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Christmas Party gone wild!!
Click the pic for a hardcore porn gallery of a Christmas Party gone wild!!

Okay, so Christmas was a few days ago. People are taking down their Christmas trees, and here I am, posting Christmas orgies. I guess that really, it’s a good way to celebrate any special occasion!! I do apologize for the quality of the gallery – they didn’t give me much to work with. I also had meant to post it Christmas night, but… I kind of forgot about it while making the about-me pictures ^_^

Anyways, right now I’m filled with disbelief…..

This is it.

The very last day of 2008.

I can’t believe it’s already over. Seriously? Where did it all go? I’m still reeling from the departure of 2007.

And now we’re getting ready to usher in 2009? The notion makes the world go all black and fuzzy around the edges.

I think I’d very much like to have a stiff drink in my hand when the clock ticks down to that magical moment. I’m thinking a chocolate martini might fit the bill. Probably anything would do though. Wine. Vodka. Black rum. My alcohol tolerance is so low, all I’d really need to do is sniff it to get happy, so after a few sips I’ll be down for the count and skip any anxiety that comes with the realization of a new year. Then, in the morning, I can wake up and just go about my business as if nothing’s changed.

Until I have to write down the date. That always makes little pinpricks of insanity dance across my field of vision.

Scary as the passage of time may be, the new year is still something deeply exciting – there’s so much potential and promise. You’re presented with a set of 365 more days, and left to imagine all the possibilities those days hold. I suppose that’s what resolutions are about – trying to reign in and focus those possibilities into something concrete and obtainable.

And just like that, my thoughts went from scared little anxious things flitting from one corner of my brain to the other, to warm, calm, comforting things settling like big fluffy blankets. My mind is quiet. Peace reigns.

Happy New Year, everyone!!!

Enjoy the Hardcore Christmas Party gallery – even if it is a little bit late ^_^

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ebony babe fucks huge dick
Click the pic for a hot gallery of an ebony babe playing with a large cock!

Okay guys – this gallery comes from a site dedicated to cute women fucking guys with very large penises… I admit, the preview picture of this teen with a cock on her face did have a little bit to do with me picking it… It’s kind of funny lying there limp!!..

Anyways, speaking of limp, or more appropriately, “stiff”, I had fun skiing today.

I got off to a later start than I had expected, but I got a decent four hours of non-stop skiing – well, non-stop if you don’t consider the time spent either in line for the lifts or on the lifts heading up to the top again. I am quite happy with my day’s experience, and am looking forward to repeats of this throughout the remainder of the season.

That being said, tomorrow I’m going to be sore….

I know this for a couple of reasons. One, I’m always sore after the first skiing outing of the year. Two, I really wore myself out today. It may be that I was a little on the cold side on the lifts – the temperatures were a bit lower than when I’ve gone in the past, and, fearing overheating while actually skiing, I didn’t add an extra layer to my apparel, so whenever I wasn’t skiing I was a little cold. It may be that I may have overexerted myself a wee bit today – other than lifts, I didn’t have a break from activity. Whatever the reason, on that last run down, I distinctly remember thinking to myself, Wow, I’m tired! This could potentially be the run that sends me cartwheeling down into the trees to break both my femurs. It didn’t, but I was really exhausted – after I took off my skis, I fairly well limped back to the locker to retrieve my knapsack of uneaten granola bars, and then hobbled over to where my ride was kind enough to pick me up.

A few hours and a dinner later, I feel better, but I’m still pretty certain tomorrow will be painful.

I wonder if I should plan to go again on Sunday???

Enjoy the monster cock ebony gallery!

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Uma Thurman look-alike nude!
Click the pic for a hot gallery of a Uma Thurman lookalike posing nude!!

okay guys, I’m not sure why, but Uma Thurman has always been a sex symbol – pretty much elevated to the realm of ‘sex goddess’… I don’t fully understand it. It may have something to do with Quentin Tarantino’s casting of her. Eitherway, this model from met-art bears an uncanny resemblance to her. I don’t think we’ll ever see Uma Thurman’s shaved pussy, so enjoy the met-art gallery of someone who looks like her :)

Anyways, it’s almost time for the first run of the season….

I’m getting ready to go skiing!!!

I’ve dug out my ski boots, skis, poles, helmet, goggles, and ski mitts. Thanks to my online shopping, I have three pairs of ski pants to select from, and given the expected weather conditions, I have selected which ones I will be wearing, though this may be subject to a last minute change on a whim. I have a proper ski jacket this season. I’ve packed some snacks – trail mix bars and beef jerky – and have purchased a season-long discount card for the ski hill.

I sure hope I remember how to ski! And by ski, I mean remain reasonably upright as I descend the run in a manner that looks mostly under control. I’m hardly a could-have-been-an-Olympian, but I like to think I’m also not one of those people who go careening down the run, arms flailing wildly, screaming horrible piercing wails to alert others of their approach.

I also sure hope that I don’t take a wrong turn up there and find myself on a black diamond run. Last time I skied, I was a fairly competent green run skier, who might be ready to push herself up to a blue run.

We’ll see how it goes!!!

Enjoy the Uma Thurman’s shaved pussy nude gallery!

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AV Idol - Bunko Kanazawa gallery
Click the pic for a hot gallery of Japanese AV Idol Bunko Kanazawa!!!

Okay guys, time for a hairy Japanese gallery!! This hot, naked, hairy Japanese model is Bunko Kanazawa… Enjoy!

Anyways, a while back, I saw this episode of House in which a man was admitted to the hospital because he is losing time – he is experiencing episodes in which he remembers nothing of what happened, yet he was doing things. So he’d be in the kitchen in the morning, making coffee, and then next thing he knows it’s four hours later and the kitchen is all cleaned up, and then he finds himself standing face to face with his daughter, who has returned home from school, then he comes to again sitting on the couch with his laptop in front of him and his daughter beside him working on her homework.

Now, I don’t experience that same sort of memory loss, but I do know that panicked feeling of having been trucking along working on something, and then glancing at the clock and realizing that it is much, much later than you thought, or looking out the window for a moment and being shocked to notice that it’s pitch black outside. Time is supposed to be this constant, linear thing, but I’m sure it accelerates and decelerates at inopportune moments. When I was younger, my father told me that it had to do with the activity I was doing – fun things make time go faster, while non-fun things make time seem slow in its passage. That’s not true. Time can go speeding away from me when I’m engaged in decidedly not fun activities, like cleaning, or tedious work. Similarly, trying to occupy myself with activities I enjoy while waiting for time to pass doesn’t make time go faster – if I’m waiting to see a doctor, for example, taking along some knitting or a book to read doesn’t make the wait seem less long. Less mind numbingly awful, yes. But it still feels like an eternity.

The man in that House episode was sick – an illness was causing his time losses. I know that’s not the case for mine. One of the big symptoms that helped in finding the diagnosis on the show was the observation that the man seemed incapable of feeling joy. That’s not me. I probably get too much joy, and it makes me seem sort of ditzy and flighty. A few years back, a friend that I have since lost touch with once told me that I reminded him of a comic character whose catch phrase was I’m so happy because I’m so stupid. By the way, him telling me that was not what caused us to lose touch – I probably should have been somewhat offended by that remark, but I wasn’t, and we lost touch because we both moved to different cities and got caught up in the trappings of our new lives.

Boy, every story I tell has at least one tangent in it. Maybe that’s how I’m losing time – every line of thought I have branches off somewhere, usually I’m able to find my way back again, but all that processing would eat up time. So that’s why stuff takes me so long.

Enjoy the Japanese nude with pubic hair gallery of Bunko Kanazawa!

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Charlie Laine Christmas Porn
Click the pic for a hot Christmas gallery from one of the sexiest porngirls – Charlie Lane!!

Okay guys, I haven’t posted anything from Twistys in a while…. But I was out looking for Christmas galleries, and stumbled upon Ultra Hot Charlie Lane posing in front of a Christmas tree… I couldn’t resist cropping it and posting it for you guys!!

You can see more Twistys content at GirlsAreSexy!!

Anyways, this post has no content….

I really love holidays. I hope everyone else out there had a chance to take some time experiencing warm fuzzies this Christmas.

The trouble with holidays, though, is that it sort of leaves me lacking in blog fodder. I’m taking some time off work, so there are no work-related stories to tell. I’m not away on vacation, so there are no exciting-exploring-new-lands or traveling-adventures stories to tell. I’m not venturing outside of my house too much. I made a double batch of my favourite fiddly cookies yesterday, and took some pictures of various steps of the process with the intent of cobbling something together about that, but I don’t feel like putting that together right now.

I have no plans to try to fight my way through the crowds to score a sweet Boxing Day deal. I will likely sleep in, have some yummy breakfast, then play around, either on the computer – maybe I’ll get that cookie picture post done – or maybe I’ll play a video game. Maybe I’ll even do some work! Working on a stat holiday. Maybe.

For now, I think it’s getting to be sleepy time again.

Told you this post had no content….

Enjoy Charlie Lane! And Merry Christmas!

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