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Halloween witch sex!
Click the pic for a full free halloween threesome gallery starring Lucy Belle and Simony – lustful witch lesbians!

Okay guys, in the spirit of Halloween, I’ve posted another costume sex gallery. Although it’s not the cosplay that I’m sure a bunch of you would love, it’s still pretty sexy! It’s from 1by-day..

Anyways – tomorrow is Halloween.

Are you ready?

I am, but not in any sort of real celebratory way. I don’t have a costume, because I suspect it wouldn’t go over too well for me to show up for work in a costume, and I have an appointment tomorrow that might be a bit awkward in costume.

Never mind the fact that I’m simply stumped when it comes to costume ideas. I don’t know what I’d want to be given the opportunity to dress up. When I was a young child, I sort of had no choice. When I was five, my mother asked me what I wanted to be for Halloween, I said I wanted to be a princess. She dutifully crafted a pink princess gown, hat with veil, and magic wand for me. Not sure why there was a wand – probably I asked for it, not that I thought princesses were automatically magical. Maybe I wanted to be a magical princess? Anyway, I loved that costume. The dress itself was pretty simple – just a plain pink cotton blend fabric in a basic shape with long wide sleeves. The thing that got me going was the fact that the dress went down to my feet – no other item of clothing I had did. That and my mother took the trouble to sew little star shaped sequins on it in a scattered pattern around the neckline. I think my little five year old brain might have actually thought those were really magical.

Because I loved that costume so much, I used to use the hat to play games too, and after awhile the veil started to get a bit worn and ratty – I guess I wasn’t too gentle with it. So the next year I needed a new costume, unless I wanted to be the ratty princess. I didn’t want to be a princess anymore anyway – that was too babyish. I decided I wanted to be a bunny. So my mother dutifully made me a bunny costume. This was much more work – now there were legs, and mitts, and a large yarn pompom for the tail. And the hat. That hat. My mother couldn’t figure a way to get those bunny ears to stand up straight – she made them as stiff as she could, but the point where they attached to the hat was too flexible, so they always flopped. After realizing she couldn’t make them stand up, she simply told me, “You can be a flop-eared bunny.”

I hated that costume. I’d put the hat on, the ears would flop back, and no one knew what I was supposed to be. My negative feelings about the costume were further compounded by the fact that I was forced to use it four years in a row. My mother, thinking ahead, made the costume in such a way that it would accommodate some growth – it was big and baggy, and she made the sleeves and legs a bit long, so if I grew a bit, it was no problem. I grew into it, and it still worked as I started to grow out of it. When I started talking about costume ideas, she’d remind me that I had a bunny costume that still fit, and that she’d worked hard to make it for me. And I’d go along with it and be a bunny that no one could figure was a bunny again.

When the time came that I actually needed a new costume, I blanked. In a panic, I cobbled together bits of odds and ends, but with no real goal in mind. At school, someone asked me what I was supposed to be. I looked down at the mishmash I was wearing, and realized I didn’t know how to answer that. There was no answer. I was just not wearing normal clothes.

Good thing no one will let me trick or treat anymore – otherwise I’d be having some real panic right about now!!!!!

Enjoy the Witch’s Halloween threesome gallery from 1by-day!

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Melissa Midwest - Porn Costume and Halloween Porn
Click the pic for a hot gallery of a girl in a sexy Halloween Costume!

okay guys, this is a gallery of Melissa Midwest dressed up for Halloween as Queen Cleopatra… Now from what I understand, Cleopatra was a bit of a slut…. Now I don’t know the specifics, I’m not sure that Antony shared her with his slaves – although Cleopatra probably did have a bald pussy. Egyptions invented ‘body sugaring’ and hair removal.

In this light, Melissa Midwest has tried to be as accurate as possible. Melissa has shaved her pussy, and is dressed as Cleopatra – taking advantage of a mummy with a light case of rigor mortis! Enjoy. Sweet Adri is a pretty decent site too!

Anyways, I was so pleased with the outcome of my most recent eye checkup that I promptly forgot to do a couple of loads of laundry when I got home. I remembered to get groceries, though, so after two nights of rather vegetable-poor dinners, I will be reconnecting with my veggie side by having taco salad tonight – mixed lettuces, red pepper, yellow pepper, tomato, taco seasoned ground beef and topped with shredded mozzarella and cheddar cheeses. Well, I never said I was going vegetarian.

Unless I encounter some problem, I no longer have to return to see the eye doctors at the clinic that performed my vision correction. The dryness issue has improved a lot, and the doctor I saw today figures that though I will likely still need artificial tears periodically, it’s no longer a concern, and I can stop with the anti-allergy drops I’ve been using for the past month. She also watched me carefully during my appointment and confirmed that I don’t close my eyes all the way when I blink – how freaky. Still, I now see 20/20 or better in both eyes, so I would conclude that my vision correction was a complete success.

Anyways, enjoy the Halloween gallery! Remember, human sacrifice is frowned on!

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Kayden Love - Long legged teen
Click the pic for a hot gallery of a long legged teen posing!

Okay guys – it’s Tuesday night, and I’m tired.. Just figured I’d throw a quick gallery of sexy Kayden Love up for those of you still awake! I wish it was as warm here as it looks there….

Anyways, this Friday is Halloween. The one night of the year where it’s okay, even encouraged, for kids to disguise themselves and go running around knocking on the doors of perfect strangers, who will hand out free candy morsels. Having outgrown trick or treating some time ago, I’ll be home answering the door and handing out treats this Friday. This means that I’m planning on not cooking Friday – it’s tough to monitor food cooking when you’re constantly being called away to the door, sometimes for several minutes as multiple groups pass by. This also means that my Friday will need to be low key, so that I don’t get all grinchy and irked every time I hear those tiny juvenile voices gleefully holler Trick or treat!

Even though Halloween has yet to actually pass us by, when I collected my mail today, I noticed that my holiday edition Victoria’s Secret catalogue has arrived. There’s a dangerous bit of eye candy to keep around. I went to Costco today and was greeted with aisles of holiday cheer – artificial trees and strings of lights and rolls of wrapping paper and fancy gift tags and crackers and gingerbread house kits and super jumbo packages of Scotch tape. All of this – along with cooling temperatures – got me thinking ahead to Christmas. Every year my parents ask me for a gift wishlist, and I never know what to put on there. This year, though, I have some ideas. They revolve around knitting, mostly because I’m feeling a bit of panic after wearing that hole through one sock, and I’ve noticed that the other three pair knit in the same brand yarn are also starting to look a bit fragile. Mental note – Tofutsies sock yarn may knit well, and may wash well, but it doesn’t seem to wear well. So I’m pretty interested in acquiring more sock yarn. I’m also rather keen on acquiring some additional sets of needles for sock knitting.

Trouble is, the needles would need to be ordered from an online store. Which means US dollars, plus potentially hefty shipping charges. This is suddenly striking me as a really extravagant request. The needles I want are about $20 USD a set. The yarn I want is $19 USD a skein, which makes one pair of socks.

I wonder if everyone gets tiny little stabby pangs of guilt when they start pondering what shape their Christmas gift wishlist should take??? I also wonder if it’s fully appropriate to think about Christmas before Halloween even hits??

Enjoy the kayden love gallery!

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Brunette teen in bath with hairy pussy
Click the pic for a hot gallery of a sexy brunette teen with a hairy pussy in the bath

Okay, so she’s not super hairy – but Tawny from sure doesn’t know how to shave properly!!!! I’m not sure if she was drunk (*eek!!* no razors in a state of inebriation!), or just in a rush, but her landing strip is a little lopsided, and she probably should have shaved her pussy before the photoshoot!!

Anyways…….. Snap, crackle, yum!!!

I had crabs tonight….

Let me explain…. I had crab for dinner tonight – one of those all you can eat, shell it yourself type of events.

There’s something deeply satisfying about meals of this type. I think it gets at some primal urge to utterly destroy your food before you eat it. Armed with only a set of crackers and your own two hands, which suddenly transform into powerful tools, you rip, tear, and shred your way through your dinner.

You know you’ve had a good meal when you get home, walk into the bathroom, and proceed to remove crab shell fragments from your hair!!!

Enjoy the lopsided pussy shaving gallery!!

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Craving Carmen  Blowjob
Click the pic for a hot gallery of a cute brunette teen sucking on her boyfriend’s dick!

Okay guys, I’ve posted Craving Carmen previously – however I’m not sure if I’ve posted any of her more hardcore galleries… So – here’s a Craving Carmen blowjob gallery!!

Anyways, it’s like gambling

Victoria’s Secret lured me in with a save-an-additional-25%-on-selected-items banner on an email, so I browsed the additional discount collection and found some dress pants that I think I’d like to have. Really, with the exchange rate the way it is, I’m not really saving that additional 25% – I’ll end up paying roughly the regular clearance price once everything is said and done. Still, that’s better than paying 25% more than the regular clearance price.

The tricky bit is, one of the pairs of pants I ordered is on backorder. This is always a bit of a gamble with them. Sometimes, things on backorder come through pretty quickly after the in-stock items. Sometimes, it takes a really long time for the backorder items to arrive – and by a long time, I mean it can take several months. And sometimes, they just don’t arrive at all – you get this sorry little email apologizing for the inconvenience, but the item is out of stock and will not be restocking ever, so you’re out of luck.

Right now they say the pants should be coming to me in December. I’m not holding my breath…..

Anyways, enjoy the Craving Carmen blowjob gallery!! I’m off to bed!

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