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Anyways, my new cookbook has a recipe I want to try – a Greek quinoa and avocado salad.

So this morning, I was at my local grocery store, looking to see if they sell quinoa. I must admit, I didn’t have high hopes, as they tend to stick to pretty mainstream stuff, and quinoa isn’t really mainstream. I found several varieties of rice, beans, couscous, tabbouleh – but no quinoa.

So I continued with my grocery shopping. As I was perusing the chip stock, in search of nacho cheese Doritos to go with taco salad, a store employee cruised by and asked me quite cheerfully if I was finding everything I was looking for. I told him yes, and then I realized that this was a perfect opportunity to confirm my suspicion that I would have to go elsewhere to buy my quinoa. I asked him, “Do you see quinoa here?”

“Quinoa?” He looked thoughtful. “That’s from Peru, right? Q, U, I, N…”

“O, A.” I finished for him, suddenly hopeful that I might not have to make a special trip to a specialty store. “Yes, that’s right!”

“Ah, yes, I’ve heard of that stuff!” He beamed at me. “No, sorry, we don’t sell that here.”

I’m planning on stopping in by an organic health food store tomorrow afternoon…. Maybe…

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Okay guys – time for another degrading porn gallery featuring a couple of young, slutty women!!! This is another gallery from the ‘Wife Writing‘ site – by the same people who do Blacks On Blondes!!! I actually think the blonde teen in the gallery is quite cute, if you can get by the writing all over her body.

Anyways, I think I’m in a persistent noodly state…

I’ve been dutifully sticking to that push up program (and its companion sit up program) for two weeks now. According to the program, that meant that it was time for me to do another round of exhaustion tests to determine what level I should proceed at for the next couple of weeks.

I have a feeling that the program designer(s) don’t quite appreciate just how wimpy a person can let their body become.

The sit up exhaustion test wasn’t so bad – I was able to perform 27 consecutive sit ups, with the up bit held for three quarters to a full second on each sit up. This places me at the high end of the lowest level. I’m okay with this. I had been hoping to make it into the second level, but I needed to hit 30 consecutive sit ups for that. I might have gotten there if I had pushed myself just a wee bit harder. Maybe I’ll continue on in the second bracket anyway?

The push ups, however, are another story – I still can’t do a single standard push up. It wasn’t quite the same sort of epic fail I experienced two weeks ago – instead of crashing merrily to the ground I was able to lower myself in a controlled manner, but unable to push up again. So I reverted back to the half push ups, and knocked off twelve. Not great. I consulted the chart – the program designer(s) figured that by this point I should be able to do at least 16 consecutive push ups – bracket 1 was for those who can do between 16 and 20.

Hm. They were girly pushups too…..

Perhaps I will be repeating week 2….

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Anyways, today I had too much, too fast…

For reasons that are neither here nor there, I didn’t have my dinner till quite late tonight. And by late, I mean I was tucking into my meal at about 10 PM. My lunch was on the early side too – I ate lunch while I worked from 11 till noonish – and there was no snacking in between. This means that when I was ready for dinner, I was hungry.

Being super hungry at mealtime is a dangerous thing, because when the food is in front of you, you’re inclined to devour as much as you can as quickly as you can. This is exactly what I did tonight. I positively inhaled my food. And I ate a lot of food.

About twenty minutes or so into my gorging session, I started to wonder if I’d been eating too quickly. I mean, it’s not as though I’d been really starving before this meal – yes, I was hungry hungry hungry, but I had eaten another meal earlier the same day, and I had eaten the day before too, so really, starving is not a word that can be used here. Ten minutes or so later, I was starting to feel full. Really full. Almost unpleasantly full. It set in quite quickly. It caught me by surprise.

One of my dinner companions caught me poking and prodding my distended belly while I was seated at the dinner table. A short while later, when I mentioned how full I was, she laughingly informed me of what she had witnessed. I always forget that when I do stuff, other people can see me…..

Oh well – enjoy the Joon Mali gallery here!

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Okay guys, I’ve posted this girl before – in a hardcore gallery… Today’s gallery is one of the first time’s she’s posed nude, coincidentally, before she gets fucked on camera!
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Anyways, I’ve heard it said that when you crave a particular food item, it’s because your body is low on some nutrient that occurs in that item in a relatively high concentration. I was told that if a person were craving pickles, it’s because the body needs more sodium. Jonesing for something sweet? Your blood sugar level is likely on the low side.

While this strikes me as plausible, there are some unanswered questions that make me think it’s probably an oversimplification. I’ve never, ever had a hankering for a carrot – and it’s not that I dislike carrots, if they’re cooked I’m perfectly fine with them, and even enjoy them in stews and soups and stirfrys, but even still I don’t ever crave them. And what about those really specific cravings? The other day I had a sudden strong urge to eat Oreo cookies. Sadly, I was at work, where none were to be found, and at the time it seemed really important that the next time I buy groceries I buy a few bags and stash them in all my workspaces so that I can always get them if I want them. Why Oreos? What nourishing substance could possibly exist in an Oreo that couldn’t be found somewhere else? I had chocolate-filled hard candy mints in my handbag, but didn’t want to eat those, so there goes the hypothesis that I just wanted a sugar boost.

Furthermore, if a craving is due to a deficiency, then shouldn’t the craving persist until that need has been satisfied? By the time I got home, my desire for Oreos had passed, and we can’t attribute that to me having eaten something else, because I hadn’t. By the time I got home, I wanted brandy beans – we will clumsily avoid discussing what it means that I wanted those after working – but I’m out now, and I’m trying to sort out where I can score some more. They seem to be something of a seasonal treat. I may have to wait till next Christmas. At which time stash quantities will be purchased. Yes yes….

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Okay guys, time for another Dawson Miller gallery!! Dawson is a busty young teen with a playful attitude!!! It occurs to me that I did not title this post very well when selecting Dawson Miller‘s preview photo…. I was thinking that the superman shirt would appeal to a few of you, and then just selected a picture of her – a hot, young, blonde teen – cupping her large breasts!

Anyways, I’m still busy busy busy….

I remember one summer job I had a while ago, in an office as an admin assistant, that was usually moderately busy, at moments it would be extremely busy, but every once in a while it would just be dead.

The phones would just go silent – if I hadn’t known better, I would have guessed the lines had been cut. I’d be completely caught up on the filing and data entry. We’re talking about having absolutely nothing to do. I had a computer on my desk, but there was a camera positioned behind me that displayed on a monitor in my boss’s office, so I was, erm, hesitant to just haul off and start browsing online, or load up solitaire and just brainlessly play to pass the time.

I hated those afternoons. I felt so trapped – couldn’t leave, couldn’t do anything to pass the time. I enjoyed the job when I was moderately busy, I could handle it when it was very busy – but the downtime just felt like my brain was dribbling out of my ears.

One of those slow afternoons, I happened to catch my boss playing solitaire in her office. Maybe it would have been okay for me to do the same? Oh well – she ended up getting fired, so maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t do as she did!!

Enough rambling.. Enjoy the busty teen blonde gallery here!

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