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Anyways, it is done….

My taxes, that is. Completely filed, I am now awaiting my refund. And notice the date – I am not scrambling to file at the last minute! How’s that for personal growth?

I am also now contemplating what I can use that refund for, and my mind is drifting towards the unwise rather than towards the sensible. I mean, in addition to my spiffy new handbag – yup, I broke down and bought it. Haven’t experienced a single nanosecond of buyer’s remorse or regret in any way shape or form. I was uneasy about making the purchase right up until the moment I had it in my hands. At that point, there was no turning back. Still, my refund is more than what I spent on the handbag, so now I have some deciding to do.

I know what I should do with that money – the responsible adult thing.

I also know what I want to do with that money, and it is not the responsible adult thing.

Maybe I’ll have it figured out by the time the cheque actually gets here!!!

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Okay guys, here, as requested, is another Bailey’s Room gallery! I hope you enjoy! Bailey is prancing around in her sheer underwear!!

Anyways, April 30 approaches quickly….

I can’t believe it. April is essentially gone. Where did it go? Darned if I know.

I have to do my taxes. You’d think that knowing I’m getting a refund would be a good incentive to get it done earlier – you know, so I can have my money quicker, and can run about spending it on frivolous things. Instead, what do I do? I still buy the frivolous things, only I use credit cards to do it, feeling steady and confident in the knowledge that I have a tax refund coming to cover the costs. The danger in this strategy, though, is when I lose track of how much free spending I do – there is no mental calculation involved in which I estimate how much of a refund I’ll be getting, and how much I believe I’ve already spent. The reasoning goes something like this:

Ooh, looky. New. Spiffy. Me wantee.

Oh, expensive. Not necessary. But so spiffy. Still wantee.

Hey, wait, I’ll be getting a tax refund soon! Woohoo! It is mine!

The completion of this loop, and its repetition, should all be dependent on the size of the expense being incurred and the number of expenses already incurred. Notice that this bit of reasoning is missing from the loop.

In my defense, I haven’t run into major trouble on this issue yet.

Yes, I recognize that yet is something of a critical word there. I’m choosing to set that aside for the moment….

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Asian Slut Pants - Joon Mali
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Heya guys, time for another Joon Mali gallery!!! Joon Mali is a cute Thai teen (you can also see Lily Koh – another Thai teen porn site) that does a lot of nude pictures! Joon Mali features spreading, shaved pussy, and toy insertions in her member’s area… I don’t think she’s ever done hardcore however..

Anyways, hit me….

I think, if I were at a place in my life where I was looking for summer employment that had nothing to do with my future career goals, and if I were looking for a temporary change in scenery, I’d seek out an opportunity as a casino card dealer in Vegas.

I’ve got this mental image of myself in one of the natty spiffy tux type uniforms, with perfectly manicured nails, deftly distributing cards from the auto shuffling shoe, with all the flowy grace needed to make it look like the cards are magically appearing on the table. Then, I’d get to play with chips – scoop up players’ losses, handing out the winnings, and then making the cards disappear off the table again with one smooth sweep of my arm. Plus there’d be tips!

Of course, it would probably get pretty tiresome – after all, I’d probably have to deal with a fair number of drunken idiots. And Vegas is all sparkle and glitz and wonder for me now – since it’s just a vacation destination. Of course I like it! Living there is probably a different story.

Still. With different life circumstances, I’d be looking into it as a short term thing…..

I wonder how many career dealers started out thinking it would be a short term gig???

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Chubby white chick gets interracially fucked - Leenuh Rae
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Okay guys, today’s pictures star a BBW named Leenuh Rae. Leenuh Rae is a chubby brunette with pale, milky skin…. This blacks on blondes gallery features her getting gangbanged by 5-6 black guys!!!

Anyways, I’m itchy…

I’ve been wearing a new hoodie for a couple of days. It’s an Icebreaker merino, and it’s the first time I’ve worn it since ordering it from Steep and Cheap.

Normally, I wash every article of clothing before wearing it. If I buy it in a store, I wash it because I’m worried about other people having tried it on first and not wanting their epithelials on me. If I order it online – which is where pretty well all the clothes currently in my wardrobe came from – I wash it first because I don’t know what kinds of conditions the items were stored in. These Icebreaker merino sweaters, though, somehow have escaped my usual rules for prewashing clothing.

I think, though, that perhaps something is on this one, because it’s making me itch, and I’ve got some new rashing going on.

Perhaps the prewashing rule is one that shouldn’t be broken….

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Asian Lesbians - Almond Tease
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Okay guys, I wanted to post a Partyhardcore gallery, and tease about seeing ‘American Storm’, or ‘Thunder Down Under’ – some of the bachelorette / Male Revue shows here in Vegas….
Unfortunately, I didn’t have any Partyhardcore galleries ready to post! Instead, I bring you more of Almond Tease – the sexy Korean student who posed nude for extra cash while studying in Canada, and then got fined returning back to Korea for the porn pictures Almond Tease produced while here!!! This is a hot asian lesbian gallery featuring strapon sex toys and big dildos!

Anyways, “the hellwhatta shiznat in the brizzle.”

I think that was my favourite line from the show last night. It was uttered during a sequence explaining why animation actually works – persistence of vision. Very spiffy stuff.

I could have done without the regurgitated Twinkie bit though. Blech.

And under the black lights at various moments in the show, it was quite clear that the Blue Men are wearing latex-type caps over their heads, with paint on the bits the caps don’t cover very well – the cap lit up a little bit in the black light, but the paint didn’t at all, giving a sort of spooky, hollow-eyed effect.

And I was glad I wasn’t in the splash zone at the front, though all of those guests got free plastic ponchos.

I wonder if they try to sell the paintings that get made during the show? Like the full body print of the guy they pulled from the audience three seats away from me – they pulled him up on stage, put him in a white jumpsuit and black helmet, took him back stage, slathered him with blue paint, hung him upside down by his ankles, then swung him against a large canvas. Or the little painting that was made by the Blue Man spitting paint against a canvas while spinning it.

Neat show. Expensive show. But still neat… Not sure it was worth $160!!!!!!

Anyways, I’m off to do some gambling… Wish me luck!!

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