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Okay guys, I’ve posted Almond Tease before… I forget who originally requested her, but eitherway, here’s an asian orgy featuring Almond Tease, and a few girls + a guy!!! The guy gets an asian footjob from Almond Tease, and her and her lesbian friends play with strap-on dildos, vibrators, and more!

Anyways, my brain leak has stopped itself up! My congestion is pretty much all gone! Huzzah!

Except that it means that my cold has moved into stage two – the wimpy little cough I had previously is now a rather deep raspy sounding bark of a cough. Not all the time – I still have wimpy ones, which I don’t mind in the least, because the deep ones hurt. I’d rather cough wimpily than cough mightily. Unfortunately, every once in a while one cough will trigger a coughing fit, and even if the first few coughs were wimpy, those fits eventually bring on the big nasty ouchy ones.

I’m very glad I’m no longer snuffling around grabbing at kleenex for my nose. When I was younger, my mother actively discouraged me from blowing my nose – I guess I approached everything with a sort of exuberance, and she feared I might rupture my eardrums trying to blow my nose. Trouble is, now I don’t know how to blow my nose. I realize that it is a relatively simple act, and my adult brain should be able to figure out the logistics of it, but I suspect that I’m not doing it right – it doesn’t seem to get me the desired result. Perhaps my mother’s fears are lurking in my mind, preventing me from using the necessary force to complete the act appropriately.

Either that or I’ve got unrealistic expectations for the end result. Blowing your nose once means you’re good for a few hours, right????

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Okay guys, time for another Aaliyah Love gallery!! In this picture set, you see a hot young teen with a naughty grin shove a butt plug up her tight ass!!! Aaliyah has a lot more dildo, girl/girl, and hardcore galleries on her site… I hope you guys enjoy!!!

So, one of the buildings I work in has implemented power saving measures in the restrooms – well, I know about this for certain in the women’s, I haven’t exactly checked out the men’s, nor do I intend to do so. Yurk.

Anyway, they have motion detectors in the washrooms that are connected to the lights. Activate the detectors, and the lights are on to usual levels. When no motion is detected for a period of time, probably on the order of five minutes or so, the lights dim. You’re not plunged into darkness, but it’s probably about a third of the usual lighting level in there.

I’m actually pretty sure I’ve blogged about this before, because colleagues have noticed that often, one person is not sufficient motion to turn the lights fully on – you can walk in, dance all around in there, and still the lights stay dimmed. We’re all used to it, we joke about it.

Earlier this week, though, I walked in there when the lights were dimmed, and they brightened up right away. I was the only one in there.

That one time, I was significant enough to activate the lights.

At first, it felt good. Like I mattered in the grand scheme of things.

About a half second later, it felt bad. Like I had significantly increased in girth or something, thereby accounting for the increase in my detectability.

At least my clothes still all fit….

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Okay guys, time for another hardcore Cumisha Jones gallery! In this one, you can see the hot part Asian teen sucking on a large cock!!!

Anyways, it would seem that I am a special kind of talented tonight.

I went to enjoy the last gulp of my drink. I tipped the cup back, lips in contact with it, mouth open – you know, typical drinking stance.

Somehow, only about half of the drink ended up getting drunk. The other half sloshed over my cheek, into my hair, dribbled down my neck, and down onto and into my shirt. It seems to have somehow missed my bra, but it got down to my tummy, and now there are cold damp spots all down the front of my shirt.

I’m very glad I don’t need to go to work tomorrow….

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I still wonder why some girls feel it’s cool to get such tacky tattoos… Pretty much every pornstar is tattooed nowdays, so it’s refreshing to see pornstars with clean skin!!! Occasionally it’s hot, but mostly it’s lame!!!

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Anyways, I came to a realization……

I’ve been feeling a little high strung lately. I get home from work, and then when I realize that I’ve got to sort out dinner and maybe try to do a few chores so that I have clean clothes to wear and clean dishes to eat off of, I suddenly feel completely and totally overwhelmed. Like it’s not fair that I have to take care of myself, never mind that pretty well every other person on the planet has to do this too. So I trudge onward, feeling sorry for myself because I am just that lazy that I can’t keep up with the normal demands of life.

Today, though, I happened to open up the little calendar organizer thingy in my phone to check something in my schedule, and I saw something that made me blink a couple of times and look again more closely.

I have not had a single day off from work since March 2.

Now, I’m not talking Woe is me, there have been no statutory holidays this month. I mean, I have worked. Every. Single. Freaking. Day. Since. March 2. Including weekends. We are talking about 24 consecutive days of work.

Now, not all of those days were full eight hour days. Some were as little as four. Then again, others were as long as twelve or thirteen, and I think there were enough of those to pretty closely balance out the shorter days. And none of them were work from home days – they all involved me getting up early, making myself presentable in public, and then going out into the world and having to interact with others in some professional capacity.

And before the 24 straight days? I didn’t work March 1, but I did work the previous eleven days straight before then. And before that, I had been working the normal Monday through Friday sort of routine since the beginning of January.

After seeing this truth in my calendar, I felt as though a great weight were lifted from my back. Suddenly, it was no longer so pitiful that I was feeling worn out, suddenly it was reasonable that I just want to spend one single day away from work and work-related things.

As of this moment, I do not have anything scheduled for Saturday, but Thursday and Friday must proceed as has become typical. So if my Saturday remains mine, I will have worked 26 consecutive days.

When I say it like that, I almost feel a deranged sort of pride.

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