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Sexy Japanese Lesbians - Nana Horiuchi and
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Hey guys, time for another Japanese Lesbian picture gallery!! It’s from UnseenJapan!!!

Anyways, I’ve blogged about my huge fandom of Rock Band.

I’ve now had the opportunity to try Guitar Hero as well – Guitar Hero III, to be precise.

My feeling so far? It’s not Rock Band.

In all fairness, my lack of enthusiasm at this point may simply be due to the fact that Guitar Hero is not Rock Band – the notes look different, the scoring is displayed differently, you can’t customize your own character but must instead choose from a limited list of presets, many of whom I find rather unappealing.

The controller is also very different. The strum bar is different, and I’m still struggling with how to play short series of quick notes on it. The buttons have spaces between them, so placing your fingers for button presses is a more precise task now – I’ve found myself pressing on the space between the buttons, which of course gets me a missed note. Moving your fingers up and down the fret is nicer on the Rock Band guitar, since the button surface is smooth all the way and you can slide your fingers up and down if you need to – I’ve not found this movement to be possible with the Guitar Hero controller.

The big downside I’m finding with the Guitar Hero controller is the neck. It’s thicker on a front-to-back dimension, and I find I’m using a new and unfamiliar hand position in order to be able to press the buttons. My hand tires out quickly, as does my forearm… I think it might be made for bigger hands than mine!!!!!

I’m not giving up on it yet though. We’ll see how it goes. I can learn, I can adapt.

Right? ;>

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Anal Dildo and Two dildos in pussy
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Okay, so it’s not just an anal dildo gallery.. There are actually pictures of two large dildos stuck in her pussy at the same time.. Her super stretched out pussy! A huge pussy capable of taking elephant sized cocks…. Then, in case you were curious, she spreads her shaved pussy open with a speculum – just in case you want to see if she’s as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside!!!! And, other than her fake boobs, this nasty sex-toy pornstar is pretty sexy!
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Anyways, I should have known it couldn’t last forever.

My contentment with my hairdo, that is. I tried a new stylist in January 2007 and was wowed with the results – especially since she was so much cheaper than my previous stylist. I continued getting that same cut, always happy with the results.

Lately, I am not so happy. It’s been two months since my last cut, almost precisely two months, and though I’m not shaggy or anything, my bangs are entering the tail end of their lifespan as ‘bangs’ – right now they’re still sideswept bangs, but soon it will be inappropriate to call them bangs at all. This means, of course, that they’re driving me a wee bit bonkers, and I won’t be able to hold off on scheduling myself in for a trim much longer.

But my hair discontent runs much deeper than that. I’m tired of this style. Yes, it works for my face, yes it lets me wear my hair in big loose curls in the summer, though I suspect I’d get nicer curls if I actually used rollers instead of just putting some product in and scrunching them into shape. Maybe I should invest in some rollers anyway – using them in conjunction with a hair dryer might let me have curls in the winter, which I can’t do presently since my lack of hair dryer skill and failure to understand how to properly use the diffuser attachment means that if I point a hair dryer at my head, any curls promptly deflate.

I seem to be in a change-will-do-me-good frame of mind when it comes to my hair, which means I will likely obsess about it for the next few days, and probably get a change when I next get a cut, which will be sooner rather than later. I’ll try to hold off till mid February, but I’m not making any promises on that. I know I don’t want to go short, but I’ve been having positive thoughts about an inverted cut – shorter at the back, longer at the front, along an angle that runs parallel to my jawline. I’d want the back to hit at the base of my neck, just above where it connects to my back, and it seems to me that the front would then hit at my collarbone at the front. Plus I’d be keeping the layers that are cut in to take weight away and ward off lampshade head. I wonder what that would look like in curls. I’m picturing it straight right now, but it seems to me that it should be okay non-straight too.

This strikes me as a very good thing to try. We’ll see if I still feel that way by Friday. If I do, I may book myself in to get it done….

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Part Asian with Big Breasts
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Okay guys – here’s a half asian milf with large breasts getting fucked!! I’ve posted her before – but for some reason, her name just isn’t coming to my mind tonight.. So, enjoy the sex gallery…

Anyways, I took a lesson from Mary Poppins…

I tend to interpret things literally. Always have… Maybe it’s a cultural thing…

When I first heard the song A Spoonful of Sugar from Mary Poppins, I figured it must mean that medicine should taste good – they’ve added a spoonful of sugar to each dose to help ease the pain of needing to be medicated. What better way to console one on being dizzy with fever than to dose them with something sweet that will make them feel better? This led to some rather disappointingly unpleasant experiences with various cough, cold, and fever medications. They never taste good.

While I recognize that making all liquid medications taste good may well fall onto the list of impossible tasks, I still think that they could take a step in the spoonful-of-sugar direction and take the edge off of swallowing pills by making them all candy-coated. I know you hardly taste it when you swallow a pill, but it’s so much easier to deal with when you place it on your tongue and it’s a wee bit of sweet, and then you wash it down with water and it’s gone. Advils are like that.

Even a gel coating, like what some Tylenols have, would be better than nothing – at least you’ve got a layer of something keeping your tongue away from whatever compressed powder your pill is made up of. The worst are the ones that are completely uncoated – the vitamin D supplements I take are like that. They feel all powdery and gross in the mouth, give off a bit of a terrible bitter taste, and if I’m unlucky, they’ll feel as if they’re expanding with liquid as I swallow, getting all grabby and sticky on the way down. Yuck.

Seriously, what harm could come from adding a wee bit of sugar to all medication?

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Athletic Teen dildos shaved pussy
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Okay guys, when I was choosing this dildo/sex toy preview picture, it looked better. Honestly. her face was MUCH more attractive…. You can see in the rest of the pictures. Yes, I agree, she’s not gorgoues – but she has that ‘slutty’ look to her! It’s from, and I must have been hornier when I selected it.. I created 3 more galleries of her, including a hardcore one! I think the banana dildo is kind of neat! ^_^

Anyways, Happy Lunar New Year….

With a bang and a whistle, we usher in the Chinese year of the ox! Japan used to celebrate the Chinese New Year – but now we’re Gregorian!

I suppose this means I really, really should take down my Christmas tree. I haven’t even turned the lights on since the first New Year, so I can’t even claim that I like the festive decorativeness of it – it’s just taking up space in my kitchen. Ah, I’ll get to it this weekend.

I was talking a bit with my mother the other day about traveling, and she asked me if I thought I might ever like to go see Europe. I would. I really really would. I know quite a few people who have been to various countries in Europe, and to me they all sound like terrific vacation spots. It doesn’t help that three times a week I walk past a giant poster showing a somewhat-close-up shot of the street surface in Lisbon, which is paved in smooth white paving stones. I know someone who, on a trip to Lisbon, happened to walk past a pile of these paving stones, they were doing some road repairs, and she swiped one to bring home as a souvenir. She now has a piece of Lisbon on her desk. I’ve briefly entertained the notion of finding some chunk of road asphalt somewhere here in North America and picking it up as a souvenir, but there are two problems with this. One, asphalt doesn’t really lend itself to breaking into collectible chunks, not without the use of heavy machinery which would raise suspicions. Two, even if I were to somehow obtain a chunk of road asphalt, everyone would just think I’d gone nuts and was keeping a hunk of garbage on my desk.

I don’t think a trip to Europe is in my budget for the year. I’ll just go to Vegas instead, and spend some time wandering the canals at the Venetian, and I’ll pretend I’m in Italy. And then maybe I’ll get lucky playing slots! One can always dream….

Eitherway, enjoy the hot athletic teen dildo gallery from here!

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Shaved Asian Pussy - Lily Koh
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Hey guys – it’s time for another Lily Koh porn gallery!! For those of you who are new here, the only pictures I’m allowed to post of Lily Koh tend to be almost softcore.. You don’t see much of her pussy in the free stuff… If you join Lily Koh’s website, you get to see all the pussy spreading, dildo insertions, lesbian adventures with Joon Mali, and more!!!

Anyways, earlier today, someone noticed a small little packet on a shelf in my home. Upon unwrapping, it was discovered that the packet contained a Christmas tree ornament, purchased from the M&M Store in Las Vegas this summer….. I was supposed to put it on the tree this year.

Oh well. It’ll make it on in time for Christmas next year. Just like the Lilo & Stitch ornaments that were purchased in May 2007 didn’t make it on for Christmas 2007 – they got up up for 2008. Maybe this will be my thing – buy an ornament every year, but always wait a full year before putting them up?

Oh, but I blew that already – an ornament that was bought in February 2008 did get onto the tree that same year.

Really, I guess this means I shouldn’t just set ornaments aside wherever for safekeeping till the holidays strike – I should make sure I put them with the other ornaments right away… Once again, my laziness gets the better of me!!

Enjoy the Lily Koh shaved thai teen gallery here!

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