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Okay guys – time for another Tia Ling interracial asian XXX gallery!!! This one features Tia Ling sucking and fucking anonymous strangers at the Glory Hole…… It’s the same people who do Ruth Blackwell, Summer Thomas, and Blacks on Blondes.

Anyways, want to know the good news? My next eye checkup isn’t for a month.

The bad news? I’m still dry! Blargh! It doesn’t help that the building the clinic is in is ventilated in such a way that my eyes dry out nearly instantly when I walk in – I mentioned this to the technician, and he told me that everyone who works there has to use drops to avoid having dry eyes.

I saw yet another doctor today, and his solution to the dry eye problem was to put little collagen plugs in my lower tear ducts…… Yuck…. This will dramatically slow down the rate at which tears and drops drain away from my eyes, which will hopefully give the tissues a chance to rehydrate properly when precious moisture is available. I must admit, I wasn’t pleased when he told me that this was what he wanted to do, but I agreed to it anyway, deferring to his expertise. He put numbing drops in my eyes – more of that weird draggy eyelid sensation – and then placed two plugs in each of my lower tear ducts. These plugs will stay in place for about three months, slowly dissolving away as time marches on. When the numbing drops wore off, I could feel a slight scratchy pokey sensation in the inner corner of my right eye, but it’s more intermittent now. I can see a little blue dot in my left lower eyelid – that’s the plugs. Not too sure why I can’t see it in my right eye, though. I guess it worked its way further down into the duct. Maybe that explains the scratchy feeling.

Worse news – next time I go in, they’re going to do a scary sounding test to evaluate my tear production. It involves inserting strips under my eyelids (!!!!!) while my eyes are numbed (more blinky blinking). Gah. I’m not looking forward to that! Not in the least… Hope it’s not going to be like Pat’s mother!

Anyways, enjoy the asian interracial gallery with black on asian porn featuring Tia Ling!

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Okay guys, I thought this preview picture of asian pornstar Lina Kina was absolutely delicious!!! Normally I’m not a fan of blonde Asians, but Lina Kina looks hot!!!!! Even though the gallery features slightly lower quality pictures, you can get the full size, hi-def versions at Mr. Chew’s Asian Beaver….

Anyways, it’s not laziness…..

Years and years ago, I was reading one of those murder mystery soap opera type novels aimed at teenagers, and there was a line describing one of the characters that read something to the effect of, Her greatest fault was her laziness. What she could do today, she would put off till next year. I remember the line because, as anyone who reads my stories of procrastination here can attest, I will also put off the put offable. I’d like to believe there’s a fine line between being a procrastinator and being lazy – I would say that the lazy person avoids doing things in favour of doing nothing, while the procrastinator avoids doing things in favour of doing other things that hold greater appeal at that particular moment. I think to myself, well, I can’t be lazy, because I don’t like being idle. Too bad for me, this distinction is probably the product of my imagination.

This morning, when I woke up, I had the intention of doing a load of laundry and some vacuuming before heading out around lunchtime for a meeting – a meeting that I absolutely do not want to attend, and am in fact unnecessary for, but feel obligated to show for out of a sense of decorum. But then I sat down in front of the computer and checked my email, and tootled around on the web for a bit, and now I don’t have enough time to finish up the laundry before I need to leave. Now it will have to wait till tomorrow afternoon, because I think after the ugly awful waste of an hour of my life meeting I’ll end up staying away from home for at least another two hours getting ready for upcoming work.

See? That can’t be laziness. Yes, I’m putting off housework, but it’s because I have to do other things.

Oh, except for putzing away the morning when I had intended to do the housework. Okay, maybe that’s laziness. Maybe. I’m not committing to that. Because I wasn’t doing nothing. So there. Until someone flat out tells me that I’ve imagined that fine line, I’m going to believe it is there!

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Okay guys, time for another hardcore gallery featuring this sexy redheaded cutie, Vixen!!! Judging the the tattoos on her pale, white skin – I’m guessing she’s an Irish pornstar, but I may be wrong!! ^_^

Did I mention those moles on the penis are nasty??? ewww

Anyways, my last haircut was in mid June or thereabouts.

Now, once upon a time, I would only get one haircut a year. I’d just let my bangs grow right out, and the rest of my hair would get super long and thick and I’d just deal with it. Since then, I have switched stylists, and made a few discoveries along the way. Life is better when your hair is not so oppressively long and thick. Oh, and I really like having bangs now. Too bad for me, my hair doesn’t seem to care enough about my preferences to alter its growth rate, so if I want to keep my bangs, this means I have to get my hair cut more often than once a year.

So I got a haircut yesterday. I now have bangs again – hooray! I also have less length, and less oppressively thick hair since the layers were all trimmed up. She didn’t thin it out though. At first, while she was dunking my hair in the sink, she asked if I wanted it thinned. I asked her if she thought it needed it, remembering that it had been thinned once in mid to late April and again in mid June, and figuring that there’s only so much thinning a head of hair can take before it just ends up being weirdly short in spots. She said it felt really thick, so I okayed the thinning process. Apparently, though, as she was washing and conditioning, she reconsidered, because in the past, I’m absolutely sure that she would do the thinning before drying and straightening my hair, and yesterday she jumped right into the drying and straightening. Once that was done, she said that now that my hair was dry and straight, she didn’t think it actually needed thinning. I’m pretty sure she arrived at that conclusion way earlier though.

She also mentioned that the ends of my hair were dry, particularly at the back. I found this strange, because I don’t heat style my hair in the summer – the last thing I want to do when it’s hot out is point a heat source at my head and blast away. So my hair is just left to air dry, and do its lazy curly thing. In theory, that should be better for my hair. I thought about it on my way home though, and something clicked into place – before I blow dry and straighten my hair, I put some protective serum in it. I don’t do this when letting my hair air dry. Previously, I had been putting some curl enhancing mousse in, though I’ve been skipping that for nearly a month now, and I’m still getting decent curlage, but the bottle makes no promises to protect hair from damage. It seems, then, that the process I had thought would be harder on my hair – heat styling – turns out to be better for my hair. Weird. Maybe I should try putting the serum in all the time. That might help.

Then again, if I’m getting a cut every two months because that’s when my bangs finally get long enough that they really can’t be worn as bangs, not even as sideswept ones anymore, it probably doesn’t make a lick of difference….

Anyways – enjoy the redhead interracial XXX gallery!!! ^_^

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home made speculum
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Okay, so it looks like I grabbed the wrong gallery when I typed in the title… The hot blonde isn’t using a dildo – instead they’re using some contraption that looks like a homemade speculum… Something to stretch this slim blonde’s loose pussy open enough to play accuracy games with!!! (See how many pennies you can toss in her pussy!!) Eitherway, it’s another pussy stretching gallery featuring All Ladies Shaved – ALSScan!!!

Anyways, I’ve been known to push a deadline when it comes to work. In fact, I seem to make a point of it – I don’t think I’ve ever finished a project early. Never mind what that may say about me.

I find myself, however, pushing a deadline on a knitting project now. A friend of mine is having her second baby, and judging from when she sent me the 19 week ultrasound pictures – which, by the way, all look like nondescript blobbies to me, apparently one of them clearly shows that the baby is a boy, but I don’t see anything informative – poor kid…. This baby should be arriving within the next three weeks. I knit a baby blanket for her first, and even though a person only gets one baby shower, I still think that if the first baby got a handknit baby blanket, then the second baby should get one of his own too.

Today, I just got the 40 inch circular needle that I need to finish it. I knit as far as I could on dpns (double pointed for the uninformed), and then I knit as much as I could on a 26 inch circular. I now have a piece that is about 18 inches in diameter. That’s not a blanket… That is a hat… So I need to keep going on the larger needle.

And I need to get this done soon. Because, realistically, that baby could already be here!

Anyways, with all that baby talk, I figured a nice pussy stretching gallery would be in order.. Enjoy the ALSScan pussy stretching XXX gallery!

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okay guys, this comes from a new site called Fuck Team Five… It’s by the same guys who do BangBros… And BallHoneys… and a bunch of others! ^_^ It’s almost always a group of big breasted, well-used sluts picking up a group of guys on the street and holding sex contests… In this case, the slutty milfs have WAY too many tattoos!!!

Anyways.. enough of the boring porn stuff… I had a visit with an eye doctor Friday. She confirmed what I suspected – my eyes are getting better with these super duper drops. I am to continue with them for the next week and check back in on Friday. Hopefully, the dryness will all have cleared up and I’ll be able to switch back to regular, non-vision blurring drops, and ramp down the frequency a bit.

Apparently, the problem was something of a snowball effect – even though I was pretty good about putting drops in my eyes throughout the day, it just wasn’t quite enough to keep up with the drying, so the result was a dryness that slowly got progressively worse. With the way the dryness persisted and worsened over time in spite of switching back to preservative free drops, it is extremely unlikely that I was having an allergic reaction to the preservative in the bottled drops earlier. This is good news, because the preservative free drops are considerably more expensive. The doctor actually gave me a small sample bottle of some other thicker drops in a bottle, saying that they are thicker and thus offer better lubrication than regular drops in a bottle, but they don’t cause the same degree of vision blurring as the drops I’m using right now. I think I’ll give them a try on Monday – I want a few more days with this heavy duty stuff first. If they work out, I’ll see about getting myself a bigger bottle. Hopefully I’ll be able to track one down at Costco, where prices are more reasonable.

Enjoy the fuck team five gallery!! I’m going to bed!

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