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Okay, so since i’m in sin city, I’ve decided to post a gallery featuring a sex act that actually IS illegal in some states… Apparently pussy-fisting is deemed super obscene in a lot of states… and illegal…. But fisting isn’t illegal in Canada, and probably not in Vegas – so, if it’s illegal, don’t view this gallery from ALS Scan… If you like to see hot, skinny chicks stretch their pussies, enjoy!!!

Anyways, although I am not really here to shop, I’m finding myself under near constant assault to part with my money in exchange for clothing items, accessories, and knick knacks. I probably should have expected this.

I really should have expected it today – I wandered through M&M World and explored the Coca-Cola store. Impulse spending was kept down to a minimum – I bought a Christmas tree ornament from M&M World, and a fridge magnet and keychain from the Coke store. I had to get the keychain – it had my motto on it! “Enjoy Coke.” Can’t go wrong there.

In all honesty, had there been a handbag I liked at either store, I probably would have bought it. I have a weakness for handbags. I did not see any I liked at the Coke store. I did see some neat ones at M&M World – they were made up of the wrappers from packets of M&Ms, all folded up and woven together. That being said, they wanted way more money than I thought folded up M&M wrappers are worth.

Oh, and yes, I’ve been tinkering on slot machines in various casinos. I’ve been signing up for players’ club cards and getting free money to play with. I got $10 in free money at the Wynn, and managed to win myself $30 with it! I got $15 in free money at the Venetian, but only won $3 with that, so I ended up just fettering it all away in the machine. The MGM Grand isn’t giving me any free money, but I’ve played $5 of my own money and won $27, so I’m still ahead. I think….

Enjoy the xxx gallery of slim bodied, oiled lesbians fisting their pussies!!! I’m going to go down to play with the sluts… I mean…. slots!!!

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Okay guys, not going to say too much about this gallery, since honestly, I have much better stuff to be doing right now! ^_^ This is just a basic amateur teen porn gallery from France… A French teen gets banged by her bf/some guy… Yes, this brunette French teen IS very cute, and very amateur looking – but instead of porn, I’ll give you three guesses!!

Can you guess what city I’m in right now? I’ll give you some hints.

1) I flew here.
2) There are lots of neato bright lights.
3) It’s hot. Like, now I know how a roasted chicken feels hot. That being said, I’m enjoying it.
4) I’ve seen my first burlesque show!
5) I’ve seen Phantom of the Opera!
6) I’ve seen Wayne Brady perform live!
7) I’ve been accosted by aggressive timeshare sales folks. Shoo, you human nuisances, shoo!

And finally? I’ll be here for a week, and it’s not enough. I must return again in the future.

Ahhh, you must’ve figured it out by now.

Viva Las Vegas!!!!!

I’ll post again tomorrow, but possibly not the night after that… Internet is my hotel is VERY expensive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!

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Okay guys, it’s Friday and it’s time to celebrate the weekend with a great gallery of an Asian teen fucking a huge black cock in her ass! Kara Tai has been posted on my site before, and I hope we’ll see more of her in the future!! The gallery is from Monsters of Cock – the same guys who do bangbus

Anyways, over the years that I’ve been a contact lens wearer, I’ve collected a fair number of lens cases. Every time I buy a new package of lens solution – two bottles – I get a new lens case to go with them. So I change pretty frequently, but I can never seem to bring myself to throw the old one away – I think to myself, but what if something goes wrong with the new one, and then what? So I keep it. And then, a few months later, I get another new one, and I keep the former new one, but I still don’t throw away the old one. So you see how the collection builds over time.

Today, as I was cleaning my bathroom, I went to pick up these containers to move them so I could clean the countertop, and thought to myself, wait a minute. I don’t need these anymore. Ever again. I can just throw these away.

Sadly, I hesitated a moment. Do I really want to throw these out? I’d never be able to get them back should the need for them arise.

Fortunately, I quickly came to my senses and promptly tossed them all in the bin. After all, I’ll never need them again. Never never!!!!

The countertop looks really clutter free now….

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okay guys, here’s a pretty hot gallery of a sexy teen squatting her sexy shaved pussy down onto a large black dildo! It’s a hot gallery from Nubiles.Net!

Anyways, I’m not sure this is something I should admit to so freely in such a public forum, but one of the things I enjoy about being out and about after dark is the enhanced ability to peer into people’s homes.

Now, before you start getting all kinds of twisted ideas about my intentions here – I’m not looking at the people. I’m looking at the home itself – checking out furniture, colours on the walls, trying to get an idea of the layout of the house. I don’t know why this fascinates me so – it’s not as though I’m looking for decorating ideas or anything like that. I just like to see what other people have done with their living space.

Perhaps it makes sense, then, that I also get a big kick out of wandering through showhomes – you know, those brand new homes that go up in new neighbourhoods that are fully furnished and open for folks to wander through, with the hope being that you will sit down with one of the sales representatives and purchase a lot in that neighbourhood and a home with the floorplan of one of the showhomes you’ve just looked through. I quite enjoy the experience of touring showhomes. I’ll look around, run my hands over a furniture item here and there, open and close doors and peer into closets and storage space, and imagine that it all belongs to me and all the possibilities of that scenario.

Or, maybe I just enjoy rooting around in space that isn’t mine because it feels like mischief, and peering into strangers’ homes through their lit up windows as I go by is as close as I can get without ending up with a criminal record…

Eitherway, I guess I should have hunted out a Voyeur XXX gallery instead of this sexy teen bearing down onto a large sex toy!

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Okay, I’ve talked about what a dirty slut Delilah Strong is… She’s appeared in College Invasion videos, going around to dorm rooms, and getting fucked by random drunk guys…. She’s had huge interracial and multiracial gangbangs, and Delilah seems to love having her holes stretched out at Monsters of Cock!

Anyways, the brattiness of my right eye has officially subsided – who’d have thought I’d be so happy to hear the words “No DLK”? I can now wean myself off the medicated drops – guess you can’t just stop cold turkey – and return to my regular grooming routine.

That being said, brattiness continues in other areas – apparently, my left eye is showing signs of being allergic to the artificial tear drops I’ve been using – allergic to the preservative, that is. So I had to run around finding more preservative-free drops – I had to visit three different stores to get a single box of thirty minims. Nuisance!!!

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