too.

Good thing Cola’s an effective antidote for rage. For me, at any rate….

Enjoy the Thai Anal gallery here!

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Michelle Wild - Classic Car Porn
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Hey guys! Here’s a classic car porn gallery from Private.Com featuring pornbabe Michelle Wild having group sex on the hood of a classic convertible!! I feel a little bad for the owner of the car. I wonder if he knew that his hood would be bearing the weight of 3 people…. Getting dented by some guy’s butt cheeks, and a girl’s knees? I don’t think sex on a car is really a smart thing to do – even though skin shouldn’t really scratch the paint!

Obviously, I didn’t get to experience the 50’s… Or the 60’s… or even the 70’s… And I was way too young in the tail end of the 80’s to really understand the culture at that time. Still, when I see a classic car cruising down the road – a convertible – I sometimes wish that I was in the car, wearing a poodle skirt, on the way to a milkshake shop!!!

These desires must be completely fueled by TV, musicals and music. I can almost imagine feeling the sun on my skin, wind whipping through my hair, as we cruise down the road listening to old tunes.

I think I blame the Beach Boys.
And Grease….

At the same time, I think about how life must have been different. Now, we can kill time by watching TV, playing our portable video games, and sitting in cool movie theaters to beat the summer heat…. It must have been so different to not have these ‘easy’ distractions. Having to play ‘board games’ with friends, go out to dances… I’d almost like to experience it!

Anyways, enjoy the Private.Com hardcore dp gallery here!

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Shaved Japanese Teen - Mariko
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Okay guys, here’s more of Mariko…. Just in time for the weekend! I hope you guys like her!! I have several more met-art galleries featuring her…. and hopefully, we’ll start to see her on other websites!! In the meantime, Met-art has other hot models for you to enjoy as well, and you can save money on the Met-Art subscription by going here

Anyways, it’s a fiery ball of lies….

For as long as I can remember, everyday I wake up, wait a bit for morning groggies to pass, and then proceed to make a final decision about what I will wear. I say final decision because usually, I’ve given the matter some consideration the night before – not always, some mornings I’m flying by the seat of my yet-to-be-chosen pants, but usually I’ve got something in mind. Part of the final decision making process, then, is an evaluation of whether the items I’ve chosen are actually suited to the day I am about to face.

Typically, I do this by checking out how sunny it is. In my mind, sunny means warmer, cloudy means cooler.

Now, when I stop and think about it, the error in this line of logic is just appalling. Yet I continue to make use of it, no matter how many times it leads me wildly astray.

In the wintertime, there’s really no issue, because I live in Canada – I can run with the default assumption that it is freaking cold, put on a sweater, and be comfortable.

I run into trouble with the other seasons, though, especially summer, when the days are so long – the sun is really up when I wake up. I have an east facing bedroom, with blackout shades on the window, but they weren’t quite properly measured before they were installed, so little slivers of sunlight peek through the sides in the morning. Annoying, but apparently not too annoying – I have yet to run out and buy a curtain rod and side curtains to block those sneaky sunbeams. So these little glimpses of sunshine are what I base my final clothing decision on. If they’re strong, and a little warm feeling, I figure it must be a warm day, and dress accordingly. If they’re faint, or non-existent, then I figure it’s a cooler day with overcast skies, and I dress a bit warmer.

Which explains why I can think that it’s totally appropriate to wander outside in just a light t-shirt and breezy pants when it’s only 15 C outside.

It makes for a very brisk walk.

Enjoy the athletic nude Japanese teen Mariko here

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Male Strippers and Drunk Women - Partyhardcore
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Okay guys, I posted a Dancing Bear male stripper gallery earlier… But I haven’t posted too many Partyhardcore galleries recently! Tonight, just for you guys, I spent time collecting and organizing Partyhardcore galleries.

I realize that I could have spent time catching up on all the work I have that’s due in less days than I have fingers. I also could have spent time catching up on my neglected knitting.. Finishing up gifts that I had promised people months ago. Instead, as usual, I was surfing for interesting porn to post, and tidying up some of my forgotton pornsites (like lostcherries and girlsaresexy.

Sometimes I wonder if I should have gone into journalism. I enjoy writing and find it quite cathartic!

Anyways, it’s late, and time for me to go to bed! Enjoy the Partyhardcore gallery

Videos are here

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Korean Teen Anal - Group Sex
Click the pic for a hot Korean Teen Anal gallery!

Okay guys – maybe I should have left this Korean teen anal gallery until a Friday night.. Some time when not too many people are awake to look at it, and don’t have time to check back in until I have a second blog post up….. I’m not even sure why I picked this gallery in the first place? I guess just because it was Asian, group sex, and anal! She’s more attractive then she looks in my preview picture! ^_^

Anyways, it’s secret time….

Yes, I see the irony of writing up a little blurb about something I’m claiming is a secret, and then posting it on a blog for all the world to see.

My main concern, though, is that this secret remains a secret from three people: my mother, my father, and my dentist…. None of which I hope even *know* about this blog…

The big secret? Lately, I have been feeling too lazy to floss my teeth before bed with increasing frequency.

Not that I find flossing to be some sort of strenuous activity, demanding super high energy levels or anything – I’m not Olympic flossing here. Just your normal, run of the mill flossing.

But, if I’m feeling sort of tired, or lethargic – you know, lazy – I’ll spend a few moments to think back on what I ate during the day. Did I eat anything that would easily get caught between my teeth? If I did, have I eaten anything else since then? Or did I have a relatively easy chewing sort of day? And if I determine that there shouldn’t be anything stuck between my teeth, I will go ahead and skip the flossing part of my bedtime hygiene routine.

Never mind that I know that plaque builds up in very tiny spaces, and if left there it can harden into tartar, and cause tooth decay, and cause gingivitis. You’d think with my dental history I’d be obsessively flossing after every meal and snack.

Now pinky swear you won’t tell my mum and dad!!!

Don’t tell them about this blog either. Or the fact that I was posting an Asian Group Sex gallery here. Enjoy!!!

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