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Hot American Asian Porn Teenager - Ariel Spinner
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Okay guys, I have a feeling you’re going to like Arial Spinner – she’s a hot, young teen asian that just launched her website a few months ago! She does lesbian, sex toy/dildo, and I think even hardcore! I have a bunch of galleries to post of Ariel Spinner in the next few days….

Anyways, It’s all about timing…

Last summer, I went on a trip with a small group to Las Vegas. We had a grand old time. We saw . We saw The Phantom of the Opera. We saw Wayne Brady. We saw Wayne Newton. We saw the Bellagio’s water fountain dance to Time to Say Goodbye. We decided that if we could find a decent flight and hotel deal, we’d do it again this year.

Earlier this year, as conversations started to move towards the Vegas trip, we would talk about how this year, we’d be smarter about it. We’d try to pick a time when we could catch certain celebrity shows. I’d heard David Spade was doing standup shows, as well as Jay Leno.

In the end, we didn’t bother with that, and just picked a set of days. Then, when we arrived, we saw a sign announcing that Jerry Seinfeld would be performing starting the day after we were scheduled to leave. We totally missed David Spade too – by weeks, if not months. We did catch David Copperfield though.

I guess, really, there’s no such thing as timing a trip to Vegas just right – there’s always something going on, some new show opening while some other one is closing its doors. And about a billion Cirque du Soleil shows. I saw O and Zumanity on this trip.

Knowing when to walk away from a slot machine is a different matter, however….

Enjoy the Ariel Spinner gallery here!

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Male Strippers Drunk Women - Dancing Bear Pictures

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Okay guys – this male stripper gallery from Dancing Bear features a Birthday party – in which one girl drinks the stripper’s cum out of a glass to the drunken cheers of her friends!
It’s actually kind of nasty… but kinky too!! ^_^ Enjoy the male stripper gallery, and Partyhardcore has more!!

Anyways, I’m still adjusting….

Now that I’ve had a couple of days to adjust, and a chance to wash my hair myself, I’m going back on what I said earlier. I don’t think this round of trimming left me with shorter than ever hair. I think it’s about the same as it was the last time I was in for a cut. All the augh, shorter! talk was just shock, I guess.

This leads me to believe that there is a fair amount that I don’t know about how hair grows. It seems like it should be fairly simple and straightforward – each hair strand grows out at a uniform rate from the scalp. Generally speaking, I notice about a half inch of growth each calendar month.

The amount of hair that was actually trimmed off and abandoned on the salon floor, however, seemed to far exceed what should have been about an inch and a half off every strand on my head. As she put in layers to reshape my mop, she seemed to be lopping a fair-sized chunk off of some sections. The surprising thing, to me, at least, is that she did all this at the last cut too. If my hair only grew about an inch and a half, maybe two inches, how can she go through and chop away as if this was the first time I was getting this particular style cut, with some pieces losing four or five inches?

It does feel rather liberating, though, to look down at the trimmings on the floor after a cut, and think to yourself, Phew, look at all that dead weight that I’m no longer carrying around with me. Anyways, it’s off to see a show tonight!

Enjoy the dancing bear free pictures here!

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Young amateur teen pictures
Click the pic for a hot gallery of sexy young teens taking homemade pictures!!

Okay guys, as you might be able to tell from my blog post, I’m in a place where I see a lot of young teens dressed like the girls in the gallery – slutty!!! Dressed in as little as possible, shorts that show off their butt cracks and cheeks, etc! The gallery above comes from a site dedicated to homemade teen photographs – teens getting drunk and dirty!!!

Anyways, there was a lov-e-ly bunch of coconuts…

Deedle dee dee.

Last summer, I visited M&M World in Las Vegas for the first time. While there, I picked up a big baggie of chocolate cherry M&Ms.

Love ’em.

I’ve been very careful in how I eat them. Only a few at a time, and not very frequently. In fact, I still have some from last year! Still, I figured it would be a good idea for me to stock up on them the next time I found myself in fabulous Las Vegas.

Fast forward to today. I’m in Sin City on a spur of the moment trip with some friends…. I walk into M&M World, make a beeline for the wall of M&Ms, and lo – no chocolate cherry. I ask an employee about them. I am told they were limited edition, and are therefore no longer available. Phooey.

So what’s the current limited edition flavour? Coconut.

So I bought a bag of coconut M&Ms. I have since smapled them. They are very nice. Not as nice as the cherry, but still very nice.

I also bought a bag of dark chocolate M&Ms.

In fact, I bought probably way more M&Ms than I should have. I ended up spending far more than is reasonable on chocolate candies.

Well, I’m set for at least another year. $93 worth of M&M’s….. and some Coca-Cola pajamas from the store next door!!!

I wonder what next year’s limited edition flavour will be???

Enjoy the drunk teen photographs from the gallery above!

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Thai Lesbians
Click the pic for a hot gallery of Thai Lesbians!!!!

Okay guys – here’s a sexy asian lesbian gallery! One Asian teen has her pussy pierced, another Asian is blonde… I guess you get a bit of asian lesbian groupsex variety!!!

Anyways….. Squish…….

I am not a particularly flexible person. In fact, my back won’t really bend much – I can arch my back, but bending the other way is a bit of a no go. So when I try to do a somersault, instead of rolling like a ball, I kind of roll like an egg – up towards a tipping point, then over with a bit of a whoosh of movement.

Given my limited experience with folding my own body, contortionists are to my mind a mysterious breed. How do they do that? I saw a show tonight featuring four Asian contortionists, and they were able to do amazing things. They did the thing where they bend over backwards so far that their feet are on either side of the head. They would balance on one hand, arch their backs so that even though the upper torso was parallel to the ground, the bum was pointing straight up, and then they would extend the legs into the splits. There was lots of slow twisting and extending into various poses.

It was very neat to watch, almost mesmerizing.

And as I was watching, I couldn’t help but wonder, when a person bends the torso like that, where do the internal organs go? Is it possible to shift your kidneys around so they don’t interfere with that mighty back bend???

Anyways, enjoy the asian lesbians here!!!

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Hardcore amateur women drunk and with male strippers - Free videos and pictures
Click the pic for a free partyhardcore gallery!!!!!

Okay guys, time for some more random partyhardcore pictures and videos…. Hope it tickles your fancy!!! More drunk women with male strippers – fucking and sucking!

Anyways, it’s shorter…

I didn’t think to take a before picture of my hair earlier.

It’s too late now – it’s shorter. Totally shorter. The shortest it’s been yet on this latest short hair spree. Well, I suppose it’s not really short in overall length, but the layers are clipped up shorter than they were before – she really went to town trimming up those layers. I suppose the result is very summery, and I do think it looks good. It’s just so short! I’m happy, but I’m still sort of in a state of shock over it.

I had been thinking that I might wait till November for my next haircut – let this grow out some for wintertime. With these layers clipped up the way they are, I suspect I have a better chance of lasting that long before the thickness just drives me bonkers.

Provided my bangs don’t drive me nuts before then.

Anyways, these partyhardcore videos feature hairy, unshaved pussies, and group sex!!!!

The videos are here

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