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Instead of porn today (which you can always find at GirlsAreSexy), we’re going to look at something more serious….

Today we answer for all perpetuity that age-old question: chunky, or smooth?

First, I assembled the samples for testing.

Here we have Jif brand peanut butter, in crunchy/chunky and creamy/smooth varieties. I felt that better control would be achieved by using the same brand – we wouldn’t want one to have an unfair advantage owing to proprietary recipes!

And here they are, spread out:

I’ll post an update after I’ve actually eaten these.

You thought I’d be posting about chunky girls, didn’t you?
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Anyways, don’t grocery shop hungry!

I went to the grocery store yesterday before I had my lunch. I also didn’t get to have breakfast yesterday – not unusual for me, but it meant that I was already having positive thoughts about food consumption.

I know this is a dangerous state of mind to be in when you walk into a grocery store – it makes everything look so wonderful! I thought that perhaps being aware of this might help me curb the impulse buying.

When I walked in, I intended to buy the following:

Coca-Cola – because a home is not a home without a healthy Cola supply!
Crunchy Jif peanut butter – to test whether crunchy or smooth is better on toast
Bread – for weekend toast
Eggs – for weekend eggs, maybe
Bananas – for weekend smoothies
Tampico – because I’m now out!

I did pretty well – I bought all of those things, except for the Tampico, because it was on sale and they were consequently out of the pink stuff. Everyone likes the pink stuff. No one wants the green or the orange – because the pink stuff is the best! I’ll have to wait for a restock, and likely miss out on the sale price. Oh well, forty cents won’t break me. I hope.

I didn’t get too much extra either. There was a sale on pasta, so I stocked up on lasagna noodles – 2 boxes – and spinach linguine noodles – 2 boxes. I also bought one more jar of basic tomato and basil pasta sauce. In my mind, this counts as a smart impulse buy.

I did, however, buy two Thai ramen noodle cups, and two hot and sour ramen noodle cups. These were also on sale, but not a great one. They were also a brand that used to be much tastier than it is now – they changed their noodle cooking method in the name of lowering fat content, and it had a negative impact on the taste. I haven’t tried the hot and sour ones with the new noodles yet, I’m hoping the flavouring of the soup is strong enough to cover the change in the noodles. As for the Thai, well, I like the Thai flavouring. I know I can taste the new noodles with this one, but I like Thai. This was a less smart impulse buy. Note that it was not a dumb impulse buy. A dumb impulse buy would have been buying something I don’t even like, like a tin of anchovies, just because it was on a great sale.

Not too bad for a hungry hungry shopper!!

Anyways, enjoy the Craving Carmen gallery!

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Anyways, I wanted to name my blog “Instant Gratification”, but unfortunately, that domain name was taken… I think they were asking $30,000 for it…. But eitherway, here’s why….

Lately I’ve been thinking that I should perhaps try a new mascara – the one I’m currently using is great, except for the fact that it transfers off onto my lower lid more than I’d like – I end up with this sort of smokey eyeliner effect that I’m not particularly fond of.

So this morning, while eating my brunch – a couple of small banana muffins with butter – I did a little bit of research and found the mascara I want to try next.

The problem is I want to try it. Right. Now.

My current tube should be good for the rest of the year.

I’m not very good at this waiting thing, am I?

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Anyways, last night I dreamt that when I went to remove my iPhone’s power adapter from the wall socket, the prongs came out and remained in the socket. Not terribly surprising, that was on my mind. There was an extra bit in the dream though – after the sockets came out, I saw that my adapter was one of the ones with the green dot on it – meaning that it didn’t qualify for the exchange. Yet it was still defective in my dream.

I don’t even want to consider the possible interpretations of this dream. I do, however, think I should maybe check my adapter to see if it’s got a green dot. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t. But I think I’d better check before I have more weird dreams tonight. Like dreams of dots on all of my stuff…….


Enjoy the Explicite-art gallery!

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