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I went to see my optometrist today. My last eye checkup was in March 2008, and though I had had my most recent post-vision-correction check done in September 2008, I thought it would be a good idea to go see my eye doctor anyway. We are, after all, approaching my own Independence Day – July 4 is when I had my eyes surgically repaired.

So I updated the doctor about my newly corrected vision, and brought him a copy of the final report on my eyes that was done by the clinic – showing the vital statistics of my eyes both pre and post operatively. My vision was checked – 20/20 in both eyes. Awesome. There is, however, a wee bit of astigmatism, but it doesn’t require any correction. Funny, because I remember the moment during the zapping when the surgeon told me that the laser was correcting the small degree of astigmatism that had been there before. Oh well, it doesn’t really matter, because I see well now anyhow.

Then the optometrist told me that he didn’t need to see me for another two years.

Two years?

This is unheard of for me, as I’ve been obediently getting my eyes checked once a year for as long as I can remember – in the early years, it was important to make sure that my glasses were keeping up with my eyes’ decline, and then later, it was important to make sure that all was well with my contact lenses. Now that I have neither, I don’t need to be so vigilant, I guess.

It’s weird to think that I won’t see my optometrist again until 2011!!!

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Anyways, how prompt..

A notice came in the mail for me.

It was from Canada Customs and Revenue Agency. It was a past due notice for a small amount of money they determined I owed them after some refiguring of my tax information.

The thing is, I had already paid that balance – I had mailed a cheque, quite some time ago.

I logged into my bank account to check. Yup, the cheque cleared on June 12.

I looked at the notice. It said that if I had already sent my payment, I could disregard the notice, however if my payment had been more than fifteen days prior to the current date that I should call them.

I looked at the date on the notice. It said June 23, 2009.

I thought to myself, Well that’s bad news. If the cheque cleared my account on June 12, then there should be no past due notice being generated for me on June 23. June 12 is way before June 23.

So I phoned them this morning. After first getting a busy signal, then wading through the electronic menu, I finally got myself a person, who reconfirmed all the information that the electronic menu had asked me to input, and then I explained why I was calling. She pulled up my file, took a look, then confirmed for me that yes, my cheque had indeed cleared – which I already knew – and confirmed that I did not have a balance owing, and would be receiving a notice to this effect, sometime near the end of July.

Relieved, I thanked her, saying that I had been worried upon seeing the date on the notice, which was long after the money had been removed from my bank account.

Her reply?

“Well, that notice was generated on May 25, that’s why your payment wasn’t showing up in the system yet.”

So the past due notice was created in May, but wasn’t actually printed and sent until June.


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Okay guys, this gallery comes from the makers of PartyHardcore and DrunkSexOrgy… It features the fetish of ‘fully clothed’ people fucking! Personally, it’s not really my ‘thing’, but I’m sure some of you will enjoy the fetish!!!

Also, I’ve noticed that my site was acting slower and slower for the past few months, so I had my hosts server techs take a look at it… They did a few optimizations to the linux OS it was running, and hopefully, my site will behave better for you guys now!!! Let me know if you’ve noticed the speed increase!!

Anyways, can you say ‘aggressive advertising’??

I decided today that I should probably clear out some of the old Victoria’s Secret catalogues I have kicking around. They come in the mail, and they come tucked into the package when I order stuff, and I hang on to them for a bit so that I might leaf through them to see if there’s anything I want. Not sure why I do this – I won’t buy anything unless it’s on a good sale or on clearance, and lately the only time I go browsing through those bins online is during the Semi-Annual Sale.

Today, though, I decided that pulling them out of the, to be honest, pile of crap that is on top of my kitchen table might be a baby step in the direction of sorting through and getting rid of the pile of crap. So I did a quick purge.

As it turns out, I found twelve catalogues in my kitchen. That’s right. Twelve. The kicker? I have a feeling there are more, not in the kitchen.

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Okay guys, here’s another Yumi Lee gallery! In this one, the sexy shaved asian Yumi is smoking a cigarette after playing with her sex toys…. Now, I’m not a smoker, so I’m not sure of the attraction of puffing away on a cigarette after a particularly vigarous orgasm…. Anybody want to contribute? Apparently ‘Girls Smoking‘ is quite a fetish…

Anyways, I wonder if it’s an alternate reality…

Thanks to the strength of the Canadian dollar in the summer of 2008, along with my discovery of Steep and Cheap – resulting in what I now like to refer to as The Summer of Steep and Cheap – I now have a rather, er, impressive collection of Icebreaker sweaters. They range from long sleeved heavier weight pullovers meant for cold weather wear to light weight short sleeved tees and camisole tops designed for use in warmer temperatures – or as a base layer under heavier pullovers for those colder days.

One of the tees I have is a black hoodie tee, with a green butterfly graphic on it. I decided to wear it today. When I pulled it out of the drawer, I was surprised to see the green silhouette image of multiple butterflies on the front. I was expecting to see only one butterfly in the image.

This isn’t the first time this hoodie has surprised me. I was packing this tee to go on a trip, and again was expecting to see the single butterfly, and was surprised to pull it out of the drawer and see the many. And it happened again when I pulled the tee out of the suitcase.

Now, Steep and Cheap displays images of the products available for sale at a given moment, and you can view the item in whatever range of colours are available. So I know I saw this tee before I bought it. I don’t think it’s the case that I saw an incorrect image.

For some reason, I have an incorrect image for this tee’s graphic stored in my head, I don’t know where it came from, and I can’t replace it with the right one.

(Yeah. I’ve been watching Fringe lately.)

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Wow!!! Today is a day for celebrity deaths!
First Farrah Fawcett…

Then Michael Jackson…

And now the rumour is that Jeff Goldblum fell to his death as well!!!! (confirmed hoax)

Isn’t there a saying about things occuring in threes??

Anyways, I quite like the preview picture I chose for this gallery… a cute teen sitting on the toilet as her friend snaps a picture… don’t really have much more to say than that!

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